Zee Baby Book 1 Page 30



….”kika sake fitowa ahaka sai na bata miki rai gida cike da maza zaki rika fita ahaka “yo my heart ai babu Wanda ya ganni fah sai Yaya Sardauna kuma ni yaya mahbeer kabarmun fada Allah ni banason fada sai Karina min fada jifa hannuna kajimu wayyo Yaya Sardauna kagani my heart yajimun ciwo ko? “yi hakuri my zeena zo mugani janyeta yayi ya kamo hannuta suka zauna kusan Sardauna ya kwantar da kanta kafadarsa ya rike hannuta “Dr ango kaji zainab tana kullamun Sheri wai na jimata ciwo ya fada yana murmushi yana murzawa zee baby hannuta Sardauna dagowa yayi Wanda ransa yayi mugun baci ya danne yama Nisha sallama yace Zai kirata da dare ya kalli mahbeer yace”my bro kaima naga irin fisgar da kamata ai kashinta bai kwarin da zaka fizgeta hakaba sai kajimata ciwo zee najin haka Sardauna ya daure mata gindi ta b’are baki ta fashe da kuka tana bekama Sardauna hannunta ya riketa ransa wani irin mugun baci yayi kwashe wayoyinsa yayi ya Mike yabar gun mahbeer yace”Dr Namu ka tsaya kaji labari mai dadi bai juyoba yace” toilet zan shiga zamuyi maganar anjima ya tafiyarsa dukansa zee ta fara tana kuka”to ni sakeni na tafiyata wlh ba ruwana dakai tunda ka kori Yayana gashinan kajimun ciwo daket ya riketa ya shiga lallashinta yasamu tayi shiru tana zumburo

baki saida ya lallabata har ta sabko ta Saki ranta ya jata suka nufi gun ruwan abayar ta cire taba mahbeer ya rike mata tana dariya “my heart naje nayi wanka ta nufi ruwan da gudu ta tsumduma mahbeer na zaune sai murmushi yakeyi yana lumshe idanu yana jinsa a farin ciki zee nutso kawai take ruwan saboda ta iya ruwa sosai idan tayi nutso ta gaji sai ta leko a kirayi mahbeer tana dariya shima dariya yake mata sai takoma yay yay da ita ta fito sutafi taki saida taji Ana kiran sallah ta fito gashinta har gadon baya na tsagar da ruwa mik’ewa yai ya taro ta ya rikota yana goge mata gashinta da mayafin abyar tana dariya ta shafi fuskarsa”my heart ina sonka murmushi ya Saki ya saka mata rigarta ya yane mata kanta da gyale ya mata kiss agoshi “nima ina Sonki ina kaunarki wlh bazan iya rayuwa babu keba rumgumesa tayi tana dariya” nima wlh Yayana ina Sonka ina alfahari da kai janyeta yayi ya kamo hannuta suka nufo cikin gida daide part d’insu ya Saki hannunta “my zeena alwalla zanyi na tafi masallaci dariya tayi ta wuce part d’insu shima ya shiga part d’insu akofar get sukayi Karo da Sardauna ta dago da Sauri face ya had’e ta tare hanyar ta marerece fuska”Yayana ina wayata hannusa yasa ya matsar da ita bai kalleta ba yace”tana gun ummi zatayi magana ya buga mata wata uwar tsawa jikinta na rawa ta shiga ciki da gudu tsaki yaja ya tafiyarsa tana shiga ta wuce bedroom ta cire kayanta ta daura towel ta shiga bathroom saida tayi wankan tsarki saboda rumgumar da Sardauna ya mata ta zuba sosai tana fitowa

ta saka Riga da siket yan kanti rigar mai dogon hannuce ta fesa turare ta fesar da gaahinta ta shafa mai ta daureshi da ribbon ta saka hijab ta hau darduma ta tayar da sallah hafeeza ce ta shigo itama ta dauro alwalla ta tayar da sallah zee ko da ta gama bata tashiba zaune take tana hailalah da salatin Annabi hafeeza ma zaune take tana karatun Alqura’n mai girma har aka kira sallahr isha suka Mike sukayi atare suna idarwa zee ta tashi ta cire hijabin ta nufi D’akin ummi tana zaune kan darduma tana Addu’a hawaye na zuba saman fuskarta jin motsin zee yasa tayi saurin gogewa ta shafa fatiha ta Mike ta kalli zee tana zaune bakin gado wayarta ta dauko”ga wayarki inji Sardauna amsa zee tayi tana jujuya wayar ahannuta tanajin kamshin Sardauna jikin wayar ummi ta zauna ta rumgumo zee “zainaba kinada damuwane? dariya zee tayi”kai ummina wlh babu abinda yake damuna ummina murmushin farin ciki tayi zee ta budewa umminta kai” wow ummi kizo nayi miki kitso mana ko Dan bazai kitsu ba ta fada tana warware gashin Wanda tsayinsa ya wuce mazauninta dariya ummin tayi tana ma zee dukan wasa “sakarmun gashi hirasu suke cikin so da kauna hafeeza tashigo da sallama “ummi ghaisha na kiranki murmushi tayi “to ganina zee tashi muje kici abunci rumgume ummi tayi”to ki goyani janyeta tayi ta Mike tsaye ta daure kanta ta kama hannu zee suka fito tana mata rigima sai ta goyeta dariya su Daddy suka musu kan dining suka nufa Sardauna na zaune yanacin hadin salak da akwai Daddy yace kaga Dan gatan ghaisha kallonsa zee tayi ganin fuskarsa ahade ta kauda kanta ghaisha tayi serving d’insu mahbeer ne ya Iso yana dariya ya nufi gun Sardauna ya zauna yasa hannunsa cikin plate din “ango baka bani gorona ba fah? ” murmushi Sardauna yayi “bro zan baka karka damu Daddy yace “yauwa idan mun gama

cin abuncin zamuyi magana kunga Abu ya gabato suka amsa da to zee ta kalli mahbeer “my heart ba ko magana ko? ” zo muci salak akwai dadi” Allah Ya mahbeer to bari nazo naci ta Mike tana kallon Sardauna ido suka hada wani irin abu ya sokeso atare wani mugun kallo Sardauna ya watsama zee da nunin karta kuskura tazo dabbas ta koma ta zauna Dan ta gano kashedinsa baki ta murguda ta hararesa taja tsaki ta kauda kanta tanajin wani irin yanayi na baibayeta Mahbeer yace ya kika fasa zauwa? cikin sanyin murya tace “Ya mahbeer banaci ne Sardauna spoon d’in ya ajiye cikin plate ya mike ya dawo parlo sude iyayansu abuncinsu sukeci mahbeer yayi yay da zee tazo taci salak taki dam Sam ya fice mata arai abuncin kadan taci Dan bata fiye cin abunci sosaiba da dare surutu tayi ta zuba musu har suka gama suka dawo parlo Sardauna na zaune yana waya da wani Dr da yake Abuja Akan yazo Abuja gobe zee tana jikin umminta kwance Sardauna na gama wayar Daddy yayi gyaran murya yace”yauwa dama abinda nakeso daku shine maganar lefene

Kai Faisal nasan aiki aiyuka sunma yawa Mahbeer kaine zaka jagoranci tafiyar kaida ummi Raiyan da khadija zaku tafi Dubai ku hado kayan lefe da da kayan daki da gadaje har na Aisha nine zan mata komai ya kasance kun musu iri daya kamar yada gida janku yake iri daya to hata kayan da za’a zuba agidan ma ya kasance iri daya akwatina ma iri daya komai yazama iri daya dama na gama shirya koma jibi idan Allah ya kaimu zaku tafi momy sai muyi zaman mu ni dake da hafeeza har su dawo ko? ” wayyo Daddy atafi dani please sai nazabo komai Dan Allah Daddy na fada ina son yin kuka ummi tace”nafa San halinki idan munje bazaki barni nasake ba nayi abunda ya kaini ba kukan shagwaba na saka mata na Mike na nufi bedroom Sardauna da kallo ya bita yana lumshe idanunsa zuciyarsa na bugawa Daddy yace”ko atafi da ita sai tazabi irin abubuwan da take so ummi tace”abarta wlh bazata barni na sakeba yanzu zan shiga na lallasheta zata hakura murmushi Daddy yayi
Sardauna gun ghaisha ya dawo ya zauna ya kwantar da kansa cinyarta kansa ta shafa masa “Autana ya dai Mamana gobe zan tafi Abuja insha Allah amma kwana biyu zanyi ko uku “Allah ya kaimu ya.kaika lafiya ya bada sa’ar aikin da akaje yi Daddy yace”ni bazaka fada munba tashi yayi ya koma gun Daddy ya rumgumesa “sorry my Daddy dariya sukayi mahbeer yace”Dr Sardauna namu wai bazaka bani gorona ba murmushi yay ya kallesa “Allah bro kafiye takura yo ni goro gareni kuda kukaje kuka kai kudin auren kukasa ranar aure ai Kane zaka bani goro ko Daddyna ya fada yana rumgumesa Nawwara da nanah dariya sukayi suna kallon Sardauna harara ya zabga musu ghaisha tace ka firgitamun yara mahbeer yace”au haka kace ko gira Sardauna ya daga masa yana dariya ya kalli ummi “ummi kije zainab fah na kuka ita daya ki lallasheta dariya mahbeer yayi “eh lallai tama zaben mata ummi mik’ewa tayi tamusu sallama ta nufi bedroom d’insu zee hira suka taba kadan Sardauna ya Mike ya musu sallama Dan da Asubah yakeso ya kama hanyar Abuja mahbeer ko yana nan suna tattauna yada komai zai tafi atsari sai karfe kusan shadaya ya tafi part d’insu ummi da ta shiga

zee na kwance har tasaka kayan bacci taci kwayoyi kwallaba daya ta shanye ta sirot dama ita daya ta rage mata hafeeza ta tambyeta meye Tasha tayi banza da ita Dan yan isakan sunzo kanta akwance ummi Raiyan ta iskosu murmushi tayi isowa bakin gadon tayi ta dauketa cak kuka ta saka mata “ummina wlh ni saukeni nayi fushi ta kalli hafeeza”diyata kiyi hakuri natafi nayi lallashi tare zamu kwana shiru zee tayi tayi lamo jikin ummi dakinta ta nufa da ita ta kwantar da ita cire abayar jikinta ta shiga bathroom tayi wanka ta fito ta saka kayan bacci ta hayo gadon ta rumgume yarta da take kukan sangarta ba hawaye Dan kwayoyin sun fara aiki”zainaba yi shiru yar autata bari namiki waka mai dadi waka ta fara mata akunnanta ta larabci kunsandai balaraba da zakin murya tana shafa gashin kanta tun tana turjewa, har ta tsaya tayi shiru tana sauraro tayi lamo jikin ummi bata jimaba bacci ya dauketa abinka da tayi shaye shayenta ummi bata bariba saida taga baccinta yayi nisa Addu’a ta tofa mata taja blanket ta rufesu Dan itama so take tayi baci ko ta farka cikin dare tayi sallah tana rumgume da yarta har bacci ya dauketa hafeeza tana dakinsu ita daya itama tayi bacci rashin zee baby dama itace ke hanata bacci da wuri sucika dare suna hira can dare ta gudu gun umminta ta kwana,

Sardauna yana zuwa wanka yay yayi shirin kwanciya yayi sallahr nafila raka’a biyu ya jima zaune yana Addu’a ya Mike ya cire jallabiya ya ballo maganinsa yasha ya fada saman bed yaja blanket ya rufa jikinsa yana juyi har bacci ya daukesa koda mahbeer yazo lokacinma Sardauna yayi bacci shima wanka yayi yay shirin bacci ya kwanta amma yay cikin wuya yayi bacci sha’awar zee dinsa ta adabeshi ga tunanin zai barta yayi tafi wacce yasan zasu kusa sati haka yayi ta juyi har yayi bacci bangaran Nisha tunda Sukayi magana da Dr Sardauna muryasa ta dimautata ta gigitata don bata taba wata magana ta arziki dashiba sai yau kwance take saman gado sai juyi takeyi motsi kadan ta kalli wayarta Dan yace zai kirata zuwa dare sai lumshe idanu take Dan bacci takeji gashi ya Mata kashedi baya kira aki daukan kiransa haka dai har bacci ya kwasheta cike da begen Sardauna Asubah ta gari,


*agurguje bayan sati uku*


Bayan wannan lokacin abubuwa daya sun faru harda zuwansu ghaisha da ummi Raiyan da mahbeer Dubai Wanda suka dauki tsawon sati guda sun hado kaya na kece reni gadajema iri daya aka sayoma zee baby da Nisha haka akwatuna ma iri daya da kayayakin sawa hata kayan kitchen d’insu iri daya saida suka kwashe kwana bakwai cur suka dawo zee ton washe garin tafiyarsu ta koma gidan Nuhu can Nisha take iskota suna hira Sardauna shima baya gari saida ya dauki kwana biyar a Abuja rashin zee baby ya adabi rayuwarsa kamar yada itama rashinsa ya dameta har zazzabi tayi amma tasama zuciyarta hakuri bangaran Sardauna da Nisha ba laifi yana kiranta suna Dan hira amma ba sosai ahaka dai har suka Dan shaku tun bayan dawowar su mahbeer daga Dubai su ghaisha da ummi suka shiga ma zee gyaran jiki na uban mamaki cikinta da waje gyarata suke dan sun b sayo kayan gyaran amare iri iri magani kala kala nasha sai banka mata suke da murjeta da turaruka iri iri yanzu ko parlo sun hanata zama Dan ko mahbeer ghaisha ta hanashi ganinta Dan so take zee ranar auranta ta fito matakar tauraruwa cikinta da bai dinta Dan jinta take tamkar ita ta haifeta ba surukaba zee amugun takure suke daga ita har Sardauna cikin dubara Sardauna da yaje gun Nisha ya amshi wayarta ya dauki number zee baby ya kirata ta gane shine amma saboda yan iskan suna kanta ta fitsareshi tace idan yasake kiranta sai ta hadashi da mahbeer haushi yasa ya tsinke kiran bai sake kiranta ba tayi kukanta har tagaji sai Akan dining suke haduwa idanunta kade ake gani cikin katon hijab take fitowa harda niqab aikin ghaisha ne wanan canma bangaran Nisha umma ba karamun gyara take mataba ciki da bai bayan zauwasu da satine aka kai kayan Nisha akwatina 12 shake da kaya iri iri masu tsada nagani na fada Wanda ya burge kowa Nisha ji take tafi kowa, sa’a aduniya yan makarantarsu Nisha ma sun zuzuta kanyanta sosai da mijinta na tserema sa’a haka zee baby duk iri dayane aka musu ita da Nisha zee sosai komai na kayanta ya burgeta yada taga mahbeer ya mata taji dadi sosai dangi kowa ya yana yabo ummi Raiyan har kukan farin ciki tayi aboye bangaran Aunty amarya Abu ya lalace mata Dan ajiyane taje gidan boka kafi maduba ta iske babban bala’i kafi madubi ya kumbura ya tsage gida biyu wani irin ruwa baki da manya tsotsotsi na fitowa jikinsa ai wani irin ihune ta Saki ta fita aguje tana so she so she kurajen jikinta sunyi budur budur duk inda ta Sosa sai ruwa wani baki ya bultso mai wari haka tabi titi tana gudu tsautsayi wata mota saman titi ta bugeta take ta samu karaya uku direban ya gudu bai tsayaba saida takusa wuni gefen titi ayashe ta suma daket aka samu wasu maga Allah suka dauketa sukayi hospital da ita rayuwa kenan Asiya ma kawarta aranar mijinta ya mata Saki uku da Dan banza duka saida ya karya mata kafa da hannu ya janyota kofar gida ya rufo kofar haka yara suke taruwa akanta suna mata ihu daket tasamu wani Dan shaye shaye ya kirawo mata adedeta ya cicibeta sukayi gidansu dagacan sukayi hospital,


yau ya rage saura kwana uku daurin aure An shiraya ma Nisha dakinta tsafa a Narkeken agidan Dr Sardauna Wanda ya hadu tamkar gidan turawa Wanda yake unguwar, barhim estate kitchen dinta kadai abun kallone, ginda ya hadu iya haduwa haka dakin Dr Sardauna da Nisha, ya hadu Dan shima, komai sabo ya zuba abangaran sama da, kasa, Dan kayansa sunfi na Nisha tsada shi komai NASA kirar Italia ne yazuba sama da k’asa duk inda yayi sha’awa zai kwanta sab’anin Nisha kasa take wlh idan kashiga gidan kace bazaka fitaba yada, zee baby taji Family su na yabon irin yada gidan Nisha ya tsaru har kuka tayi abarta taje ghaisha ta hana itama nata gidan akayo video aka kawo mata saboda kusan komai iri dayane sai ban bance ban bance saboda gidajan ajere suke iri daya ne saide kowa da yanayin gininsa amma gaskiya gidan Sardauna yafi haduwa nesa ba kusaba shi harda Swimming pool tafkeke da rumfar shakatawa gashi gidan makeken na akwai fili rumfar ajiye motocima kadai ba karamabace wata ga ko ina shifkokine franni gwanin shawa zee ganin yada gidansu ya tsaru da mahbeer sai taji aranta na su Nisha baikai nasuba ni ko nace zee da kinga gidan Nisha bazaki hadashi da nakiba wlh idan kaga yada zee baby ta dawo sai tabaka sha’awa tayi mugun kyau taji gyara cikin da waje ko inanta sheki yakeyi saide maganin da suke bata ya adabeta koda yaushe zuba takeyi har wani kaikayi gabanta yake da nonota shiyasa kwana biyu take azumi ga tunanin rashin jinta jikin Sardauna ya dameta sama da kwana ashirin basu rumgumi junaba basusha yawu ba duk acikin mugun hali suke Sardauna yafita damuwa danma kwana biyu suna waya Dan ya kasa daurewa bayan ta masa rashin kunya da ya huce ya kirata to wannan Karon bata masaba sosai suke shan hira sai sukai kusan Asubah tayi ta zuba masa shagwaba amatsayin yayanta shikuwa ya biye mata to shima abinda yasa kenan tunaninta ya Dan rage masa suna chatt da juna gamuwace basuyi ko sun hadu a parlo idanuta kadai ake gani Nisha ma ta hadu ba karya Sardauna ma saida ya yaba mata tayi ta jin dadi Dan ba laifi yana kula da ita tunda yasan kaddarasa, ce auranta ba mashakurah ba mahbeer ji yake kamar ya, maido yau auransu Dan ya kasance da, zee Dan yau yakai sati yana azumi shakuwarsu kuwa tana nan ghaisha ta Dan barshi suna hira amma zee ba’a, ganin kominta sai idanunta ummi abin. Namata dadi sosai shirye shirye ya kankama saura kwana uku daurin aure anko masu tsada wajan kala hudu akayi su zee anyi dinkuna na kece raini abin sai Wanda ya gani abokin mijin Salma kanwar Nisha ne ya tsatsara musu dinkuna masu uban tsada haka bangaran mahbeer da Sardauna ma sunyi dinkuna na kece reni tare da su Ahmed da bandar da Hadeem kai wannan aure saide muce Allah kaimu lafiya gaskiya akwai shagali babba, Dan baki har sun fara zowa daga niger

Da misalin karfe biyar na yamma zee baby ce kwance a bedroom tana waya” wlh my dear Allah nayi miki fushi kinki zuwa kiga kayana ko waike kunya Hamm nagode”ayya my dear wlh nima umma ce ta hanani fita amma bari yanzu zanzo dan Allah karkiyi fushi ko har ankai kayan can gidanki? ” ba’akaisu ba kizo wlh nayi missing d’inki “ok zanzo yanzu wai angama dinka miki anko kuwa ni nasamu dinkuna na fah salma tace naki sunyi mugun kyau na dinner dariya zee tayi Dan Sam batason zancen tace”kibari zamuyi maganar idan kinzo?” OK bye ta tsinke Kiran dariya ta saki ta mike ta saka doguwar Riga ta saka hijab da niqab ta fesa turare ta fito tana jin jiri dan azumin bugata yakeyi gashi yau tin safe takejin ciwon kai ita daya zata rika zabura saboda mafarkin da tayi jiya wai kar tayi aure tanada auran sarkin Aljanan k’udis bushewa tayi da dariya “Allah mafarkin shirme baiyiba parlon babu kowa su ghaisha da ummi suna part d’in Daddah har hafeeza zaune tayi a parlo tana kollon TV Nisha ta shigo da sallama na Mike da gudu na nufi gunta muka rumgume juna najata muka nufi gun kujerun parlon muka zauna Niqab ta cire mun “wow haka kika zama dariya nayi na maids niqab din nace “kema kinyi kyau wlh tsaf dake amarya yayana dariya tayi” ina ghaisha ne? ” suna gun Daddah muje kiga kayan kafin suzo zaki kwana ne? ” A,A Yayamu idan yazo zai maidani wani iri zee taji ta kalli Nisha “wlh kibar bari kuna kebewa dashi kibari zansa my heart ya kaiki ba aso amarya da ango suna haduwa “Allah my dear “wlh my dear Karki sake yarda Sardauna ya ganki sai an daura muku aure shigowa yayi da sallama karaf akunnesa abinda zee take fadama Nisha idanu ya zaro Nisha ta sada kanta kusa da ita ya zauna fuskarsa babu wasa ya kamo hannuta yace” Humairah waye ya baki izinin fitowa kin fadamun ne? kika fito ya fada yana murza hannuta cikin wani Dan iskan salo Nisha ta rikice ta dago ta kalleshi wani irin kallo ya watsa mata Wanda taji kibiyar sonsa ta soketa kanta ta sada “Kayi hakuri yaya my dear ce tayi kewata shine nazo mu gaisa zee, baby Allah kadai yasan halin da tashiga ganin abinda Sardauna yakema Nisha kokowa ta shiga da numfashinta har ta daure ta dake ranta ta Mike dan so take ta janye Nisha daga gunsa ta kamo hannu Nisha” My dear tashi muje muyi abinda ya kawoki zata tashi Sardauna yace”babu inda zata tashi mutafi na maidaki gida amaryata Nisha jikinta ya Saki bazata iya masa musuba ya Mike ya kama hannun Nisha yana gyara mata mayafinta zee baby jirine ya debeta amma haka ta daure ta danne haushin Sardauna ta Kalli Nisha “my dear Ngd yau kin nunamun matsayina kin zabi mijinki Akan yar uwarki fuskarta ta bude tana murmushi tana kallonsu nagode Nisha kije bakomai wlh banji haushinki ba ta fada tana murmushi ta nufi hanyar bedroom dafe da kanta da yake Sara mata Nisha fashewa tayi da kuka “Yayamu Dan Allah kabari naganta kartayi fushi dani wani shegen murmushi ya sakar mata yaja hannuta suka nufi kofa wani. irin gigitaccen ihu zee baby ta Saki sai da parlon ya amsa sai gata timmm ta zube ak’asa tana karkarwa kumfa na zuba bakinta ai baisan lokaci da yasaki hannun Nisha ba yayi kanta da gudu yana kiranta” Zainab…. menene ya sameki dai de lokacin su ghaisha suka shigo da ummi hankalinsu atashe sukabi bayan Sardauna da gudu Nisha Ma kuka ta Saki me ciwo ta bisu da gudu……….✍🏻

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