Zee Baby Book 1 Page 8



….da gudu yayi kan mashakurah ya rike ” my sweet baby sannu gwaje gwaje ya fara mata ya kwantar da ita ya hado Allurai ya mata cikin lallabawa yana mata sannu kai take dagawa tana hawaye ” sweet babyna yi hakuri bari kuka zaki warke Allah ne ya dora miki bakida wata matsala acikin ki idanuta ta lumshe zuwa can taji kamar cira Qaya ciwon ya dauke bacci ya fara fuzgarta Dr Sardauna idanu ya zuba mata cike da tausayinta da kaunarta” sweet baby ya kikeji idanu ta bude ” my Dr da sauki wlh naji ya daina Alluran sunada karfi kamani na zauna bacci ya fara daukana murmushi yayi ya taimaka mata ta zauna yana mata hira mai dadi sai murmushi takeyi tajita ras ta warke gata ga masoyinta zee baby ko tunda yayi wurgi da ita kanta ya bugu da kofa gishinta gurin safe ya sake kumbura ranta yayi mutikar baci ta dauki Alkawalin ta fita sabgar Dr Sardauna har abdan tunda neman kashetane yakeyi tana kwance gashinta ya rufe mata fuska duk abinda suke tana kallonsa yanzuma

da Dr ya rike hannu mashakurah suna dariya yana bata wani Abu duk tana kallonsu ji tayi ranta ya baci” wollah bazan bari inaji ina gani aguri ana badala ba Dole sai nayi yaki da iskacin dama haka akeyi akasar hausa mik’ewa tayi ranta abace gashinta ya sabko saman fuskarta ta nufi gunsu tana isa ta hankade mashakurah amma hannusu nagu daya da Dr kokowa ta fara sai ta banbare hannuwansu hankadata yayi gefe ransa abace ta kuma tasowa hannuwansu ta kama da cizo Dole mashakurah ta saki hannu Dr ta matsa gefe dan ita tsoron yarinyar takeyi shakota yayi ya kifa mata mari har biyu da sauri mashakurah ta rikeshi tana hawaye dan Allah ya gani kishin yarinyar takeyi ” my Dr please kadaina dukanta yarin tace zata bari don son da yake tsakani na dakai kayi hakuri kalli goshinta yanda yayi tare ta nayi ” dan uban uwarki ya kasheni ma ina ruwanki yar iska dama abinda kuke Kenan to ni yaki nakeyi da rashin gaskiya bazan bari ana aikata barnaba baki ya buge mata shiru tayi saman kirjinshi ta fada ta fashe da kuka tana dukanshi ” wlh sai na fadawa Daddy mugu

kawai Dr Sardauna shifa Al’amarin yarinyar ya isheshi jiyakeyi kamar yabar garin baki daya dan yada kejin tsanarta zai iya halakata gashi bugo baya mata hankadata yayi ta zubo ak’asa tana burgima da ihu Wanda d’akin saida ya amsa mashakurah tace” my Dr muje su umma suna jirana dan duk atsorace take da zee baby hannuta ya kamo zasu fita kawai mashakurah taji Abu ariga ai kafin ta tantance an gantsara mata cizo wani irin ihu ta saki ta rike Dr tana kuka arikice ya rikota yana tabyarta, ” sweet baby menene? ” wayyo Dr wani Abu arigata please taimakamun zazagawa ya fara aikuwa kunamu biyu shirga shirga masara da baka idanu ya zaro ya janyeta kusansu ya takeso da taklmi da karfin gaske saida ya kashesu babu wani dar idanu zee baby ta zuba masa tana mamakin jarumatar Dr Sardauna yanda babu tsoron komai atare dashi kuma yana komai cikin kuzari mashakurah jikinta ko ina rawa yakeyi zufa na keto mata hannuta ya kama” sweet baby yi hakuri zo kwanta ta taba miki gurin zaifi saukin saki akan Allura bakin gadon suka isa ya kwantar da ita rigingine ya nufo gun zee baby ” ke taso zo ki shafa mata gun kafin minti biyu nakeso ciwon ya barta koko kiyi nadamar zuwanki duniya ko kallonsa batayi ba idanunta ma ta lumshe yada takejin dadin muryasa kafa yasa ya harbata ” wlh ko kasheni zakayi bazan taba ba akan me zaku rikawa mutane badala saura kai ma wlh lips d’insa ya ciza da karfin gaske idan yace ya mata ta karfi bazata taba mata gunba gashi yarinyar najin zafi dan sai kuka takeyi ” ok naji taso ki sakamun kanbacinta ni ta cijeni cikin farin cikin ta mike tana dariyar mugunta gabansa taje ta tsaya tako dora masa saman murdadan hannusa dan rigar karamin hannu gareta tana kallo saida kunamar ta harbeshi amma yaki koda mutsi idanu ta zuba masa cike da mamaki zatonta ko bata cijeshi bane kara masa daya tayi tana kallo saida ta kafa masa qarin ta harbeshi amma wlh bai motsaba ya kalleta” Oya je ki taba mata tunda kin cika aikinki tafiya take tana waiwayansa har ta isa gun mashakurah dukanta tayi da karfin gaske saida ta zabura

zip d’in rigarta ta janye ta shafa mata gun da mugunta mugunta amma cikin ikon Allah taji zafin ya dauke babu komai tsaki taja ta bar gun gurin Dr ta nufo ta isko ya kuma kashe kunamun gefe taje ta labe tana kallonsa ya nufi kofa cikin takunsa na jarumta da kasaita wlh a wannan lokacin Dole zaka gane Dr Sardauna jinin Sarautane kofar ya bude ya fice da kallo ta bisa har ya bacewa ganinta bushewa tayi da dariya ” wannan mai sunan Abbu anyi namijin duniya Allah samun irinka sai antona mashakurah ita fah gani take kamar yarinyar batada lafiya haukane takeyi basu saniba mik’ewa tayi zata fita zee baby ta tashi da sauri tasha gabanta cike da tsiwa tace ” ke dan buro ubanki iskacine yake kawoki mustashfar keda wanccen murdedan katon kuke matse matse ko? ” ah ah banida lafiyane dubani ne yakeyi” imun shiru munafuka Allah dai ya tona muku asiri wayasan lokacin da kuka dauka kuna matse matse shegu tsinanu masu yada badala a doron k’asa kidubeki gaki baka gaki dubbah to meye hadinki dashi? Mashakurah ranta ya fara baci cikin zafin zuciya tace” shidin masoyi nane muradin raina aure zamuyi nan kusa kifa mata mari zainab tayi tana nunata da yatsa” ke tuleliya ba’amun tsawa kiyi mun magana cikin respect, ina ruwana da auranku acikin nutsuwa na tambayeki to meye na dagamun murya ko dan kinganki shirgi guda kin zata zanji tsoranki ai dama nasan Dole akwai abinda yasa kukeyin iskanci shakota mashakurah tayi suka fara kokowa aikuwa zee baby ta bire bayanta sai jibgarta take da cizo da yago” ke yar Tula wollah da kinsan wacece zee baby bazaki kawomun rainiba yo ina ruwana da soyayyarku kirasa Wanda zaki so sai lusarin namiji kamar Dr Sardauna daide lokacin yashigo d’akin karaf akan kunnesa yaji ta kuma cemasa lusarin Namiji ga ta d’are bayan sweet babynsa tana duka da cizo da gudu ya karasa gunsu ya banbareta daket yayi wurgi da ita ya kamo hannu mashakurah kuka ta fashe masa ta rumgumesa hankalinsa atashe yake buga bayanta” my sweet meye yasa kika biyema wannan mahaukaciyar yarinyar kuma ma ba sa’arkiba cikin zafi ya ida fadin har ki tsaya figigiyar yarinya haka tana dukanki bakici ubantaba kinfa san banason ragwanta wlh zamu bata dake ” kayi hakuri my Dr wlh zambatata tayi kuma na raga matane sabo dakai caraf ta cafe dagacan ” idan kin fasa ragamun sabo dashi kinci kulikulin uwaki shegiya katuwar banza mai wari idanu Dr Sardauna ya zaro ” my Dr kaji ko ni bansan me nayi mataba ta tsaneni wai tace kai ba ajina bane bamu daceba ? ” kuma sai ki biye mata mahaukaciyace fa wlh duk ranar da ta sake shiga sabgarki kici ubanta ni na saki banason kimun kara “to shikenan fuskarta ya goge mata ya tsareta da idanunsa masu rikita yan mata,

Batasan lukacin da ta saki murmushi ba duk ta manta bacin ran da zee baby ta sakata sai ciwon jikin da take fama dashi shima murmushin ya sakar mata ” my Dr ilove u? ” ilove u too my sweet baby dariya suka atare dariya zee baby sukaji harda tafi ” wlh akwai ranar nadama mashakurah tace” nifa maganar mijina nakeji tunda yace bakida hankali karna biyaki to bazan biya ki ba mik’ewa tayi ta nufi fridge akwai cup Giles a ajiye Wanda mashakurah tasha magani tayo kansu da gudu ” yanzu kuwa zakuga tantagaryar haukana da iya shekena Aradu ku dukanku sai na ilataku Dr najin ta nufosu kuma yasan wani abune ta dauko bai juyoba ya kalleta bare ransa ya kara baci ja mashakurah da sauri ya bude kofar suka fito ya murza key daga waje gun su mama suka nufa ” sweet baby karfa kifadawa mama shirman wannan mahaukaciyar? ” wlh bazan fadaba amma zata koma inda ta fito ko? ” ina ruwanki da wannan tambayar ” yi hakuri na bari murmushi yayi suna isowa Alhaji ma’aruf ya Mike ya riketa ” babyna ya jikinki Faisal sannu Allah yama Albarka ” Ameen dady yanzu jikinta da sauki maganin da nakawo muku da tayi sallahr Asubah abata tasha insha Allah gobe zanje

Na dubata godiya suka masa, ya rakasu har gun motarsu saida suka tafi ya dawo tun daga nesa yakejin bugun kofarta tana zunduma ashariya shi yanzu Adu’ar su rabu lafiya yakeyi dan gudun karya mata mumunar illa kofar ya bude ya shigo ta fashe cup Giles d’in duk ta warwatsa kwalaban tsakiyar d’akin bai ce da ita komaiba bai kalli inda takeba ya shigo ya maida kofar ya rufe bakin gado ya zauna idanusa sunyi jajir zuciyarsa tayi bakikirin dan yaga fah duka baya mata amma Dole zai kuya mata hankali bashiba ko wani Namiji bazata kuma kira lusari ba bare shi da yakeji da kansa ta ko wani fanni tunda ya shigo taga yanayinsa tsoro ya kamata ta rabe jikin bango tana turo baki dan tabbas tasan bazai yafe mataba shirun da yajine yasa ya dago kansa ya kalli gefen da take cikin kakausar murya yace “ke zo nan dago da kanta yayi ta kallesa taga ko kallo bata ishesaba banza tayi dashi ta had’e kai da guiwa ” wlh idan kika bari na taso abun bazai mana kyau ba jin abun da ya fada yasa na Mike jikina duk yayi sanyi mugun tsoronsa ya shigeni sai yanzu nayi nadamar meyasa ma nashiga sabgarsu shida budurwasa gashi bansan azabar da zaimunba kusansa na tsaya” Ahkhuya gani? bai kaneniba yace” waye haka ni babu hadina dake yauwa inaso insan dalilin da yasa kika dukarmun mata meye hadinki da ita da zaki tura mata kunama fadimun inaji ko yanzu kiga launin azaba tsorona na hadiye cikin tsiwa nace” yo ai Dole mutum idan yayi ba daidai ba ahukuntashi iskancin naga yayi yawa niko ba’a iskakanci dani danme zaku rika rumgume rumgume ko son abata ma Family dinmu sunah da sauri ya dago ya kalleta ransa ya kuma baci da sauri naja baya ” ok to meye nayi da nazama lusarin namiji Oya ina jiran amsa ko na nuna miki banbancin aya da tsakuwa? ganin yada yayi maganar ba wasa yasa na fara ja baya” yo kawai ni haka na gani idanu ya zaro” Ok gud mik’ewa yayi cikin zafin nama taku biyu ya damkoni ya zabgamun mari mai mugun zafi ya makureni da hannu daya ya laulaye gashin kaina ya jani har bakin gado hannuwana ya maida baya ya bankareni saida sukayi wani mayan kara na saki ihu wani irin launin azaba ya yakemun mai wuyar fadi Wanda saida naji daman ban san shiba aduniya tin ina daurewa naki kuka da taurin rai sai gashi ina rokonsa yayi hakuri nabi Allah na bishi amma saida yaga numfashina

ya kusa daukewa ya sakeni na fada saman gado ko motsi bana iyawa dai hawaye ke fita murmushi ya saki ” ke tantiriya nine lusarin namiji ko? kai na girgiza zama yayi bakin gadon ” da bakinki nakeso naji kin fadi hakan banza na masa ina fitar da hawaye ” ok bari na buga wasan karshe yanzu zakisan ni ba lusari bane da bakinki zaki fada yanzu dagoni yayi ya mikar dani tsaye ya sabkoni k’asa jiri nakeji na kasa, tsayuwa da kyau wata, wawar rumguma yamun mai cike da, wani shegen Salo na fitar hankali saida najini nadawo daide ban shiryaba bakinsa ya dora saman kunnena yana shafar wuyana cikin wata irin voice muryasa, can k’asa yace ke karamar yar iska nine lusarin Namiji ko? yakai karshan maganar yana sakar mun kiss cikin kunnena wani irin Abu naji Wanda bantaba jinsaba gashin jikina duk ya Mike tsikar jikina na tashi wani irin sanyi na ratsani ban dawo daga tunaninba naji harshensa awuyana yana tsotsa hannusa, saman fuskata yana shafar lips dina ya sakamun karamar yatsarsa abakina cikin rawar jiki nake totsar yatsar tasa na rike gam kamar za’a kwacemun bakinsa ya mayar kunnena dayan hannusa tsakiyar gashina yana mun wata irin Susa wani mayan kiss ya sakar mun akunnena” tantiriya nine lusarin Namiji? ya fada yana cire hannusa akaina ya tura hannusa tsakiyar bayana yana wani irin murza gadon bayana tamkar mai tafiyar tsutsa baki daya na rasa nutsuwata jina nayi wandona wani Abu na zubowa ga boobs dina suna motsi kan nipple dina sunyi tsini wani irin Abu sukemun tamakar tsotsa na tafiya cikinsu alamar sunaso atabasu idanuwana na lumshe na kara tura yatsarsa bakina ina tsotsa jinake tamkar nasamu sweet wani gardin dadi yatsarsa kemun da karfi ya fizge hannusa ya ya riko k’uguna ya zumamun mayatattun idanunsa ya had’e face dinmun idanuna na lumshe ina sabke ajiyar zuciyar lips d’inmu ya had’e yana goga karan hancina saman tsinin karan hancinsa ya sakarmun wani dan banzan kiss saman lips dina saida yajashi kara kankameshi nayi ina sakin ajiyar zuciya jinake kamar na kamo hannusa na dora saman kirjina ya sosamun wani irin kiss ya kuma yimun acikin kunnena cikin wani irin voice yace”karamar yar iska kibani amsa cikin rawar jiki na rumgumeshi gam na fashe da kuka jikina sai karkarwa yakeyi inaji wani irin Abu ga wando na yayi jargab cikin shashekar kuka nace” My Sardauna kayi hakuri wallahi Allah kai ba lusarin Namiji bane kai Namijine mai tsadar gaske mai wuyar samu a wannan duniya samun irinku sai antona kaidain gwarzone kasa nayi abun da ban taba yiba arayuwata ta nakai karsha maganar ina shafarsa na tura kai kirjinsa ina kara shigewa jikinsa ina shakar Ni’imataccen kamshinsa dan boobs dina sun adabeni da motsi kasana sai zuba yake jinayi an bushe da dariya sosai hankadeni yayi daga jikinsa saida na fadi k’asa wanwar ya kakabe jikinsa “Alhmdllh kin fada da bakinki ni ba lusarin Namiji bane so wannan kalamar tazamo kunyi hannu Riga da ita tamkar yada zamu yi hannu Riga dake kin gane kece lusarar mace maras kamun kai yanzu saboda Allah meye na miki da har yafitar dake haiyacinki inakin na taba so kwalelenki yar iska ansaba rabawa larabawa shine yanzu daga runguma har kin zauce ya sunkuyo ya kamo kaina da hannusa ya dora saman goshina ya murjemun goshina tun karfi cike da mugunta yake murzawa amma banyi kuka dan har yanzu bana haiyacina pink din lips dinsa na kurawa idanu ina lumshewa bansan bama ya gama saida naji ya zabgamun mari” dan ubanki me kike kallo ajikina shegiya yar iska idanu na zaro gani ya fito da Allura zun gureriya cike da tsoro da tashin hankali na Mike hawaye na zuba saman fuskata na hada hannuwana guri guda ” na tuba nabi Allah na bika karkamun Allura wlh daga yau bazan sake shiga harakarkaba please akaro na biyu karka cutar dani kabari naji da na farkon murmushi dauke kan fuskarsa yace” au har kin karaya kin manta tijara da kika gama mana ni da my sweet kunamu biyu kika saka mana ta cijemu fa kuma kika dakarmun ita a batada lafiya kika kirani lusarin Namiji agabanta zakici ubanki

iya tsorata na tsora don ganin Allura Nike kamar mutuwata da gudu nayi kofa ina kiran “Ahkhuya Mahabeer zo ka ceceni taku uku ya damkoni ya matseni a bango numfashinmu na gwauraye guri guda yanayin dazu yakeson dawomin amma tsoron da nakeji ya rinjayeni ” wannan Allura itace ta karshe bani ba ke zan fita rayuwarki don girman Allah karki kuma shiga sabgata bani bake karkiyi abun da zai zama an hadani dake idan de ke yar halak ce muyi hannu Riga daga yau bana son harakarki kashena na karshe wallahi muka koma gida kikace ma Daddy na azabtar dake Daddy yayi fushi dani murmushin gefen baki yayi ya nunani da dan yatsa idanuna na lumshe dan bazan iya jure kallonsa ba ilahirin jikina rawa yakeyi saboda tsoron Allura gashi ya matseni ko motsin kirki banayi inaji ina gani ya mun Allura ina rusar kuka dukansa nake ina yagonsa abunka da karkarfan namiji ko gezau baiba ya surkunamun Allura mai masifar zafi yana gamamun ya ingijeni na fadi nan ina karkarwa jiki dan karfina ya kare sai kuka na keyi takaici goma da gomiya tara yamun yawa saman gado yaje ya zauna tsadadan agogon hannusa ya kalla karfe goma shabiyu na dare mashakurah ya kira suka sha hira sun jima ya kashe ya Mike tsaye ya kwashe wayoyinsa ya zuba Aljihun Jean’s dinsa ya dauko maguguna aleda yazo ya bude kofar” idan kin shirya ina mota ya ficewarsa mik’ewa nayi ina mai nadamar shiga harakarsa da nayi gashi yasa rayuwata garari baki na ciza ” wallahi Dr Sardauna da Zainba Faisal Hasheem magawata kake magana idan nayafe maka ban fito cikin uwata da ubana ba wlh ko zan rasa raina mutikar an zalumceni sai na rama idan na barka kace ba zee baby bace ni

gashinta ta daure ta gyara kayan jikinta ta shiga toilet ta wanke fuskarta tas ta fito ta iskoshi cikin mota gaban motar ta shiga bai ko kalletaba yama motar key yaja kofar get ya tsaya yana honr mai gadi ya fito ya bude masa yaja ya tafi yana hawa kan titi ya rika gudu sosai kallonsa tayi yana driving dinsa anutse sai dai fuskarsa ba walwala matsowa nayi kusansa ” Dr Sardauna baima san Allah yayi ruwana ba ganin bashida niyar magana yasa na dora kaina kirjinsa na zagayo hannuwana saman wuyansa ashagwab’e na kuma kiransa ” Dr Sardauna? bai kulani ba ya igijeni da hannu daya na koma gun zamana sanin ba hakura zatayi ba yana mamakin bakar azabar da ya gana mata yau da watace asati ma bazatayi anfani ba amma shegiya gatana daram amma duk da hakan yasan ta azabatu kuma taji jiki ga muryata duk ta canza saboda wuyar da tasha murmushin jin dadi yayi dan yasan bazata kuma shiga rayuwarsaba rage gudu yayi babu wasa al’amarinsa yace” tashi ki koma baya kallonsa nayi zanyi magana ya bugamun tsawar da babu shiri cikin dan guntun karfina da ya rage na koma baya na zauna raina duk abace sai dura masa ashar nakeyi araina shiko ko ajikinsa yaci gaba da tukinsa acikin nutsuwa……


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