Zee Baby Book 1 Page 25



….”barta mugu karshan wannan rigama tasu da mariya Dole akwai wani Al’amari ak’asa” Daddy karfa ta ilatata ai bai rufe baki sukaga zee ta dauki aunty amarya sama ta buga da k’asa ta mak’ure mata wuya tana jibgarta”ki fadi gaskiya ko yau mu kasheki dan ubanki mu bama barin barna tana wanzuwa wani irin bugo zee takema aunty amarya kafin kace kwabo ta hada mata jini da majina amma fur aunty amarya taki fadin komai ghaisha jikinta na rawa tacema Daddy “haba Abban Sardauna kana kallo zata ilatata saboda Allah kuma ka hana kowa yaje khalisat tana kuka wiwi taje gaban Daddy ta duga “dan Allah Daddy ku ceci mahaifiyata kallonta yayi “khalisat ai ba wani abubune inagafa aljanunta ne take cire mata Nuhu ya nufi gunsu da gudu cikin kuka tace”Daddy ba aljanu baneba maganine ta kawomun na barbadawa Sardauna ya tsallaka da kuma Wanda zan rika wanke fuskata bayan kwana arba’in zai haukace asona sai ya aureni nasan shine aljanan zee suka gani gabaki daya suka dauki dikira suna salamcewa ghaisha jikinta na rawa tace”na shiga ukku Sardauna na zasu ilatamu akan son zuciyarku amma wlh mariya kin bani mamaki Ashe baka gane masoyinka na hakika afuska insha Allah Faisal bazai aureki ba kwalelenki aniyarku tabiku ta fada ta

Nufi hanyar fita Daddy na mata magana bata sauraresa ba tafice dan ghaisha bataji bata gani kan Sardauna Allah ya jarabeta da son d’anta Sardauna fiye da kaf ‘ya’yanta Mahabeer bayan Nuhu yabi sukayi sukayi su janye ta suka kasa abun fah ya basu tsoro yada Aunty amarya ta jigata Daddy ne ya ISO gurin Addu’a suka shiga to fah mata sai ihu take tana cizon aunty amarya su uku suka taru akanta suna mata karatu amma yanda kukasan cimgam haka ta dabkewa auti amarya akan lalai fah sai ta fadi illar maganin da taso dadi yaci suma kuwa sun dage da karatu suna tofah mata hafeeza sai kuka takeyi yada zee ta burkice kamar ba mutumba khalisat ta lab’e sai rusa kuka takeyi da nanah har nawwara dan wlh abin babu dadi sam ghaisha tana fita part d’insu Sardauna ta nufa sai gama kafa take tana shiga parlo ta nufa ta turo kofar ta shigo yana zaune zaman kujera ya gama cin farfesun yana shan drinks ya zubama TV ido yaji karan bude kofa juyowa yayi”mamana lfy gusan ta ISO arikice mik’ewa yayi rumgumeshi tayi”Faisal kana lfy babu abinda ke damunka”mamana ina lfy me yafaro ghaisha duk kin rikice janyeshi tayi ta bashi labarin abinda khalisat ta fada”haba mamana yaushe zaki biya irin wannan zan tutukan wlh insha. Allahu babu abinda zai faru sai alheri ya jikin zainab? ” maza zo mutafi hannusa ta kama suka fito sai mita yake suna shigo Mahabeer yana k’ok’arin

janyeta ya kasa haushi Sardauna yaji yaja tsaki Daddy yace”Faisal zo kamata yada kayi d’azu suka sabka karasowa yayi ya sunkuyo ya rike kafadunta yakai bakinsa kunneta yana mata Addu’a ihuu ta saki da karfi jikinta yasaki ta fada jikinsa kumfa na bulbulowa daga bakinta kanta ya tallabo ya dora bakinsa kunnneta yaci GABA da mata karatu shiru tayi tana maida numfashi ajikinsa Daddy yace”ikon Allah kaji irin dadewar da mukayi muna mata Addu’a amma lokaci daya Dr ya sabkesu Mahabeer ajiyar zuciya ya sabke yaji dadi sosai da Sardauna ya temaka masa Daddy ya kama Aunty mariya ta Mike yada ita Daddy yace “Mahabeer Nuhu duk kuzo mutafi gaban su Daddah tayi bayanin gaskiya ko ta tsinci saki uku cikin rawar jiki tace”zan fada tana magana bakinta na fitar da jini ghaisha ko kallonta batayi ba Daddy yace sutafi part d’in Daddah Mahabeer ya iso gun Sardauna da ya rumgume zee gam yana mata Addu’a yace”Dr namu kawota na kaita ta kwanta ko? banza ya masa ko kallonsa baiba Daddy yace”haba Mahabeer baka ganin Addu’a yake mata kazo muje zai kaita ta kwanta ai murmushi yayi yabiyo bayan Daddy dan yau yaji dadin yada Sardauna yake temakon zee dukansu suka tafi har khalisat tana kuka jin safkar numfashinta ya gane bacci take sosai kallonta yayi yada bakinta yake fitar da kumfa mik’ewa yayi da ita jikinsa ya nufi d’akinsu bai tsaya da ita ko inaba sai bathroom tana jikinsa arumgume ya hada mata ruwan gumi jina nayi cikin ruwan gumi na zabura”wayyo My Sardauna nah zafi kallonta yayi idanunta rufo”zainab bude idanunki maza kiyi wanka ki fito kaci abunci ko ki hadu dani da sauri na bude idanuna naga wayam ba kowa mamaki nake me ya kawoni cikin ruwa kuma da kaya cire kayan nayi na gasa jikina nayi wanka harda na tsarki tsotsar da Sardauna yamun hospital nazuba dayawa ina gamawa na fito nasaka kayan bacci Riga da wando na fesa turare na watsa kwayoyi abaki na fada gado wani mugun bacci nakeji amma tunanin Sardauna ya hanani haka na rika juyi har barawon bacci yayi gaba dani, Sardauna na fita part d’insu ya koma dan shi sam bayason hayaniya can bangaran su aunty amarya Duke take tana sharfar kuka da majina fuskarta ta kumbura suntum ta fara bayani “kuyafemun sahrrin zuciyane ba halina bane khalisat ta dade tanason Sardauna shiko baima san tanayi ba tausayin da tabanine yasa na amso maganin da zai sota ya aureta wannan kuwa na abunci kaine nasama dan na mallakeka ka soni ni daya ka malakamun dukiyarka ka saki khadija ka wulkanta diyanka kowa ya kama gabansa amma yanzu wlh na watsar da mukaman yakina da zuciya daya zan zauna daku gabaki dayan parlon ya dauki dikira da salalami mai ran karfe yace”asha asha duniya batada tabbas mariya kinsmun tsoron dan Adam Daddah tace”kai ko ni kai duniya mutum abin tsorone wlh mariya kinbamu mamaki ghaisha kuka kawai takeyi abinda ya tada hankalin Nuhu da Mahabeer sukaje suka rumgume mahaifiyarsu Daddy kansa ya dafe saboda mamakin da anti amarya yakeyi mai ran karfe yace “to Abdulmutallab dubara ta ragewa ga mai shiga rijiya idan kanason matarka babu mai matsa maka amma cikin wannan Family house d’inba ka kaita wani gidan naka da sauri ya d’ago” haba Abba yaushe haka zata faru mariya wlh kinban mamaki kin cucemu kin cuci kanki amma tabbas zakiga karshenki tashi kibarmun gidana na sakeki saki uku na amshe diyata bake babu ita ai take ta fadi sumammiya abindai babu dadi khalisat ta dauko ruwa ta zuba mata ta farfado tana rusar kuka tana neman gafarasu babu Wanda ya kulata mik’ewa sukayi suka suka fito yarta ta kamata suka fito kunya ta hanasu komawa cikin part d’in khalisat tasaka uwar tata mota taja sukabar gidan direct hospial tanufa dan anti amrya tanajin jiki niko nace agabama Nuhu ma gida ya dauki yarsa suka nufa abunci da ba’aciba Kenan mahbeer saida ya shiga yaga zee dinsa na bacci ya nufi part d’insu yana mamakin aunti amarya a parlo ya isko

Dr Sardauna sai shan sigari yake yana danna laptop kusansa mahabeer ya zauna”Dr namu aiki ake ne?” eh bro wlh wani bincike nakeyi akan matsalar ciwon hanta da kuma losing memory “Ok Allah ya temaka ina kara godiya fah dan kanina shiru Sardauna ya masa sanin halin kanin NASA yasa yayi murmushi “Dr namu mashakurah zatayi fama face ya had’e”haba bro ai na fasa dariya mahabeer yayi ya Mike dan bacci yakeji bedroom d’insa ya nufa tsaki Sardauna yaja yaci GABA da shan sigarinsa yana aikinsa sai karfe shabiyu ya Mike ya kashe laptop dasu TV ya nufi bedroom d’insa wanka ya sake ya saka kayan bacci magani naga ya b’allo har guda uku ya sha ya fada saman bed ya beka hannusa ya kashe wutar d’akin yana juyi sai nishi yakeyi yana ciza lips d’insa ahankali naji yana cewa”zainab meyasa jikinki yakeson zautani meyasa ko tabaki nayi sai nayi wanka meyasa fatar jikinki tafi ta kowace mace laushine lips d’inki dadi nakeji idan ina tsotsa kamar ina yawo agajimare zee boobs dinki suna burgeni dadin tsotsa garesu Dole zan saki ki zabomun mace irinki amma wacce ta fiki girma da shekaru mai babban k’ugu da mazauni wacce zata iya daukana ya fada yana nishi da juyi”my zeener kin hadu my bro zai more wlh saide kinyi karama da ashigeki wannan dan gutun gindin naki idan bai biki asannu ba ciwo zai jimiki wlh har naji tausayinki my zeener sweet baby zeener haka yayi ta sambatu yana matsar kafa hajiya babba ta kumburo har ta koma ta kwanta saboda maganin da yasha juyi yai tayi zufa na keto masa har barawo bacci ya saceshi Mahabeer ko saida yayi sallahr nafila yayima zee babynsa Addu’a ya kwanta cike da shaukin zee asuba tagari


*Bayan kwana tara*
yau kwana tara da da sakin aunti amarya saida ta kwana uku hospital aka salameta sukayi gida hankali Asiya ya tashi da jin labarin saki aminiyarta maifiyar mariya kanta ta shiga rudani yanzu babu abinda yake tadama aunti amarya hankali sai wulakantar da boka kafi madubi yace zatayi khalisat ta rame kurat son Dr ya kara shigarta fiye da nada sun bazama bin bokaye da malamai nomo hankalin Sardauna, bangaran mahabeer da zee soyayyarsu suke yana bata kulawa ummi Raiyan tazo zee ko da yaushe tana manne da umminta zee da Sardauna basu wani yawan ganin juna ko sun hadu ba wani kula juna sukeba ranar a parti d’in Daddah yagansu ita da Nisha ya tuna mata zancan zabar masa matar aure banza ta masa tacika tayi fam Nisha da take rakub’e ta tab’e baki tana mamakin wace mai tsautsayi zata yada a fasa auran wata a aureta gobe itama amata tun daga ranar bai sake mataba zancan ba ya shiga sabgar gabansa ghaisha ta kasa Mance abinda aunty amarya ta mata kullum na manne aranta mashakurah ko tun ranar da zee tayi mata maganar nan ta dauki zafi ya kirata har sau uku bata d’agaba amma yana ranta fushine take shima yayi watsi da ita abokinsa bandar ya shigo Nigeria su ukun kullum suna tare da juna ko hospital ko gida abin gwanin sha’awa

Yau takama juma’a ce karfe tara da minti goma ya shigo parlonsu cikin shiri ya fito sanye yake da wata danyar shadda mai uban tsada milk colour sai wani irin asirtaccen kamshi yake fitowa daga jikinsa yayi masifar kyau waya manne akunnesa shida Ahmed sun matsa masa shida bandar wai suna hospital suna jiransa bandar ne bashida lfy ciwon cikine ke damunsa tsinke Kiran yayi ya iso parlon zee ce kadai zaune duk suna saman dining suna breakfast har ummi Raiyan da mahabeer sanye take da siket kadan ya wuce gwiwa da Riga yar karama batada hannu kirjinta dam har ya dan bultso jajir dasu sai sheki suke gashinta ya sabka har gadon bayanta yau ta canza masa kala rabi ya sabka saman fuskarta ta canza abun hanci yau mai zirowa ta tasa irin na indiyawa tayi masifar kyau sai kamshi take zubawa kanta sunkuye tana game da wayar mahabeer idanu ya zuba mata yana mamakin kyawun yarinyar duk da kamarsu daya da ita babu wani abinda ya banbantaso hata dimple d’insu iri dayane duka biyu ko magana suke lobawa sukeyi kodan tana mace sai yaga kamar taso zartasa akyau dan ya tuna mata maganarsu da gangan ya zauna kusanta ya danna wayarsa ya kara akunnesa cikin amon muryasa mai masifar dadin saurare yace”hello my sweet babyna ykk ya shirye shiryen auranmu da sauri na dago da kaina na kallesa sai kuma na maida kaina k’asa nashiga game DINA ina dariya ko kallo bai isheniba har ya gama wayar matsowa yayi dab dani na matsa zan Mike yayi Saurin fisgoni na fado saman faffadan kirjinsa”dallah malam sakeni meye haka ko bakasan sai aganmu ba shigar dani yayi jikinsa ya manneni sosai tataromun gashina yai ya dauremun ya tallabo kaina ya dora bakinsa saman kunnena cikin wani irin voice yace”kiyi kwanciyarki ajikina idan sun iskomu ahaka sai suyi tunanin aljanunki suka tashi nake miki Addu’a ya fada yana sakarmun wani shegen kiss Wanda na kusa zaucewa” zee ina maganarmu ko kin fasa samomun matarne jikina nake kokarin janyewa ya matseni gam dukansa na fara tin karfi ina k’ok’arin kwatar kaina gudun kar aganmu abinka da katon gaske na kasa niko k’ok’arin nake naboye yanayin da na fara shiga akansa shiyasa yanzu sam bana son abinda zai hadamu” Yaya Sardauna yi hakuri ka sakeni please kaga ai yanzu bana shiga harakarka ko na fada muryata na rawa inason nayi kuka”wlh Zainab idan kikayi kuka zaki sani zan baki mamaki abunda zan miki me na miki na kuka”to Yayana kasakeni don Allah naji yau wlh zan zaboma matar auran ranar a part d’in Daddah banji bane na fada ina shashekar kuka” gud baby ya miki kyau kuka ko kawai sai ji nayi yana cewa “Daddy mamana ummi kuzo zainaba babu lfy kuna can kuna breakfast ga zainab ciwon cikin zai kasheta na bude baki zanyi magana ya matsemun baki da karfi da gudu su Daddy suka nufo parlo hankali atashe Daddy yace “me kake jira kaita hospital mana inaso nayi magana ya taushemun baki inama mahabeer nuni da hannuna yazo gareni idanuna na zubar da hawaye saboda yada yake murzamu lips sai azaba nakeji yazo amma ina hakanlin mahabeer atashe burinsa Sardauna yayi sauri ya kaini hospital haka ya ciccibeni ya fice……… ✍🏻


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