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….kofar d’akin Dr Sardauna ya murda ya shiga da sallama ya fito daga wanka kenan daure da towel yana goge jikinsa ya amsa sallamar Mahabeer ya iso kusansa” Faisal meyasa baka tausayin Zainab yarinya cefa saida lallaba ba dukaba wlh bata da lfy tunda muka baro Saudia zazzabi take da amai amma kamata duka ko yaya take fah yar uwarka ce jinin kace bakada maraba da ita gata marainiya tunda Mahabeer ya fara magana Dr Sardauna bai kallesa ba murdaddan jikinsa ya shiga gogewa ya bude wardrobe ya ciro jallabiya fara sai kamshi take zubawa tamkar yanzu ya fesa mata turare ya saka jikinsa yaje gaban dressing mirror ya taje gashinsa Wanda yake kwance luf tamkar ka kitsa Dan Tara gashi yake tamkar yada indaiwa sukeyi ya dauki turaransa mai masifar kamshi da tsada ya fesa wlh zakace balarabene sak bai shafa mai ba” Faisal dakai fah nake magana? duk da yaji zafin abin da Mahabeer yamasa ga Wanda zee ta masa, ya juyo fuskarta dauke da murmushi ” sorry my brother bazan karaba

ni nafita ma harakarta sai kayi kokarin hanata karta kuskura tashiga sabgata,nima ok? ” insha Allah bata shiga ba amma ai kinΓ© take tsoro ya zakace bazaka tsawatar mataba? baice komaiba ya dauki dadduma ya shimfida ya tayar da sallah la’asar har ya gama Mahabeer Na tsaye dan ya fahimci Sardauna yaji haushin abunda yamasa yana gamawa ya Mike wayarsa ta dauki ringing suna Daddy ya gani ya dauka yai picking ya kara akunnesa yana kallon Mahabeer ya daga masa gira ” hello Daddy” dan uwaka zo yanzu ina parlo kitt ya kashe wayar ” my brother karana takai muku ko? Hannusa Mahabeer ya kama suka fito suka nufi part d’insu Daddy da sallama suka shigo parlon zee baby na jikin Daddy tana matsar kwalla kusan Daddy ya zauna ” Daddy gani? ” meyasa da nace karka tabamun momy ka doketa momy wani irin duka ya miki? ” Ammin wlh bankaremun hannuwa yayi ya daureni a karfan gadon hospital ya rika harbani wai sai yaga bayana wai ni annoba ce ya makoremun wuya saida na suma baci ba sha haka ya barni har likintan abonkinsa saida yamun kuka saboda tausayi tunda ta fara magana Dr Sardauna bai dagoba ya kalleta har takai karshen maganar tana kuka kowa ya tausaya mata Daddy ya dagata ” ke Hafeeza maza kuje tayi wanka ta canza kaya tayi sallah tazo tafadi abun da takeson ci ko wani irine yanzu za’a nemoshi momy kuje kiyi wanka nine zan rama miki karki damu dariya tayi cikin farin ciki tabi Hafeeza suka nufi bedroom d’insu cikin fada Daddy ya fara magana” Faisal nine zaka rainawa hankali ka daureta kana bugo saboda zalumci yarinyar da uwarta tabaka Amana k’asakantar da kansa yai “Daddy ayi hakuri bazan sakeba nafita harakarta insha Allah idan tayi ba daidaiba ga Mahabeer

zai tsawatar mata jikin Daddy yayi sanyi marin da yayi niyar masa ya fasa dan yasan Sardauna yanada ladabi ” to naji ka kiyaye ba ruwanka da ita Mahabeer yace “Daddy tafi tsoransa ai Dole sai ana dan tsawatar mata mai ran karfe yace wannan haka yake Daddah tace” ko zata zauna part dinmu? Hauwa tace” da dai ta zauna gun yan matan ghaisha tace” hakan zaifi Aunty amarya tace” gaskiya abarmana kuma fah inaga Dole Faisal ne zai tsawatar mata Mahabeer naga bayason laifinta Daddah dariya sukayi Dr Sardauna tafiyarsa yayi dan maganarsu ko ajikinsa dan yayi Alkawalin baya shiga harakarta mutikar bata shiga tashiba Abu daya zaigani ya horata shaye shaye, suna shiga bedroom khalisat ce ta hada mata ruwan wanka taje tayi wanka tajima sosai kafin ta fito daurΓ© da towel ta goge jikinta tas Hafeeza ta dauko mata Riga da siket na atamfa har taso tayi musu ganin karamin dinkine kuma tanada son kayan atamfa ta amsa, ta saka tayi masifar kyau atamfar ja ce anmata adon fari dinkin Riga da siket mai karmin hannu yayi mata kyau cuf ya mata da yake Hafeeza batada jiki itama amma saide kowa da irin dirinsa hafeeza ta kalleta” sister kinyi kyau sosai? ” shukran bani dadduma nayi sallah shimfida mata tayi tasaka hijab ta tayar da sallah, suna zaune har ta gama ta kalli khalisat ” meye sunanki? ” khalisat yar uwata Hafeeza” ita na sani kece ban saniba ai ke babbace kin grimemu sosai mekike jira bakiyi aureba? kunya ta kama khalisat har hafeeza ma

mik’ewa hafeeza tayi ” sister muje parlo fuska ta yamutsa ” ni kwanciya zanyi ina shantocina ne ko suna gun Ahukhuya? ” gasunan ajere waiwayawa tayi murna ta kamata taje ta bubude komai da ta dauko sunan har kwayoyinta da sirot dinta na kwalba gudun kar su gani yasa bata fidoba duk da tana matse karamar jakarta ce bata ganiba wayarta na ciki ” my khalisat muje parlo muyi hira ko ta fadi tana kallon hafeeza tare suka fito parlon ba kowa duk sun kama gabansu sai ghaisha kade tana waya khalisat taje jikinta ta kwanta zee baby ta tureta” gani yarinya ke katuwa dake ai nima ummi tace dariya hafeeza tayi khalisat tayi murmushi ” my zee zo ki kwanta to ta Mike ta matsa mata tako zauna ta dora kanta cinyar ghaisha tana waya gashin zee ta shiga shafawa zee tana murmushi ummina dawa kukeyin waya nima inaso akiramun ummina dariya su khalisat sukayi yada zee take shagwaba saida ta gama wayar ta kira lumber ummi Raiyan bugo daya ta daga da sallama suka gaisa da ghaisha taba zee baby ” hello ummina wallahi nayi kewarki sosai? ” Zainaba nima nayi kewarki dan Allah ki zauna lafiya da kowa kinji yarinyata? tafada tana goge kwalla” ummina insha Allah ai satine kadai zanyi na dawo gareki murmushi Raiyan tayi ” ina Mahabeer dazu ya kirani mun gaisa har Dr ma baki na tabe ” suna lafiya ummi sun jima sosai suna hira kafin suyi sallama taba gaisha wayar” ummi ina Ahukhuya? ya fita zai dawo kinji kai ta daga sukaci gaba da hirasu

Dr Sardauna bayan ya fita part d’insu ya koma ya canza shiri cikin kananun kaya wanda sukayi masifar kyau ya fito ya nufi gidansu Ahmed dan ya isheshi da kira yazo yamasa Allura zazzabi ke damunsa yana zuwa yayi parking akofar gida ya tura get ya shiga gidan har parlon su Ami ya shiga da sallama tana zaune” Dr ne ince mutumin ya takuraka ko? ” ami babu komai dama da kullum sai nazo indai ba aiki yana ciki ko” yana part dinsa mik’ewa yayi ya mata sallama ya nufi bangaran Ahmed yana parlo sai nishi yakeyi ” dallah can ragon namiji kawai tashi mutafi asibiti zama yayi kusansa ya dafa jikinsa zafi radau ” Dr Wlh inajin jiki fah ” tashi muje dai mik’ewa yai dama jallabiya ce jikinsa suka fito rikeshi yayi suka fita har kofar gida suka shiga mota sa hospital din Dr Sardauna suna zuwa yashiga masa gwaje gwaje ya saka masa drip da ya sha magani ganin magarib ta gabato ya shiga toilet ya dauro Alwalla ya fito ” namijin duniya na tafi masallaci kai ya daga masa yana mamakin tsokanar da Sardauna yake masa yau ba shegen miskilancin sa, tunda ya tafi bai dawoba saida akayi sallahr isha’i ya dawo har lokacin drip din bata kareba ya zauna ya kira mashakurah suna hira su ta soyayya sai shagwaba take zuba masa yana lallabata” sweet baby wlh inaso na ganki amma agajiye nake yanzu ina komawa gida sai bacci ” karka damu Dr nima inason ganinka amma nafi bukatar ka huta na ajiye shagwabar ” ok thanks sweet bye ya tsinke Kiran Ahmed ya zuba masa idanu” ni fah Dr naga kamar son da kukewa juna yayi yawa ku ragema yan baya mana banza yamasa ya Mike ya karawa, drip d’in gudu minti biyar ta gama yacire masa, ” malam ina magana fah? ” banda lokacin ka ” to naji wai naga da araga mana maguguna ya hada masa” Oya mutafi

tunda kaji sauki Dole ka rainamun wayo fitowa sukayi Dr Sardauna sai gaishesa ake yana amsawa sama sama Dan bacci yakeji ga baisha sigari ba tunda ya dawo daga kano, ko amota iskacin Ahmed yayi tama Sardauna amma bai ko kallesaba bare yasamu arzikin magana har suka iso kofar gidansu Ahmed ya fito ” Dr namu sai gobe idan na gama wartsakewa zanzo nama kanwarmu sanu da zuwa baimasa maganaba yaja motarsa ya tafi Dan lokaci yaja karfe kusan tara gudu yayi sosai yana zuwa yayi honr aka bude masa get ya shige parking space ya shiga ya faka yana fitowa part d’insu ghaisha ya shiga da sallama ya shigo parlon duk su hallara Ana hira zee baby na kusan Mahabeer zaune sai sangarta take zuba masa dannkwayoyin da taje yanzu taciyo aboe sun fara mata aiki shiko sa lallabata yakeyi su Daddy namusu dariya kusan Daddy ya zauna ya gaishesu ” Dr Ashe baka gidan” wlh Daddy Ahmed ne ba lafiya muna hospital amma yanzu da sauki tunda taji shine danma karta kallesa ta boye kanta jikin Mahabeer dhiko baisan Allah yayi ruwantaba ghaisha tace” ayya Allah bashi lafiya Ashe shiyasa yau bai lekoba tashi kaci abunci tunda ya shigo khalisat ta zuba masa

idanu tana kallonsa amma ba Wanda ya lora da hakan dagowar da zaiyi karaf ya kamata tana kallonsa wata uwar harara ya zabga mata ” ke ni sa’ankine ko salon raini ku tsare babba da idanu ya fada yana wucewa hafeeza dariyarta ta boye Nawwara ta bishi gun cin abuncin khalisat taji kunya duk da ba Wanda ya kawo aka da itace sai aunty amarya wani mugun kallo ta watsa mata tashi tayi sum sum tabar gun Daddy basu luraba don hira suke da ghaisha akan zee baby itako zee saboda daukar magana dan ta kuntatawa Dr yaki cin abuncin ya kwana da yunwa ta kalli Mahabeer ” Ahukhuya yunwa nakeji muje kabani abunci mik’ewa yayi ya kama hannuta suka nufo kan dining din Daddy yaji dadin yada Mahabeer ke kula da zee wani tunani ya darsu azuciyarsa tunda dama sunyi sunyi dashi ya fito da mata kullum sai yace abashi lokaci Dr yana cikin hadawa kansa abunci suka iso yaja mata kujera ta zauna shima ya zauna ” Dr ya jikin Ahmed? ” Alhmdllh bro bai sake magana ba sanin ba lalle ya sake kulashiba yasa yaja bakinsa gum ya hadawa zee baby abuncin ashagwab’e tace” Ahukhuya bani abaki Dole ya bata abaki haushi ya cikata ganin Dr yaki ko kallonsa yanacin abuncinsa anutse shida Nawwara tana masa surutu kai kadai yake daga mata zee bakin cikin abuncin da yakeci take so take ya kwana da yunwa tarasa me zata masa gashidai atsorace take da yanayinsa tunda taga Mahabeer dinma shayinsa yakeyi burinta ya kwana da yunwa mik’ewa tayi dan ta fara jin juwa Mahabeer ya kalleta ” ina kuma zaki kinacin abunci? ” wayyo Akhuya cikina ciwo wayyo zan mutu tayi luuu zata fadi da sauri Mahabeer ya tarota su Daddy sukayo kansu Dr Sardauna ko gezau baiba kallonsu ma baiba Daddy yace” Faisal maza bari cin abuncin zo dubata ciwon ciki ai Dole sauyin ruwane ransa adagule ya Mike amma bai nuna azahiriba ” Daddy ai saidai muje hospital sai agwada ta ko? ” eh maza kamata ku tafi ” bro kaimun ita mota bari na dauko abu adaki Mahabeer hankalinsa

atashe yake ganin idanuwanta sun rufe numfashi daket ya dauketa yai waje da ita ghaisha kamar tayi kuka tace” yarinya tunda ta diro kasarmu babu lafiya baiwar Allah mungude ma Allah da mukeda doctor agida Daddy yace” ko zamu bisune sai ga Sardauna ya shigo” haba Daddy tunda ina tare da ita babu matsala yanzu zan dubata mu dawo ba komiba ne sai canjin ruwa Daddy yace” Allah yama Abarka ya amsa da “Amin yana fucewa lokacin da yazo Mahabeer na zaune da ita cikin mota agidan baya sai firfita yake mata ya shigo motar ” Dr tare zamu ko nabarku? ” my brother duk yada kayi ka zauna kawai muje tare inaga kamar idan taga idanunka bazata tsaya adubata ba amma idan bataga idanun saniba zaifi ” eh kuma hakane kwantar da ita yayi tanajin zai fita ta rukoshi jikinta duk ya saki hankalinta atashe don tanajin tsoron daga ita sai Sardauna ” Akhuya na warke kaini parlo murmushin jin dadi yayi” to mukoma ciki Sardauna ya kalli mahabeer ” my brother meyasa kakeso ka maida kanka wani lusari mace ta juyaka yanzu kana ganinta cikin wannan halin sai kukoma ba’a duba lafiyartaba ” sorry Dr wlh farinciki nakeyi ta farka my zee yi hakuri adubaki yanzu zaku dawo bai jiraba tayi magana ya saketa ya rufo kofar hankalinta idan yayi dubu ya tashi kafin tayi wani yunkuri Dr yaja motor da karfi yake honr aka bude masa get ya fice aguje ya harba motar kan titi wani irin gudu yake shararawa wayoyin sa har biyu sai ringing suke amma bai dagaba hankalin zee baby ya tashi amma sai ta dake taki fito da tsoronta cikin tsiwa tace” Dr Malam kayi driving asannu ko bakaga banida lafiya ba? iskar da ta debota ma bai ganiba lips d’insa kawai yake cizawa dan yagama yanke hukuncin gobe ko atiti baza taresaba bare agida don ya gano nufinta abuncin da yake cine bataso cikin lokaci kalilan suka shigo cikin hospital din honr yayi aka bude masa get ya shigo da motar yana parking yaga motar gidansu mashakurah wayarsa ya duba yaga mahaifintane da sauri ya bude motar ya fito bai kalletaba yace ta fito kin fita tayi ya nufi gun motar yaga tafito mahaifiyarta na rike da ita tana matse baki gunsu ya isa” mama sannu ku cikine? ” eh muna ta kiranka” to mushiga daga ciki hannu mashakurah ya kama su na biye dashi zee ta bude motar ta biyosu suna shiga suka zauna nan reception shikuma ya nufi wani hadaddan room da ita zee da ta Iso ko taka iyayan mashakurah bata biba da kallo suka bita sunga dai barabiyace amma ko mayafi babu jikinta gashinta asake har tsakiyar bayanta dinkinbya kamata kuma sunga daga motar Dr Sardauna ta fito mama tace ” ikon Allah wannan ko itace wacce su mashakurah sukaje tarota Kano Alhaji Ma’aruf yace” ba mamaki bakiga tsabar kamar da take da Dr taba ta tura kofar ta shiga yana cikin duba mashakurah dan kuka take masa yada yake danna mata ciki Dole ya dan rumgumota yana lallabata yana dubata idanu zee baby ta zaro da harshan larabci tace” kai Allah ya kamaka Dr Sardauna wallahi sai na fadawa Daddy isakanci kakeyi da mata a Mustashfar ba aiki ne yake kawoka ba da sauri ya juyo da kansa ya kalleta ransa yayi mugun baci ya saki mashakurah zai tashi da sauri ta rikeshi tana girgiza masa kai fisge hannusa yayi ” sweet baby yi hakuri bari na fitar da ita kinsan batada hankali inaso na dubaki anutse, nufo gun zee aguje ta ida shigowa tayi gun mashakurah ta labe bayanta” Allah bazan fitaba hannunta ta dora bayan mashakurah ta mintsineta da karfi saida mashakurah ta zabura tasaki kara dan taji zafi sosai kamar tayanki naman bayanta taji akan idanun Dr Sardauna idanu ya zaro sauri ya kara “ke dubbah tuleliya banza iskancine ya kawoki Mustashfar ko Allah ya tona muku asiri yana isowa ya damki wuyanta ya mikar da ita tsaye ya kifa mata mari ya kamo gashinta da karfi ya murda ya bankare mata hannuwa baya saida sukayi kara wani irin fitsari taji ya kamata dan azaba da gashin kanta ya jata yayi kofa da ita tayi mugun tsorata da yanayin sa ga azabar zafin da takeji sai ihu takeyi ” wayyo zai kasheni wai ba kowane mashakurah ce tasaki kara saboda cikinta ya murda baisan lokacin da ya wurgar da zee ba yayi kanta da gudu…….

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