Zee Baby Book 1 Page 16



….”ko mutuwa zakayi bazan barmaka zee baby ba saboda na fika sonta da kaunarta nima itace rayuwa wlh idan narasata mutuwa zanyi dan haka na hadaka da girman Allah karka sake mun wannan maganar hadeem ya rike Mahabeer yana bashi hakuri Ahmed ya dago cike da mamaki yana kallon Mahabeer dafe da kumci ” bro kayi hakuri bansan haka zaka dauki zafiba amma iya gaskiyata na fada ina sonta ya juya ya fice zama Mahabeer yayi dabas yana dafe kansa dan ransa yayi mugun baci “haba Mahabeer kayi hakuri mana banji dadin marin da kamasa ba abokin Dr nefa aya daya suke rabawa cikin zafi Mahabeer yace” an maresa din ni bakaga irin marin da yamunba to wlh idan kaga nabar zee tana tare da wani saide idan mutuwa nayi dan wlh itace rayuwata nima ina mugun son kanwata ” yi hakuri bari tada jijiyar wuya yayanmu niko shawara zan baka wacce zata saka hankalinka ya kwanta? kallonsa yayi ” ina jinka wace shawarace nifa banida shakar zeena tana sona? ” eh duk da haka ita zee din ce zakasa tamasa maganar wlh mutikar yana kaunarta to zaiso duk abinda ta bashi inaso ka fada mata duk yanda kukayi dashi kace mata cikin yan matan gidanku ya zabi gudu mutikar yana sonta zai zaba ” kai haba ina. sai kace muna nema maraba dasu wlh sam ba yardaba Hadeem ba yada bai ba ya shawo kan Mahabeer yaki karshema yace zai sa amatso da auran kusa koko adaurashi ajirayi biki dole ya hakura dan ya dauki zafi sunanan har lokacin zuwa juma’a yayi suka tafi dan shi Hadeem ranar juma’a karfe shadaya yake barin Office sai monday Hadeem abokin mahabeer ne tun suna yara tare sukayi karatunsu bashida babban amini sama dashi basa boyewa juna sirrinsu zumunci suke har iyayansu shine mijin Zainab kanwar su Dr Sardauna sunyi aure shekara daya da ta wuce cikin so da kaunar juna shima nan cikin unguwar kofar marusa lowcos yake saide ba layi daya sukeba Dr Sardauna yana fitowa daga tiyata ya sake duba marasa lafiyan da ya kamata ya duba Ruma duk inda yayi tana binsa da idanu ita da Amina Office d’insa ya koma yayi wanka zuwa juma’a sai uban kamshi yake zuba ya dauki wata darduma mai masifar kyau da ado ya kwashe wayoyinsa ya dauki makullan motarsa ya fito ya murzawa Office dinsa key ya nufo harabar hospital din cikin takunsa na jarumin Namiji maiji da kudi da kuma yarinta ga uwa uba kyau da ilimi gashi da kwarjini

kansa ya daga sama yana kallon yanayin garin hadarine sosai garin yayi duhu parking space ya nufa, motarsa ya bude ya shiga ya mata key da karfi ya fizgeta yayi bakin get aka wangame masa get ya fice saman titi ya harba motar sosai yake gudu dan sam bayansan cida Allah ya jarabesa da tsoron cida da tsawa sama duk jarumtarsa idan yaji cida ko tsawa sai ya firgita tun yana yaro haka Allah yayishi da tsoron tsawa akwai wani lokaci yana karami da wannan bakar zuciyar tashi ko mai ya hadosu da Mahabeer ya fasa masa, kai ranar da hadiri agarin ghaisha ta korosa, waje dan sunsan bayasan tsawa yana daga kofar parlo akayi wata, irin walkiya da tsawa, mai sautin gaske nan take ya fadi sumamme tun daga shi Daddy ya hana tamasa horo da ruwan sama ko a saudia lokacin yana karatu haka Faisal Abbun zainab yake shan fama dashi idan yazo gidan idan ana ruwa ko masallaci baya zuwa itama zee baby haka take mugun tsoron karan ta sama, haka yarika sharara gudu har ya isa babban masallacin kofar soro motocine ko ina burjiki motar Mahabeer ya hango daide can yaje yai parking ya fito ya rufe motar ya, fito yanufi cikin masallacin duk ya fara ciki duk da sauran lokaci,


Zaune take gaban wani malam boko jibgege bakikirin dashi kallo daya zaka masa, kasan imani bai ishe saba ” kafi madubi ya zakamun haka kace baza’a taba saka masa, ranaba batare da yarinyataba zaka wargaza soyayyarsa wacan yarinyar amma abun sai kuratowa yakeyi babu wani Abu da ya sauya yarinyata tana fama da sonsa amma har yanzu bata san nufu naba maganar khadija ma da Abdulmutallab babu wani canji har yanzu darajarta tana nan kamar. da kace zan malakesa amma shiru babu wani sauyi duk inada kimata agunsa amma ai nagaya maka so nakeyi ya dawo tafin hannuna shida wannan dan iskan d’an NASA mai girman kan tsiya khalisat ta juyashi kamar waina atanda kecewa kafi madubi yayi da dariya wata irin muryasa maras dadi yace” zo kiga ikon Allah banace kibani lokaciba amma kin fiye gagawa ni idan nace zanma aiki to ka jira ko nan da shekarane zai ci saide idan mutum bashida rabone kawai ya kalli Asiya ko ba haka bane?? ” hakane Nice kat kuwa tunda na raba mijina da ahalinsa wani katon madubi ya janyo bayan wata kujera yayi surutansa da sada barunsa ya ajiye gabanta ya kira sutanta da karfi” Mariya Mariya Mariya har sau ukku tana amsawa afirgice dan saida dakin ya amsa ” matso kigani matsawa tayi gaban kafi madubi idanu ta zaro gabanta na faduwa jikinta na kerrrma zufa na keto mata cike da mamaki take nuna madubin tabbas Sardauna ne duk sam fuskarsa taki fitowa sai katuntakarsa amma mashakurah gatanan sai khalisat sai wata itama ba’a ganinta sosai amma taganeta tayi tunanin me yasayota cikin sabgarsu tunda batakawo sunanta ba” kafi madubi kana nufin gurina zai cika khalisat zata auri Faisal ta mallakeshi mu yashe dukiyarsa kamar yada nake burin yashe mahaifinsa kuma da gaske wannan abun ya faru da matarsa da zai aura auran zai dawo ka’ diyata idan asiri ya tonu Alhmdllh nagode Allah naji dadi yauwa sai wata yar banzar yarinya koren makkah ta taba kamani ina waya taso tonamun asiri nakiraka na gayama to dan Allah ayi kokarin matar da ita maganar bincike ya fara ” nifa Al’amarin yarinyar bana ganin kominta wlh bana gani kamar yada kinga fuskar Faisal bata fita amma dubar ya nuna shine ko dan yanayin kakuntakarsa dan haka kibarta nasamata shashatau bazata iya fadiba amma bana ganinta sam zan gindaya miki sharuda mutikar kinyisu to ki zuba idanu kiga ikon Allah yanzu kije bayan kwana goma shadaya ki dawo kafin lokacin na hada magungunan cikin farin cikin tamasa godiya jikinta na rawa ta bude bakin jaka ta sallamesa suka tashi suka tafi lokacin da suka fito daga dajin har an fara ruwa,


Bayan sallah juma’a Dr Sardauna suka nufo gida shida Mahabeer kowa amotarsa, garin yayi bakikirin an fara ruwa gidu yayi sosai yana isowa gida ya jima yana honr kafin mai gadi yaji ya bude masa ya waiwaya bai ga mahabeer ba parking space ya shige yayi parking jiran Mahabeer yayi ya shigo su tafi part d’insu shiru bai zoba tsaki yaja ya bude motar ya fito ganin part din Daddah kusace jiyake kafin yaje tasu cida za’ayi wuff ya shige part d’in Daddah parlon ba kowa tunawa yayi suma masallaci suke zuwa maybe basu zoba Azimi mai aiki tana zirganiya dan bata gama girkiba ” inna ina su Daddah?? ” ai basu isoba sai ni daya kai ya kada ya nufi bedroom Daddah wacce dama mafi akasari idan ana ruwa can yake buya can kurya ya shige ya cire takalminsa ya Haura saman gadon mai girman gaske baya wani ganin gaban gadon saboda duhun gadon akwai rumfa shiyasa, ba haske wayoyinsa ko suna mota kwanciya yayi ya done kunnesa ya tura hannusa daya cikin gashinsa yana fatse ruwan da ya fara jika masa gashi kamshi yakeji mai mutikar dadi na ziyartar hancinsa duk atsorace yake ya kudundune guri guda ruwa akeyi sosai kamar da bakin kwarya zee baby cikin bacci takejin kamshinsa na ziyartata sai kara bude hanci takeyi tana nemo kamshi wata irin tsawa aka saki habawa ba Sardauna ba zee baby da take barci sai gata zaune tana kwarara ihu daide lokacin Dr Sardauna shima ya kwarara ihu jin mutum kusansa ya lalubo ya rumgumeta da karfi ya kwantar da ita yaja musu bargo dan har yanzu tsawar akeyi cikin rawar murya tace ” yaya mahabeer boyeni wlh tsoro nakeji wayyo Allah kara shigar da ita jikinsa yayi ya rufesu itama kara makaleshi tayi jikinta na rawa ta fara kuka muryar Mahabeer ya mata magana” my zee babyna yi shiru wlh nima banason tsawa karkiyi kuka kinji ya fada ashagwab’e” to ka toshemun kunne na kara rumgumeta yayi gam yana shafar lalaunsan gashin kanta jitayi kamar yau mahabeer ya kara girma kamshinsa irin na Dr Sardauna baki ta bude zatayi magana aka sake tsawa ihu sukayi atare suka rukumkume junan su itama hannuta ta dora fuskarsa tana shafawa ” yayana meyasa mukejin tsoro atare muyi maganin tsoron ka likemun kunnena nima na like maka kunneka

ko? ta fada ashagwab’e” ke shiru matso mu hade numfashinmu kanta ya tallabo ya hade face dinsu suna shakar numfashin juna suna gogar tsinin hancin junansu kowane akwai dogon hanci mai tsayi kamshinsa na gane ba Mahabeer bane idanu na tsira masa sai yanzu nasan da Wanda nake tare cikin zafin zuciya na janye fuskata na fizge jikina ina dukansa ” kwarton banza dan iska akanme zakazo ka wani rumgumeni kamar matarka wlh Allah ya isa ban yafeba mugu kawai ransa amugun bace ya Mike zaune ya wankeni da mari ya shekeni “dan ubanki ni sa’ankine badan inajin tsoron tsawaba kin isa na hada jiki dake? ya sakeni yana huci dake wa nayi ina dafe da fuskata na kallesa” wlh sai na fadawa yaya Mahabeer ka mareni kuma har bargo kajani karufeni Allah ya isa mugu sai kaga karshanka na fada ina yinkurin sauka har na zaro kafata daya daga gadon na rike karfan gado ina dabda sabka ya finciko,ni ya mayar dani gadon ya wurgani can lungu na yinkura zan Mike” wlh Dr Sardauna kafita daga harakata ni wlh nafita harakarka ko ka manta a hospital kace bani bakai ko kaga ina shiga harakarka, to meye ruwanka dani na fada ina yunkurin sauka matseni yayi abango ni ko kokarin na tsira daga tarkonsa, nakeyi dan ya fara dagulamun lisafi sam banaso jikinmu yana haduwa hannuna nasa na ingijeshi amma ko motsi baiba ” kin gama fitsara yarinya dama inada haushinki ranar kin hadani da bro da safe kinmun rashin kunya ai ban mantaba in da yanzu ma baki shiga sabgata ba wlh da babu abinda zai hadani da fitsarara irinki kome akayi kice zaki hadani da Mahabeer yo tsoronsa nake ko wani Abu zai iya dani ko akashe afada ban kasheshi da duka karfina na dadage na dokesa ” wlh kayi kadan mijina ba sa’an ka bane ba mari ya kara shararamun saida naga walkiya kafin in dawo dai dai ya matseni jikin bango ya ban,karemunn hannuwana ya murdesu da karfi saida sukayi kara na saki ihu shakeni yayi saida yaga numfashina yakusa daukewa ya saki wuyana yashiga gogamun kirjinsa akirjina ya riko k’uguna “wlh ni bana yafe rashin kunya ni kikecewa dan iska kwarto Allah sai na ladabtar dake saboda gobe kin sake fadama wani dan naga ke komai sai an koya miki wlh Dole zan saitaki bazan bari ki rainani ba tunda shi yazama mijin tace yana kallo kikemun rashin kunya baya hukuntaki ya fada yana murza k’uguna da marata da hannusa daya dayan ya hade tafin hannumu yana murzawa laushi biyu ne ya hadu hannuwanmu suka dauki wani irin gumi idanu na zaro ina girgiza kai ” don girman Allah karka cutar dani ka sakeni na tafi insha Allah bazan sake batama raiba na fita harakarka wlh nayi Alkawali ko me zakamun bazan sake shiga harakarka ba ” karya kike munafuka yanzu ina sakinki zaki zageni kuma yada baki yafiya nima bazan yafeba Dole nasaitaki saboda idan nabarki haka zaki rika ma d’an uwana rashin kunya agidan auranku gwara na koyamiki tarbiyya karyaga laifin ghaisha kuka na saki ” dan Allah karabu dani wlh bazan masa rashin kunyaba ina kokarin tureshi na kasa fuskata ya kamo yana shafawa yamun wata wawar rumguma ya had’e face d’inmu ya dora bakinsa saman idanuna yana tsotsar hawayena Dole na tsayar da kukan saida ya lashe mun ido tas har budewa yake yana laso cikin idanuna duk jikina ya saki hancina ya kama yana tsotsa ya tura hannuwansa tsakiyar bayana yana shafowa wani iri nakeji sanyi ya fara gabatoni kasala ta sakoni ga mugun feeling inaji gashi abinka dakoton gaske duk iya kokarina na intureshi na kasa” wlh nidai Allah ya isa mugu na tsaneka” gud nine mugun nima wlh na tsaneki to zo muyi kissing din juna na minti

daya amma idanu zamu rufe daga yau bani bake? ” wlh bazan ba kwarto na fada ina ganzara masa cizo ahannu amma bai sakeni ba da karfi ya rikoni ya matseni akirjinsa ya tallabo kaina ya dora bakinsa saman nawa na gintse hakorana cikin wata irin voice yace “my zeener Oya budemun bakinki wlh ko yanzu kiga iskancin da zan miki cikin tsiwa nace” wlh kayi dare dan baka.. ban ida saba ya tura bakinsa cikin nawa wani irin kissing ya watsamun tsakiyar bakina na nemi nutsuwata na rasa harshena ya kamo yana tsotsa cikin wani irin shegen Salo ya tora hannuwansa cikin rigata ya shafo tsayayun breast dina da karfi muka safke ajiyar zuciya atare muka rukumkume juna bakinsa na fara tsotsa anutse ina sabke ajiyar zuciya kaina ya tallabo muna kallon kwayar idanun juna muke tsotsar bakin junanmu wani iri zaki da gardi nakeji musayar yawu muka fara ahankali yake lasar miyau na har ya shanye shima ya zubamun nasa na fara lasa ahankali har na shanye mukaci gaba da

tsotsar bakin junanmu hannuwansa ya mayar rigata ya kamo breast DINA yana mulmulawa idanu na lumshe dan dadi sai rikeshi na keyi bakinsa ya cire anawa kansa na riko ” my sweet Dr nah ban koshi ba da sauri ya kara had’e bakinmu yanamun wata irin tsotsa wace na fara kuka bansan ma inayi ba ga yada yake murzamun kan nipple dina sai mimmik’ewa nakeyi amma mun kasa, sakin bakin junanmu cire bakinsa yayi anawa ” My Sardauna na fada zanyi kuka “Na’am my zeener yi hakuri karki yi kuka kinji ya kamoni ya rumgumeni gam yasa bakinsa kunnena” my laushina kibarni nasha kadan ko nasami nutsuwa mama zansha ya fada, ashagwab’e narke masa nayi ajiki dagoni yayi ya janye saman rigata jikinsa har rawa yakeyi yada, sukayi cur atsaye ga tsini hannusa yasaka duka biyu ya shafa atare mukasaki ihu muka manne junanmu muna sabke ajiyar zuciya ” My Sardauna nah “na’am my zeener insha mama kadan? ya fada muryashi kamar zaiyi kuka kai na daga masa lokacin na gama jigewa jagab tarairayoni yayi jikinsa har rawa yake yi daide zai kafa bakinsa saman breast dina mukaji maganar Mahabeer yana Kiran zee babyna fito gani da sauri Dr Sardauna yasakeni ya gyaramun rigata ya tataramun gashina ya dauremun ya shakeni” dan ubanki kikace inanan wlh sai naci uwarki na miki Azaba mafi muni shegiya uwar jaraba duk kece kika jawo dukansa nayi da karfi akirjinsa ina kuka ” ni sai na fada din danme zaka rika takuramun mugu kawai wlh daga yau bazaka sake ganinaba zan kauracewa ganinka natsaneka bana kaunarka na haukace sai dukansa nakeyi bakinsa ya ciza da karfi aransa yace wannan ma wai tana tsoronane wlh ina tausayama bro Mahabeer kwasar futinaniyar mace irin wannan gudun kar ayi abun kunya dan yaga ita ko ajikinta Dole ya sadako ya rumgumota ya tsotsi kasan wuyanta ya sakar mata kiss akunne ya dawo


bakinta idanu suka tsurawa juna ya bude bakinta ya zuba mata miyau dinsa ya tsareta da lumsassun idanunsa masu dafi yana murmushi ” idan kin fasa fada kinki Allah fitsarara kawai kokarin amai na fara zan sauka ya fincikoni jikinsa ya matseni ya mak’uremun wuya saida na hadiye miyau dinsa ya sakeni ina kallonsa kansa na fada wlh sai na rama fuskarsa na kamo na had’e bakinmu na dura masa miyau dina nima na cire bakina na sakesa” yo ni zan tsaya ka cuceni gwara kowa yasha guba Dr Sardauna Allah ne zaimun sakayya akanka ba mutumba kiranta mahabeer ya sake matsawa yayi can karshen gado ya yayi kwanciyarsa ya shige cikin blanket matsawa nayi nashiga dukansa da karfina ina kuka ina masa Allah ya isa kansa ya leko yana miskilin murmushi”Oya shigo cikin na murzaki kawai dan nasan duk borin iskanci kikeyi dan ban tsotsi wannan fitsararun manyan nonuwan naki bane masu tsone idanun mutum idan an ganmu shikenan sai amiki yada kikeso nasan ai wanan jarabar taki wlh sai gwarzon Namiji zai iya dake kinga ko girki zaki rikama sweet babyna afusace nasaka nufarsa na janye blanket din jikinsa ina dukansa “babyn taci durin uwarta dan ubanta kuma wlh ni nafi karfin ka mugu kawai dan iska ransa ya kai makura baci dama daurewa ce yake shiru yamata ya lumshe idanusa sai dukansa takeyi akirjinsa saida nagaji dan kaina ya ki kulani karshe na kwantar da kaina saman faffadan kirjinsa ina sakin kuka mai ciwo” yo babyn banza zan mata girkin abunci ku mutuma da yunwa dan ka maidani ba kowaba idanunsa lumshe shi nadamar zauwarsa ma gidan Daddah yayi dan ta tafi ta bashi guri ya bude bakinsa ahankali cikin amon muryasa mai dadin yace” Ok wlh nima fadine nayi ko da ace ba yayana zai aureki ba wlh ko mata sun qare a duniya bazan taba zama inuwa dayaba dake dan bakya cikin tsarin matan da nake so me zanyi da busasar mace irinki wlh ni zan rantse miki ba babu wacce naji natsana irinki dan haka yi hakuri bazan karaba kuma bani bake wlh saura idan kin ganni gobe kimun kallon raini kowa yayi sabgarsa na rabu dake please kema kibarni kowa yayi rayuwarsa banason fitina haka kawai kinaso ki lalatani da matse matse ni babu yarinyar da na taba koda rike hannuta amma kinaso ki lalatani wlh kin fiye jaraba don haka murabu da juna kowa yayi rayuwarsa please karki sake shiga rayuwata wlh tsaninmu babu alheri dukansa nayi da karfi akirjinsa ina kuka” wlh karya kakeyi kaine kakeson batani ni ba yar iska baceba babu namijin da ya taba ganin breast d’ina saikai kuma na barka da Allah wlh nima babu naminjin da na tsana irinka aduniya naji babuni babu kai kuma duk abin da kaga inayi babu ruwanka dani?” eh dagani naji insha Allah dauke kaina nayi daga jikinsa wani Kiran Mahabeer ya sake mata da karfi dan bayaso ya shigo yasan halinta sai ta kunna masa, zafi abanza fuskata na goge mik’ewa nayi ajige nake jargab sabkowa nayi daga gadon jikina duk ba kuzari lakwas dani ga yanyin da nake ciki na shige toilet na hada ruwan zafi na wanke k’asana murmushi mugunta nasaki na hado ruwa mai shegen zafi abokiti na fito dam na lekoshi yana cikin blanket janye blanket din nayi idanunsa arufe kin bude idanusa yayi bukitin ruwan na juye masa ajikinsa idanu ya bude ransa amugun abace tuni har tabar d’akin da gudun bala’i tana ihu Mahabeer na parlo azaune tayi kansa tana zaro idanu ” my zeena menene ” my heart tashi muje gida ” zee ruwa akefa wai tsayama keda, waye aciki?? ” ba kowa ni dayace ina bathroom naji tsawa ta fada cikin tsoro mik’ewa yayi ya kama hannuta mai ran karfe da Daddah suna mata dariya suka fice ” babyna meye ya tsurataki? tsawa da cida mana har part d’insu ghaisha ya kaita ya zauna aparlo ba kowa duk suna bacci ” yayana bari nayi sallah na fito

” my zee babyna har karfe ukku saura maza jeki kiyi kizo da gudu ta shige bedroom d’insu su Nisha na kwance suna sharara barci ita da hafeeza khalisat na zaune da waya hannuta “ke ko dan bacci rana bakiyi ta cire rigar jikinta ta d’aura towel ta shige bathroom ruwan gumi ta hada tayi wanka harda na tsarki dan bakaramar zuba tayiba fitowa tayi tasa Abaya digowa ta shimfida dadduma ta tayar da sallah azuhur, koda ta gama tajima tana istigifar da neman gafara Allah tana rokon Allah kada yakawo abinda zai sake hadata da Dr Sardauna tayi Adu’a akan Allah ya saka mata duk cutar da yamata adu’a ta shafa ta Mike ta cire Abayar siket ta saka kadan ya wuce gwiwa da Riga karama mai yankeken hannu ko brezia bata sakaba dan kem suke kuma dama bata fiye saka brezia ba gashinta ta saki bata daureba ta fesa turare tasaka janbaki kalar lips

d’inta pink jinta take wasai tunda tayi wanka tayi sallah s’aide jikinta babu karfi khalisat tace” wlh kinyi kyau murmushi tayi ” nagode ta fito har yanzu batada kuzari dan de tanason Nuna jarumtarta Dr Sardauna na manne cikin idanunta yana sakar mata murmushi har yanzu parlon ba kowa sai Mahabeer kusansa ta zauna ta fara zuba masa shagwaba” my zeena kinyi kyau dayawa please kibar irin wannan kwalliyar sai bayan auranmu kinci abunci?? ” Allah my heart ban ciba kuma banajin yunwa daide lokacin Dr Sardauna ya shigo da Sallama ya hade cikin 3quarter fari da wata jibgegiyar rigar sanyi baka sai zuba uban kamshi yakeyi yayi masifar yin kyau takunsa yake cikin kasaita ai tanajin muryasa ta fada kan Mahabeer ” my heart wlh karabani da Dr Sardauna aikuwa gadan gadan kansu yayo Mahabeer ya boyeta bayansa ta tura kanta bayansa shiko yana kallon Dr Sardauna da yayi kicin kacin da fuska yanufo gunsu Mahabeer ransa ab’ace ya dagama Dr Sardauna hannu ” dallah malam dakata wai ina zaka ne kana nufin agabana tana jikina na boyeta zaka zo ka bugeta wlh da na wanwanke ka da mari yaushema ka ganta da har tashiga harakarka ko dan ka ilatamun matata kuma ko bakomai yanzu Auntyn kace wai me tama ka tsaneta kamar ba jininka ba ai ko darajata taci my zee babyna me kika masa ne?? har yanzu nufosu yake ransa ab’ace kanta ta dago karaf idanunsu ya sark’e da juna kallon Dr Sardauna take cikin wani yanayi shima ita yake kallo face ta had’e ta dauke idanunta daga kallonsa ta kauda kanta dan tayi Alkawalin fita daga harakarsa har Abadan dan alakarsu babu alheri gashinta da ya zubo ya rufe mata fuska gurin kauda kanta daga kallon Dr Sardauna Mahabeer ya shiga gyara mata ya daure mata kallon Mahabeer tayi gashagwab’e tace ” my heart kace kar ya iso garemu wallahi dukana zai yi kuma ni insha Allah na fita daga zabgarsa dan haka kamana tsakani dashi wai kawai fah dan na………………✍🏻

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Advertisement _22_* *_Arewabooks@Mamuhgee_* Lokaci ya tafi sosai dan tuni maganar aurenta da Faruk ta Gama kammaluwa aka saka…
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Advertisement *Page 88*   ********************   Ab’angaren maryam kuwa, su Gwaggo suna fita tsohuwar tayi mata wani kallon…