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*….Bayan kwana kwana biyar* zee baby ta warke ras sai dai har yanzu Dr Sardauna na manne ciki zuciyarta duk batasan sonsa take ba tun washe garin da suka dawo daga hospital da yamma dab da magarib taje gurin Mahabeer atsautsayi zata shiga parlon zai fito sukayi karo ta fada saman fafadan kirjinsa ta rumgumeshi zatonta mahabeer ne saboda gashinta ya rufe mata fuska tarairayota yayi jikinsa ya tallabo kanta ya tatara mata gashinta ya daure mata ya kamo fuskarta mayatattun idanunsa ya saka cikin idanunta ya mata wani dan iskan kallo Wanda saura kadan ta sume kamkameshi tayi ta rufe idanunta tana sabke ajiyar zuciya tanajin wani irin sanyi na ziyartata da kasala gawata shegiyar rumguma da yamata ga kamshinsa mai azabar dadi sai kara mannesa takeyi shima kara manneta yakeyi yana shafar gashinta ya duko ya sakar mata kiss awoyanta kamkameshi ta tayi ” My Dr kabari yana sakin murmushi mugunta baiyi magana ba ya hankadata ta fadi k’asa saman Capet ta kwalla kara motsin Mahabeer yaji da sauri yabar gurin mahabeer yazo ya tasheta yana tambayarta lafiya tace Dr Sardauna ya samata kafa ta fadi ransa amugun bace ya janyo hannuta suka fito part d’insu zee suka nufa
a parlo suka samesa ya rufesa da fada akanme zai kadata idan yaji mata ciwo fah dadi zee takeji anama Sardauna fada sai tsalle takeyi tana rike da hannun Mahabeer duk da babu kuzari jikinta harda gwallo takema Sardauna dagowa yayi ya kalli Mahabeer ya bashi hakuri itama ya kalleta ya bata hakuri yace wlh bai san mutum zai shigoba karone sukayi yaje yaja da bayane ta fadi da sauri ta dago ta kallesa saboda karyar da rumtuma suna hada idanu ya mata wani shegen kallon da yafi na dazu dafi nan take ta rasa nutsuwarta yanayin yada yake magana da kamshinsa ya sakar mata kasala jarumta ta tataro cikin rashin kunya tace ” wlh da gangan ne kuji rainin hankali ta hararesa ta murguda masa baki, ficewa yayi yabar parlon Mahabeer yace tafita sabgarsa karya jiyatata ya lalabata ya fice saboda lokacin sallah ya kusa dan dama parlon ba kowa sai khalisat da Nisha da Hafeeza ganin har yanzu batada nutsuwa yasa, ta zauna ta fara lumshe idanu tana matse kafafunta tana nishi gudun kar aganota yasa ta Mike takoma bedroom ta kwanta gado tana juyi da lumshe idanu Dr Sardauna kawai take gani a idanuta batasan ya kayiba tajita jagab ajike saida tayi wanka tsarki tayi sallah magarib to tundaga ranar taboye kanta da ganinsa koda wasa bata zama inda zasu hadu ko muryasa bata son ji ayanzu ita da Mahabeer ko sosai take basa kulawa da tatali tana nuna masa soyayya ta maida hankalinta kansa bangaran Dr Sardauna ma soyayyarsu suke zubawa shida mashakurah ba kama hannun yaro dan shi sam mancewa yakeyi da wata zee, Ahmed Abu kamar wasa ya kaishi kwanciya har gadon asibiti da yasami labarin saka ranar auran zee da Mahabeer khalisat ma abun haka yake ta rame kurat saboda damuwa,

Yau ta kama juma’a garin yau lubge yake da hadari ko rana bata fitoba har yanzu karfe tara Dr Sardauna ya fito cikin shirinsa na zuwa hospital ya had’e cikin d’anyar shadda gizna milk colour wacce tayi masifar masa kyau sumar kansa da tadan zubo sai sheki takeyi dan bai fiye saka hulaba sajan fuskarsa ya kawata fuskarsa da kyau ya had’e tamkar balarabe sai uban kamshi ke tashi jikinsa adole idan ka kali Dr Sardauna awanan lokacin ya burgeka saboda yayi masifar kyau da sallama ya shigo parlon su Daddy suna dining azaune suna breakfast gunsu ya nufa ya rumgume Daddy yana masa kiss” good morning ” morning my son an fito sakin Daddy yai yana murmushi yaje gun ghaisha ya rumgumeta ya sakar mata kiss ” good morning my ghaishana? “Morning my son likita bokan turai sakinta yayi ya zauna ” momy ina kwana Aunty amarya ta amsa tana dariya ” lfy Dr Sardauna antashi lfy? ” ghaisha zansha tea ya fada ashagwab’e yana Kiran nanah tazo gunsa kan cinyarsa ya dorata ” autarmu kin tashi lfy dariya tayi” yaya nima ai na girma ko Nawwara tace” yarinya Nice na girma khalisat ta zuba masa idanu kamar ta cinyesa dan yau kyaunsa baya faduwa ga kwarjininsa da haibarsa da cikar kamala saide fuskarsa babu walwala sosai tun bayan da ya gama gaisawa da iyayansa ya hade face Hafeeza da Nisha suka gaishesa ya amsa adakile khalisat ta gaishesa ya amsa saboda mahaifiyarta na gurin amma bai kalletaba dan yatsanin jarabr kallonta ” Dr bari na hada maka ghaisha ce ta hada masa tea mai kauri ta zuba masa soyayan dankalin turawa da soyayen naman kaza fuska ya yamutsa ” ni tea kade zansha ya dauki cup din yana kurbar tea Mahabeer ya shigo da sallama parlon ba kowa duk suna dining shima ya hade cikin rantsatsiyar shadda bleu yayi kyau sosai kan dining ya nufa ya gaishe da iyayansa ya duba babu zee baby ” Daddy shine kowa nan banda Zainab?? ” to ai kasan bata fitowa war haka jeka ka tasota hanyar d’akin ya nufa ya tura kofar ya shiga tana nade cikin blanket tana sharara bacci dan daket jiya tayi bacci tana fama da ciwon mara, bakin gadon ya isa ya zauna ya tatara mata gashin kanta da ya baje saman fuskarta ramkwafowa yayi “my sweet babyna tashi yau sai na baki abunci zanbar gidan ya fada yana shafar fuskarta lokacin tana tsaka da mafarkin Dr Sardauna na mata wani irin kissing taji ana taba fuskarta hannusa ta janyo tasa yatsarsa bakinta tana tsotsa cikin wani irin Salo ganin abinda take shirin masa yasa ya matsa da sauri ya fizge hannusa yana dariya saboda tuni yafara jin canji yanayi ” my zee babyna tashi idanu ta bude ta kalli Mahabeer ta kwakwab’e fuska zatayi kuka ” My Heart dariya ko?? ” yi hakuri tashi Daddy yace na kiraki

jin yace Daddy ta bashi hannu ” to daukeni tashi yayi ya matsa gefe dan yasan ba karamin aikin ta bane ta ririkeshi ” tashi maza ki shirya sabkowa tayi ta nufi bathroom a gagauce tayi wanka ta fito daure da towel wayam taga bayanan dariya tayi ko mai bata tsaya shafawa ba ta ciro Riga doguwa mara’s hannu mai santsi ta saka cif cif ta kama jikinta boobs dinta sunyi dam dam hips dinta ya fito sosai turare ta fesa ta saki rabin gashinta gefen fuskarta rabi ta daureshi da ribbons wani dan dogon gwangwani naga ta ciro a akwatinta fesa arabin gashinta na gefen fuskarta nan take ya canza kala ya bada kalar bleu mara cizawa ta saka takalmi mai ma daurin gaba ta fito Mahabeer yana kofa yana jiranta hannusa ta kama” wow babyn yayanta kinyi kyau wlh kamar na saki aljihu mutafi gun aiki dariya nayi ” yayana to mutafi mana ” a ina bazan iya ba akalemun ke suna hirasu sai dariya yake bata har suka isa kan dining kamshinsa taji ya bugi hancinta dagowar da take ta ganshi zaune yana shan tea ayangace yana amsa waya idanunsu ya sark’e guri guda wani shegen kallo ya watsa mata cikin dakiya ta watsa masa harara da kallon tsana ta murguda masa baki kauda kansa yayi fuskarsa amurtike yana ciza lips dinsa na k’asa gaba daya taji ta zauce ta rasa nutsuwarta tun ba shegen kallon da ya mataba Adu’a ta fara cikin ranta ta kauda kanta Daddy taje ta rumgume tana dariya

tayi masa kiss ” good morning Ammin? ” morning momyna dariya tayi ta sakeshi taje ta rumgume gahisha ” good morning ummina? ” morning momyna dariya tayi ta saki ghaisha ta koma kusan Mahabeer ta zauna ta gaisheda Aunty amarya adakine ta kalli Nisha tana dariya ” my dear ina kwana murmushi ta ta maida mata kallon mahabeer tayi ashagwabe tace ” my heart kabani abuncin tunda ka tadoni tea ya hada mata sai lokacin Dr Sardauna ya dago da kansa ya kalleta mamakin irin kyan yarinyar yakeyi baki ya tabe aransa yana mamaki mace sam babu kamun kai sai shigar iskanci mik’ewa yayi dan yatsani zama da yarinyar wayoyinsa har biyu ke ruri daya ya daga nemansa ake hospital, ta biyun ma haka, zee amsar tea din tayi tanasha tana zuba masa surutu su Daddy suna dariya Sallama Dr Sardauna yama iyayansa ya kalli mahabeer amma koda wasa bai sake kallon zee baby ba wacce itama tayi watsi da lamarinsa duk da Allah kade yasan me takeji tunda taji muryasa da kamshinsa” bro sai mun hade masallaci, ” ok Dr namu murmushi ya saki ya fara tafiya sai lokacin ta kalli bayansa yada yake tafiya cikin kasaita da jarumta da shidin fa yanaji da kansa gashin kansa kade abin kallone sosai taga yamata kyau shadda ta amshi jikinsa taga irin kalar rigar jikinta ce murmushi ya subcemata idanu ta lumshe tanaji kamar ta kamosa ta rumgume ko abinda takeji ya yaragu tsaki taja da ta tuna kiyayace fah tunda batajin haka kan Mahabeer maganar Nisha ce ta dawo da ita daga halin da ta shiga ta yago kaza tanaci ta bushe da dariya ” my dear wlh naji dadin soyar ne Dole sai ana lumshe idanu dariya suka mata Daddy da ghaisha suka Mike da Aunty amarya tana tunama Daddy zata gida yau sai yamma ta dawo parlo suka koma suna tashi zee ta kafama Mahabeer rigima sai yabata abaki Dole shine ya bata taci ya kora su hafeeza taji dadin masa, shagwaba daket yasamu ta gama yamata wayo ya tafi gun aiki dan ya makara Daddy ma ya

Tafi gidan ya rage sai mata Najib dama tun karfe bakwai ya fice Aunty amaryama tana shirin zuwa gidansu a parlo suke azaune suna hira Nisha tace ” wayyo hutu zai kare monday sai makaranta zee baby dai sama sama take amsawa dan tun da tayi idanu hudu da Dr Sardauna ta rasa nutsuwarta uwa uba kamshin shiyasa yanzu take gudun duk abinda zai hadasu yauma tsau tsayine jikin Nisha ta shige ta lumshe idanunta ahaka suke hirasu sama sama jin bacci ya fara zomata ta Mike dama ita baccinta sai bayan azuhur ne take tashi ” my dear na tafi gidan Daddah nakira ummina muyi hira idan mun gama na kwanta can kurya gadon mai rumfa na kwashi bacci sai bayan azuhur zan farka ko zaki eh muje amma ni nan zan dawo idan anjima ” ok muje hafeeza ma ta Mike suka tafi suna hirasu lokacin da sukazo part d’in Daddah mai ran karfe har ya tafi masallaci itama Daddah tana shirin tafiya dan dama karfe goma suke tafiya masallaci duk ranar juma’ah nan parlo suka zube suna hira har Daddah ta tafi masallaci ta barsu zee tayi takiran ummi Raiyan bata samunta ta kira Mahabeer ma ta fada masa shima ya kirata bai sameta dama mafi akasari awannan lokacin ba’a fiye samun taba sai zuwa yamma ko da sasafe Dr Sardauna yana fitowa ya shiga wata jibgegiyar mota kirar venza,2019 baka sudik ya shige yamata key kafin ya isoma mai gadi ya bude masa get ya fice aguje wayarsa ya dauka ya kira mashakurah sukasha hirasu ta soyayya har ya isa hospital din tunda yazo jama’a yake dubawa marasa lafiya, sai goma da rabi ya Zauna zaune yake cikin kawataccen Office d’insa Wanda ya gwaraye da ni’imattacan kamshi da sanyin Ac sai sigari yake zuga yana waya “bandar kaifa bakada mutumci wlh na kusa aure ka daure kazo dan bai wuce saura wata daya da kwana ashirin da biyar ba ok karshan watanan ko? Ahmed shegen mutum bashida niyar aure fa inaga sai NASA an masa na Dole Ahmed ne ya murda kofar ya shigo Dr Sardauna ya kallesa ” kajimun dan iskan mutum ka ganshi bari na baka shi wayar ya ba Ahmed yana kaimasa duka ya amsa ya kara akunne ” wai shegen mutum wai yaushe zaka shigo ne Dr fa aure zaiyi ah ni inajiran wata yarinyane zan gwada sa’ata mutumin na hango zaune awani kayataccen wuri daga gani ba kasar bakar fata baceba ” wlh Ahmed akwai abunda na aikatawa wata yarinya ya dameni bansan inda zan gantaba amma yar Nigeria ce kuma garinmu daya da ita tunda na aikata hakan hakkinta ke bibiyata na kasa sukuni amma zanyi kokari nazo karshan wata Dr yace nazo muyi maganar anutse” subhanallah bandar me ka aikata haka?” maganar sai na diro Nigeria batayi a waya ” ok Allah kawoka lafiya ” Amin bani Dr Sardauna wayar yana Dr sukaci GABA da hirasu sun jima Dr na masa tsiya wai yafadi gaskiya ko kwartanci yama yar mutane yace duk abar maganar har yazo k’asar abin ya faru bisa kaddara ne haka sukayi sallama cikin kaunar junansu Ahmed yace” kai dan iskane shine baka nemana yau kwana biyu bamuga junaba ba fa? ” yi hakuri kasan aiki yasha kaina ya jikinka??” ba sauki Dr Sardauna don girman Allah kasa baki bro Mahabeer yabarmun zee baby wlh Allah ji nakeyi kamar zan rasa raina da kallo Dr Sardauna yabi Ahmed sai kuma ya bushe da dariya yana nunasa da yatsa ” dallah malam kamun shiru ba abin dariya bane temako nake nema zee baby nada saukin kai wlh idan bro ya barmun ita nasan zata soni saboda ina da zubin namijin da takeso” yi hakuri Abokina ba abin tada jijiyar wuya bane ya fada yana buso hakin sigari baki da hanci yana lumshe lumsassun idanunsa” yanzu yada za’ayi tashi kaje gun bro Mahabeer yana gun aiki kanemi alfarama yau ranar juma’ace gashi garin ya hade da hadari ruwa bai sakoba idan kaci sa’a yabar ma to sai musha biki amma da kamar wuya fah kadai je ka gwada jarumi ya fada yana dariya yana busa ma Ahmed hakin sigari a fuska ” wai meyasa kafiye wulakanci kafasan banason hayakin taba ko?? ” uban waye ya gaiyatoka hospital DINA an busama ya fada yana karama sa hayakin duka ya kaimasa ” Allah ya isa mugu kawai yanzu zan samesa a kamfani kuwa?? ” yes zaka samesa ya fada yana duba wani shegen agogon hannusa mai masifar kyau mik’ewa Ahmed yayi ya bashi hannusa wani shegen kallo Dr Sardauna yama Ahmed ” bazan gaisa dakai ba sai ka wanke hannuka ya karasa fada yana dariya dukansa Ahmed yakai Dr ya cafe hannu Ahmed ya murde da karfin tsiya cikin mugunta sai yasaki kara Dr Sardauna ya bushe da dariya mugunta ” yaro ni sa’ankane zaka dokeni ahir dinka da kallo Ahmed yabishi ” wai me yasa kafiye mugunta saboda Allah yanzu me nama ka kakeson mun illa sakinsa yayi yana dariya ” yi hakuri Abokina ya Mike ya rumgumesa muje na rakaka gun motarka dariya Ahmed yayi ” ai haka kake idan kayi mugunta tare suka jero har harabar Hospital din saida Ahmed yashiga mota ya tafi ya dawo duk inda ya wuce gaishesa akeyi miskilancin ya dawo hannusa kawai yake dagawa kofar wani room ya hadu da Ruma sai wani feleke takeyi ya dauke kansa fuskarsa amurtike zai wuce ta gaishesa ” Doctor dama kai zani kira Dr Nabil yace an gama kai ake jira ka fara tiyata kai ya daga ya shige Office dinsa baki ta tabe ” wlh sai na malaki wannan hadadan gayen shirin shiga tiyatar yayi ya kara zugar sigari sai karfe goma shadaya da mintina goma cif ya shiga tiyata yarone ma karami dan kimanin shekaru goma Adu’ar nasara yayi kamar kullum idan zaima mutum tiyata sai yayi Addu’o’i kafin ya yanka mutum,,

goruba Road *Kai kadai gaiyya magawata kamfani* na hango masha Allah jama’a sai shige da fice akeyi a motoci. Wasu amashin waso akafa Office Daddy na fara lekewa yana zaune kan wata hadadiyar kujera da mutane sai lisafi suke ya kalli wani dan matashi ya bashi kudine masu uban yawa ” maza kaima manager yana Office fitowa yayi nabi bayansa wani hadadan Office muka shiga sanyi da kamshi ya bugi hancina Mahabeer nagani zaune saman wata lumtsumeyiyar kujera shida wani kyakyawa bakine amma bayada makosa duk da Mahabeer yafisa kyau zai kai sa’ansa daga gani abonkinsa ne da sallama ya shigo Hadeem ya amsa Mahabeer waya yake da zee sai dariya yake dan shagwaba take zubama sa shigowar mutumin yasa ya tsinke Kiran suka gaiza ya bashi kudin ya amma ajikin wata na’ura ya zubasu total suka nuna masa million biyune kashe ya dago ya kallesa ” million biyu ko?? ” eh Manager slm ya masa ya fice Ahmed ya shigo da sallama Mahabeer ya amsa fuskarsa sake ya nuna masa kujera ya zauna Hadeem yace ” ina kabaro Dr Sardauna?? kai ya sosai ” ya shiga tiyata cikin jin kunya kansa k’asa yace “bro Mahabeer dama temako zakamun kar na rasa raina dan Allah ka barmun zee baby na auran please jahadee zakayi wallahi ina mugun sonta ko rashin lafiya danayi kwana biyu da suka wuce wlh akantane don Allah ka duba lamarin bro idanu hadeem ya zaro yana kallon Ahmed da kokari Mahabeer jiyayi kansa na juyawa maganganun Ahmed sun masa mugun zafi har wata zufa yake yana cikin tunanin ne yaji Ahmed ya rumgumesa yana kuka da rokonsa yayi hakuri haushi yacika Mahabeer bai san lokacin da ya wanke Ahmed da mari yana huce yace “wallah………

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