Zee Baby Book 1 Page 18



….gudu yayi sosai bai jimaba sai gashi kofar gidan Nuhu honr yayi aka bude masa get ya shige nan kusa da get yayi parking ya fito gun mai gadi yaje yayi Alwalla sai ga Nuhu zashi masallaci “Dr ka ISO rumgimeshi yayi “babban yaya waye ba lfy wai?? “Muje masallaci mu fito suna rike da hannu juna suka tafi masallaci, can ciki ko a parlo kwance take saman kujera maryama na mata sannu ta kalli hafeeza “ya akayi kinsan bata lfy kukazo tare? ” Aunty maryam wlh lfy lau muka fito khalisat ko dama bakida lafiya ne baki nunama dan karmubar ki ke daya? “wlh lfy ta lau yanzune ana maryama tace”ya kikeji yanzu?”da sauki Aunty ta fada tana lumshe idanu sallah su hafeeza suka tafi suyi sai ita da yara meerah na mata surutu ita da mai sunan Daddy Sharifa ta Mike “aunty na tafi nayi sallah kar Allah ya kamani dariya ta kama khalisat ta cije “jeki kiyi kam gaskiya da sallama suka shigo da sauri ta rufe idanunta tana fitar da numfashi da sauri sauri meerah ta tafi gun Dr Sardauna da gudu daukarta yayi yana mata kiss” meerah uwar rigima ina sharifa” tana sallah “brother itako wannan me yakawota har rashin lfy ya kamata”yanzu dai dubata ita da hafeeza sukazo weekend ne baki ya tab’e

ya matsa kusanta “ke tashi fadi inda yake miki ciwo da sauri ta tashi zaune tana matse baki kuma karya ce take lfy ta lau ” cikina ne yake ciwo Nuhu yace “d’azu har suma tayi ” ya kikeji?? ” murdawa yakeyi meerah ya ajiye ya kalli Nuhu “bro muje na baka magani ni bazan dawoba murmushi yayi” hakanma mun gode maryam ce da hafeeza suka fito” Aunty barka da dare” ango ni amarya rowanta akemun tunda ta amshemun kai ko”hmm Aunty kibari kawai zan kawota ya harari hafeeza “ke dan ubanki yawo da, mara lfy idanu ta fara zarowa ta koma bayan maryam ta lab’e Nuhu yace” muje kabani maganin sallama ya ma maryama suka fito khalisat tabishi da idanu kamar ta lasheshi taji dadin magana dashi taso ya tarairayeta ya kaita hospital yada taga, yanama zee baby maryam tace”daure kiyi sallah hafeeza ta kamata suka shiga tayi sallah Dr suna fita kowa motarsa ya shiga hospital suka tafi yaba Nuhu maganin da ya dace ya nufi gida yau ransa ab’ace yake, zee bay bayan sunyi sallah isha zaune suke a parlo anata hira sai surutu zee take zuba musu anashan dariya Nisha cikinta har kullewa yayi da ta basu labarin tsiyar da tawa Abbu Rahaman kakanta lokacin da yazo yanacin fuskar ummi Raiyan hauwa tace”momy dan Allah kibar maganar dariyar ta ishemu Abban su Nisha ne ya shigo da sallama “ah yau mamarmuce agidan dariya tayi”Abba sannu

“Yauwa hajiya dariya tasake hauwa ta Mike ta amshi ledar hannusa tana masa sannu suka nufi bedroom hayatu ya kalli zee baby”kanwata wlh mahabeer yamun shigar sauri Nisha tace”wai yaya meyasa kake hakane”ke zan ci ubanki mace dan namiji daya akayita cikin tsiwa zee baby tace” wlh dan my heart akayini hayata kake kowa wlh kar mufara yar rashin mutumci dakai nafika iyawa ta fada tana mik’ewa ta nufi bedroom Nisha ta bita acan sukaci gaba da hirasu har hussaina yazo kiransu cin abuncin dare, ko akan dining sai harara hayatu takeyi saboda irin kallon da yake mata ana gamawa ta Mike bata tsaya hiraba, kiran mahabeer tayi suke hirasu, Dr Sardauna yana zuwa gida wanka yayi yayi sallah isha ya nufi part d’insu ghaisha duk suna zaune a parlo har mahabeer da sallama ya shigo kusan ghaisha yaje ya dora kansa cinyarta ya rufo idanunsa kansa ta shafa”Dr lfy kuwa fuska ya yamutsa ya shagwab’e mata Daddy yace”Dr wa ya taboka ne”Daddy babu kowa kawai dai banajin dadin jikina ne dariya mahabeer yayi “Dr namu fadi gaskiya banza yamasa ghaisha tace”tashi muje kaci abunci nawwara tace”yayamu sai karika Abu irin na yara idanunsa ya bude ya watsa mata mugun kallo da gudu tabar gurin ta nufi Daddy jikinta yana tsuma Aunty amarya tace”Dr karka firgitamun diya ghaisha ta kamashi ya Mike suka nufi dining sai dariya suke musu dan idan tana tatalinsa ko nawwara auta bata samun haka

serving dinsa tayi ta zauna itace take bashi abaki sai yamutsa fuska yakeyi dan sam yau bayajin dadin zuciyarsa daket ta lallabashi ya dan ci farfesun nama rago kadan dan dama tasan halinsa bayacin abunci da dare mai yauni zaide ci nama kadan yasha frut kadan sai coffee kallonsa tayi cikin sigar lallashi”autana waye ya tabamun kai shagwab’e mata yayi”ghaisha ni auran ne ya fita araina Allah da sauri ta rufe masa baki “haba bokan turai Namijin duniya karkasa azagi mahaifinku mana a garin Katsina meye tamaka yarinya mai hankali dan Allah kayi hakuri mata sai ana hakuri dasu haka tayi ta lallabashi da maganganu masu dadi akan cewa karma yakuma tasa maganar ta janyosa suka dawo parlo lokacin mahabeer na hira da zee baby Dr ya musu sallama ya nufi part d’insu yana shiga yayi zamansa a parlo yana kallon TV yana busa sigari sweet baby ce ta kirasa tsaki yaja saida ta kira sau ukku ya daga cikin masifa ya fara magana”wai uban me zaki bani da wannan daran kibarni zan nemeki haba dan Allah kitt ya tsinke Kiran yaci gaba da kallonsa yanajan tsaki haka mahabeer ya iskoshi yana masa hira sama sama yake amsawa dan yau haushin kowa yakeji neman inda zai huce haushinsa yake, mashakurah tunda ya mata tsawa tayi kwance tana kuka sai kiran sunansa take tana Kiran sunan wani mutum sai tsine masa, albarka take tana masa Allah ya isa duk tafice haiyacinta

su zee suna uwar daka akwance sai hirasu suke ita da Nisha suna dariya har karfe kusan daya na dare bacci ya dauki Nisha zee baby sai juyi takeyi tana lumshe idanu da ta tuno yada ta riko k’ugun Dr Sardauna da yada yasata cikin jikinsa yana mata masifa da kuma da rana yada ya tsotsi bakinta da yada yake murza mata breast yana mata magana cikin zazakar muryasa komai NASA cikin kwarewa ahankali ta furta”Dr Sardauna Jarumin maza ta fada tana lasar baki ta fara matsar kafafunta tana mimmik’ewa har bacci ya dauketa cike da mafarkin Sardauna suna wata irin rayuwa mai dadi, Dr Sardauna kwance yake saman makeken gadonsa sai juyi yake yanajan tsaki yana rike da cikinsa yana cizon lips d’insa na k’asa har karfe biyun dare Dole ya Mike ya sabko daga kan bed d’in yana tangadi ya nemo magani yasha sai zufa take keto masa ta ko ina ya rarafa ya kwanta daket bacci ya sa cesa, Asubah ta gari,


*bayan kwana ukku*

tunda zee baby ta dawo gidansu Nisha rayuwarta take hankali kwance babu takura sai hayatu da ya tisata GABA duk inda tayi idanunsa na kanta ko ya rika neman zama kusanta ko yace zai tabata ko kusa bata yada akwai ranar da ta wankeshi da mari tana kitchen tana soya kwai taji ya rikota tana juyowa ta sharara masa mari ta tofa masa yawu tayi masa, kwakwaran kashedi tun ranar bai sake ko kallonta ba sai aboye ita da Nisha yawo suke fita sune gidan zainab gidan kawu saminu gidan Ibrahim yayansu Nisha gidan Nuhu gidan maijidah yayar Dr Sardauna wacce yakebi idan kagansu kamar tagwaye gidan Nuhu suje su hadu da su hafeeza suna iya shege maryama tayi ta musu dariya dan ita batada matsala agidan zainab ne zee baby suka hadu da wata makwabciyar su zainab yan matace mai sunan habiba kallo daya zee ta mata tasan tana shaye shaye aikuwa ta faki idanunsu Nisha tajata gefe tana mata tambaboyi aikuwa nan take ta amsa mata lokacin zee babu kudi agunta nan take takira mahabeer ta kafa masa kuka Dole yazo ya iskota ya tsaya kofar gida duk gidan yana zuwa tunda abokinsa ne hadeem din kudi tace ya bata zata sayi kayan kwalliya nan take ya bata dubu ashirin ya tafiyasa duka taba habibi tace ahado mata kayan maye masu tsada aikuwa habibi taje ta hado mata na dubu goma taci dubu goma to zee cikin dare tasha ta kwale tayi ta haukanta sai asuba tayi bacci ban garan Dr Sardauna ko da mashakurah ya dan sabko saide yanzu baya yawan kiranta irin nada yana bata dai kulawa kadaran kada han ne shi har yau baima san zee bata gidaba
yau ta kama monday tun karfe 7:00am Nisha tayi shirin tafiya makaranta zee na sharara barcinta dan kwana biyu bata bacci saboda kwayoyin da take ci da sirot da take sha, karfe tara Dr ya fito cikin shirin zuwa Office yau cikin suit bakake ya hade Wanda suka fito da asalin farinsa da kyawunsa da kwarjininsa gilashi bakine manne kan fuskarsa sai zuba uban kamshi yakeyi da sallama ya shigo parlon dukansu suna kan dining har mahabeer karasowa yayi ya gaishesu ya yabi iyayansa daya bayan daya ya rumgumesu yaja kujera ya zauna tea ghaisha ta hada masa mai kauri yasha agaugauce ya Mike dan

Jiransa akeyi kiss yama ghaisha”mamana sai na dawo Daddy yace”Faisal nifa gunsa yaje yana sakin murmushi ya masa kiss din nanah tace”yayamu zan bika daukarta yai ya mata kiss” ki zauna dai autarmu nawwara ta dawo daga school kuyi wasa Mahabeer ya Mike Dr Sardauna ya kallesa “bro yau da wuri zaka fitane?? ” eh wlh muje ka ajiyeni amotarka yau banajin tuki baki Dr ya tab’e Daddy yace ikon Allah motocin shiga har ukku gareka amma kace motar k’aninka zaka shiga ficewa yayi yana dariya”wlh Daddy zolayarsa Nike ni gun zainab zan biya ma wayarsa ta dauki ruri ajiye nanah yayi ya ficewarsa yana amsa waya Daddy yace”Mahabeer yau kaje ka kawomun momyna? ” to idan na taso daga gun aiki zan biya na daukota ya fice shima Daddy ya Mike yaje yayi shirin fita Kamfani Dr Sardauna na fita ya shige mota yau wata Jeef ce fara wuleliyarta ya fita da ita



*Saudi Arabia* Madina gidansu ummi Raiyan Fahad Abbu Rahaman ne zaune awani hamshakin parlo kusansa Aminah ce mahaifiyar Raiyan tasasa GABA da kuka shiko babu abin da yake daga masa hankali irin kukanta lallashinta ya fara dan yayi mamakin yada ta sabko lokaci daya take bukatar yarta da jikarta ayanzu Hassan ya kalla “ku tashi maza yanzu zamu tafi makkah gun umminku fuska Hassan ya yamutsa maganar ido Abbu Rahman yamasa shida hussaini suka Mike kallonsa tayi”dani za’a tafi azafafe yace”ba gidan uban da zaki bini yanzu zanje nazo dasu kuma yar iskar diyar nan tata aure zan d’aura mata da Fahad karami idan taki wlh zan iya yin abinda ba’a tsammani ni yamike yana bala’i ya fice zuwa shirin tafiya makkah dan sunada labarin kaurata abinda yasa suka sani kuwa shine washe garin tafiyarsu zainaba ta saka a samo mata wani gidan acikin Aziziya ta bar khalidiya wani narkeken gidane daga ita sai mai aikinta suke rayuwarsu tasa asanya yan haya agidan itama kuma hayarce take. to abinda bata saniba mai gidan abokin Fahad ne shine yabasa labari, da misalin karfe biyu ummi Raiyan na zaune waya take da Dr Sardauna” Dr ka kula da kanwarka wlh har suma takeyi amma ta tafi da magani kayi kokari yau tasha dan nasan yau komin dare sai tayi ciwon cikin wlh hankalina ba akwance yakeba saboda nasan yau da wuya ta wuni lfy takai karshen maganar idanunta na tara kwalla”ummi kuyi hakuri yanzu zan koma gida na kaimata magani insha Allah komai zaizo da sauki dama wasu yan matan haka suke fama idan zasuyi al’ada”nagode Dr Allah yama Albarka sallama sukayi ta kashe Kiran ta kira zee baby lokacin su shabiyu ne na rana bacci take bataji ba har tagaji da Kiran bata dagaba Mahabeer takira sukasha hira ta kashe tana kallon TV mai aikinta ta shigo “ummi anyi baki na bude musu kofane batasa komai arantaba dan taga matar mai gidan kadai take zauwa gunta suna hira amma ita bata taba zuwaba duk suna gida guda”jeki bude mata tafiya tayi ta bude musu me ummi zata gani Abbu Rahman da yaranta sun shigo fuskar Abbu babu alamun rahma ya kalleta “ina zainaba take tashi kirawota jikinta duk rawa, yakeyi ta tsorata kasa tashi tayi tsawa ya buga mata cikin rawar baki tace” bata saudiya tana k’asar mahaifinta wani wawan mari ya kifa mata yana huci “dan ubanki kirawota ta dawo yau yau Dinan ko na kasheki jinin tawace kika tura k’asar hausa hussaini yau jin ciwon dukan da akama uwarsa yake hannuta na rawa ta kirawo zee lokacin ta tashi abacci ta fito daga wanka Kenan da gagawa take ta shiryawa ta tafi can gidan saboda cikinta ya fara ciwo tun kafin yayi karfi d’aure da towel ta fito taga wayarta na ringing ganin ummice yasa ta dauka ta kara akunne “hello ummina da yanzu zan kiraki banida lfy cikina ya fara ciwo shashekar kukan ummi kafin tayi magana Abbu ya amshi wayar”yar iska to duk inda kike ki dawo saudiya zan d’aura miki aure ko ki isko gawar uwarki rainane naji yayi mugun baci wani uban ashar na lailayo nayishi kai tsaye babu shaka da harshan larabci”Abbu Rahman kaine ka takurawa umata kaida tsinanun Hassan da hussaini ko to kujirani ganina zuwa idan baku kasheta wlh Allah ni sai na kasheku natsaneka kaida duk zuri’arku banda ummina wlh yanda kukazo har gida kuka SATA kuka Allah sai nazo nasaku kuka kuma kujirani ni daku shege kan fasa dan halak sai yayi da zee baby kake magana tsohon najadu wlh ina kokwanto ma idan kaine ka haifi ummina hankalinsa ne ya tashi har wata zufa yake tunda ta anbaci zata kasheshi dan mutum ne shi mai tsoron mutuwa jiyayi ta sake cewa”wlh idan bakayi wasaba ni zainab Nice ajalinka wayar ya wurgama ummi ta kara akunne tana kuka”ummina kibar kuka yanzu zan san abinyi ganinan zuwa yanda suka samun ke kuka nima sai nasasu na fada ina sakin kuka mai zafi dan na tsani kukan ummi lallashina ta fara wayar na kashe na Mike kwayoyi na watsa bakina nasha sirot na shirya agagauce cikin Riga da siket na less blue dinkin yayi mun cif saide ya kamani rigar batada wani hannuwa ko d’aure gashina banba na d’aura dan kwalin less na fito parlo sai umma hauwa”momy kin tashi wai bakijin yunwane?? ” jikinta na kwanta ina cije baki dan sosai cikina ya fara ciwo “umma inaji bari nasha tea ciwon ciki nakeyi kuma raina amugun bace yake wlh bazan iya cin abunci ba “to bari na hado miki tea din janyeni tayi ta Mike taje ta hado mun tea mai kauri nasha ta rumgumeni”wani irin magani kikesha? ” umma yana can gida cikin kayana kisa direba ya kaini sai nasha ko? kwantar dani tayi ta Mike, bangaran Dr Sardauna saboda alkawalin da yama ummi Raiyan yasa karfe daya da rabi bayan yayi sallah ya shiga mota ya nufo gida da irin maganin da yasan zai mata bai ko nemetaba yaba ghaisha maganin yace ta kira zainab tabata tasha itako batasan baisan bata gidan ba amsa tace zata kirata yanzu kansa ya kada ya fice, daide lokacin ne zee itako kwayoyin da tasha sun fara ratsata ga ciwon cikin ya tsananta umma taje mai gadi ya tafi kawo yara daga makaranta cikin sa’a sai ga hayatu ya shigo parlo zee na mukususu jikin umma ta fara sambatun maye sai zagin Abbu take ga azabar ciwo ta sakata gaba lokacine kuma tunanin Kiran Dr Sardauna yazo mata ta kirasa amma baya dagawa hayatu ya karaso “umma me ya sameta? ” yauwa hayatu daukarta kuje hospital ka kaita gun Sardauna inata Kiran Dr baya dagawa ko yana cikin aikine cikin rawar jiki ya sumgumeta ransa fari tas itako lokacin hankalinta ya gushe sosai Abu biyu ya hadu ga maye ga azabar ciwon ciki mota yasata agaba ya rumgumeta ya fizga motar da karfi yabar gidan sai murna yakeyi yakira wani abokinsa kome yace oho wani babban titi ya dauka yana sharara gudu na uban mamaki cikin fitar haiyaci ta rikoshi My Dr nah ummina tana kuka ka rarasheta kaji ta fada idanunta na lumshewa kara rumgumota yayi “yanzu zan lallasheta………….. ✍🏻

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