Zee Baby Book 1 Page 10



….ya dauki lokaci kafin ya fito dauro da towel jikinsa na digar da ruwa kirjinshi ko ina gashine kirjinsa dake asama duk zubin jikinsa amunmurde tamkar mai cin karfe gaban dressing mirror ya tsaya yana goge jikinsa da karamun towel Ahmed ya kalleshi yana dariya ” Dr Sardauna wlh dama aikin Soja katafi wannan katuntakar taka har ina mutum duk amunmurde wallahi har tausayin Mashakurah nake banza ya masa tamkar baijiba ya shafa maiyukansa masu masifar kamshi da Dadi ya taje gashin kansa ” Dr dan Allah ka rage gashinan gashi kamar na mace ” wai Ahmed meye damuwarka dani na hanaka ka aske nakane kuma da kakecewa haka sweet babyna ai ta isa nunawa sa’a ako ina bakaga yar duma duma bace ni kasan banason tsakuwar mace saboda gudun kisan kai dan wlh idan na… Bazata tashi ka gane ai ya juyo yana dagawa Ahmed gira amma fuskarsa ba wasa yayi magana bushewa da dariya Ahmed yayi ” wallah Faisal Ashe bakada mutumci ya fada yana nunasa da dan yatsa kafadu ya dage irin ko ajikinsa wardrobe ya bude ya ciro shart fara yasaka da 3quatre ya shiga bathroom ya saka

“Wai nine kakewa boyo me zan gani idan ba katuntakarba” kai yaro raba kanka saboda tsaro karka firgita turare ya fesa ya taje sumar kansa ya kunna sigari yana bata wuta baki da hanci yazo ya zauna yana fuskantar Ahmed ” nifa ba shan sigari nakeba duk ka cikani da wari mik’ewa yai yana murmushi ” Ok tashi muje parlo muyi magana parlon suka dawo suka zauna saman wasu manyan kujero tamkar parlon Amarya wata makekiyar TV manne abango ya kunna Dr Sardauna ya fuskanci Ahmed ” kai yaro albishirin ka zan angwance yanzu gaisha tace mun ya kamata aje gidansu sweet baby ayi maganar aure kasan tun haduwarmu naso ayi koma kafin ta koma gun karatunta Daddy yace najira sai Mahabeer ya tsayar da mata ahadamu to yanzu sun yanke hukuncin hadashi aure da zainab tare za’ahadamu yau zan je da kaina na fadawa sweet babyna takusa hutawa da ciwon ciki ya fada yana murrmushi ” wai kace zamusha biki to Mahabeer ina ya samu zainab? ” yar Agulla mana idanu Ahmed ya zaro hankalinsa atashe yakeye kallon Sardauna ” wai kana nufin kanwata zee baby? ” yes ita to meye idan ba na gidan ba wa zai kwasa ajinka amma ina tausa masa Allah ya basu zaman lafiya Ahmed jikinsa yayi sanyi” Amin abokina” to bani labarin da kace zaka bani” ai shikenan dama cewa zanyi wlh zee ta burgeni amma anwuce wajan sigarinsa yaci gaba da busawa suna hirasu Ahmed duk jikinsa

ya saki bayajin dadin ransa so yamasa mugun kamu Kiran sallah la’asar ne ya tashesu sukayi Alwalla Sardauna ya dora jallabiya saman kayansa suka tafi masallaci, zee baby bacci tayi sosai saida ana kira’ sallah la’asar ghaisha ta tasheta lokacin parlon ba kowa mik’ewa tayi taje ta zuba ruwa jikinta tayi Alwalla ta fito tasaka abaya ta tayar da sallah la’asar tana idarwa ta Mike ta cire abaya tasaka kayanta na dazu khalisat na zaune bakin gado tana danna waya zee tazo ta zauna ta leka wayar don tunaninta yayi nisa bata san zee ta zaunaba idanu zee ta zaro ganin pic Dr Sardauna yayi masifar kyau yana sanye cikin wasu faran suit Wanda sukayi masifar masa kyau duk da yana farin mutum saide fuskarsa babu walwala sosai amma yayi murmushin gefen baki dimple dinsa ya loba gashin kansa ya dan zubo kamar na mace idanu na zuba masa ganin yananyin jikina na sauyawa inajin sanyi da kasala yasa na kauda kaina na Mike zumbur nabar d’akin na fito parlo babu kowa raina duk babu dadi d’akin nasake dawowa har yanzu shi take kallo tabata nayi ” my khalisat me kike tunani firgigit ta dawo haiyacinta janyoni tayi ta rumgume ta fashe da kuka ” my zee wlh inason yaya Sardauna jinake kamar zan rasa raina gashi za’ayi maganar auransa da wata momyna tace idan nabari labarin ya fita ga dangi akamasa Dole bata yafemunba dan Allah ya zanyi tausayi ta bani dan ta hadu da wahala tarasa wazataso sai mugu kawai jinayi kuka ya kubcemun na kara rumgumeta ina wani irin kuka na tausayinta Dole tayi shiru tana lallashina ” kiyi shiru my zee zan barwa Allah zabinsa Amana karki fadawa kowa dan Allah nagode da kaunarki gareni shiru nayi na janye jikina ” babu komai amma don Allah ki cireshi aranki tunda kinsan ba sonki zaiba yanda wacce zai aura karki bari mutumcinki ya zube a idanusa saboda kindai ga dan rainin hankaline wlh ni ko maza sun kare aduniya banga abinso ajikin Dr ba katuntakarce tajaki ko farin wlh ki rufawa kanki asiri ” nagode my zee amma ba nibace na dorawa kainaba Allah ne ya doramun ki tayani da Adu’a ke kema kin more yaya Mahabeer na sonki ” so kuma ” eh mana ba tare za’ahadaku ba ayimuku aure idanu na zaro ” nifa ba zama nazo ba kirabani da shirme shiru tayi bata sake magana ta Mike ta shiga bathroom ban kalleta ba har ta shige na bude akwatina naciro kwalba na bude na kafa bakina saida na shanye dukanta na zuba kwayoyi ukku abakina na fito parlo

Najib na zaune kusansa na zauna” bro sannu ya karatu? ” zainab wlh gashinan ya dauki zafi komai yazo karshe ina ghaisha? ” tana bedroom bro kiramun Ya Mahabeer naji muryasa ayau bamu haduba to wayar na part dinmu ai yanzu ya kusa zuwa ma shagwabewa nayi” nide muje ka kiramun shi Dole ya Mike muka fito part dinsu muka shiga sayo kan da nake parlo na Dr Sardauna na waya sai murmushi yake Ahmed na masa dariya kaina na dauke nabi Najib Ahmed ya hangoni ” kanwata banjuyo ba nace ” yayana baka tafi ba Ashe na wucce nabi Najib bedroom ya shiga ya dauko wayar ya danna number Mahabeer ya bani sanin halin Dr Sardauna yasa yace ” kanwata jeki part dinku idan kin gama zanzo na amsa banyi musuba na taho Mahabeer da slm ya daga” wayyo yaya Mahabeer dan Allah kadawo ina missing dinka kaji daide lokacin na Iso parlo ban ko kallesuba na fice shima baima san Allah yayi ruwantaba dan ko kai bai daga ba Ahmed ko da kallo ya bita shifa yana ganin bazai iya hakurin rasa zee baby ba dan ya fada dayawa tana fita tabi wata kofa ai kuwa ta hango Swimming pool taci gaba da wayarta can ta nufa cike da farin ciki dan bata taba zaton akwaishi agidan ba duk girman gidan ta zauna saman kujeran gaban Swimming pool din tanajin dadin yanayin sai shagwaba take zubawa Mahabeer ” Ahkhuyana kasan me? ” sai kin fada my zeena ashagwab’e nace ” ba my khalisat bace tacemun za’ayi mumu aure ai karya takeyi ko my Ahkhuya? ” murmushi ya saki ” wlh gaskiya ta fada Daddy ya kira ummi da safe ya fada mata har kukan dadi tayi tace wai dan Allah ayishi da gagawa tanaso ki nutsu dariya yabani ” kai Ahkhuya ” eh mana my zee ko baki sona? ” ni bance ba idan ban soka ba wa zanso nida banida kowa yanzu ahannu ai bazan matan gatan da ka nunamun ba yaya Mahabeer farin cikin ya lulubeshi dama yasan yarinyar tana kaunarshi ” my zee ilove u? ” ilove u too my Akhuyana dariya sukasa baki daya sukaci gaba da hirasu lokaci yaja sosai suna hira har abun da tasha ya fara mata aiki ta fara maye sama sama takejin Mahabeer wayar ta kashe ta kurawa ruwan idanu tana lumshewa ” ni kubar kallona duk kunsa naji tsoro bari na boye sai naga uban da zaku kalla wai ruwane takewa fada kasan kujeron ta boye sai shirme take dan ta fita haiyacinta lokacin Dr Sardauna ya rako Ahmed zai tafi yayi ta masa kwawar ya bari sai bayan magarib duk da da saura kiyawa yayi don so yake yaje ya keb’e yayi tunani yaga yada zai janyo hankalin zee baby tace shi zata aura ba Mahabeer ba yana tafiya ya nufi kofar da zata kaishi gun Swimming pool dan dama yafi kowa sonsa saboda shi dama akayi sa wayarsa, ta dauki ruri kin dauka yayi yaje ya zauna sai murmushi yake don yana mugun son yanayin yatisa ruwan gaba yana kallo wayarsa ta sake daukan ruri tsaki yaja ya duba yaga Dr Yakup ne murmushi ya saki ya daga ya kara kunnesa ” hello Dr ykk, motis yaji kasan kujera ana surutu amma bai kawo komai aransaba yaci gaba da wayarsa yaji an rike masa, kafa lekawa yayi kasan kujeran idanu ya zaro ganin zee baby ransa abace yace” ke dan ubanki fito dariya tayi masa tana kashe masa idanu zaro manyan idanusa yai dan ya gano bata haiyacinta ga idanuta sunyi jajur ya dago yanama Dr Yakub magana akan yayi hakuri zai kirasa bayan magarib fitowa tayi cikin sanda ta lallaba sai tangadi takeyi ta zagayo gabansa ta zauna samansa ta rumgumeshi ta dora kanta kirjinsa “cikin maye tayi magana ” my Dr Sardauna kabar kiranta mekake cemata ta fada tana shafa fuskarsa “My Faisal please kubari kaji kanta ta boye kirjinsa ” My Sardauna kace subar kallona tun dazu suke kallona ka boyeni kuma sanyi nakeji ta fada tana kara shigewa jikinsa ” My Sardauna kasan me my khalisat tace mun akan ka bata fadaba kawai sai ta fashe da kuka tana ririkeshi ni banason kace karta sake fadamun ta fada ta kamo tattausan hannusa dayan ” My Dr nah zansha sweet ta fada tanasa yatsarsa karama bakinta tana tsotsa tana Kara shiga jikinsa tanajin wani irin sanyin dadi na ratsa zuciyarta hawaye na shatata kan fuskarta wani irin bakin ciki ne ya turnikeshi har wani gumin bacin rai yake fito masa agoshinsa duk maganar da suke da Dr Yakub baya fahimta saboda ta kaishi kololuwar Bacin rai kitt ya kashe Kiran Dr Yakub dan yana gudun yaji wannan shirmen kansa ya dafe ” innahlillahi wa’inna’ilaihirraji’un yatsarsa yacire abakinta da take tsotsa shakota yayi ya zabga mata mari ajere har guda hudu ya hankadeta daga jikinsa ta fadi wanwar k’asa kafa yasa, ya taketa da karfi amma batayi kuka ya sunkuyo ya damki wuyanta tin karfi ya nade gashinta ya jata har zai nufi part dinsu Daddy ya fasa ya shiga part d’insu bedroom d’insa ya kaita ya wurgar da ita shakarta yayi bada wasaba ransa ya gama baci jiyake wannan lokacin zai iya kasheta saboda tsanar da yamata idanunta suka firfito duk da bata cikin haiyacinta taji kamshin mutuwa wata irin tsawa ya mata” dan ubanki a ina kika samu kayan maye kikasha waye ya baki wlh idan baki fadamunba sai na kasheki shegiya mugun iri wlh da rayuwarki gwara ki mutu mu huta daket take numfashi idanuta sun firfito sakinta yayi yaje ya dauko reza sabowa ya dawo dagota tsaye yasata cikin jikinsa sosai ya tallabo kanta a jinta ya bartane rumgumesa tayi gam ” My sweet Sardauna nah kayi hakuri bazan sake shan komaiba my Dr nah inajin wani iri please kara shigar dani jikinka na samu nutsuwa sanyi nakeji ta fada tana kara ririkeshi wata gwabza yamata ahabarta saida guntun fitsari ya fito mata dan azaba bakinta ya tab’e babu ko digon tausayinta ya yanketa a harshenta wata irin azaba taji kuka tasaki

Makureta yayi zaki fadamun waye ya kawo miki kayan maye kikasha Dan ki tuzarta mu ke yar iska banace ba ki kuji abin da zai hadamu dake Zainab meyasa kikeson kiyi abinda zai hadani dake wlh natsani ganinki arayuwata bajin inada abin ki sama dake Dan Allah ki fita daga rayuwata zan kira ummi wlh bazan iya cika Alkawalin da na daukar mataba na gyaraki wlh Dole asatinan ki koma inda kika fito ya fada yana matse mata wuya ga bakinta na fitar da jini ” Dan uwarki zaki fadi Wanda ya baki kayan shaye shaye ta azabtu mutika ihu tasaki” wayyo Allah yi hakuri zan fada kifa mata, mari yayi ” Oya fadi dan ubanki ko na kasheki yanzu ya fada yana kara makureta tuni hankalinta ya gushe saboda azaba cikin guntun numfashinta da ya rage daket tace” dasu nazo akayana suna akwatina dede nan numfashinta ya tsaya cak ta zube jikinsa asume hankada yayi ta fadi nan saman carpet yaja tsaki ” wlh ni gidanan ya ishe natsani yarinya yar iska lalataciya asarara duk taje ta bata mana tarbiyar k’anne jin ana Kiran Sallah yasa ya shiga bathroom ya dauro Alwalla ya fito ko kallonta baiba ya fice akofar d’akin Mahabeer suka hadu shima zashi masallaci yana murmushi yaba Sardauna hannu suka gaisa saidai Sardauna fuskarsa ba walwala ” my brother idan mun dawo akwai maganar da zamuyi ” ok har mudawa bai sake cewa komaiba suka nufi masallaci can cikin gida Najib na neman zee baby ta bashi wayarsa bai gantaba khalisat tace yaje ko tana part din Daddah canma batanan jin Ana kiran sallah yai shirin tafiya masallaci, zaune take cikin uwar d’aka tana waya” wlh hajiya Asiya duk abinda na fada miki gaskiyane ki dai barni dasu wlh insha Allah komai sai yatafi yada nakeso yo ni zan yarda kinfa sanni kinsan ko ni wacece ko me tace mata oho ta bushe da dariya ” kai haba yaushe muza’a nunawa bariki wlh burina ya kusa cika duk abinda da naso wlh sai nasamesa ko da tsiya ko da arziki amma Dole idan mage nason kamun bera kwanto takeyi kamar yada nayi ai yada nawa burin na farko yacika to saura wannan burin kizuba ido kiyi kallo ya kukayi da malam kafi madubi ne? OK to ki tura masa dubu darin ki fada masa wlh hankalina akwance yake ni wannan shirman baya gabana tunda ya nunamun komai jikin madubi kuma nasan tabbas hakan sai ta faru kawaidai nakira na fadane babu sauyi har yanzu amma wa adin da yabani bai cika ba idan ya cika zanzo OK sai anjima bari nayi sallah kitt ta kashe kiran tana bushewa da dariya dani kuke magana wlh duk sai kunci kutumar buro ubanku shegu zakuga yada zan tarwatsa rayuwarku ni bana mantuwa ba’ayi macan da zata shiga cabana gun mijiba tace zata zauna lafiya Dole na tarwatsa rayuwarta da kuma burina da ya shigo dani motsin da tajine yasa da Sauri ta nufi bathroom,


Basu fito daga masallaciba sai bayan anyi isha’i ko da suka fito part d’insu Daddy suka nufa ghaisha na zaune hankalinta atashe Daddy sai kai komo yakeyi Najib na tsaye su khalisat na zaune ita da Hafeeza Aunty amarya na kitchen ita da masu aiki da sallama suka shigo Daddy yace” Mahabeer Najib yace kunyi waya da zainab gashi mun nemeta sama da k’asa mun rasata agidan Mahabeer hankalinsa atashe yace ” Daddy dazu fah da yamma muna wata tana Swimming pool zaune naji ta kashe wayar kar ace ciki tashiga ta kasa fitowa amma kuma ta iya ruwa ai mik’ewa ghaisha tayi sai ga Daddah da, mai ran karfe sun shigo Daddy yace muje can to ganin duk sun tada hankalinsu Dr Sardauna yayi gyaran murya yace ” Daddy tana part dinmu ni na ganta tayi shaye shayenta ta bugu najata na kaita namata horo saboda gobe dama kuma ummi Raiyan tabani damar hakan amma inaga yarinyar nan amaidata inda ta fito mana zama duk sukayi jikinsu yayi sanyi Mahabeer baida bakin magana Daddy yace” Faisal baza’a maida taba idan munyi haka bamu kyautawa mahaifiyarta ba kuma bamu rike amanar dan uwanmu ba dan haka inaso ka shedawa iyayan matar da zaka aura zamuzo ayi magana saboda Alhaji Ma’aruf mutumin kirkine kowa zaiyi shawar ya hada zuri’a dashi kaikuma Mahabeer tunda Allah yasa kanason yar uwarka kuma tamuce babu yanda muka iya muna sonta zamu hadaku aure sai ahada rana daya ayi kaida k’ananka insha Allah wata mai kamawa dama nakira Raiyan na fadamata wlh harda kukanta na dadi tace zatazo ayi komai gabanta farin cikin ya lulube Mahabeer yaje ya rumgume Daddy mai ran karfe yace” Abdulmutallab Allah yayima Albarka Allah ya rabaka da sharrin mutum da na Aljan kaci gaba da rike zumunci Daddah ma harda kwallarta taji dadi sosai itama Adu’a tama Daddy sosai yanajin dadin yada iyayan NASA suke masa Adu’a kowa ka kalla farin cikene a fuskarsa banda khalisat da taji duniyar na juya mata, ta Mike ta nufi bedroom Najib yace” Bro ina wayata kallonsa yayi babu wasa afuskarsa yace ” dan uwarka na hadiyeta Daddah tace ” Sardauna kafiye tsama daga tambaya murmushi yayi yaje ya rumgumeta ya mata kiss ” keko kishi ke damunki kinji zan auri sabon jini ko turesa tayi” kai ni matsa, wannan k’aton mutum haka sai ka karyani ai dariya su Daddy suka musu sakinta yayi ” Daddy na tafi na kirasu awaya ya fice yana dariya gahisha tace” yaron bashida kunya Mahabeer ma mik’ewa yayi yaje yaga halin da zee babynsa ke ciki, zee baby kuwa da kanta ta farfado cikin ikon Allah mayen ya saketa sai abun da ba’a rasaba ganin darene ta zaro idanu dan batayi sallah ba daket ta Mike jikinta na mata mugun ciwo harshanta namata zafi duk abinda ya faru ya fara dawo mata irin azabar da Dr Sardauna ya gana mata k’ugunta ta rike ” wlh sai na rama dan buro uba meye hadinsa dani bayace na rabu dashiba na fita rayuwarsa to saboda me dan nayi shaye shaye zai kawoni nan ya azabtar dani karan waya taji ta kalli gun wayoyinsa ne har guda ukku saman wani dan table gun wayar ta nufa tana murmushin karfin hali” wlh daku zan fara tana zuwa ta dauki mai ringing din har zata fasa sunan da tagani ne yasa tayi picking ta kara akunne ” my dr ina kashige tun fa da yamma rabon muyi waya” gidan ubanki ya shige shegiya tuleliyar banza ko kadan ke bakida Jan aji irin na mata wuni kuke kuna waya dan jaraba shegiya baka mai muni to yanzu bashida lokacinki gashi can da budurwasa suna kissing din junansu sai murzarta yakeyi ke kinacan kullum Dr Dr mashakurah wani irin kishi ya tokare mata makoshi, cikin muryar kuka tace” da gaske yana tare da, wata mace har yana shan bakinta” wlh gasucan sai badala suke yo ai dama ba mutumin kirki bane ba mugun dan bin matane kece kika nace masa nima so nawa yana gwadamun iskanci saida na hadashi da Daddy sukaci ubansa ya rabu dani wai harcewa yake ke tsami kikeyi kuma bakida aiki sai tusa shiyasa bai cika tabaki ba fashe tayi da kuka ta tsinke kiran zee ta bushe da dariya ta maka wayar da k’asa ta dauki dayarma ta tarwatsa ta da k’asa tasake daukan gudarma ta fasata duka wayoyin ukku sai tayi musu fila fila taga babu mamora ajiknsu reza ta dauka taje saman bed d’insa ta cicira zanan gadon wardrobe d’insa ta bude saida tazabi kaya kala goma masu tsada da kyau Wanda yafi so tayi musu fila fila yada bazasu moruba dressing mirror taje duka turarukansa sama da kwalba goma ta farfasa da maiyukansa na kwalla ko daya bata bariba d’akin ya dauki wani fitinanan kamshi wlh barna tamasa ba tawasaba ga wayoyinsa ukku babu daya da zata taba anfanuwa ihu tai tayi tsalle tana dariya ” Dole kaji bakin ciki dan iska mugu banma gama ramawaba Allah da saura bari naje nayi Sallah Astagfirullah Allah ta fada tana tafiya kofar ta bude ta fice tana dab da fita daga cikin parlon taji maganarsa anutse ba hayaniya cikin zazakar muryasa ya damfaro parlon cike da tsoro hankalinta yakai makura tashi sai zaro idanu take tana neman inda zata boye……..

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