Zee Baby Book 1 Page 29



….saman titi Mahbeer ya harba motar cikin nutsuwa yake tukinsa hankalinsa kwance yake sharara gudu yana tunanin zee dinsa ko ta tasho tayi sallah kawu saminu na masa hira dariya kawai yake hankalinsa kwance yake driving dinsa ya dauki hanyar kofar Marusa lowcos,
Nisha ko tunda ta shige bedroom ta fada saman bed ta lumshe idanunta tanajin wani irin dadi tamkar dama tanaso haka ta tsinci kanta afarin ciki sai juyi take tana sakin murmushi ko me ta tuna ta zabura ta bude idanunta ta dafe kirjinta”wayyo nashiga uku Yaya Sardauna tsama fah gareshi gashi inajin tsoronsa ya zanyi zama dashi mahafus zaice naci amanarsa murmushi tasaki “to ai Dr yacemun nasaki jikina dashi nabar tsoronsa bazai dokeni ba Sorry mahafus ni Dan uwana zan aura ta fada tana kwanciya rigingine ta shiga duniyar tunani batasan lokaci yajaba saida taji hassan na kiranta”Aunty kizo Abba na kira mik’ewa tayi tana turo baki”wlh idan karyace zaka sani tare suka fito Bashir yace”Aisha zo mana kusansa ta zauna cike da kunya tana sunne kai “Abba gani? ” yauwa Aishatul humairah ga kudin sadakinki nakine halak malak kiyi yanda kikeso ya kamo hannuta ya Dora mata “kai Abba Allah ni ba ruwana ku rike na Baku kai da umma bari na dauki dubu biyar nasha ice cream ta zagi dubu biyar ta ajiye sauran cinyar Abba ta Mike da gudu tayi d’aki dariya abin ya basu shida Hauwa da kallo suka bita har ta shige hayatu ko sai zabga Mata harara yake

bangaran su mashakurah bayan sun koma gida iyayan babu Wanda ya shiga sabgarta bedroom ta shiga ta fada saman bed ta fashe da kuka tana nadama da danasani ga son Dr Sardauna kamar ya kasheta jitayi ta tsani bandar arayuwarta da bai shigo rayuwartaba da hakan bata faruba da babu mai rabata da Sardauna Miji na kerema sa’a yayarta takira tana fadamata duk abinda ya fara tsabar rikita da takaici da mamakin abinda mashakurah ta aikata yasa ta tsinke kiran kukan mashakurah ya karu rana zafi inuwa k’una lalai ta kira tazo su yanke shawara mai fitar dasu amma tana zuwa iyayan mashakurah suka hanata shiga gunta shiyasa yau ta wuni cikin kunci da ta kura sai kuka take tana nadamar
aikata zina arayuwarta,


khalisat ce zaune ta rabka uban tagumi ta rame tayi baki sai abkin kuka tana kiran Sardauna Aunty amarya na hango itama tayi baki ta rame sai wasu kuraje da suka fara fito mata ta nufo gun khalisat “wai keba zakiyi tawakali ba kiyi hakuri ki amshi kaddara ki cireshi aranki tunda duk inda mukaje sai ace babu aure tsakaninku amma ai nace miki kiyi hakuri har wa’adin da boka kafi madubi ya daukarmun idan yacika mukoma mugani zai sake mana sabon shiri kallon uwar tayi ta fashe da kuka”wlh momy duk kece kika jawo mana muna zaman zamanmu da mutane masu mutumci son zuciya yasa kika aikata abundan muka aikata gashi munyi biyu babu ke babu ni babu Aunty amarya kanta da tasani takeyi Mara anfani. kukan itama ta fara ta rumgume yar tata tana bata baki akan zasu koma insha Allah tayi hakuri ita inna kallansu take ta rabka ta gumi Dan tasan duk laifintane itace bata Dora mariya atarbiya ba ta koya mata son abin duniya da da mugunta da makirci har itama ta Dora yarta a turba Mara kyau Allah ya kyauta yasa mufi karfin zuciyarmu Amin ya Allah

Mahbeer suna zuwa gida su kawu saminu suka shiga motcinsu suka nufi gidajamsu mahbeer ko part d’in Daddah ya nufa yana tsokaransu, Sardauna bayan ya dawo daga sallah ya cire jallabiyar jikinsa ya kwashi wayoyinsa ya dauki kwalin sigari da lemo gudu biyu ya fito ya nufi swimming pool can nesa da ruwan ya zauna gun wash gugayan kujeru ya zauna yana shan sigarinsa yana kallon ruwa zee suna zaune a parlor tana jikin umminta ghaisha na tambayarta”momy fushin me kikene? baki ta turo “ummina yo ba ummi bace tace wai na tafi Swimming pool da abaya dariya ghaisha tayi “yi hakuri kinsan fah akwai ma’aikata yan aiki da masu gadi zasu ganki kibari da kun karya kwanar sai kicire murmushi ummi Raiyan tayi tana shafa kan zee da take turo baki hafeeza ce ta fito da katon hijab cikin ko yar mitsitsiyar rigace ta wanka ta Iso “sister tashi mutafi mik’ewa zee baby tayi tana kallon hafeeza “sister ahaka zaki? murmushi tayi ta janye hijabin dariya zee tayi ta ce”ummina yanzu na gano dariya suka musu hafeeza ta kama hannu zee zasu tafi ummi tace”baby kawo wayarki karki sakata ruwa “ummina pic zamu dauka ta fada suna ficewa daga parlon anutse suke tafiya aikuwa inda sukabi suka hadu hashim me wanki da isah mai ba shifkoki ruwa suna karya kwana zee ta cire Abayarta da gudu ta nufi gun ta ajiye abayarta saman kujera hafeeza ta iso ta cire hijabinta ta ajiye zee ta zauna hafeeza tace” tashi muyi nutso tare kafada zee ta makale “jeki ba yanzu ba zanyi jeki zanyi pic ne da gudu hafeeza ta nufi gun ruwan ta tsunduma tana nutso zee tayi tsaye tana daukar hoto iri iri wani

tayi murmushi wani ta turo baki wani tayi dariya duk abinda take Sardauna na kwance saman kujera na kallonta kai ya girgiza ya lumshe idanunsa yanajin wani irin feelings yada surah jikinta ta baiyana tsaki yaja ya bude idanunsa ahankali kamar bayason magana yace “zee baby karaf akunneta idanu ta fara rarabawa tana neman Sardauna Dan taji muryasa shagwabewa tayi tana turo baki”Yayana naji muryarka kana ina please ka fito wlh tun d’azu nakejin kamshinka Yaya Sardauna dabas ta zauna tana kallon hafeeza wacce take wankanta cikin kwanciyar hankali lallausan murmushi ya Saki Dan yasan bata ganshiba sake kiranta yayi ta shiga waige waige mik’ewa tayi ta nufi gun kujerun da Sardauna yake kwance Dan tabbas taji ajikinta yana gurin yana ganin ta nufo gun ya lumshe idanunsa “Yayana kana inane ta fada tana isuwa gun ta gansa akwance “Yayana shiru ya mata ahankali ta karasu gunsa ta duka gabansa gwiwowinta ak’asa ta riko hannusa “Yayana gani bude idanunka lfy kuwa shiru taji kuma taga kamar baya motsi girgizashi tana kiran sunsa “Yayana ka tashi mana meyasa meka ko bakada lfy yaufa kai angone Daddy ya kira ummi ghaisha yace anyi Sadakinka da Nisha ansa ranar aure daidai da namu da ya mahbeer kwanaki kadan suka rage Yaya tashi kabani gorona namaka zaben mata wlh kun dace najini ina farin ciki duk da bamu shiri dakai amma na zabama ka mata kayarda zaka aureta Yaya Sardauna naji nabaka daraja mai girma nagode kuma insha Allah ni dakai bazamu sake fadaba ai kaima bazaka dokeniba ko angon Yayata Nisha ta fadi tana dariya tana leken fuskarshi shiru bai bude idanuba sai taga kamar yana kokowa da numfashinsa da karfi karfi arikice take zizigashi tana kiransa “Yayana Sardauna menene bude idanunka kaji tashi tayi ta lallaba ta kwanta saman kujera ta rumgumeshi ta fashe da kuka ta had’e face dinsu”Yayana menene don Allah kabude idanunka ko mutuwa dai kayi sauran Dan kuzarinsa da ya rage ya tataro jarumtarsa ya bude idanunsa ya zuba mata idanu hawayenta na zuba saman bakinsa yana lashewa ahankali naji ankira sunana Wanda na rasa nutsuwa nan take na rude fuskata

na janye na kallesa ina shashekar kuka “Yayana wai meye yasamaeka ina baka labarin matarka kayi banza dani zaune ya Mike yajanyoni jikinsa ya kamo fuskata ya zubamun tsumammun idanunsa masu fitar dani haiyaci”my Kanwas mutikar kinaso mushirya dake maza ki hadiye kukanki kimun shiru idan ba so kike ciwon zuciya ya kamaniba da Sauri na dora hannuna saman bakinsa ina girgiza kaina”Yayana wlh na daina kuka daga yau karkayi ciwon zuciya please angon Nisha kaina ya tallabo ya Dora harshensa yana shanye hawayena saida ya shanye tas ya sakeni jikina yayi sanyi jikinsa na koma na tura kaina kirjinshi ina sabke ajiyar zuciya shima rumgumeni yayi gam yana sabke ajiyar zuciya munjima ahaka mun makale juna can naji yace”My Kanwas kin tabbatar Nisha zata soni ni mutumne Mai son asoni sosai abani kulawa anunamun love zata iya wani irin k’ululun bakin ciki naji ya turnukeni amma na daure tunda banida dalilina na hakan

jikina na janye na matsa nesa dashi na kamo hannusa na rike “Yayana wlh zata soka sosai ma kaima kabata kulawa please Nisha ba ruwanta kaji yayana na fada ina langwabe kai ina sakin murmushi “gud My Kanwas nagode ya fada yana kamo yatsata yasa bakinsa yana tsotsa wani irin feelings ya tasomun ashagwabe nace”Yayana bakajin tsantsanin hannun hagumne fah na fada ina dariya zan zare ya ki Saki ya sake salon tsotsar idanu na zuba masa”Yayana please kabari mana zanyi kuka gira ya dagamun ya turamun yatsarsa abakina na kallesa gira ya dagamun alamar na tsontsa cizo na gantsara masa da karfi amma yaki cirewa na Kara masa wani cizon na cire yarsar bakina ina dariya cizona shima yayi da karfi na Saki ihu na fashe masa da kuka ina yarfa hannuna face ya hade” wlh idan kika bari hawayenki ya zubo k’asa sai kin raina kanki ni da kika cijeni fa wa nama kuka shiru nayi na hadiye kukan hannu ya rike yaga san hakoransa sun fito iskar bakinsa ya shiga huramun ya saki hannun”ina wayarki? ” gatacan ” jeki dauko mik’ewa nayi na nufi inda kayana suke idanu ya zuba mata da sauri ya rumtse idanunsa ya dafe kansa saboda tafiyarta kadai zata tadama namiji hankali bare kayan jikinta da yanayi zubinta da Allah yamata gata de yar siririya ce doguwa amma akwaita hips d boobs masu daukar hankali hafeeza ta gaji da wankan tana zaune tana ta daukar pic na iskota ina murmushi “sister ina kika buya ko kece na hango can? “eh gun Yayana nake bari na kai masa waya nazo nayi wanka hafeeza hanata tayi taci GABA da daukar pic daide lokacin,

Mahbeer ne ya shigo parlonsu yana neman Sardauna ya masa albishir bai gansaba ya nufi d’akinsa yaji arufe fitowa yayi yana nemansa yasan irin wanna lokacin yana Swimming pool can ya nufa lokacin zee ta gaji da iskancin hafeeza kokowa suka fara tayi nasara warce wayar ta ruga da gudu ta nufi gun Sardauna tana dariya mahabeer ya hango zee babynsa da wanna Riga mai masifar kyau yar guntuwa zai bita yaga hafeeza tana saka hijabi ya nufo gunta “ke dan ubakin haka tsirara kuke yawo dan kin ganni zakisaka hijabi ina ne zee ta nufa ahaka idanu hafeeza ta fara cicirawa “bro ai cemun tayi gun Yayanta zata nazata kaine to ko gun yaya Sardauna ne idanu ya zaro “kina nufin ahaka tazo?? “A,A ga rigarta nan dauka rigar yayi ya nufin gunsu zee ko tana zuwa ta zauna kusan Sardauna tana dariya”Yayana ga wayar shakota yayi ransa abace”wai dan ubanki haka kika fito daga part d’inku ya fada idanunsa sunyi jajur tsoronsa ya kamani kai na girgiza”Yayana wlh da abaya na fito tana can a ajiye Yayana ka shakeni sosai fa sakina yayi idanu na zuba masa yada babban kirjinsa ke sama da kasa hannuna na dora kan kirjinsa “Yayana kafiye girma masha Allah Yayana babban yarone mai tsada na fada ina sakar masa kiss saman faffadan kirjinshi mai yalwar gashi wani farin cikine ya mamaye Sardauna duk da bai taba mata murmushi gaba da gaba ba sai da ya subce masa itama murmushi tayi ta cire hannuta saman kirjinsa kamo fuskata yayi ya had’e face d’inmu muna shakar numfashin junanmu cikin wata iriyan murya yacemun” my Sweet zee wlh kinfini haduwa kedin babbar yarinyace danya sharaf mai tsadar gaske ya fada yana lasar idanuna ashagwabe nace”wayyo my Sardauna kabari mana kiss ya sakarmun saman idanu yana sakin murmushi ya dago ya tallabo kaina ya daga bakina yana huramun iskar bakinsa wani kamshi nake Shaka muna kallon juna sai ji nayi ya zubamun yawu ya rufemun bakina yana murmushi “Oya My Kanwas hadiye fuska na kwakwabe ” OK bani abuna tunda bazaki Shaba hadiyewa na ina lasar baki “to yayana na hadiye na fada ina riko fuskarsa “Yayana tsaya meye saman idanunka mugani cikin dubara na bude bakinsa Nima ina hura masa iskar bakina na kakalo yawuna na zuba masa abaki na rude masa bakinsa ina dariya sai naga ya hadiye yana murmushi gira na daga masa “wayyo Yayana namaka wayo kasha yawuna kafada ya dagamu “My Kanwas bani wayar mana “to Yayana ga wayar”gud My Kanwas bani number Humaira da sauri na kallesa “yayana wacece haka kuma ni banida na fada cikin tsiwa zan Mike ya rikoni ya mannani da jikinsa ya kai bakinsa kunnene cikin tatausan lafazi yace”My Kanwas Nisha nake nufi ya fada yana shafa gashin kaina cikin sanyin jiki na janye jikina ina murmushi karfin hali na bashi wayar “gashi yayana zaka ga nasaka My dear amasa yayi ya duba babu security ya shiga ma’adanar lambobi yaga number nisha wayarsa ya dauka ya kwashe number Nisha yayi dailing number tana ringing ba’a dauka ba har ta katse ya sake kira zee baby idanu ta zuba masa zuciyarta na mata zafi amma ta boye damuwarta “Yayana bata dagaba ne bari na kirata nace kaine Kiran har ya kuma katsewa bata dagaba zee ta kirata bugo daya ta daga”my dear amaryarmu Yayane fa yake kiranki baki dagaba daga can Nisha ta zaro idanu”wayyo my dear wlh ban saniba ai to kibani shi idan kuna tare zee saida ta rumtse idanunta “OK my dear ido ta bude ta kalli Sardauna yana fama latsa waya tace”Yaya Sardauna amshi Aunty Nisha nason magana da mijinta kallona yayi na sakar masa murmushi amsa yayi ya Kara akunne”hello Amarya ya kike daide lokacin mahbeer ya iso gun ransa duk abace ina ganinsa farin ciki ya kamani daman neman yada zanbar gun nake cikin farin ciki nace”my heart zo ka kamani mutafi jiri nakeji wanka zanje nayi Yaya Sardauna na kawoma waya suna…ban idasaba ya fisgoni na Mike tsaye saida nasaki Kara”wayyo my heart wlh hannuna naji zafi da Sauri Sardauna ya dago kai ransa amutikar bace saboda fizgar da mahbeer ya mata yajita har ransa amma ya kauda kai yaci gaba da amsa wayarsa jikinsa ya matseni yana sakamun abayar hannusa Wanda niko hanklina gabaki daya yana gun wayar da Sardauna yake da Nisha muryar mahbeer ta dawo dani yana mun magana afada fada ya matseni gam “wlh my zee babyna Idan…………… ✍🏻


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