Zee Baby Book 1 Page 14



….yana rike da hannuta har kofar key ajiki Mahabeer yayi yai ya bude kofar bata buduba Dr Sardauna ya ISO yana murmushi waya manne akunnesa shida Daddy suke wagana kan anjima za’akai kudin auransa gidansu mashakurah sallama sukayi ya cire wayar akunnesa” kai bro bata buduba ko ya fada yana dora hannusa saman kofar zee baiwar Allah tana labe bayan Mahabeer tana rike da hannusa ko da wasa bata yada ta kalli Dr taba ita ta matsuma subar hospital din kofar Sardauna ya bude yana dariya Mahabeer yai masa dukan wasa sukasa dariya Jan zee baby yai suka fice Dr Sardauna ya rufo kofar zashi masallaci mota suka nufa yana rike da ita gaban mota ya zaunar da ita ” zeena bari nayi sallah kiyi kwanciyarki amota, har nadawo kinji” to Ya Mahabeer sai kadawo murmushi ya sakar mata ya rufota daga waje ya tafi masallaci kwanci tayi ta lumshe idanuta zazzabin na taunar kashinta ajiyar zuciya ta sabke Dr Sardauna kawai take gani cikin idanuta namata gizo da irin yada ya rika bata yawunsa mai masifar dadi tana hadiyewa, gashin jikinta ya fara mik’ewa, sai lumshe idanu takeyi tana nishi jitake kamar yanzune yake tsotsar breast dinta da bakinta da murzata sai kafafu take matsewa breast dinta sun minmike sun kumburo sai kaikayi suke mata batasan a yanayin da take cikiba ta fice ahaiyacinta Sardauna kawai take gani a idanunta shigowar Mahabeer taji cikin motar ya zauna dago ta yayi zaune ” zee babyna menene kike nishi kina Minmik’ewa zazzabine? da sauri na tataro nutsuwata na kalleshi ina murmushi ” Akhuyana zazzabine yake damuna zan warke na fada ina rumgumeshi ” sannu babyna ga idanunki nan sunyi jajur kaina na dora kafadarsa ” zan warke motar yama key muka bar hospital din tafe muke muna hiramu ta soyayya na saki jikina dan naga ya damu da zazzabin ganin na sake ina hira hankalinsa ya kwanta yana driving a nutse har muka ISO gida honr yayi mai gadi ya wangame

Mana get yai parking din motar a habar gidan tunda fita zaiyi dagoni yayi ” zeena ina sonki sosai wlh jinake zan iya mutuwa saboda ke? ya fada yana sakar mun kiss agoshina fuskarsa na rike ina kallon kwayar idanunsa ina hawaye” my heart wlh ina sonka nima zan iya mutuwa saboda so mai zafi i love u yayana ina sonka Dole ma nasoka ka kusa zama mijina zan rayu dakai har karshan rayuwata nakai karshan maganar na kece da kuka rumgumeni yayi ” haba my sweet babyna wannan sunan dake ya dace kuma na maidosa kanki yi hakuri bari kuka nasani kina sona zamuyi rayuwa mai dadi kinji matata? kaina na daga masa lallabani yayi tayi saida na sami nutsuwa yana tsokanata ina kyakyata dariya hankalinsa ya kwanta ya janyeni muka fito ya rufe mutar yana rike da hannuna har parlo da sallama muka shigo ghaisha na zaune ita da su Aunty amarya da gudu Nisha ta Mike ta rumgume zee baby dariya sukayi atare” my zee imiss u naso zuwa dubaki tsoron Dr ya hanani zuwa kinga dukan dayamun jiya dariya Mahabeer ya musu gun kujeru suka nufa suna rike da hannu juna gurin ghaisha zee ta nufa a cinyarta ta kwanta Aunty amarya tace” sannu mom ya jiki banza ta mata ghaisha ta rumgumeta ” momy sannu jikinki akwai gumi tashi muje kiyi wanka ki canza kaya kisha magani ” ummina ta kira tana shigewa jikinta ” na’am baby sannu kinji ta fada mata tana daure mata gashinta Hafeeza tazo kusanta ” sister ya jikinki? ” nayi sauki Nisha ta kama hannuta ” my dear tashi muje kiyi wanka mik’ewa tayi Mahabeer yace” zainab na koma kisha magani kinji? ” to my heart zansha ta fadi tana sakar masa murmushi mayar mata yai ya tafi ghaisha tacema Aunty amarya” yaran babu ko yar kunya dariya sukayi suka nufi bedroom har Hafeeza Nisha ce ta hadamata ruwan gumi ta shiga tayi wanka saida tashiga ruwan gumi ta jima saboda k’asanta sai motsi yake mata ajige dama tabaro asibitin dan saida ta sake wanka tsarki tana jama Dr Sardauna Allah ya isa tayi Alkwalin fita daga sabgarsa zata nuna masa ita fa bata sonsa kamar yada yake tunani insha Allah tayi niyar duk abinda zai hadasu zata gujeshi

daure da towel ta fito tana goge jikinta wardrobe ta bude ta ciro Abaya tasaka ta hau kan dadduma tayar da sallah la’asar tana rokon Allah ya saka mata akan tozarcin da Dr Sardauna ya mata yacire mata yanayin da ta shiga dan ko idanu ta rufe bata ganin kowa sai Dr Sardauna na sakar mata murmushi yana waremata hannuwansa tazo gareshi tana gamawa ta Mike akwatinanta ta nufa ta ciro wasu Riga da siket yan kanti irin nasu na saudiya milk colour ta saka sun mata cif cif tayi kyau sosai gashinta ta busar ta shafa masa maiyuka masu kamshi ta daureshi da ribbons ta fesa turare rumgumeta taji anyi ta juyo ” my Nisha zaki karyani ” wlh kyau kikamun kinko ganki muje kici abunci kisha magani khalisat ce ta shigo”. my zee ya jikinki? ” da sauki my khalisat parlo suka fito Nisha ce ta hada mata abunci taci tasha magani nan parlo ta bingire jikin Nisha sai barci itako na shafa mata kanta ghaisha ce ta fito” Aisha ya akayi kika bari tayi baccin yamma? ” ghaisha batajin dadin jikinta anjima zan tashe dariya tamusu ta shiga aikinta Nisha da Hafeeza da khalisat suna hira sama sama


misalin karfe biyar da rabi unguwar malali gidansu mashakurah masha Allah cike da yan uwa harabar gidan cike da mutane su Daddy na hango dasu kawu Saminu su Nuhu da mai ran karfe da jama’arsu dai masha Allah tamkar yaune za’a daura auran su samu karamawa sosai sun nemi aure anbasu antsayar da maga har Sadaki saida suka biya nera dubu dari dan mahaifinta yace bayason sadaki dawa Dr cewa yayi subada dubu dari biyar amma mahaifin mashakurah bai amsaba hakan ya karamusu kima idanunsu Daddy Kawu Saminu ya nemi asa ranar biki ansa da sunce wata ukku Daddy yace suyi hakuri asa wata biyu mai zuwa saboda su biyune kuma yafi son wancan bikin ayi da wuri haka aka watse cikin farin cikin da annishuwa su mashakurah ne da kawayanta ad’aki sai sai murna take tarasa inda zata ajiye ranta haulat tace ” gaskiya kawata kin mora miji ni wlh naso a daura ma tun kafin kije ya mora ki huta da ciwon cikin dukan wasa mashakurah ta kai mata dariya sauran kawayansu sukayi ” kinga haulat banason iya shege nifa Dr na ba jarababe bane dan wlh ba ruwansa love sai na shige zamu kwasa ehe dariya sukayi wayarta ta dauki ringing da sauri ta daga ta kara kunne” hello my Dr angona” iye yau kinyi baki sweet babyna sun tafi nazo na ganki? “eh sun tafi kayi sauri kazo zuciyata ta buga” ok sai nazo kicewa zuciyarki karma ta fara mijinki na tafe dariya tayi” to sai kazo autan maza murmushi yai ya tsinke Kiran Laila tace” wai kuna zuba love ba karya ji muryashi zazaka” ke banson haka wlh zamu bata dake dariya suka mata hirasu sukaci GABA dayi,, can gidama sun hadu antsayar da saka ranar auran ” Mahabeer da zee baby kawu saminu shine waliyin Mahabeer Daddy waliyin ze baby anbiya Sadaki suma nera dubu dari biyu da hamsin Daddy da yace kudin sunyi yawa shi yarsa ba sayar da ita zaiba Albarkar aure sukeso da zaman lafiya kawu yace basuyi yawaba ba ajiye mahaifiyar yarinyar tazo ta gani an tsayar da ranar aure wata biyu cif masu zuwa parlon cike da yan uwa sai rabon goro akeyi tunda har da makota latijawa da matasa maryama ce matar Nuhu yayansu Dr Sardauna ta tashi zee baby ” kishiya tashi mijina da nakeji yau kin amshemun ko Nisha tayi dariya” kai Auntymu Hauwa tace” Maryama zamu bata fah Amarya na bacci ki tashe duk da dai baccin yamma babu kyau mik’ewa tayi taje ta wanko fuskarta ta dawo ” Auntymu kika tasheni ko zainab tace” takwara amarya wlh kinyi kyau abunki kinji matar yayamu ” zainab nifa bana yinki dariya suka mata hafeeza tace ” ai ni kina yina ko? ” eh ko dan kirikamun wanke wanke agidana hajiya murjanatu matar kawu Saminu tazo ta rumgumeta ” kai momy irin rashin ta ido haka kunya taji ta boye fuskarta Daddah tace” wlh kun fiye takura yarinya tana son abunta ba Dole ta nunaba mik’ewa tayi ta koma gun Daddah tana dariya ta rumgumeta tana mata kiss” yauwa kakata fada musu yau gunki ma zan kwana dariya suka musu abun wlh gwanin burgewa Family akwai hadin kai sosai kowa farin cikin auran yakeyi Mahabeer tunda yaji labari dadi ya hanashi zama sai zirganiya yake

Sai bayan sallah isha’i Dr Sardauna yasamu daman barin hospital dan yau marasa lafiya gareshi sosai Wanda Dole shine sai dubasu gashi agajiye yake driving yake cikin nutsuwa yana waya dedai lokacin ya ISO kofar gidansu mashakurah ” sweet babyna yi sauri ki fito mugaisa na karasa gida kitt ya kashe Kiran yana jiran fitowarta anutse take tafiya ta had’e cikin wani uban less Jane mai ratsin baki ta yane kanta da dan kwalin less din idanu ya zuba mata ” wow masha Allah inason kosasar mace wacce zata iya dani babyna kina burgeni zanji yada nakeso Gilles din motar ta kwankwasa bude mata yayi ta shigo da sallama ” my Dr? saida ya dauki Dan lokaci kafin yayi magana sanin halinsa yasa tayi shiru” my sweet baby irin wannan wanka lalle amarya kike ina gorona? dariya tayi ” zan baka ba yanzu ba ” ok yayi kyau ykk? ” ina lfy Dr ta fadi tana jingina kanta kafadarsa” Dr ” na’am matar dr ya akayi? dariya tayi” babu komai wlh kyau kamun sosai mama saida ya dauki lkc can k’asan makoshi yace” kema kinyi kyau babyna fuskarta ya kamo ya tsora mata mayatattun idanunsa masu dafi lumshe idanuta tayi dan bata iya kallonsa kiss ya mata agoshi ” ilove u my sweet wlh ina sonki Oya shiga gida nasamu naje na huta jikinta duk ya saki ta kalleshi” My Dr ilove u inamaka so na hakika cikin kunya ta sumbaci kumatunsa ta bude motar ta shige gida da gudu murmushi ya saki yaja motarsa ya tafi yana driving cikin nutsuwa ransa fari kall Dan a farin cikin yake, yana zuwa gida wanka yayi ya saka 3quarter da Riga mai karamun hannu ya fesa turare ya fito ya nufi part d’insu Daddy sunanan sai hira ake Mahabeer sai washe baki akeyi zee baby na jikin ghaisha tayi lamo jikinta duk asake batada kuzari batasan meke damunta ba sallama yayi suka amsa Mahabeer yace”ango ina gorona? ” kujifa bro kaima bani goro tukun dariya Daddy yamusu gun Daddy ya nufa ya rumgumeshi ” Daddy imiss u ” me too likita ango barka ko ankusa girma ghaisha tace Faisal ni bandani ko ” sai lokacin ta dago ahankali ta zuba masa idanu yayi mugun kyau tamkar kasace shi kamshinsa na shigarta kasalarta ta karu idanu ta lumshe ta Kara shigewa jikin ghaisha ta boye kanta lokacin ya dago ya kalli ghaisha ” mamana yi hakuri nayi missing dinki wlh ya gida ashagwabe yace ghaishana yunwa tun safe rabona da abunci yada yake magana yasaka zee baby wani mugun yanayi sai k’ankame ghaisha take tanajin wani irin Feeling ajikinta sai ajiyar zuciya take sabkewa idanuta lumshe Dr Sardauna take gani kawai shiko tun kallon farko da ya mata ya watsar ya kauda kansa ganin bata kallonsa murmushin mugunta yasaki Dan ya harbota” to tashi muje kaci abunci mik’ewa yayi ya nufi kan dining ” momy tashi naba yayanki abunci jikina na janye na zauna ina murmurshi karfin hali Dan har ga Allah bansan meke damu naba gashi banida kwaya bare nasha Dan nafi tunanin itace ke tambayata daddy yace” momy lfy ki kuwa? dariya nayi nataso na dado kusansa” wlh lfy Lou Ammin natafi part d’insu Daddah na kwana yaya Mahabeer muje ka rakani” to momy sai da safe ko kai na daga Dan nafi shawar nabar parlon tashi yayi muka tafiyarmu part d’insu Daddah suna hirasu da mai ran karfe da Nisha Dan tun magarib ta biyota da sallma muka shigo Nisha ta tareni muka zauna” my dear Ana zaki kwana ni Ana zan kwana kusan tsoho mai ran karfe na koma” angona ya dai dariya yayi” nifa ga angon kina na biye dake Daddah tace” kinci sa’a da ya amsa fashe maki kai zanyi dariya sukayi Mahabeer yace” haba Daddarmu matar tawa kusan mahabeer na koma ina zuba masa sangarta suko sai dariya sukeyi munjima sosai muna hira sai karfe goma Mahabeer ya tafi har kuka nake masa na shagwaba ya lallabani Dole saida ya kaini dakin Daddah gado mai rumfa na kwanta yana lallabata har bacci ya ya daukeni ya tafi yana mamakin yay zee ta kwanta shadayan dare Nisha ce tazo ta kwanta tana waya da saurayinta ganin abunda zee baby takene yasa take tashinta itako cikin wani yanayi na mafarkin Dr Sardauna sai mika take tana shasheka abun yaba Nisha tsoro tunaninta Aljanunta ne suka motsa girgizata ta fara firgigit ta farka zufa ta wanke mata fuska cikinta taji ya murda wani irin ciwon cikine ya tokareta kuka ta Saki ta rumgume Nisha” wayyo my dear cikina ciwo ta fada jikinta na kirrrma zufa na keto mata Nisha duk ta rude ta shiga kiran Daddah sai gata da gudu ” kai lafiya? ” Daddah cikinta “subhanallah bari kirawo likitan gidan Aisha maza je kirasa ” wlh tsoransa nakeyi da gudu Daddah ta fita abin tausa tsohuwa sai gudu takeyi Dan Allah yana gani taxi son zee duk cikin jikokinta kamar yanda tafi son mahaifinta ta nufi part dinsu Sardauna lokacin yana kwance yasha magani bacci ya daukesa kenan Mahabeer ya buga masa kofa cikin bacci yaji ya Mike yana tsaki ya sabko yana nufi kofar ya bude” bro lafiya? ” Dr Dan Allah yi hakuri zeena zaka dubamun ba lafiya face ya had’e” saboda Allah ku kaita hospital Nima ba lafiyarce daniba amma aka tasoni Daddah tace Faisal” kaci gidanku Allah zan kirawo Abdulmutallab yanzu yacima mutumci komawa yayi ransa abace ya cire kayan baccin ya saka 3quoter da shart Mara’s hannu ya fito fuskarsa ahad’e Mahabeer yace ” hakama mun gode suka nufi part din Daddah lokacin ta fara ficewa haiyacinta batasan waya yake kantaba har amai tayi yanaga yada tayi ya kalli Mahabeer ” daukarta muje hospital ya fadi yana fita cikin rawar jiki ya dauketa suka fito Dr Sardauna yaje ya shiga mota yana jiransu, yana zuwa gidan baya ya zauna da ita daket take fitar da numfashi saboda ta wahala motar yaja suka bar gidan sai tsaki yake gudu yayi sosai lokaci kalilin ya isa asibitin mahabeer ya dauketa Dr ya Nuna masa room din da zai sata ya kwantar da ita ya fito Dr Sardauna ya shiga sai hararata yake yaja tsaki ” tunda kika zo ban hutaba jababbiya kawai temakon gagawa ya fara bata don numfashinta ya dawo normal saida numfashinta ya dawo daide ya shiga gwaje gwaje idanu ya zaro can k’asa yace “amma wlh anyi jarababiyar yarinya anan Allah ya kyauta wlh kin hadu da walaha irin wanan jaraba haka sa’arki daya zakiyi aure nan kusa wlh daket bro idan zai iya dake tsaki yaja taje ya hado Allurai guda biyu itakam har yanzu bata dawo daidai ba zama yayi bakin gadon kayan dazu jikinta Dan haka ta kwanta Sam batada nutsuwar da zata saka kayan bacci tunda suma ba wani yauni bane dasu sai yanzuma ya karemata kallo yarinyar kyakyawace ajin karshe komai nata mai kyaune fatarta bata farin larabawa saidai kallo daya zaka mata kasan balarabiya ce mamakin tsantsar kamarsu yake da ita baki ya tabe ” mace duk jiki atille Dan duniyanci wai harda tillar cibi ya fada yana janye rigarta ya shafi cikinta da gurin tillar cibin da yar tsakiya tsaki yaja jikinki yafiye laushi da santsi saikace jaririya ya fadi yana shafar wuyanta da k’asan labbanta nanma tulace sai ta hanci da kunne yar Daba kawai mace ko ina ado ne missst a hannu ya surkuna mata allura saida ta zabura ta rukumkumeshi Dan jinta Mahabeer ne Dan bata wani haiyacinta sosai tabi ta dabaibayeshi gashi ruwan allura bai gama shigaba gudun kar ya jimata ciwo yasa ya rumgumota sosai cikin nutsuwa ya Dora bakinsa a kunneta yayi magana da murya mahabeer”my zee mahabeer ne tsaya karki jimu ya kusa gamawa kuka ta saka masa” wayyo yaya Mahabeer ka bari banason allura please ta fada tana shigewa jikinsa ta cusa kanta kirjinsa har yanzu bakinsa akunneta ” OK yi hakuri bari azage ya fada yana sakar mata kiss wani irin yam taji kiss din kamar irin na Dr Sardauna ne ta tsinci kanta da yin shiru tayi lamo jikinsa tana Kara kankameshi tana sabke ajiyar zuciya yaya Mahabeer ina sonka da wannan yanayin naka kaci gaba da kasancewa ahaka zamu zauna inuwa daya ganin bata ganeshiba ya tabe baki kanta ya shafa ya Kara mata kiss akunne ” yaya mahabeer I love u ta fadi tana Kara rikeshi gam ahaka ya mata allura biyu ta tafi wata duniya ta shauki tako rike karamar yatsarsa abakinta tana tsotsa yana gamawa bacci na daukanta tana manne jikinsa yatsarsa abakinta tana tsotsa baki ya tabe ” wlh nayi farin cikin da kikeson Dan uwana dama irinku sai na gida wannan fitsara taki wane na waje zai aura janyeta ya fara ya Mike ta rikeshi gam tana turo baki ta shagwab’e zatayi kuka kuma bacci takeyi hannuta ta sakalo wuyansa ta had’e face d’insu suna shaker numfashin juna janyeta yayi idanu ya zuba mata kirjinta da yayi dam dam acikie ya cika karamar rigarta sai sama da k’asa yake saboda yada take fitar da numfashi da Sauri Sauri mayatattun idanunsa ya lumshe yana busar da iskar bakinsa mai zafi ya bude idanunsa yana kallon yada ta kwakwab’e fuska tana magana ahankali bakinta na motasawa rumgumeta yayi ya tallabo kanta kunnesa yakai bakinta” ni wlh banason wannan abun fah ni sai ka goyani wayyo kagani zai tabani ko ka hanashi ni kai nakeso kaji ta fadi ashagwabe tana Kara shiga jikinsa dagowa yayi ya kalleta baisan ya akayi murmushi ya subcemasa kan fuskarsa janyeta yayi daga jikinsa ya kwantar da ita zata rukoshi ya goce ya Mike da sauri ” tab wlh bro ka hadu da aiki ya fada yana kunna sigari yana bata wuta ya nufi kofar fita sai wata shegiyar tafiya yake yana daga kai yana fesar da hayakin tabar yana bude kofar Mahabeer ya taresa” Dr namu ya jikin matata bushewa yayi da dariya yana nunashi da yatsa sororo Mahabeer yabishi da kallo ” bro muje ka dauki abar ka mutafi gida wlh barci nakeji sosai “wai dry me kakene kaifa matsala gareka” yi hakuri matarka shirme gareta wlh duk bamu shiri saida tasani dariya sai kiranka take amafarki wai komema tace oho dadi mahabeer yaji ” amma Sardauna Dadday ba ya hanaka shan sigari ba ” na hanu ina mota daukota mutafi ya fice yanufi harabar asibiti mota ya bude ya shiga yana jiransu ya kunna kida wakar don jazzy cikin wakar adaobi yana mugun son wakar sigarinsa yake busawa yana kada kai mahabeer ya bude motar ya kwantar da ita yashiga ya rufo Dr Sardauna yaja yazo bakin get aka budemusu get ya fice aguje tukinsa yake anutse ” Dr karage karan yayi yawa karta tashi? ” to ikon Allah to bro bari na rage ragewa yayi dariya mahabeer yayi suna hirasu har sukazo gida Dr na parking ya fito Dan bacci yakeji sosai Mahabeer part dinsu ghaisha ya yaje ya kwantar da ita ya tofeta da Adu’a baccinta take anutse fitowa yayi gidan shiru kowa yayi bacci banda Nisha sai yanzu da taji shigowar mota da taga mahabeer yayi part d’insu ghaisha da zee itama ta koma can ta iske zee na bacci da da hafeeza amma khalisat na zaune saman Dadduma sai kuka take Nisha tace” kiyi asanu karki tasarmun yar uwata na bacci ta fada tana rumgume zee baby bata jimaba bacci itama ya dauketa mik’ewa khalisat tayi ta kwanta itama idanuta sharkaf da hawaye Dr Sardauna na shiga yasaka kayan bacci ya ballo wani magani yasha yana yamutsa fuska ya kwanta saboda baccine fall idanusa yana rike da cikinsa sai juji yakeyi sai tsakiyar dare bacci ya daukesa duk ya hada zufa Mahabeer ma tuni yayi bacci da begen sahibarsa asuba ta gari…………

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