Zee Baby Book 1 Page 6



…..wayarsa da take ajiye saman gadon ta dauki ringing gunta ya nufa yaga sunan Daddy jinin jikinsa yasha tabbas Mahabeer ne zai hadasu Dan tabbas yaji Marin da yamata Dan bai kashe wayarba lokacin saboda tsabar bacin ran dayake ciki hannu ya beka ya dauki wayar yai picking ya Kara akunne aikuwa fadane Daddy yake kirta masa ” wlh Faisal idan ka kuskura kakuma bugunta ko kayarda tazo min da balshe ko sawun Mari Allah sai nayi mugun bata maka rai fiyeda yada baka tsammani kasan gabar nabaka Amana ka kawomun ita Katsina cikin koshin lafiya gaban Dr Sardauna ya fadi ya kalleta tana dabda isowa gareshi ganin Marin da yayi mata fuskarta tayi jawur ga goshinta ya kumbura abunka da farar fata har ta iso gunsa raina a bace na na isa gabansa bai mun magana yana sauraran fadan mahaifin nasa da sharudan da yake gindaya masa dukansa na shigayi Dan na jigata kirjinsa nake bugo ina cizonsa da yagonsa tun karfina ko gezau baiba har Daddy ya tsinke kiran ya gyara tsayuwarsa nima Dan taurin kai naki daina dukansa Abu kamar wasa saida na shafe kusan Rabin awa ina yagonsa da cizonsa ko gezau baiba kuma ko kallona baiba nagaji sosai ga cikina na ciwo ga yunwa amma Dan taurin kai na Dage sai bugunsa nakeyi duk na cicijeshi amma bai nuna gazawa ba ganin na jigata yasa na tsayar da dukansa na zube k’asa

Ina ciza bakina Dan ciwon cikin nakeyi ga kaina na ciwo amma na daure na kiyin kuka birgima na fara ak’asa ina kiran “Ahukuhya kazo wannan mugun banzan zai kasheni wayyo cikina ciwo wayyo yunwa nakeji wayyo ummina kallonta yayi ya Saki kayataccen murmushin farin ciki saboda ko ba komai yanzu itace ak’asa bakin gado ya koma ya zauna yabarta tana ihunta tinkarfi har idanunta suka fara lumshewa Dan ciwon ciki takeyi ba da wasaba wayarsa ya dauka ya kira yakub ya fada masa yanason akawo masa abunci baijimaba ya kawo masa daga kofa ya tsaya yayi knocking din kofar yazo ya bude ” wai ko a saka mata drip ne? ah barta zata mikene wlh abuncinma Dan Daddy ya doramun yauni ne Dole yanzu tana cikin Amanata dariya yayi yamasa sallama shiko ya rufo kofar yazo ya ajiye abuncin yazo ya sunkuya ya dauketa cak Dan har ta suma shi abun dariya yake basa wai yunwa ce ta sumar da ita kan gadon ya kwantar da ita ya dauki robar ruwa ya bude ya kwarara mata ajiyar zuciya ta sabke ta bude idanu ta kalleshi harara ta zabga masa cikin karfin hali da harshan larabci tace masa ” Allah ya isa mugun banza mugun hofi insha Allah sai kaga muguntarka ai kallon da yamatane yasa ta katse maganar tana zumburo baki ransa abace yake yakai kololuwar baci Dan de shi mutumne da baya tsallake maganar mahaifa saboda fatan gamawa da duniya lafiya hakuri yasama ransa Dan yasan bakin yau dayane bashi ba ita babu abinda zai sake yada ya hadasu bare ta zageshi bakinsa da ita tayi badede yaci ubanta kamar yada yama mahaifiyarta Alkawali amma idan batayi ba shi baya fatan hanyama tarika hadasu Dan bata cikin tsarin rayuwarsa ajiyar zuciya ya sabke Dan soyake ya lallabata ya murza mata goshinta kartaje ahaka mahaifinsa yayi fushi dashi awaje ya furta “annaoba kawai zama yayi bakin gadon ya bude plate din abuncin ya ajiye mata saman cinyarta zata buge plate din abuncin ya zube yayi zafin nama ya rike hannuta ya boye bacin ransa ya zuba mata mayatattun idanunsa masu masifar dafi cikin wata irin murya yace” Oya ci abunci ya fada babu wasa duk da ya mata kwarjini ta basar ta buge hannusa tana murguda baki ” anki baza’a ciba ko dolene meye hadinka dani ni zanci wannan kazamin abuncin ta fada tana yamutsa fuska lips dinsa ya ciza na k’asa baice mata komaiba ya Saki hannuta ” OK tashi mutafi kadai ya fada bai sake kallonta ba Dan bai fiye surutuba mik’ewa yayi

yana karkada makullan motarsa shikuma dama barazana yamata Dan bazai tsaya lallashiba ta kuma rainashi yanzu ma badan mahaifinsa ya daure saba yaushe ta isa tana dukansa da cizo ya kyaleta tayi kadan yarigai ya gano tanason abuncin Dan yaga yada take hadiye yawu kiransa akayi ya daga wayar yana amsawa ya nufi kofa cike da takon sa na shidin namijine cikake mai lafiya da kuzari Wanda babu wargi cikin lamuransa ai tanaga ya fita tahau cin jalof din wacce taji kayan lambu da ga gasasar kaza asama sai kamshi takeyi yawunta har tsinkewa yakeyi Dan yanayin girkin irin na larabawane sosai takeci da Sauri Sauri Dan bataso yazo ya iskota sosai taci iya cinta Dan ba wani cine da itaba amma yau yunwa tayi mata mugun kamu sai Dan kadan ta bari tayi Sauri takeyi ta sabko daga gadon ta sabko da plate din ta dauki dayan plate din ta rofe ruf kamar ba’a ciba ta ajiye ta gyara gadon taje ta wanko hannuta da bakinta ta cire rigar abayar ta shanya ta kunna fanka don yajiga mata ita da ruwa ta dauki gora ruwa Tasha ta koma ta zauna saman gadon daga ita sai dogon wandon da ya dameta sai yar ficiciyar Riga wacce ko cibinta bata rufeba yar tsakiyar da ta tilla cibinta ta saka sai gurin yayi tsaf tayi kyau sosai ga jeren tillar kunne Tasha kananun barima na zinare ga hancinta shima tasaka barima na zinare k’asan labbanta shima da tilla tasaka yar barima wlh tayi mugun kyau sai tazama tamkar haihuwar Ethiopia saboda kalar fatarta bata cika fariba

tas tunani ummi ya fado mun na fara matsar kwalla ga goshina da yake min zafi wayoyinsa har biyu da ya bari babba da Karama na kalla naji inason magana da ummina har na sa hannu zan dauka nama kaina fada na fasa Dan mai wayoyin ba mutumcine dashiba kofar ya tura ya shigo idanu muka hada naja tsaki na kauda kaina da Sauri ya kauda kansa daga kallonta” ke Dan ubanki tashi kisa Riga ya fada cikin tsawa naji tsoron yanayinsa mutika

yada naga ya dawo lokaci guda amma na boye tsoron ina kallonsa nace ” baru ba gareta rigar kuma sanyi nakeji ai ganin ya nufoni gadan gadan yasa na Mike aguje naje na janyo rigar nasaka ina tsinemasa albarka Dan sanyi nakeji yanzu zazzabi na iya kamani bakin gadon na zauna wayoyinsa ya dauke yasa aljihu “Oya muje ya fada yana bude plate din abuncin yaga wayam idanu ya zaro ya kalleni baisan ta ina dariya ta zomasa saida yayi yai nadamar yinta Dan zata ita rainasa niko wata muguwar kunyace ta kamani nan take na fashe da kuka nayi kansa ina dukansa akirji ina masa Allah ya isa me yagani ajikina na dariya saida nagaji da dukansa Dan kaina na fada saman kirjinsa na rumgumesa ina kuka tamkar ummi ta rasu Dan ina mamakin jarumtarsa ga kunya ta cikani kansa ya dafe yanajin ciwon Amanar da Daddy yace ya basa Mara tarbiyya nan tanason hadasa masa hawan jini janyeni yayi daga jikinsa ya kama hannuna muka zauna bakin gado baimun magana ba ya kama goshina yana murzawa gurin kumburin tin karfi ” wayyo ummina zai kasheni wlh Dama banzo kasarnan ba mugu azalumi janyota yayi jikinsa ya matseta da kyau saida ya murje gun tas ya koma kafin ya saketa yana zubar da miyau ya Mike tsaye baimata magana ba ya bude kofar ya fice toilet

naje na wanko fuskata na biyo bayansa suna tsaye akofa suna magana da Dr Yakub nesa dasu na tsaya ina cika da batsewa yakub yace” kanwarmu sannu ykk? ayatsine nace “ni banajin Hausa dariya yayi Dr Sardauna yabashi hannu sukayi musabaha har gurin mota ya rakomu suka sallama baya na bude zan shiga tsawar da yamun tasa na dawo gaba na zauna tsaki yaja yama motar key suka fice daga asibitin yana hawa kan titi ya fara sharara gudu tunda ya fara driving ko kallona baiba wayarsa ya dauka ya kira wata lumber bugo daya aka daga cikin zazakar mursa ya fara magana cikin wani voice mai dadin gaske fuskarsa kamar bashi bane yake cicin magani ” hello sweet babyna ykk? ko me tace ya Saki murmushi ” lokacin bana kusa to ya gajiya Nima ganinan ahanya sosai yake hira suna zuba love tamkar bashiba ne mai tsamarnan niko sanyi nakeji sosai na fara jin zazzabi hakorana sun fara haduwa giri guda kallonsa nayi driving dinsa yake da hannu daya cikin nutsuwa yana wayarsa hankali kwance baki na ciza Dan wlh duk uwar wuyar da ya bani sai na Rama yauma Dan banida lafiyane sanyi ya adabeni gashi banida wani abun da zan rufa narasa ya zanyi ganin wayarsa yake kawai na matsa jikinsa na kwantar da kaina kirjinsa na zagaya hannuwana ta bayansa na rumgumesa gam na cusa kaina kirjinsa ina sabke ajiyar zuciya har tsawon minti uku sosai naji dadin hakan sanyi ya fara raguwa hannuna na dora saman wuyansa ina shafawa ashgwab’e na kirasa”Dr Sardauna ko gezau baiba yaci gaba da wayarsa yana driving d’insa duk da ta matseshi sosai ya bar tane saboda zafin da yaji ajikinta saida ya gama wayarsa ya ajiye wayar ya gangara yai parking can k’asa k’asa cikin daddar muryasa dan shi bai fiye taratsiba yace” wlh nidai an hadani da jaraba Dan ubanki ni sa’an kine meye zaki bani kike, kiran sunana bakin yaune kikeda damar hakan gobe ko ance ki nufi inda nake wlh bazaki zo dan ni bana yinki sam ya fadi yana janyeta jikinsa niko dama raguwace wajan zazzabi banida hakuri kuka na saka masa na Kara shigewa jikinsa” Dan Allah mai Suna Abbu kayi hakuri sanyi nakeji na fada ina karkarwa tsaki yaja ya tabe baki inda yake ajiye magani ya duba cikin sa’a ya samu ya dauka ya ballo biyu ya dago kanta ya bata ya bude gora ruwa ya kafa mata abaki Tasha kallon maganin takeyi kamar tace ya kara mata dan yau daya da bata taunaba batajin dadi rikeshi nayi gam ina goga fuskata saman wuyansa ina hucin zazzabi Dan nasaba alallabani kamar yada ummi takemun gashi ajirgi ma Ahukhuya ya lallabani k’asa nayi da murya, ” mai sunan Abbu ka lallabani idan banida lfy lallabani akeyi na fada, ina had’e face d’inmu ina hawaye bakin cikin yama Dr Sardauna yawa bugemun baki yayi ya ingijeni ” ke Dan ubankin tashi ki koma bayan mota ki kwanta yar iska jarababiya rashin tarbiyar zaki Nuna akasar Hausa jarababiya kawai zakici uwarki jikina ba na banzaye mata bane irinki naji zafin maganar sosai amma babu yada na iya saboda

ina bukatar gumi wlh har suma nakeyi idan haka ta faru banyi zuciyaba nasake dawowa jikinsa na rikesa gam ashagwab’e nace” Dr Sardauna kayi hakuri ceton raine zakayi wlh Nima idan ba doleba babu abin da zan da wannan lusarin jikin naka mai sufar mata niko na fadane Dan na bata masa azahirima bantaba ganin cikeken namiji mai cikar halita irinsaba wani Bacin raine yazo masa baisan lokacin da ya sharara mata mariba ya harbata ya matan da wata Amana janyeta ya wurgata baya ” ni zan nunamiki ni Dr Sardauna bana cikin lusaran maza sai nasaki kinfadi haka da bakinki idan hakan bata faruba kice ni ba dan halak bane yau kinci darajar mahaifina amma kijirani wlh sai kinyi nadamar fadin hakan kuma daga yau bake bani idan kika sake shiga sabgata wlh zakiyi nadamar zuwanki duniya yar iska mashayiya ya fada yanama motar key ya fizgeta da karfi yana sharara gudu ransa abace yana kisama irin azabar da zai mata wacce itace ta karshe tabbas yasan daga ita bazata sake fatan shiga rayuwarsa ba Dan ya tsani yarinyar bata da tarbiya bata cikin irin mutanan da yake hulda dasu jiyake kamar ya tatara ya koma gidansa,Wanda bayada niyar hakan sai bayan yayi aure,

Naji ciwon maganganu da ya fadamun amma naji dadin yada yaji ciwon lusarin da nace masa murmushi nayi nima ina tsara yada zan Rama abun da yamun da karfi nace ” Dr Sardauna na tsaneka bakada kirki yada ya karawa motar gudune yasa nayi mugun tsorata naja bakina nayi shiru Dan fah duk abinda nake masa wlh inajin tsoransa kwanciya nayi na rufe idanuna narasa mekemun dadi duniyar ma naji ta isheni amma da na tuna sati dayane zanyi sai naji farin ciki driving yake ransa abace sigari ya kunna yanasha cikin nutsuwa tunda na farajin kaurinta na kife kaina na toshe hancina ban yada yagane banason warin ba, haka dai har muka shigo garin Katsina abinda yasa ko na gane waya naji yanayi akofar wani makeken get muka tsaya yayi honr mai gadi ya bude masa ya danno hancin motar cikin gidan masha Allah duk suna tsatsaye harabar gidan parking space ya shigar da motar yai parking Mahabeer yanufo gunsu fitowa yayi gani iyayan NASA yasa ya bude mata motar ya bata hannu kin kamawa tayi ta murguda baki ta fito ai tana hango Mahabeer ta nufi gunsa tana dariya shima dariyar yakeyi ya ware mata hannayansa ta fada kirjinsa tana farin ciki Dr Sardauna ko kallo basu isheshiba ya wucesu Khalisat da ke tsaye kusan ghaisha ganin Sardauna ya nufo gun ta zuba masa idanu ta dan kallesa ta lumshe idanunta tana sabke ajiyar zuciya, gunsu Daddy ya nufa zee baby ko sai tabara takewa Mahabeer ashagwabe tace” Ahukhuya nayi missing dinka wancan mugun yayi ta dukana azaba iri iri ran Mahabeer yayi mugun baci ya kamo fuskarta yana shafawa idanunta masu mutikar haske ta zuba masa tana wani marerecewa ” my zeena kiyi hakuri karki sake shiga sabgarsa kinji Rabin raina? ” insha Allah my Ahukhuya na? dariya sukayi atare Daddy yace” Mahabeer kawota mana taga dangi mai ran karfe yace barni da ja’irin yaroAunty hauwa sai farin cikin takeyi jitake kamar Faisal dinne, gun jama’ar suka Iso kowa kallonta yakeyi saboda tsabar kyawunta da kuma tsantsar kamar da sukeyi da Dr Sardauna kan Daddah tayi da gudu itako toni ta fara kuka ta tuno da danta Faisal rungume juna sukayi Najib dariya yake harda rike cikin Dr Sardauna ko tunda sukazo ya gaidasu dama shi ba sabgar mutane yafi shiga ba to wannan abunda zee baby tamasa yau yasa yaji yanason kara nesa da kowa shigewarsa, part d’insu yayi itako zee baby dariya takeyi tana buga bayan Daddah har tayi shiru ta saketa ta nufi gun Daddy ta rumgumeshi ta saki kuka tun karfi agigice yace momy waya tabaki cikin shashekar kuka tace” Ammin wlh ku kirasa ku tambayesa kuji azabar da yamun yau kasheni ne baiba wai ni annoba ce cikin dangi baya ko jin nauyin sunan da nake dashi gaba daya jama’ar suka dauki salalami ” aikuwa Dr bai kyautaba bakonka Annabinka ne gaskiya amasa magana ran Daddy amutikar bace ya rika waigawa inda zaiga Dr Sardauna babu alamarsa parlon suka nufa baki dayansu kafa yaran suka gudu gudun kar aturasu kiransa ya sabke akansu Mahabeer ya nufi part d’insu gun Sardauna ransa amutikar abace…..

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