Zee Baby Book 1 Page 40



….” Wlh karki kuskura kisakemun zancen zaki mutu akanme zaki mutu ayanzu haba My Kanwas kibari kuyi rayuwarku tare da bro zainab kibar tarin haka kinji ya fada yana buga bayanta da sauri da sauri take Numfashi saboda yada tarin yaki tsayawa ta d’ago ta shafi fuskarsa zatayi magana tarin yazo da karfi ” Yaya Sardauna zan mutu kadubani kaga meke damuna please Yayana? Kara shigar da ita jikinsa yayi muryasa can “my zeener ciwon sone kuma shima yana mugu mugun sonki fiye da yada kike sonsa kiyi hakuri zaamaida muku auranku idan nayi kissing d’inki zaki daina tarin? kasa magana tayi ta zoba masa manyan fararan idanunta tana tarin kanta ya tallabo ya had’e bakinsu tana masa tarin cikin bakinsa ahankali yake tsotsar bakinta cikin nutsuwa ya rumgumeta gam diff tarin ya dauke lafewa tayi cikin jikinsa ta lumshe idanunta ko motsi batason yi tanajin dadin kissing.din yada yake sarrafa harshenta itama nashi ta kamo tana tsotsa ahankali jin bazai zuba mata yawu ba ta zare bakinta ta b’are baki ta fashe da kuka fuskarta ya rike” my sweet babyna menene kuma Kara rumgumeshi tayi ashagwabe cikin shashekar kuka tace” My Sardauna nah? ” Na’am My sweet babyna yi shiru

Fadamun meye kike so? ” My Sardauna nah ba kaibane kaki bani yawunka nasha ta fada tana Kara sautin kukan”OK to yi shiru bari kukan ji jikinki akwai zafi karkiyi Nisha ta jimu kukan ta saka masa cikin shashekar kuka tace”yo taji mana ni ina ruwana yo haka ake mutum da Dan uwansa ahanashi ya wataya My Sardauna ni banason Nisha haushinta nakeji tanason rabani da Rabin jikina tarine ya sarketa kyakyawa rumguma ya mata”Ya Salam My Babyna yi hakuri kin fiye zafin kishi kalli kinason kashe kanki da kinsan halin da yake ciki akanki yafi naki hakurine yakeyi amsha maza kisha tarin ya tsaya wlh bazan taba bari ki kamu da ciwon zuciya ba ya fada yana fito da harshensa ya tura mata cikin bakinta taji murya Nisha na kiranta makale Sardauna tayi tayi lamo jikinsa tana tsotsar harshensa ko ajikinta shine yayi kokari ya zare harshensa ta makaleshi” Yayana yanzu tafiya zakayi ka barni ta fada cikin kuka mikar da ita yayi tsaye ya jinginata da bango ya mata rumfa da faffadan kirjinshi ya zuba Mata mayatattun idanunsa ya tallabo kanta ya. bude bakinta ya Dora nashi sama yana gogawa ya zuba Mata yawunsa yana wasa dashi da Sauri ta fara lasewa tana hadiyewa maganar Nisha yaji ya zare bakinsa anata ya gyara mata gashinta bakinsa yakai kunnenta cikin tattausan lafazi ya narkar da murya”my Kanwas idan kinason farin cikin Sardauna karki kuskura kiyi kuka ko ki kwana da

damuwa ki Saki ranki bazan taba yardaba ciwo ya kamaki irin na Almahadee ki jure kizama jaruma maza hadiye kukanki kimun dariya ki Saki ranki za’a maida muku auranku kuma idan kinason farin cikina karki sake saka kananun kaya kirika saka manyan kaya kinji my baby yar kanwata ya fada yana sakar mata kiss zee baby tunda ya Dora bakinsa kunnenta ta lumshe idanuwanta tayi lamo saman faffadan kirjinshi ta rikeshi gam tana sauraron amon muryarsa mai dadin gaske har bacci ya kwasheta Dan batasan sauran bayanin da yakeba jin yana lasar kunneta batayi dariya ko ta motsa yasa ya zare bakinsa ya d’ago ya leka fuskarta manyan idanunsa ya zaro ganin baccinta take cikin nutsuwa fuskarta ya shafa”oh my God my zeener bacci kikamun ajikina yanzu ya zan miki gashi banason kiyi kuka ko damuwa tamiki yawa sona ya adabi zuciyarki nasan kina mugun son Sardaunanki wlh Nima ina miki so da kaunar da suka linlinka naki saide abin bakin cikin bazamu malaki junaba ko da akwai auren tsakanimu ni bana noma gonar da wanina ya noma zan binne sonki cikin zuciyata kema zan miki Addu’a Allah ya cire miki kaunata azuciyarki ya fada yana daukarta cak kamar yar baby ya rumgumeta ya fito da ita direct part d’insu ghaisha ya nufa da ita da sallama ya shigo parlon. duk suna tsaitsaye Ana neman zee Nisha ganin Sardauna rumgume da dear dinta gabanta yayi

mugun faduwa ganin yada ya rumgumota tana manne jikinsa Addu’a ta fara karantawa ganin ya nufi hanyar bedroom Daddy da ghaisha suka nufosa da Sauri”Sardauna meye ya sameta” Daddy lokacin da na fitane na shiga part. din Daddah narika jiyo ihu da kuka ina zuwa naganta ak’asa tana birgima Aljanunta sun tashi wlh daket na sabkesu Nisha ce ta iso hawaye ya wanke mata fuska ta Dora hannuta saman fuskarta ta shafa” my dear Allah baki lafiya muna hira tace bari tazo ta daukomun wayarta naga sabon pic dinta da tayi Ashe tana fita suka bigeta ghaisha tace” momy saida nace ta yafa mayafi takiya Sardauna kaita d’akin ummi Raiyan Daddy yace”wlh ciwon momy ya fara damuna jinnu sun matsa mata jeka ka shinfideta tafiya yayi ghaisha ta rumgume Nisha tana lallashinta”Aisha kiyi hakuri yar uwarki zata warke insha Allah Sardauna bedroom d’in ummi Raiyan ya shiga da ita ya kwantar da ita saman gadon ya zauna yana tofa mata Addu’a duk jikinta ya shafe mata fuskarta motsi ta fara” Yayana Sardauna murmushi ya saki ya matsa baya Dan karta kamoshi har ya gama Addu’ar ya rumguma mata katon pillow tako rumgumeshi gam lullubeta yayi da blanket ” I love you my zeener Allah ya ciremana son junanmu tunda basamun junaba zamuyi ba kin haramta gareni rankwafowa yayi ya sakar mata kiss saman lips d’inta da idanunta da hancinta ya Mike ya fice ransa duk abace idanunsa sunyi Ja ummi tace”Dr sannu Allah yama Albarka”kai ummi ai babu komai kanwatace fah Aisha tashi mutafi Daddy sai da safe”Dr namu sannu Allah yayi maka Albarka yabaka abinda kakeso duniya da lahira ghaisha tace”Ameen Abban Sardauna murmushi yayi yaje ya sake musu kiss suka musu sallama suka fice su Daddy ma tashi sukayi kowa ya nemin gun kwanciya dare yayi karfe, goma shadaya na dare, suna fitowa suka shige mota Sardauna

yamata key bakin get ya tsaya yana horn sai ga mai gadi ya fito ya bude musu get Sardauna ya fizgi motar da karfi yaja driving yake acikin nutsuwa ya kalli Nisha da tayi shiru kanta a sade janyota yayi jikinsa”my Neesher yanaji kinyi shiru? rumgumeshi tayi gam tana sabke ajiyar zuciya” sweetheart wlh nadamu da rashin lafiyar my dear tabani tausayi Allah yabata lafiya”Ameen my Neesher karki damu zata warke kinsan fah mai ciki ba’aso tana saka damuwa aranta ki Saki ranki ya fada yana tura hannusa cikin rigarta yana shafo marata shiru tayi ta d’ago tana kallonsa” my Dr kabari” naki na bari wasa nake da babyna shiru tayi ahaka har suka isa gida tana manne jikinsa yana shafa marata horn yai mai gadi ya bude masa get ya shige ciki da motar rumfar motocin ya shiga ya faka ya kashe motar Nisha ta bude ta fito shima ya fito ya rufe motar ya kama hannuta suka nufi sashensu Sardauna ya saka key ya bude suka shiga da sallama ya maida kofar ya murzawa key suna zuwa tsakiyar parlon Nisha ta amshe hannuta ta nufi bedroom dinta”ina jiranki dariyar karfin hali tayi “OK tace ta shige bedroom dinta kayan jikinta ta cire ta shiga wanka agagauce ta shirya cikin kayan bacci Riga da wando gabanta sai faduwa yakeyi Dan tasan bazai mata ta saukiba kofar ta tura ta shigo da sallama har ya gama shirin kwanciya ya had’e cikin kayan bacci ruwan toka masu sulbi yana kwance ta karaso bakin makekan royal bed d’insa hannu ya ware mata”Oyoyo mamar baby Oya zo gun mijinki gabanta na fadu ta isa gunsa ta fada jikinsa ya rumgumeta yana sunsunata ya beka hannu ya kashe wutar d’akin yaja musu blanket

“My Neesher ya naji zuciyarki na bugawa da karfi?”kai my sweetheart babu komai ta fada tana shafar fuskarsa” my Dr inason sajan fuskarka bai bariba ta karasaba ya kame bakinta amma yana fara tsotsa ya Saki yanajan tsaki itako babu abinda take so sama da bakinsa wani salon ya fara mata tun tana tsoro har ta saki jiki har tafiya tayi tafiya ya shigeta cikin nutsuwa yake kashe arna Nisha yau wani mugun dadi takeji sai sambatu take tana kamkameshi shima kansa yaji ta canza yana Dan jin dadi ba kamar farkon auransu ba shiyasa yake mata yan kananun maganganu yana tambayarta tanajin dadi kai tsaye tace”wlh inaji Ya Faisal shiyasa ya Kara fawa”yana cewa my Nisha kirikamun zantutuka masu dadi amma saboda ya rudata ta kasa, sai nishi take tana ririkeshi Abu kamar wasa har wucin awa daya nisha taji shiru bashida niyar sauka akanta aikuwa ta fara kuka Dan ta gaji tayi release so biyu kuka take wiwi” Ya Faisal nagaji wlh nagaji ka dagani zafi nakeji amma bai sauraretaba Kara fawa ma yayi cacakarta yake bada wasaba saida ya kwashe awa biyu cuf asamanta yayi release ya kamkameta dakyau yajima sosai kafin ya mirgina gefe yana sabke numfashi zufa na keto masa ta ko ina Nisha ta

jigata sosai ko motsin kirki batayi sabkowa yayi daga saman gadon yaje ya hada ruwan zafi ya dawo ya dauketa” Nisha raguwa shiru tamasa Dan haushinsa takeji cikin ruwan ya nasata yayi wanka tsarki ya dauro alwalla ya fito tsaki taja tana hawaye ta Mike”jarababbe kawai ina dalili ayita garzar mutu ba dare ba rana haka tayi wanka ta fito lokacin da ta fito yana sallah sai uban kamshi yake jikinta ta goge ta maida kayanta da cire mata ta haye gado tayi kwanciyarta gabanta sai zafi yake mata ga jikinta sai ciwo yake batajima ba baccin walaha ya dauketa Sardauna kuwa sallah yayi bai idarba sai karfe uku na dare yayi Addu’a Allah ya cirewa zee sonsa shi kam yasan sonta ajininsa yake amma yana Rokon Allah ya cire masa sonta sai da yagaji Dan kansa ya Mike ya cire jallabiyar yasa kayan bacci ya hauro saman gadon ya rumgumota yaja musu blanket yana Addu’ar bacci Kara shiga jikinsa tayi ahaka shima bacci ya daukesa da tunanin zee baby azuciyarsa Asubah ta gari, bangaran mahbeer ya kasa sukuni ko abunci bai ciba magugun da malam ya bashi yayi daki daki bayan ya kammla ya kira Khalisat kuka tayi ta masa yaki tiro ayi maganar auransu daket yasamu tayi shiru ya lallabata har ta hakura suka fara hira soyayya sai tsakiyar dare sukayi sallama ya kwanta bacci Adubah ta gari mahbeer


*Bayan kwana biyar*
yau kwana biyar da malam kabiru yaba mahbeer magugunan Alhmdllh mahbeer ya dawo haiyacinsa yanzu dayaga zee hajiyarsa take harbawa khalisar kuwa Tasha cin mutumcin zagi uwa da uba yace mezaiyi da ita ya tsaneta tasa ya saki matarsa da yafi so fiye da komai ai nan khalisat ta fadi ta suma tun shekaran jiya ya dagawa yan gidansu hankali shi wlh bai Saki matarsa ba idanma yaketa to ya mayar da ita Daddy yace bazata komaba sukayi ta zaginsa akan me ya mayar da ita bayanin komai ya musa ya warke ras bashida wata matsala kuma ya tsani khalisat Daddy yace bazata komaba sai sunga dama hardasu kuka yayi zee ma ta daga musu hankali abarta ta koma gidan mijinta Dan abukace take tun ranar da Sardauna yayi kissing dinta ta rasa nutsuwarta namiji take bukata gashi tin ranar bata sake ganin Sardauna ba ko ta kirasa bata samunsa har zazzabi tayi mai zafi ko a hospital yaki yarda ya dubata Nabeel ne ya dubata Yakuma ce ayi taka tsantsa zuciyarta ta fara tabu shiyasa Daddy ya yarda yace abarta ta koma gidanta tunda tanaso bangaran Nisha da Sardauna babu laifi yana bata kulawa sosai yana nuna mata soyayya saide jarabarsa ta takura mata babu yada ta iya Dole take biye masa idan ta fara jin zafi tayi ta kuka shiko ko ajikinsa saide idan ya gama Tasha tatali ankawo mata mai aiki koda yaushe cikin cin kaza take Sardauna yayi ta mata dariya yana cewa”babyna yasa mamarsa kaudai sai ta fara kuka sai ya lallasheta sa’arta guda bata laulayi, bangaran mashakurah wlh sai ta baka tausayi ta rame ta jeme cikinta ya fito gashi abukace take da namiji Dole ta hakurata rike bandar Dan yana bata kulawa sosai jiran haihuwa akeyi amusu aure Ahmed da hafeeza wata irin soyayya suke zubawa mai tsayawa azukatu Sardauna ya ganosu burus ne yayi dasu yaga iya gudunsu



da misalin karfe 8:00pm na dare Nisha Zaune take a parlo tana tsotsar lemun tsami tana kallon makekiyar TV dake manne abango Sardauna ya fito daga bedroom d’insa yana waya kusanta ya zauna jikinsa ta kwanto” eh wlh Daddy kaina yakemun ciwo tun yamma gashi gabana yafiye faduwa sai Addu’a nakeyi amma bari yanzu zan fito na dubasa insha Allah OK bye sai nazo ya tsinke kiran ya kalli Nisha ya daga mata gira ya Kara matseta” yanzu daga mutum ya fara murzaki zaki fara kuka My Nisha ki daina shan lemon tsami dariya tayi ta rukumkumeshi tana kissing dinsa murmushi yai ya tura hannusa cikin rigarta yana lalubarta yana shafa cikinta lafewa tayi jikinsa”my sweetheart kaidin na dabanne mintsineta yayi dariya tayi”kitsaya naji ya babyna yake” my Dr ina zaka ina zuwa? ” no ki zauna yanzu zan dawo mairan karfe ne bayajin dadi zan dubasa kirawo Rabia mai aiki kuyi fira kiss ya mata ya Mike hawaye ya wanke mata fuska ta fara shashekar kuka” Ya Salam tashi dauko hijabi mu tafi mik’ewa tayi da gudu tsawa ya buga mata” Nisha bana hanaki gudu ba kina jijigamun yara cak ta tsaya ta fara tafiya ahankali taje ta dauko hijabin ta fito har ya fice amota ta iskeshi ta bude ta shiga ta rufe yaja tunkafin ya iso mai gadi ya bude masa get yafice ya harbata motar kan titi yana gudu Nisha ta kallesa”my Dr kayi hakuri bazan karaba kai ya daga mata jikinsa ta kwanto ta boye kanta kirjinsa tanajin mugu mugun sonsa da kaunarsa na ratsa zuciyarta matseta yayi gam jikinsa yana tuki sai ni’imataccen kamshinsa take Shaka tana shafar wuyansa har suka iso kofar gidansu yaga motar mahbeer ta fito zee zaune agaba suna magana suna dariya suka fice shiko ya shige, ciki parking yayi nisha ta janye jikinta ta bude ta fita shima ya fito hannuta ya kama suka nufi part din ghaisha akofar parlo suka hadu da Daddy” yauwa Dr Ka iso muje ka hadu da iyayan rigima mun bashi matarsa harda kuka yamana itama ta damemu da kuka ita mijinta ta keso murmushi Sardauna yayi” nagansu Daddy Allah ya basu zaman lafiya Nisha shiga gunsa momy Daddy yace “muje da ita suma sunacan Nisha cikin kunya ta gaishe da daddy

“Aisha sannu ya karfin jiki muje to gidan daddah suka nufa, mahbeer ko sai murna yakeyi yau zai angwance tuki yake cikin nutsuwa zee na zuba masa surutu tana kwance jikinsa” my heart ka rage gudu mana ta fada ta rumgumeshi tana dariya juyowa yayi ya mata kiss yana murmushi “wlh my zeena da na rasaki mutuwa zanyi bakinsa ta rufe masa tana kwakwab’e fuska zata masa kuka gangarawa yayi bakin titi yai parking ya janyota jikinsa”yi hakuri wasane nake miki bazan mutuba ya fada yana tura hannusa cikin rigarta yana murza manyan breast dinta narke masa tayi”wayyo my heart inajin dadi jin ta fadi haka ya janye rigar tata yasa hannusa duka biyu yana murzamata sai nishi take tana bangaro masa, kansa ta tallabo tahade bakinsu tana masa wata irin tsotsa mahbeer ya zauce duk ta rikitashi bakinsa ya zaro ya maida kan breast dinta yana tsotsa bankarewa tayi ta fashe masa da kuka shima kukan ya fara yana tsotsa duk sun haukacewa junansu suna romance bakin titi motace ta kwace tayi kansu mai babbar motar sai horn yake musu jama’a suna kiran sunan Allah amma Sam basa haiyacinsu Dan har sun cire rigunansu kawai sai ji kake garam motar ta bugi motarso zee tashigi motar Sosai Wanda atake zee numfashin ya dauke
jini bulbulowa daga sharan kanta mahbeer yana cikin jigata saboda karfen da yasokesa aciki ganin zee ahaka ya kwalla Kara yana jijigata”zeena don Allah karki barni bazan rayuba idan babu ke samanta ya fada nan take ya sume jama’a sunyi caa gun Dan motar ta game sai anyi dubara za’a cirosu mai motar hannnu ya Dora akai ya fashe da kuka Dan idan kaga yada motar tayi wlh sai kayi kuka Dan tausayi haka jama’a suka taru Ana kokarin ciro abinda aka samu nadaga jikinsu Dan mutane basa zaton sunyi rai……………….✍🏻

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