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….tana bude kofar Dr Na isowa da Sauri tayi wuff ta fice da gudu jikin Mahabeer ta fada” my zeena meye kike gudu numfashi ta maida ta rikeshi”my heart mutafi please “muje nama Dr godiya kukan shagwab’a ta saka masa tana tsalle sai kallonsu akeyi yada tayi kyau kamar yar tsala gashinta ya zubo har gadon bayanta “OK my zeena muje tunda bakiso ko??” Kai ta daga Sardauna ne ya Iso ransa ab’ace zee ta saki Mahabeer ta koma bayansa “Ah Dar namu menene kuma kake zaro idanu kana fushi? ” bro wlh sai na hukunta yarinyar nan zagina tayi ta gudo daga cewa tabari ayi mata sauran Allura guda shine ta zageni ta gudo kai kuma dan daure mata gindi kake dariya kuma ahakane zaku fita da ita idanu zee ta zaro tana lab’e bayan Mahabeer “wai, Allah kaidai anyi katon banza yaushe na zageka kuma yaushe mijina yayi dariya cikin zafin zuciya yayi kanta Mahabeer ya taresa da sauri “yi hakuri Dr abar Allura bataso fizge hannusa yayi ya nufi cikin room d’in da ya fito”Ya Mahabeer mutafi manta dashi hannuta yaja suka fito”my zee baby wlh kiraba haraka da Dr Sardauna meyasa zakice masa karya yakeyi “to shikenan tunda hakane baka sona kanuna mun matsayi na ta b’are baki tana kuka harda ihu ta fizge hannuta ta dora akai”wayyo na mutu na lalace mijina baya sona saboda kalan dangi jama’ar harabar asibitin sai kallonsu akeyi arikice ya riketa yajata tana tirjewa lokacin Dr Sardauna ya rako mashakurah bayan ya gama sabke mata kwandon masifa tarasa me tamasa wai laifintane da tabar zee ta fita shiru tamasa har yagama ya sabko yace suje ya rakata gun mota suna fitowa harabar asibitin yaga tijara da zee takema Mahabeer yana lalabata ta shiga mota takaici da bakin ciki yasa ya juya ya koma yace mashakurah ta gaida gida zaizo da dare daket Mahabeer ya shayo kan zee da sa bakin wani datijo ta shiga motar tana turo baki shiga yayi yamata key sukabar hospital d’in

driving yake hankalinsa gun zee baby yada tayi fushi “My zeena meyasa ban isa nayi miki maganaba to yi hakuri kinji Amaryata kanta ta kwantar kafadarsa tana masa kukan shagwab’a “,yi hakuri zeezeena please karki samun ciwon zuciya zee rigimarki tayi yawa kalli kayan da kika fito dasu wlh jinake kamar zuciyata zatayi bindiga saboda kishinki ya gangara yai parking ya dago kanta sai shashekar kuka take yana share mata hawayen fuskarta idanunsa sun tara kwalla ya rasa ya zai mata ahankali ya kirata cikin sanyin murya “my zeena mekikeso yanzu ko dan ki tayarmun da hankali”to bakaibane ka batamun rai” ok yi hakuri dagowa tayi takallesa idanunsa sun tara kwalla cike da mamaki ta zaro idanu jikinsa tafada”Ya Mahabeer don Allah yi hakuri kamayar dasu ina sonka karkasa, na tsaneka ni inason jarumin namiji banason lusari ta dago tana gogeme hawayen fuskarsa shima ya goge mata ya saki murmushi “dama wayo namiki dan kibar kuka gashi nayi nasara ajiyar zuciya na sabke na manna masa kiss akumcinsa na koma gun zamana jikina yayi sanyi motar yaja muka tafi yanajana da hira jikina na saki muna hira har muka iso gida, a parlo muka isko yan gidan suna hira da sallama muka shigo direct bedroom na nufa, tana zuwa tayi wanka ta kimtsa jikinta ta saka doguwar riga mara hannu wacce tayi cif cif ajikinta ta gyara gashinta ta daure da ribbon ta fesa turare parlo ta fitokusan ghaisha ta zauna

“Momy sannu ya jikinki?? ” ummina da sauki ta kalli hafeeza”ke baki iya gaishe da mutaneba ne? dariya hafeeza tayi “su manya ina yini ya jiki Aunty amarya tayi dariya”momy ya jikin Ashe cikinki yake ciwo adakile ta amsa khalisat ta rike hannuta “my zee sannu murmushi ta sakar mata”yauwa my khalisat ta kalli ghaisha”ummina bani wayarki na kira my dear ta kawomin wayata da kayana ummina wai kinsan me dan iskan hayatu yaso mun yau wlh kwartacin yaso yi dani fade da rana tsaka dan umma tace ya kaini hospital “innah lillahiwainna’ilaihir raji’un”amma wlh hayatu ya bata wayonsa “ummina kibarshi ai Dr yaci mutumcinsa duk abinda zee ta fada karaf akan kunne mahabeer isowa yayi ransa ab’ace “wlh yau sai hayatu ya gwamce mutuwa da rayuwa ghaisha tace”kanaji Dr ya hukuntashi Mahabeer abi komai asannu kar zumunci ya bace mun godewa Allah da bai cutar da itaba amma bata kara zuwa gidan hauwa ba zaman yayi yana huci zee ta dawo kusansa. “Ya Mahabeer kaje ka amsomun kayana kaji? ” bari yanzu kuwa zan amso miki ya Mike ya fice ghaisha ta rumgumeta tana mata sannu Aunty amarya kallon zee take yada sam bataji kunyar fadar abunda hayatun yaso mataba har tsirara da yayi suna zaune suna hira har aka kira sallah magarib kowa ya tafi yin sallah itako tana zaune tana kallo, tunanin Dr Sardauna ya fado mata yada d’azu ya matseta yana mata masifa sai lumshe idanu takeyi can k’asan makoshi ta kira sunansa ahankali “Dr Sardauna Namijin duniya ta fadi tana kwanciya tsikar jikinta na mimmik’ewa yada ya rinka mata kiss akunne wani irin feelings takeji sanyi na ziyartota jikinta ta kame guri daya tana sabke ajiyar zuciya murya mahabeer ta maidoni haiyacina firgigit na tashi zaune” my heart sannu murmushi ya sakar mata”ga kayanki da wayarki “yauwa angona na gode”ficewa yayi yana murmushi mik’ewa nayi na dauki kayan na nufi bedroom saboda sam banida nutsuwa saman bed na fada na Kira ummina bugo biyu ta daga”ummina ya kukayi dasune? ” zainaba ki ajiye hankalinki karki damu nima insha Allahu ina tafe gwara na barmusu k’asar sati suka bani idan bansa kinzoba zasu d’aura miki aure”wani uban ashar ta lailayo ta dirka saida ummin ta lallasheta”yauwa ummin kizoma cikin satinan zanfi kowa farin ciki”eh zanzo dan Allah zeena yarinyar kirki ki nutsu”zan nutsu amma ko ba yanzuba sai na iske Abbu Rahman saudia “yanzu dai kibari har nazo kinji? ” naji ummina kinada lbrn jannat da manal? ” wlh banida amma zansa amso miki number su, munjima muna hira na kashe tunanin Sardauna ya adabi zuciyata burina najini jikinsa yana tsotsata ganin tunanin zaimun yawa yasa na Mike na watsa kwayoyi abakina na fito parlo,

Bangaran Dr Sardauna tun bayan tafiyar zee ransa ab’ace yake haushinta yakeji da na mahabeer sigari ya rinka zuga babu kakautawa har ya samu nutsuwa saide idan ya tuno yada suka manne juna d’azu tsikar jikinsa ta fara minmmik’ewa yanajin wani iri da muguwar sha’awa na ziyartasa tsaki yaja ya Mike ya fara duba marasa lfy dan ya manta abinda yake damunsa ahaka har karfe shida ya nufo gida yana zuwa ana Kiran sallah magarib agagauce yayi wanka ya shirya cikin jallabi ruwan toka ya taje kansa ya kwanta luf ya dan zubo kamar na mace sai sheki yake turare ya fesa sai zuba kamshi yakeyi yayi mugun kyau kamar balarabe ya nufi masallaci bai dawoba saida akayi sallah isha’i mota ya shiga ya nufi gidansu mashakurah, zee tana zuwa parlo ta isko Daddy na zaune kusansa ta zauna”Daddy oyoyo” momy ya jikinki? ” Daddy da sauki ummina tace zatazo”eh momy wlh naji dadi sosai momy Aunty amaryace ta ISO “Daddy nanah abunci na jiranku mik’ewa yayi “momy tashi muje hannusa ta kama ghaisha ta Mike da sauran yaran dukansu suka nufi dining sai ga mahabeer da Najib suma sun shigo Aunty amarya tayi serving d’insu Daddy yace”ina Dr Mahabeer yace ya tafi zance gun amaryasa dariya sukayi kowa ya fara cin abuncin zee ko tunda akace Dr Sardauna ya tafi zance abun ya tsaya mata arai ta kasa cin abunci haka kawai taji tanason ganin Dr Sardauna adaide wannan lokacin ko zuciyarta tabar zafi sama sama taci abunci ta Mike ta dawo parlo ta zauna Nawwara ta hau cinyarta tana mata surutu jitayi parlon ya isheta ta mik’e zata nufi bedroom wayarta ta dauki ringing taga number saudiya ce

picking tayi ta kara akunne aka kashe shiru taji tsaki tayi ta nufi kofar parlo tana cewa “Ya Mahabeer na tafi na gano Daddah kwana biyu bamu haduba ta fice anutse take tafiya ta nufi part d’in Daddah ina sanyo kaina kofar parlo naji nayi karo da mutum da sauri na janye ina shirin matsawa ya damkoni yayi wani lungu dani ihu nayi saki ya rufemun bakina ganin zan bata masa lokacin ya daukeni cak kamar yar baby wani lungu ya shigar dani ya direni ya matseni yamun rumfa da faffadan kirjinshi wani fitinanan kamshin sa ya bugi hancina dama tun d’azu cikin shaukinsa nake nan take naji ina bukatar ya shigar dani jikinsa fiye da hakan tsumammun idanunsa ya zubamun cikin zazakar muryasa yace”dan ubanki wa kikama rashin kunya agaban bro ya fada yana riko k’uguna da har zan masa rashin kunya na fasa cikin dakiya na hadiye maitata na kallesa gajeran wandone jikinsa sai singileti jikinsa ko ina gashine sai yau nasan l’alle ba karamin kato bane duk amunmurde yake ga Faffadan kirji araina nace Dr Sardauna ka hadu ta ko ina isashan Namiji jarumi Wanda baya daukan raini na burgeni dama Mahabeer yakeda wannan sufar karfafan da na more miji da sauri na dawo nutsuwata nace”Allah ya baka hakuri Dr sakeni na tafi banason tashin hakanli banida lfy wai meye nufinka akaina da kakeson tab’amun jiki sakeni ni ba yar iska bace da kakeson kullum ka tab’ani baki ya bugemun ya shigar dani jikinsa sosai wani irin sanyi ya ratsa zuciyata atare ni muka sabke ajiyar zuciya muka rumgumo juna da karfi sai ajiyar zuciya Muke sabkewa a tare wani irin shock mukaji atare kamar wutar nefa ta jamu wuyana ya sunsuna ya tura fuskarshi k’asan wuyana”kamshinki dadi kamar sweet yawunki bakinki mai kyau jajayen lips d’inki masu dan fadi sun fiye sweet ya fada yana tallabo kaina muna kallon juna ido cikin. ido habata ya dago duk jikina ya saki wani mugun dafi ya zubamun daga cikin idanunsa inaso na janye nakasa bazan iya barin jinki Sardauna alokacin ba wani shegen kiss ya sakarmun ak’asan wuyana saida na sabke ajiyar zuciya na ririkeshi ashagawb’e nace “My Sardauna kabari ” My Zeener bazan iya bariba ya fada yana lasar wuyana ya had’e face d’inmu haiyacina na dawo na ingijeshi da karfi amma ko motsi baiba dukansa nake”sakeni malam meye haka da sauri ya had’e bakinmu ya lalabo harshena tunda naji gumin bakinsa anawa nayi lakwas tallaboni yayi da kyau ya fara tsutsar bakina yana zubamun yawunsa ina hadiyewa harshensa na kamo ina tsotsa dadi nakeji har tsakiyar kaina tallabe kawunan juna mukayi sosai Muke tsotsar bakin junanmu muna shan yawun juna da mukejinsa tamkar zumuwa sai numfashi Muke fitarwa k’aran musayar yawunmu na fitowa muna shafar gashin juna idanunmu alumshe sosai Dr yake zukar yawuna yana tsotsar bakina da zafi zafi duk na dimauce na gigice jina nake awata duniya jina nake bazan iya rayuwa idan Sardauna bai tsotsi bakinaba shima bangaransa hakane wani dadi yake dibarsa yawunta akwai teste da zaki fiye da zumuwa baisan lokacin da ya zare bakinsa anataba ya k’uramata idanu cikin wata shu’umar murya ya yace” my zeener yawunki so sweet na kara sha ko? Ni ban koshi ba wlh ya fada ashagwab’e da wannan muyar tashi gabaki daya na gama rikece wani Abu naji kamar sonsa ya soki zuciyata nan take dan baitaba mun magana da wannan sigar muryaba ga shagwab’arsa ta kuma kashemun jiki “my zeener kibani yawunki please ya fada yana lasar lips DINA har ya shiga tsotsa zuko yawuna ya fara yana shafa tattausan gashin kaina ahankali nake tsotsar bakinsa ina hadiyar yawun da yake zubamun hawaye ya fara zubowa kan fuskata ga muguwar sha’awarsa nakeji da wani irin feelings breast DINA sun kumburo sai kaikayi sukemun amma yaki murzamin su niko bana iya cemasa ya murzaba jina nake rayuwa babu Sardauna gwara mutuwa alokacin shima duk abinda takeji game dashi yafita jin hakan kara shigar dani jikinsa yayi yana dimautani da lafiyayan kissing dinsa tunowa nayi fah daga gidansu budurwasa yake yanzu haka saida suka hada baki da ita cizo na gantsara masa ina dukansa sakin bakina yayi ya rumgumeni gam fashewa nayi da kuka arikice ya kara rumgumoni ya tallabo kaina ya zubamun tsumammun idanunsa cikin narkarkiyar murya da ta ida fitar dani haiyacina yace” yi shiru bari kuka me kikeso fadamun ya fada yana dora bakinsa saman idona yana tsotsar hawayena yana lasar idona da fuskata ko ina lasa yake saman fuskata cikin kasalalar murya nace” Please Dr Sardauna kafita daga cikin rayuwata karka kasheni jin nake kamar zan mutu bansan meke damuna ba dan Allah kabarni nayi rayuwa mai kyau daga yau babu ruwanka dani daga yau bani babu kai wlh na tsaneka har cikin zuciyata Dr kafita rayuwa fuskata ya kamo da hannunsa biyu ya k’uramun idanunsa ransa yayi mugun baci”gud na godewa Allah da naji kin kuma cewa kin tsaneni kamar yada na tsaneki insha Allahu zan nuna miki ni dan halak ne zan fita daga sabgarki dan bana dauka rainin mace dukansa nayi akirji zuciyata na harbawa da karfi”eh naji fita rayuwata na tsaneka sakeni murmushi ya saki”ai duk abinda zakimun bazan dokeki ayauba insha Allah nayi Alkawali yada kikace na fita daga rayuwarki wlh na fita dama meke tsakanina dakene?? ya fadi atsawace tsoronsa ya kamani na dake nace”babu na fada da karfi ina kuka wani iri ya rinkaji haka kawai yaji bazai iya dukantaba” don girman Allah kasakeni Dr kowa yayi rayuwarsa na fada ina kara shigewa jikinsa ina rusar kuka shima kara rumgumeni yayi gam ya lumshe idanunsa zuciyarsa na bugawa da karfi yana buga bayanta su dukansu cikin wani yanayi suke Wanda sunkasa sanin wani yanayine ajiyar zuciya kawai suke sabkewa atare sum manne juna gam sunyi shiru babu wani mai kwakwaran motsi acikinsu wani irin shauki yake dibarsu lokacin kwayoyin da tasha sun fara tasiri gudun kar ya gano yamun azaba da sauri na ingijeshi abunka da kato ko gezau baiba”dallah malam sakeni jarababe kawai nacema mufita daga rayuwar junanmu taraiyyarmu babu alkairi ka tsaneni na tsaneka to meye yasa gangar jikinmu takeson mu hadu indai kai dan halak ne kafita rayuwata jikinsa har tsuma yake cikin zafin zuciya ya wankamun mari ya ingijeni na fadi tsoronsa fal zuciyata gudun karna zageshi ya takani nayi shiru”wlh Zainab nafita rayuwarki daga yau ki rubuta ki ajiye ni Faisal Almahadee babuni babu ke yar iska fitsarariya ransa ab’ace ya juya ya fara tafiya, daide lokacin naji muryar Mahabeer yana kirana dawowa yayi da baya bai kalli ko inda nakeba ya lab’e, Mik’ewa nayi ina tangadi na fice nabar sa agun kin mata magana yayi yama kauda kansa fitowa nayi daga lungun mahabeer na tsaye kofar parlo “Ya Mahabeer na fada cikin muryar kuka da gudu na karaso na fada jikinsa na fashe da kuka”Ya Salam my zeena menene ina kika shiga ina nemanki Daddah tace baki shigoba amma taji ihunki? ” Ya Mahabeer muje ka kaina na kwanta banida lfy zazzabi nakeji duk ya rikice yada take kuka lallabata yayi tayi shiru yaja hannuta suka nufi part d’insu ghaisha Dr Sardauna saida suka jima da tfy yaja tsaki ya fito ya tafiyarsa sai wani shegen takunsa yake na kasaita shima ya shiga part d’insu ghaisha da sallama ya shigo lokacin Mahabeer har ya raka zee ta kwanta suna tambarsa me yasameta yace jikinta zafi zazzabine ya bata magani tasha Dr Sardauna najinsu ya tab’e baki Mahabeer ya kallesa “Dr namu sai yanzu akazo daga gun hira adakile yace”eh yaje jikin ghaisha ya zauna ya kwantar da kansa kafadarta ashagwab’e yace “ghaishana ahadamun coffee kansa ta shafa Mahabeer yace”wai Dr meyasa bakason cin abunci banza yama Mahabeer saican yace” kawai banaso Daddy dariya yayi “mutum sai shagwab’a ghaisha tace”to dagani naje na hadoma ko khalisat ta Mike “ghaisha ku bari na hadomasa wani banza kallo ya watsa mata ai ba shiri ta nufi bedroom Dole ghaisha ta Mike taje ta hado masa yanasha suna hira sun jima yau sosai kafin su tafi part d’insu suna zuwa laptop Sardauna ya kunna yana wani bincike akan ciwon koda suna hira sama sama da Mahabeer, zee baby ko tunda Mahabeer ya kawota yaji jikinta zazzabi ya bata magani tasha ya kwantar da ita sai sambatu take dan tuni ta fara maye Mahabeer ya dauka zafin zazzabine sai juyi take saman gado tana cewa ta tsani Sardauna bashi ba ita bata jimaba bacci ya dauketa dan dama daga ta fara maye bata jimawa bacci yake daukarta, ko da su hafeeza sukazo har tayi bacci sun jima suna hirasu da khalisat kafin suma suyi bacci, Dr Sardauna sai kusan karfe daya ya Mike daga parlo lokacin Mahabeer ya jima dayin bacci da begen zee dinsa sai mafarkinta yake, Dr Sardauna bai kwantaba saida yayi sallahr nafila sai hucin karfe biyu ya kwanta yana juyi yanajan tsaki sai minmmik’ewa yake yana lumshe idanu “zee baby babuni babu ke dama babu abinda ya dameni dake zan nuna miki ni dan halak ne kome zakiyi bazan taba shiga sabgarkiba sandar girmansa da take cikin wando baccin sa iya gwiwa nagani kyamm atsaye Abu ba karamiba tashi yayi ya nufi bathroom yajima sosai kafin ya fito amma har yanzu bata kwantaba ta dai rusuna magani ya Ballo yasha ya fada saman bed zuwa mintina ashirin hajiyar ta kwanta yanaja juyi Addu’ar bacci dauke bakinsa har baccin ya sa ceshi Asubah ta gari..


*bayan kwana ukku*
tunda zee baby da Dr Sardauna sukayi fada da Alkawalin fita daga harakar juna yau har kwana uku to sun cika alkawali babu mai shiga sabgar kowa tun ranar zee ko kallonsa bata yada ta sake ba tayi watsi da lamarinsa kamar yada shima ya watsar da ita a salima idan sunji murya junansu kowa k’okianrin barin gurin yake shiyasa yanzu zee bata fiye zama parlo ba da dare dama dasafe kafin ta tashima ya tafiyasa gun aiki shiyasa basu fiye gamuwaba tun daga ranar har yau basu hada idanuba kowa yama zuciyarsa alkawalin hakan shiyasa ta maida hankalinta gun Mahabeer suke zuba soyayyarsu tana masa sangarta iri iri yana biye mata Dr Sardauna ya maida hankalinsa gun sweet babynsa dan tana bashi tausayi yanda take mutuwar sonsa, yaune wa’adin da malam kafi madubi yama Aunty amarya yaune zata amso magani da sharudan da zai gindaya mata, tun safe tacewa Daddy mamarta ba lfy yace ta shirya ya ajiyeta tace amotarta zata bai musaba, bayan sun gama breakfast taje ta shiryo, ghaisha na zaune aparlo Mahabeer na mata sallama yau ya makara da ya shiga gun zee ta tsayar dashi wai suyi hira sai daket ya lallabata ta koma bacci dama shine ya tasheta ya kawo mata tea tasha, Aunty amarya tafito rike da hannu nanah tace” Aunty ghaisha zan dubo mummy sai nadawo”kodai na tashi mutafi? ” wlh ki zauna gidan ba kowa. idan kin samu lokaci sai ki tafi”to agaishemun dasu kafin nazo nanah zo mu zauna kafada ta makale Mahabeer ya dauketa yana dariya tare suka fito da Aunty Amarya har motarta ya rakata yana rike da nanah ya ajiyeta sukayi sallama ya shiga motarsa ya nufi get Aunty amaryama ta shiga motarta tayi mata key ta nufi get…………✍🏻

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