Zee Baby Book 1 Page 28



….Sardauna kwance yake saman makeken gadonsa ya nade cikin blanket sai juyi yake ya kama lips d’insa na k’asa yana tsotsa sai juyi yake Najib ne yayi knocking d’in kofar yanaji yaki tashi yaci gaba da juye juye yana lumshe idanunsa saida ya buga kusan so shida ya bude lumsassun idanunsa da suka kada sukayi jajur suka k’ank’ance dan jaraba tsaki yaja ya janye blanket d’in jikinsa ya sabko daga saman gadon ya nufi kofar ya bude kofar fuskarsa tam babu walwala ya zabgama Najib harara “uban me zan maka mutum baza’a barshi ya hutaba” bro Daddy yake kiranka bai jiraba ya juya dan karya zazageji duba yada idanunsa yayi Ja kofar ya rufe ya shiga bathroom fanfo ya kunna ya sakarma kanshi shower idanunsa lumshe ruwan na zubowa tsakiyar kansa sai ajiyar zuciya yake sabkewa yajima sosai kafin yayi wanka ya fito daure da towel jikinsa ya goge agaguce ya murza maiyukansa masu dadi da kamshi gashinsa ya taje baki sudik sai sheki yake wardrobe ya bude ya ciro 3qourter ya saka da Riga shart ya fesa turare wow nace Sardauna yayi mugun kyau ba kadan ba ko inda wayoyinsa suke bai kallaba ya nufi kofar ya bude ya fice ko key bai murza ba yana takunsa na kasaitattun maza niko nace wlh kayi Dr Sardauna dan ka kai kuma ka hadu ta ko ina yana fitowa direct part d’insu ghaisha ya nufa da sallama ya shigo parlon zee baby ya hango tana sanye da wata doguwar Riga yar kanti ruwan toka tayi Mata mugun kyau amma ta kamata kuma batada hannu tasaki gashinta har gadon bayanta tana kusan Mahabeer azaune tana rike da hannusa sai shagwaba take zuba masa yana dariya da aikin lallashi wani irin Abu yaji aransa kansa ya kauda karaf suka hada idanu mashakurah jitake kamar ta kamosa saboda mugun kyawun da Dr Sardauna yayi face ya hade ya kauda kansa sai lokacin ya lura da iyayanta cikin girmamawa ya nufi gun

iyayanta ya gaishesu sai lokacin yaga bandar da Ahmed cike da mamaki yake kallonsu gun Daddy ya nufa ya zauna kusansa hankalinsa gun zee sai lokacin zee taji kamshin Sardauna da zazakar muryasa yana cewa” Daddy gani yade lafiya kuwa kallonsa zee tayi karaf idanunsu ya sark’e da juna face ya had’e ya zabga mata harara ya kauda kansa fuska ta yamutsa ta turo baki”Yaya Sardauna ina ta nemanka fah banza ya mata ko kallonta bai sakeba mahbeer ya juyo da fuskarta gareshi “my zeena kin fiye tsokana me zai baki dariya tayi ta maida hankalinta kan mahbeer Daddy yayi gyaran murya “to Alhaji ma’aruf muna saurarenka kallon mashakura yayi “sai kuzo ku basu bayani tsuru tsuru tayi tana cicira idanu Sardauna cike da mamaki yake kallonsu Dan bai gane komaiba bandar ne ya taso yazo gabansu ya zauna mashakurah sai kif kif take da idanu”Dan Allah Dady ina neman gafaraku wlh nine na batama shukurah rayuwa amma kaddarace bada son ranmuba abinda ya faru kuwa shine wata rana Landon na dawo daga makaranta ina shigowa gida kasancewar mu biyarne agidan kowa da part d’insa nide ina ganin maza uku agidan mu saba Ashe cikon ta biyar macace lokacin da na shigo ba kowa kuka narikaji kasa-kasa kofar na duba naga shukurah aduke tana kuka na isa gareta cike da mamaki Dan ni bansan da maceba na na tambayeta daga ina tazo tace agidan take

cikinta yake ciwo kamata nayi muka tafi hospital Ana likitan yake cewa ya kamata takiyaye cin kayan da suke Kara mata ni’ima saboda tanada karfin sha’awa ya kamata akiyaye aka bamu maguguna muka dawo gida na rakata har part dinta na bata magani Tasha na mata sallama na tafi to daga ranar ne muka saba kullum muna tare idan bama zuwa makaranta har soyayya ta kullu tsakaninmu mai karfi Muke Dan tsotse tsotse har shaidan yayi rinjaye akanmu amma nine na lalata amma wlh ban taba aikata zina ba sai akanta tunda mukayi so daya muka kasa hakuri kullum sai muyi haka muka dauki tsawon lokaci hutunta na karshene da tazo ta koma ta sauyamun daket nake samu nayi har ta karasa wataninta ta dawo wlh narasa nutsuwa ina mugun mafarkai akanta kullum cikin nadama nake da neman gafara gun Allah gashi duk zaman da mukayi bansan yar wani gari bace Dan taki fadamun nashiga damuwa ga yawon mafarkai da nake akanta wlh natsani kaina na tsani zina sai gashi yau Allah ya hadamu harda

cikina wata biyu ajikinta gabaki daya kallamar shahada suka dauka suna tafa hannuwa Sardauna cike da mamaki yake kallon mashakurah da bandar Alhaji Ma’aruf yace” to kunji Dan haka abinda zance Abdulmutallab kuyi hakuri kunji yada Al’amarin yazo wlh nayi nadamar turata kasar turawa karatu ni tarbiya da naba ‘yata ban taba zaton zata tazama karuwa ba awata k’asa wlh da ko a Nigeria bazatayi ba karatu balle kasar waje Dan haka Alhji kuyi hakuri ga kudinku anema masa yarinya mai nutsuwa tsarkakarka ya aura sukuma mazinatan sai su auri junansu bayan sun haifi shegen naso ace inada wata yar da nabashi “haba wlh abarsu munbar muku bayada ma’aruf baiba su amshi kudin sukaki Dole ya hakura ya Mike ransa ab’ace hajiyar mashakurah ma ta Mike sukayi musu sallama mashakurah sai kuka take tana nadama haka suka fito har harabar gida suka rakosu parlon ya rage daga Sardauna sai Ahmed da mahabeer da zee Sardauna ya zubama bandar idanu tashi bandar yayi ya nufo gun Sardauna zaiyi magana Sardauna ya Mike ya Saki murmushi” karkaban hakuri wlh ni bata zuciyata ko da haka bata faruba inada niyar fasa auranta Dan yau naje gun wacce zan aura kuma insha Allah ayau dinan za’a samun ranar aure da ita ya fada yana murmushi rumgumesh bandar yayi” nagode Dr bayansa Sardauna ya buga Dan shi Sam ko ajikinsa Ahmed ya taso “to bandar mutafi ko sakinsa Sardauna yayi ya kaima Ahmed dukan wasa”bazai tafi ba Dan rainin hankali jerawa sukayi zasu fita Mahabeer ya kira Sardauna juyowayayi fuskarsa babu walwala yace”bro nazone” jeka ka dawo baice komaiba suka fice yana wani shegen tako cike da jarumta da kuzari zee ta shagala da kallon Sardauna tanajin wani iri gashin jikinta sai mik’ewa yake har ya bacewa ganinta kanta ta kwantar kafadar Mahbeer “my heart” my zeena ya dai?

“Wlh Yaya Sardauna ya hadu dayawa komai nashi abin sha’awane My dear Nisha tayi sa’a ko my heart” kina nufin yafini kyau ne? ” no my heart ni banceba ta fada tana saka mishi kuka” OK yi shiru my zeena wlh kukanki nasani adamuwa amma karki sake yabon wani agabana wlh inada kishi akanki duk da nasan bada wani Abu kika fadiba nagane nufinki kece kika zabo masa Nisha tun kafin haka ta faru ya fada yana goge mata fuska ya sakar mata kiss a goshi fushi tayi sai cika take tana batsewa sai daket ya shawo kanta ta hakura yana sata dariya ummi Raiyan ce ta fito kallonsu tayi tana murmushi su Daddy suka dawo daga rakiya har ghaisha Sardauna na rike da hannun Daddy zama sukayi Sardauna kusan ghaisha yaje ya Dora kansa kafadarta Daddy yace” Sardauna yanzu ya kenan nifa ku uku nayi niyar aurawa Dan haka babu fashi sai ka bazama nemo mata rada yay wa ghaisha zee ce tayi caraf ta Mike ta dawo gun Daddy “Daddy ai sunyi magana da Nisha a aura mishi ita har hira na rakashi d’azu kallonta Sardauna yayi ghaisha tace” Autana hakane? ” eh itace ta zabamun mahabeer ya bushe da dariya “kaide fadi gaskiya dama kanaso sai ayi yar gida kai tsaye yace”eh dama da ita za ‘ayi bro ko wata zaka samomun ne? ya fadi yana masa wani Dan iskan kallon raini afakaice murmushi Mahbeer yai “haba wata kuma wlh naji dadin hakan Daddy yace”Faisal da gaske ka yarda zaka auri Aisha ayau insha Allahu zanga mahaifinta”eh Daddyna ya fada yana rumgume ghaisha dariya Daddy,

yayi ummi Raiyan ma dariya tai” kai amma naji dadi Allah ya Sanya Alkhairi sukace Amin Daddy wayarsa ya ciro ya kira Abban Nisha bugo daya ya daga da sallama ” wa’alaiki sallam Alhaji Bashir inason ganin ka da yamma zanzo? OK nagode sai anjima ya tsinke kiran yace” Saminu bayan la’asar sai mu tafi yace zai jiramu? ” to shikena ba damuwa Allah ya kaimu yasa haka shi yafi Alkhairi Nuhu yace” Ameen Daddy yace kutashi mutafi gun mai ran karfe yaji komai ghaisha tace”wai yau baza kuci abuncin ranaba ne har karfe uku zatayi Raiyan tashi muje Auta tashi muje kaci abunci fuska ya yamutsa ashagwabe yace.” Mamana ni banson cin komai? ” No tashi muje kamashi tayi suka nufi kan dining su Daddy suna dariya suka Mike ya kama hannun zee baby Dan duk abinan da ake tana jikin Daddy tayi lakwas tarasa meke mata dadi dukansu kan dining suka nufa kowa yaja kujera ya zauna zee gun mahbeer ta koma ghaisha tayi serving d’insu jalof din shinkafa ce taji nikeken naman rago da kayan lambu da soyayar kaza asama sai uban kamshi take zee kore damuwarta tayi sunacin abuncinsu tare ita da mahbeer Wanda hakan ya Kular da Sardauna daket ghaisha ta takura masa yaci mai Dan yawa ya Saki jikinsa saboda ghaisha sai tambarsa take ko bashida lafiyane Daddy yace”abinda abokinsa da matar da zai aura suka masa jinki abun karamine khadija ai Dole zai damu murmushi yay “Daddy wlh basa gabana dama ta ficemun arai Aishar tayimun dari bisa dari Allah ya tabbatar da Alkhairi sukace “Ameen Allah yayima Albarka ya Amsa da “Ameen zee ta kallesa karaf suka hada idanu wani irin mugun yanayi suka shiga atare idanunsu suka lumshe atare zee kanta ta boye jikin mahbeer tana sabke ajiyar zuciya idanunsa ya bude yana kallonta ganin yada ta manna kanta jikin mahbeer yasa ya Mike yanajan tsaki yabar gurin Sam babu Wanda ya lura suna aikin kwasar jalof mahbeer ya kalli zee ya dagota Dan yau tayi mugun taso masa sha’awa daurewa kawai yakeyi yanzu haka sai yayi wanka Kafin yayi la’asar” zee ki zauna kin koshine kallonsa take tana lumshe idanu Wanda suka fara Ja murmushi ya Saki ya Mike ya kama hannuta Dan yagano bacci takeji

dariya suka musu suna binsu da kallo yana rike da hannuta har bedroom can ya dauketa ya kwantar da ita ya lulubeta da blanket ya rankwafo ya mata kiss”my zee babyna maza bacci rikoshi tayi ta fashe da kuka” Ya Allah don Allah ki sakeni my zeena kinaso ki kaini bango ganin ba sakinsa zatayi ba ga kukan da take yasa ya tsaya yaga ita gudunta bata masa komaiba rumgumeshi tayi gam tana kuka bayanta ya fara bubbugawa ya gyara mata gashinta yakai bakinsa kunneta yana mata waka yana shafa gashinta da lalami da kalamai masu dadi shiru tayi ta Kara makaleshi sai sukurtu take tamkardai bataji yada take so ba da ta rumgumeshin cikin wayo da dubara yasamu tayi bacci yaji tana fitar da numfashi tare da sabke ajiyar zuciya murmushi yai ya janye jikinsa ya gyara mata kwanciyata ya sakar mata kiss saman lips d’inta yana shafa kyakywar fuskarta” I love u my zeena wlh ina tsananin sonki da kaunarki na matsu a daura mana aure hakurina ya fara gazawa akanki dauriyata ta kare wlh duk lokacin da zaki rabenni sai nayi wanka gashi ke baki dauki komai ahakaba juyi yaga ta fara tana lalube ta kwabe fuska tana kiran “Sardauna tana nishi sai mimmk’ewa take dariya yayi “kai rashin jituwa batayi ba kijifa fitina me Dr yayi kuma jin ta riko hannusa tana cewa”Yaya Sardauna please kark.. Da Sauri ya janye hannusa yana dariya ya Mike ya rufeta yana cewa ” karya mike Allura ko ya fice yana dariya lokacin da ya fito su Daddy sun tafi part din Daddah sai ghaisha da ummi Raiyan nanah na zaune saman cinyarta suna hira kunya tasa ya nufi hanyar fita yana Sosa kai dariya ummi Raiyan tayi ghaisha tace”wlh mahbeer akan momy bashida kunya dariya kawai yayi ya fice yana zuwa part d’insu bedroom dinsa ya nufa yayi wankan tsarki ya canza kaya ya fito ya nufi part d’insu Daddah Dr Sardauna ko yana zauwa ya kure karfin Ac ya fada saman bed ya shige cikin blanket ya kwanta yana juyi da Jan tsaki har bacci yayi Nasara daukeshi, Daddy ko suna part d’in Daddah mahbeer ya iskosu har sun fada musu abinda ya faru da shawara da suka yanke tunda Sardauna yace Zainab ta zaba mashi Aisha kuma ya amince yana Sonta Daddah da mai ran karfe sunji dadi sosai, Ana sukaci gaba da hira saida aka kira sallah la’asar suka tashi akayi Alwalla suka nufi masallaci daga can zasu gidansu Nisha Kiran sallah la’asar ne ya tashi Dr Sardauna bathroom ya shiga ya dauro alwalla jallabiya ya dora kan kayansa ya tafi masallaci ummi Raiyan ce ta shigo bedroom d’in taga zee sai sharara bacci take tashinta tayi fargigit ta farka ta kalli umminta “tashi maza kiyi sallah “ummina yanzu ne fah na fara baccin? ” eh tashi dai sabkowa tayi ta shiga bathroom tana turo baki ta dauro Alwalla ta fito ta yafa mayafi ta hau saman Darduma ta tayar da sallah ummi ma tashiga ta dauro Alwalla ta fito ta shimfida wata darduma ta tayar da, sallah zee tana gamawa hafeeza ta shigo zee ta kalleta” sister ina kika shiga tun d’azu? ” ina gidan Daddah fah bari nayi sallah yau wanka zani Swimming pool nayi murmushi zee tayi “zan biki amma bazan wanka ba ta fada tana nufar dressing mirror ta gyara gashinta ta daure da wani ribbon mai shegen kyau ta gyara fuskarta wardrobe ta bude ta ciro wata Riga pink color mai santsi iya gwiwa mai masifar kyau ta cire ta jikinta ta saka Dan ko tayi sha’awar wankama sai tayi wow nace tayi wani mugun kyau amma komai nata ya fito rigar ba karamun karbarta tayiba ummi Raiyan ta kalleta ta Mike”zainaba kinci gidanku bazaki fita ahakaba shagwabewa tayi” ummi Swimming pool zamu fah abaya ta dauko ta sakamata saman kayan “bakiga akwai ma’aikataba agidan kuma ta gabansu zakubi idan kunje sai kicire Dole ta hakura ummi ta janyo hannuta “muje parlo idanu hafeeza ta gama shiryawa sai ta fito ku tafi Dan tasan halin ‘yar tata zata iya cirewa shiyasa ta mata wayo suka fito parlor ta jirata

Bayan sallah la’asar su Daddy suka tafi gidansu Nisha Daddy ya kira babban amininsa Alhaji shazali harda mai ran karfe aka tafi Alhji bashir ya tarbesu da hannu bibbiyu bayan sun gama gaisawa ne Daddy yayi gyaran murya yace”Bashir abinda ya kawomu Akan maganar Aisha ne da Faisal yace ita yakeso kaddara ta rabashi da wacce zai aura to da nace yasamo wata yace Aisha ya zaba wai harma yazo sunyi magana shine nace to bari muzo kar muyi k’asa agwiwa Abu na gidane mairan karfe yace “idan babu damuwa Bashir munaso atsayar da magana munzo neman aure Bashir k’asa yayi da Kansa cikin jin kunyar surikin NASA yace” to madallah ai duk Abu na gidane tunda har sun daideta banida ja bari na kira Alhaji yanzu mik’ewa yayi ya fito yana farin cikin abun dama shi yaron da Nisha take so bai bawani kwanta masaba parlon ya shigo da sallama umma Hauwa na zaune Nisha na jikinta akwance ta Mike hayatu na zaune yana waya zama Bashir yayi yana kiran waya Babban Wansa ya kira yake sheda masa komai cikin farin cikin yace gashinan zai zo ya bada auran Aisha cikin jin dadi ya kashe wayar Hauwa ta kallesa” Alhaji bangane ba fah ta kalli Nisha wace tayi tsuru tsuru da idanu sai kif kif take da idanu Bashir yayi dariya ya kalli Nisha”Aisha kinason Dan uwanki zaki aureshi ko? kunya taji ta rumgume Hauwa ta boye kanta tana daga kai Hauwa tace”ikon Allah Bashir ya warware mata duk yanda akayi har zauwar Sardauna gun Nisha zauwar Dan uwansane yasa ya Mike ya koma gunsu Daddy suka nemi auren Aisha Mamuda ya basu har sadaki Saminu ya bayar nera dubu dari nan take mamuda ya amsa aka tsayar da ranar aure daide da na mahbeer kwana ashirin da bakwai yau daide yayi saura kowa agurin farin cikin yake da wanan Abu mahbeer ana gamawa ya Mike ya shigo ya gaishe da hauwa wacce itama tayi farin cikin sosai sai waya take da kawaye da abokan zama suna tayata murna irin wannan Abun Alheri kai tsaye da Allah ya kawo hayatune yasa nisha gaba yana zagi “Dan ubanki kika yarda aka hadaki da wannan mugun Dr Mara imani zakici ubanki shegiya karaf akunne mahbeer hayatu na zagin Dr Sardauna kuma yasan dalilin zagin da sallama ya shigo Nisha na ganinsa ta Mike ta taresa ta rike hannusa “Oyoyo bro dariya yayi “Amaryar mu aban goro sakin hannusa tayi cikin kunya ta ruga daki da gudu ta boye kai ya girgiza ya zauna kusan umma dariya umma tayi ” mahbeer kasa kanwarka jin kunya kaga masifafan da ya takurata tun dazu mik’ewa hayatu yayi yabar parlon ko kallo bai ishi mahbeer ba Dan yaji zafin zagin da yama Sardauna dama yanada haushinsa murmushi mahbeer ya saki” umma ina yini ” lafiya lau ina momy kai ya Sosa na barota tana bacci yau rigima takeji dariya umma tayi zatayi magana wasu mata uku suka shigo da sallama mahabeer ya Mike “umma suna jirana na tafi “to zanzo gidan zuwa dare dariya yayi ya fice a bakin get ya samu su Daddy sun fito suna shiga motar Nuhu da sauri ya karasa mairan karfe zai shiga mota ya rikeshi yana tsokanarsa sandar hannusa ya kwada masa dariya mahabeer yayi ya sakeshi ya gewaya mazaunin direba ya tashi motar ya mata key yabi banyan motar su Nuhu get aka bude musu suka fice………………. ✍🏻

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