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….Kafin nayi wani yinkuri naji an murda kofar da sauri na koma bayan kofar na labe yana shigowa tun daga parlo yakejin kamshin turarensa hanyar bedroom d’insa ya nufa ai tanaga ya karya kwanar da zata sada shi da bedroom d’insa ta fito ta zuba da gudu hankalinta atashe karo taci da Mahabeer ya rikota ” my zee menene duk kika tsorata haka rumgumesa tayi ” Yaya Mahabeer wancan mugun ne nawa barna duk na fasa masa wayoyinsa da turarukansa da kayansa duk na yankasu wlh tsoro nake kar ya kasheni hankalin Mahabeer atashe ya kamo fuskata ” haba my zee ya zaki rika shiga zabgarsa yana dokarmun ke ya ilataki kinsan kimanin kudin wayoyinsa da kika fasa shagwabewa nayi ” to Yaya Mahabeer kasan irin wahalar da ya bani yau kawai fah dan nayi shaye shaye ” wlh nima zamu bata dake idan kina shaye shaye ” bari na shiga gida kar yafito jikinta ta janye tayi part dinsu da gudu parlo ta shigo tana maida numfashi gun ghaisha ta nufa ta fada jikinta rumgumeta ghaisha tayi ” momy kirage rashin ji kinji? ” to ummi naji ummi muje bedroom dinki nayi wanka nayi sallah ” to taku fah? shiru tayi Daddy yace ” momy bakijin yunwa?

” inaji bari nayi wanka da sallah ta Mike ta nufi bedroom d’insu saida ta murza key akofar khaleesat na zauna saman kujera zee ta kalleta ” my khalisat me kikeyi? murmushi tayi ” bakomai Amarya yayamu dariya zee tayi ta nufi bathroom ta sallo wanka ta fito daure da towel abaya ta saka ta shimfida darduma tayi sallolin da ake binta magarib da isha tajima tana neman gafara gun Allah ta Mike ta cire abayar tasa kayan bacci Riga da wando dogaye har kasa, akwatinta ta nufa, ta kwashe kayan mayanta ta boye dan tasan tabbas zai nemesu ” my khalisat muje parlo mana kin wani gumshe ad’aki mikewa tayi suka fito kusan Daddy ta zauna ta kwantar kanta kafadarsa ” Ammin zanci Shawarma? ” to momy yanzu kuwa zakici wayarsa ya dauka ya kira Dr Sardauna amma wayoyin duka akashe mamaki ya kamshi “Najib maza kiramun Dr yazo ina kiransa” to Daddy kanwata ina wayata?? idanu ta zaro ” wai bro kaje tana Swimming pool wlh namanta ta tana k’asan kujeran farko ” ok yace ya fice zee ko duk hankalinta atashe yake jin za’a kirawo Dr Sardauna, bangaran Dr

Sardauna ya shiga da niyar ya kara cin ubanta ya korota yana shiga yaci karo da irin tijara da zee baby tayi masa idanu yazaro waje wayoyinsa ya nufa ya sunkuya ya daukesu duka yaga har abdan bazasu moruba gaban dressing mirror ya zo ya tsaya yana jinjina kai turare ko daya bata bariba kwalaben duka ta fashesu d’akin tsabar kamshi kar yayi mura saida ya toshe hancinsa ya kalli saman bed d’insa yada tawa tsadadan zanan gadonsa filla filla wardrobe ya nufa abude duk rabin suit d’insa masu tsada da kyau da shadodinsa da jallabiyoyinsa tayi musu kisan gilla gasunan saman bed azube murmushi ya saki yana, ciza lips d’insa na k’asa iska yake busowa mai zafi daga bakinsa ” gud hatsabibiya gud tantiriya gud zee baby aikinki yayi kyau mutika amma zakiyi nadama mara anfani kinci bashin Faisal Almahadee Sardauna duk sunanane ni daya zaki biya barnar da kikayi zan azabtar dake ta fanni da bazaki taba manceniba zan gagauta ramuwa ta hanyar da zan dasa miki dafi mai zafi azuciyarki duk da ba hali na bane wlh sai namiki hore ta hanya mai nisan gaske zaki sanine zan gagaguta hakan ne kafin guri ya ya koremun insha Allah cikin gagawa zan hukuntaki narigada na gama gano wacece kedin wlh banajin akwai abunda na tsana sama da yarinyar nan amma zakici uwarki sai na hadasa miki ciwon zuciya dani kike maganar murmushin bakin cikin dauke kan fuskarshi ya shiga bathroom Mahabeer da ya shigo Dr bai fito ba ya Rika bin d’akin da kallo daya bayan daya yaga irin uwar barnar da zee baby

tayima Sardauna hankalinsa ya tashi tabbas yasan bazai yafe mataba abun zuba shara ya dauko dakansa ya kwashe duka tulin kwalaban da ta fasa na turare da maiyuka ya kwashe kayansa da ta yanka kaf cikin rawar jiki ya gyarawa Sardauna d’akinsa tsaf yaje d’akinsa ya dauko wani zanin gadon mai msifar kyau da tsada shikansa tamkar katifa dan laushi dukda Dr yanada amma yaki taba nasan lokacin da yazo Sardauna ya fito da kallo yakebin Mahabeer har ya gama ” Dr namu don Allah kayi hakuri wlh zan biyaka wayoyinka yaje ya daukosu babu mamora” Faisal karka hukunta ta da horo mai tsanani yarinyace duk fah 17 year take ciki don Allah kayafe mata ko nasamu nutuswa wlh bansan irin horan da zaka yimataba jikinsa ya goge ya saka jallabiya ruwan toka yana murmushi yazo ya rumgume Mahabeer ” babu komai na barta tunda kace yarintace zan barta ai ko dan kai Mahabeer yaji dadi sosai” Nagode Dr Sardauna Najib ne yayi sallama ” bro Daddy na kira kai ya daga Najib ya fice tare suka fito Mahabeer bedroom d’insa ya shiga Dr Sardauna ya nufi part dinsu Daddy, da Sallama ya shigo parlon ai tanjinshi ta boye bayan Daddy ko da wasa bata dago kantaba kusa ghaisha ya zauna ” Daddy gani? ” Dr Sardauna kanwarka takeson shawarma don Allah samo mata ” to Daddy muje da ita sai tazabi irin wacce takeso tana bayan Daddy tace” Ammin abarima nakoshi bazan kai kaina ga halakaba Daddy barna fa namasa dariya Daddy yayi ” barna me momy ” Daddy bari to naje na sayo mata kala ukku sai tazabi wacce tafi so ” yauwa Allah ma Albarka ” amin Daddy kiss yama ghaisha ya Mike nanah tazo gunsa ” ina zuwa daukarta yai suka tafi Aunty amarya na dariya ” momy ke sai tsokana da tsoro ko dagowa tayi tabi Sardauna da kallo yanada yake takunsa gwanin shawa tamkar bai dauki mutum ba akafadarsa ghaisha dariya tayi” momy uwar rigima gunta ta koma tayi kwance jikinta” ummi yau gunki zan kwana? ” to naji Nawwara tazo ta zauna kusan zee ” aunty kinmun kwacan mama ko dariya tabasu sosai bai jima sosaiba ya kawo mata Shawarma Mahabeer sai godiya yake masa zama yai amma ko da wasa baima kalli inda takeba itama bata kalleshiba dan tasan gabar ci tayi ta koshi abunta tana zuba surutu dan tasan ba yada ya iya da ita ana muk’ewa yayi ya musu sallama ya fice baki ta tabe ” Allah raka taki gona dakazo muka ganka ko ajikinsa ya fice Mahabeer yace” babu ruwanki dashi zainab kibar daukan magana gurin da akafi karfinki baki ta turo Daddy yace” wasan da take masa shiru mahabeer yai dan har yanzu bai yada da yafiyar Sardauna ba Hafeeza ta Mike ” sister tashi muje mu kwanta ” Tab jeki ba yanzuba hira sukaci gaba da yi kowa saida yaje ya kwanta ta tisa Mahabeer GABA sai sangarta take masa yana biye mata sai karfe daya, na dare yasa mu ya lallabata da tace bazata kwana da su Hafeeza ba Dr Sardauna yabiyo dare ya kasheta saida Mahabeer ya rantse mata yace yafe mata ta yada, sakuyi sallam ya rakata har kofar bedroom yace gobe yasayo mata layin Nigeria don surika shan soyayya ko yana kamfani gun aiki da haka yasa ta shige d’aki shiko ya tafi lokacin Dr Sardauna ya jima dayin bacci tana shiga taje gun da ta boye kwayarta ta dauko tasha ta kunna wayarta tana tikar rawa da ihu Dole su Hafeeza saida suka farka tagumi sukayi suna mamakin wannan hali na zee saide yau bata jima ta bingire ana saman carpet sai bacci wayar natayi ita daya khalisat ta sabko ta kashe mata wakar suka koma bacci,


*Bayan kwana takwas da zuwan zee baby* yau tacika kwana takwas a Nigeria tun ranar da tama Dr Sardauna barna har yau bata sake yada sun haduba dan duk lokacin da zai tafi aiki tana bacci baccinta bata tashi sai da rana shiko idan ya fita karfe tara na safe baya dawowa gida sai bayan magarib itako lokacin tana cikin d’akinsu dan dede lokacin babu babba a parlon bata fitowa dan tana tsoron irin horan da zai mata idan ya ritsota ba kowa karshanta ma ya kasheta kullum sai ankaita gidajan yan uwa gidan hauwa yar babanta ne tayi kwana biyu Wanda suka shaku da Neesher yarta dama kuma sunsa juna ta wata amma ta girmi zee da wajan shekaru biyar karatun lauya take yanzu tana shekarata na karshene Neesher fara ce mai matsagaicin tsayi batada rama kuma bata kiba ita tsaka tsakiya ce kyakyawace amma bacanba dan batada hanci saidai tana idanu suma ba manyaba can masha Allah batada makosa akwaita son yan uwa kowa natane akwai kokarin ziyartar yan uwa itace diyar hauwa ta hudu sai k’anunta uku mace an mata aure sai mazan masu binta yan biyu shiyasa zee da Dr basu haduwa dan kullum tana yawon yan uwa Dr Sardauna ya sake sayan wayoyi masu masifar kyau da tsada iPhone da Samsung tafka tafka masu kudin gaske sai yar karama ta cikon ukkun da yana aiki da karamar waya sosai ranar da yasiya yayi ta Kiran mashakurah bata daukaba hankalinsa ya tashi zatonsa batada lafiya kai tsaye yaje gidansu ya iske lafiyarta lau aiku tasha masifa yace idan bata sonsa afasa auran mana babu Dole ga yan mata burjik na hospital da gari suna adabrshi sun mutu akanshi ai tanajin haka ta fara kuka ta zaiyana masa abunda zee baby tace haushinsa akan zee ya karu ya dauki alwashin bata horon da zai barmata dafi azuciyarta itako ya rufeta da fada wai zancan mahaukaciyar zata dauka yarinya karama ta kitsa mata Abu ta dau wacce yasan abanza zata ba zee baby shekaru 6 cuf hakuri ta bashi suka shirya sukaci gaba da soyayyar su har yamata magana iyayansa zasu zo tambayar aure

Mahabeer ya sayan mata layin MTN kullum waya sukesha sun shaku sosai dan har ta amsawa Daddy ta yada zata aureshi yanzu gobe aka tsayar da maganar za’asa ranar auransu har Dr Sardauna da mashakurah amma zee tace ita tafiyarta zatayi saudia sai sunje dauko Amarya duk sun dauki maganarta wasa Ahmed kamar wasa son zee baby ya masa mugun kamu kullum yana gidansu Dr Sardauna sun shaku da zee sosai so yake yasamu hanyar da zai cusa mata sonsa kafin ayi auransu da Mahabeer, tun azabar da tasha gun Sardauna ta dena shaye shaye da rana sai dare dama ba dayawa bane ta kawo duk ta shanye jiyama bata shaba babu abinda yasa taji k’asar ta isheta Kenan babu kayan shaye shaye so take ta tambayi Ahmed tana tsoron ya fadawa mugu Dr Sardauna tin jiya yake danawa zee tarko yada zai kamata ya rama abunda tame dan gobe ake tsayar da ranar Aure yafiso ya rama kafin goben amma shegiyar ta toshe duk wata kafa dan ta daina zuwa Swimming pool duk dan karya ganta yaci ubanta duk iskancin da take cikin gida yanada labari har tsiyar da tama Aunty amarya ta kame mata idanu anyi anyi ta fadi dalili takiya, saida Daddy da mai ran karfe sukasa baki ta bude mata idanu shine fa suka daku da khalisat aikuwa khalisat ta bugu kunamu ukku ta saka mata Neesher tazo hutu yar gidan Aunty hauwa, tayi ta zugata ahaba ai saida suka kwantar da khalisat suka gamu suka mata duka d’akin suka rufo kai ranar anyi tashin hankali zee baby daket suka lallabata dan borin karya tashiga musu harda su rukiyya aka mata tace gidan kewaye yake da, shaidanu duk su tsorata tace wai bakin aljanine jikin Aunty Amarya shiyasa, ta like mata idanu dan ya fita haka akasha fama Dr yaji takaici da basu kirasa ba aikuwa Neesher yaci ubanta saida ya barta kwance dan yasan itace take zuga zee baby ina taji hausar da zatasan bakin Aljani yau har dare ya tsala Dr bai samu damkar zee baby ba Dole ya kwanta itako tana uwar daka ita da Neesher suna hira zee ko da Mahabeer suke waya sun hana Hafeeza da khalisat bacci dan biyu ce ta gamu saide Aisha bata fiye surutun Zee ba amma akwai fara’a sai tsakiyar dare bacci ya daukesu khalisat sai Allah ya isa take musu,


Washe gari misalin karfe tara zee baby ta gama shirinta sanye take da dogon wando bakine yasha adon Wanda ya dame ta hips dinta ya fito sosai rigace pink colour itama ta kamata boobs dinta kamar zaso fasa rigar ta saki gashin kanya yau ta maidasa kallar maroon ta canza barimar hanci ta saka mai dan zirowa kamar ba India tilar kasan labbanta ma ta canza masa barima haka zalika tilar kunnema ta canza kuma suka zinarene tasaka, takalminta kafa ciki tasaka irin nasu na saudia ta dora, abaya kan kwalliyarta tayi masifar yin kyau Neesher da take cikin bargo na sharara, bacci zee ta bugeta da, karfi firgigit ta zabura ” dallah can yar rainin hankali tashi muje kiyi rakiya airport mikewa tayi ta sabke ” dan Allah el uwata karki barni munsaba ta fadi harda kwallarta zee ta bushe da dariya” kujiki katuwa zatayi kuka akwatinta taja ta fito parlo su Daddy na kan dining gunsu ta nufa ” Daddy Allah yamun fitowa da kallo suka bita ” momy ina zaki? ” saudia mana ai da kunya yau za’asamun aure ina gida daya da ango mik’ewa sukayi Daddy yace” ai sai bayan auren zaku tafi yi hakuri Raiyan ma natafe lokacin biki koma ai ba haka ake tafiya ba babu shiri wayasan dake a Airport din rigima ta kafa harda kuka ita sai ta tafi kewar ummi takeyi da taga lallabar tayi yawa ta fara musu burin karya sai Addu’a suke tofa mata Aljannan suka fara magana wai dan yawo ne akanta haka sunansa dan yawo Mahabeer ya rude ya rikota sai Addu’a suke mata tayi wani far da idanu Neeshar kuka tasaka dan har ga Allah ta dauka zee baby iskar gaskiya takeyi Aunty Amarya ma guduwa tayi khalisat ko kallo hafeeza itama Adu’ar take tofa mata sai ghaisha da Daddy suka, tarema Mahabeer ana tofeta, daide lokacin Dr Sardauna ya shigo cikin shirin zuwa hospital ya had’e cikin Grey Suit Wanda ta kawata kyawunsa mutika gashin sa ya dan sabko kadan sajan fuskarsa da dan gemun ya kara ma kyakyawar fuskarsa kyau sai kamshi yake zubawa yau gani nayi ya kara zama k’aton gaske ga wani irin kwarjini da yayi gun ya ISO cike da mamaki me ke faru ganin zee ce ya zaro idanu hamdala yayi azuciyarsa damar ramuwa ta samu dan yasan iskancine take musu ahankali yayi magana yanda bazata jiba” Daddy ku bari naje da ita hospita abincike inaga ba jinnu bane basirne ke damunta” kanajin Aljanun na magana wai shi Dan yawo” Daddy wlh akwai maganin hospital kubari na tafi da ita ” to Allah ma Albarka Mahabeer maza kaita mota aje aduba bai musuba ya dauketa itako sam har ga Allah bata jiba zatonta ko Airport za’a kaita idanunta rufe Mahabeer ya shigar da ita motar Dr Sardauna gidan baya yana tofa mata Addu’a jin ansata mota tayi bacin karya, Dr na shiga motar Mahabeer ya kwantar da ita ya fito jin ya fita ta bude idanu zaune ta Mike tana maida numfashi tana kyakyatar dariya” wlh na iya tsiya ta fada tana sabke ajiyar zuciya dan taci uwar wuya karaf suka hada idanu ta madubin mota ya sakar mata murmushi yama motar key idanu ta zaro ilahirin jikinta Karrrma yakeyi” shikenan na mutu………..


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