Zee Baby Book 1 Page 31



….Sardauna na isa ya kamata ya rumgumeta yana girgizata “please zainab tashi nine na batamiki rai ko yi hakuri kanwata kinji ya fada ya rumgumeta gam jikinsa jikinta sai karkarwa yake wata irin gigitacciyar dariya tayi saida duk girman parlon ya amsa jikinta na kirrrma murya babu dadin ji sai lokacin ya tuna Ashe aljanai gareta, da Sauri ya dago kansa ya rike kanta da karfi ya fara mata karatu kokowa suka fara suna kwarara ihu “dan Allah ubangidanmu katsaya kaji Karka cucemu wlh bazamu yafeba katsaya munemi masalaha abarmana matarmu sai ku zauna lafiya kai munaji dakai bazamu cucekaba da garaje bakin ya matse ya riketa gam ya Dora bakinsa kunneta da karfin gaske yake mata karatun su ghaisha ne suka iso gabansu suka zube ummi Raiyan na hawaye ta rike mata kafa itama tana tofa mata addu’a ghaisha ma haka Nisha hannuta ta rike tana kuka “saida nace kabari nazo kar tayi fushi gashi nan Aljanuta sun tashi my dear ki yafemun don Allah Sardauna da karfin gaske yake kuga karatun cikin kunne zee sai hadashi suke da Allah yace” to ku fadamun dalilin shiga jikinta” saboda matarmuce kaima muna raga makane amma ka fara kaimu bango kodan kaga

muna tsoronka shine zaka takura mana bakin ya huge”zakuci ubanku wlh koneku zanyi ya maida bakinsa kunne zee ya matse bakinta yada bazaiji duk abinda za suceba yana Mata karatu sai harbe harbe take tana zaro idanu atishwa tayi sau uku tayi hamma hayaki ke fita bakinta da hancinta da yawu mai shegen yauki tayi lamo jikin Sardauna sai bacci har lokacin baibar karatun ba ghaisha tace”Dr sunfa gudu bacci take tashi ka kaita daki sai lokacin ya zare bakinsa akunneta Nisha ya kalla da take famar Rusa kuka”dallah imana shiru ai kamar anyi ruwa an dauke ta hadiye kukan ummi ta kamata ta Mike”Aisha yi hakuri Al’amarin baby sai Addu’a ghaisha tace”Faisal tashi mana mik’ewa yayi da zee jikinsa ya nufi bedroom da ita kwantar da ita yayi saman gado ya goge mata fuskarta ya zauna yana kallonta yanda ta Kara mugun kyau da kwarjina bacci take cikin nutsuwa hannuta ya rike yaji wani irin laushi gaba dayanta wani ni’imataccen kamshi take karamar yatsarta yasa bakinsa yana tsotsa motsi ta fara tana motsa bakinta”Yayana sakin hannunta yayi ya rankwafo ya tallabo kanta ya k’ura mata idanu “Na’am my zeener sannu ya jikinki kanwata ni wasane nake miki gani yayi bacci take yanaso ya cire mata hijabi ya shaki kamshinta yaga hakan bai dace ba face d’insu ya had’e yana lasar fuskarta habarta ya kamo yana tsotsa ya kamo tafin hannuta yana murzawa ya maida bakinsa saman

karan hancinta yana tsotsa ya Saki ya kamo lips d’inta yana tsotsa idanu ya lumshe yanajin wani mugun dadi na ratsashi ahankali yake kissing dinta cikin nutsuwa da kwarewa harshenta ya lalubo yana tsotsa cikin bacci takejin kamshi Sardauna na baibaye hancinta da irin zakin yawun bakinsa ahankali ta kamo harshansa ta fara tsotsa tasa hannu ta fisgoshi jikinta ta rumgumeshi gam sona tsotsar bakin juna kamar zazu cinye bakin junansu wata irin tsotsa sukewa juna dukansu hawaye ke kwaranya saman fuskarsu sun rumgume juna gam ahankali ya fara zuba mata yawunsa tana hadiya yana tallabe da kanta ya kura mata idanu jiyake kamar yacinyeta sai makaleta yake zuciyarsa na wani irin bugawa bakinsa ya zare anata baki ta b’are zatayi kuka “Sorry my sweeya zeener amshi kisha maybe na ban kwanane ya fada idanunsa na zubar da hawaye fashe masa, tayi da kuka “sorry babyna amshi da sauri ya had’e bakinsu tako cafke tana tsotsa cikin nutsuwa kallonta kawai yakeyi yada take tsotsarsa bakinsa wata irin tsotsa ya fara mata sai shasheka take tana mimmik’ewa sun makale junansu suna shan bakinsu kakaf suka Kari miyau din bakinsu sai nishi suke zare bakinsa yayi ya kirata cikin fizgo Numfashi “My Sweet zeener tashi zamuyi magana ta gaskiya wlh zuciyata takusa bugawa tashi musamu mafita ya fadi yana rumgumeta gam yana tsotsar wuyanta cikin wani mugun shauki idanu ta bude ta kallesa Dan har ga Allah ta dauka mafarki takeyi tanaga zahirina ta fara dukansa “sakeni wlh natsaneka babuni babukai matseta yayi gam”kanwata tsaya muyi magana tambayarki zanyi ki fadamun gaskiya tsakaninki da Allah wlh inada mafita ta kwarara ihu tana rusar kuka Dole ya saketa ransa abace” OK shikenan tunda haka kika zaba Nisha ce da ghaisha suka shigo da gudu face ya hade yace da Nisha “zo muje na kaiki gida ya fice daga dakin ghaisha namasa magana bai tsayaba ya fice gun zee Nisha ta nufa ta rumgumeta tana kuka” Dan Allah kiyafemun wlh

Bazan sake bata miki raiba ghaisha tazo ta zauna bakin gadon ta rumgumosu tana lallashi Dan zee wani irin kukane take mai daci sai daket ghaisha ta lallabata tayi shiru ghaisha ta kalli nisha”maza tashi kije ya maidake gida cikin sanyin jiki ta Mike zee takin ko kallonta abin ya daga mata hankali Dole ta fice ghaisha saida tasa zee tayi wanka da kanta ta shiyarta tsaf cikin abaya tasa hijab ta kamo hannuta suka fito parlo lokacin bakin sun dawo daga part din Daddah gun ummi zee ta nufa rumgumeta tayi Aisata tace”amaryamu bayan auranki tare zamu niger murmushi tayi batace komaiba dariya sauran sukayi suna yaba kyawun zee baby duk da suma ba baya bane buzayene jajur dasu gashi har baya a mota Nisha ta isko Sardauna fuskarsa, murtik tsoronsa ya cika mata zuciya tana shiga ya tashi motar cikin sanyin murya tace”yayamu kayi hakuri idan na batama rai kallonta yayi yaga itafa batada laifi har gidansu akazo akace Ana sonta murmushi ya sakar mata “no Nisha baki batamun ba zainab ma Dan batada lfy ne ba fushi take dakeba kisaki ranki amaryata kinji? ajiyar zuciya ta sabke taji dadi sosai sama sama suke hira har yakawota gida akofar gida ya ajiyeta ta fito ta shiga gida yaja motarsa gudu yake shararawa sosai saboda an fara kiran sallah yana zauya alwalla yayi ya nufi masallaci, bai fitiba saida akayi sallah isha tare suka fito da mahbeer part d’insu ghaisha suka nufa da sallama suka shigo parlon Daddah tace”wlh Sardauna bakada kirki gida cike da baki dangi amma baka zuwa part Dina sai kaga dama ko dariya yayi ya Saki hannu mahbeer yaje ya rumgumeta”tuba nake uwar gidana dariya suke tuwusai tace”gaskiya muma fushi Muke ismaghi ne suka shigo da Daddy yace”Faisal ja’irin yarone bai taba zuwa niger ba tare zamu kuyi amarci acan sakin Daddah yayi ya nufin gunsu ya rumgume ismaghil”to uncle zanje mahbeer yayi dariya yaje kusan zee ya zauna wacce take jikin ghaisha manne tanabin kowa da idanu Dan ita jima takeyi auran ya fice mata arai fuskarta mahbeer ya kalla cikin tausayawa yace”zeena sannu ya jiki fuska ta yamutsa daket tace da sauki duk abin dake faruwa kan idanun Sardauna tsaki yaja ya nufi kan dining zee mik’ewa tayi daga jikin ghaisha “momy ina zaki “ummi kwanci zanyi “ah sai kinci abunci mahbeer maza jeka bata abunci da Sauri ya Mike ya kama hannuta suka nufi kan dining ya zaunar da ita suna zuwa Sardauna ya Mike ya fasa cin farfesun ya bar gun daket yasamu taci farfesun kazar kadan sai yaga duk ta canza masa to sanin halin mutum mai

jinnu sai hakuri har bedroom ya rakata ta kwanta ya fito ummi sai murmushi takeyi sosai ta yaba da samun sirikin kwarai gabaki dayansu suka nufi kan dining akaci akasha Daddy yau farin ciki yake gasu tare da family Almahadee magawata hira akace cikin farin cikin da anushuwa mahbeer sai yage baki yakeyi bangaran zee da Sardauna kuwa sunacan kowa zuciyarsa babu dadi ahaka har zee tayi bacci Dan ko ina na jikinta ciwo yake mata mahbeer sai shabiyu ya koma. part d’insu yayi wanka yayi shirin kwanciya amma saida yayi sallah yama zee Addu’ar samun lfy ya kwanta yana Addu’a yaji Ana kecewa da wata irin dariya akowane bangon daki anacewa “wlh gwara ko kayi Addu’a Dan kana bukatarta ko ajikinsa yaja blanket ya shige yana Addu’arsa har bacci ya daukesa bangaran Sardauna sallah yayi saida ya dauki dogon lokaci sai karfe biyu ya gama yayi Addu’a ya shafa ya Mike ya cire jallabiya yasaka kayan bacci ya Haye saman bed yaja blanket yana juyi alokacin babu abinda yakeso sama da yaji zee baby cikin jikinsa, ya rumgumeta gam yayi bacci wayarsa, ya dauka ya kirata, amma wayar akashe tsaki yaja yayi wurgi da wayar”oh my god haba my kanwata meye na miki da zafi haka, wlh nasan da karna kiraki ne kika kashe wayarki to me yasa, kika zabarmun Nisha idan kinsa bakison hakan wlh babu digon sonta na soyayya sai na yan uwantaka da darajarki taci da kuma yaba hankalinta da nayi tsaki yaja, yana dafe da goshinsa yana juyi har barawon bacci ya kwashesa da mafarkin zee baby, asuba ta gari


*Bayan kwana uku*

Yau take juma’a To fah yau take sallah ga angwaye da amare yau take ranar daurin aure Wanda za’a daurasa bayan sallahr juma’a wlh fadar irin taron da yake cikin wannan gida to bata lokacine bikine fa yau ake na kece reni wlh idan kama zee kallo daya bazakaso ka dauke idanunka akantaba ghaisha da ummi sun yi mata uban gyara da shiri kanwar mijin maijidda yaya Sardauna ce ta cancada mata kunshi da kitson wlh fadin irin kyawun zee bazai faduba gashi ta saki jikinta tabar tunanin Sardauna tun washe garin ranar tayi watsi dashi ta kashe wayarta, ta maida hankali kan abunda yake gabanta kowa yaga kunshin zee da kitsonta sai ya yaba mata mahabeer da yagani saida ya rike hannuta yayi ta lasar kunshin tana masa dariya bangaran nisha ma ta hadu ba karya itako kanwarta Salma ta mata saboda itama gwanace wajan kitos da kunshi yau bakin Nisha baya rufuwa sai washe shi takeyi dan wani ubansu Dinner ne aka shirya karfe biyar za’a tafi gidansu Nisha fah shima cike yake suna sai kidan kwaryar akeyi Nisha daga cikin sai rawa take ita da kawayanta suna ihu sai zuga nisha suke saboda tayi mutikar yin kyau material din ya amsheta gidan Abdulmutallab yau babu masayar haki shagali fah ake sosai harda masu kidan kwaraya sai casu akeyi ciki na kutsa domin samo labari ghaisha na hango cikin wata uwar shadda gizna blue color sai kai komo takeyi bedroom naga ta nufa tundaga kofa nake jiyo ihu zee na hango tsakiyar su hafeeza dan tayi gayar kawayansu na makaranta ga, zainab itama da kawayanta amma sunada aure zee ce cikin wani dankareren material ruwan toka kanta ba dankwali an mata meke-up ta zuba sinare ajikinta kamar bad a kudiba aka saya wuya da hannu da yatsotsinta tilar hancinta da kasan lebanta duk ta sauya musu zinare wlh idan kaganta zaka zaji babu ta biyunta akyau kidane ke tashi sai cashewa suke maryama matar Nuhu ce tsaya tana koya musu irin rawar da za’ayi gun dinner zee sai dariya takeyi haka ghaisha ta shigo ai maryama kamar ta nutse a k’asa zee dariya take harda rike ciki “Aunty wlh kinban dariya ghaisha ta girgiza kai “maryama zo dama ke nake nema idan kin gama koya musu rawar maijidda tayi dariya “ai aunty muna hanaki kikaki sum sum ta fice zee tace”ummina ina ummi dariya ghaisha tayi ” gatacan gun yan kidan kwarya tana dauka awaya dariya zee tayi ghaisha ta fice zainab tace”wow matar yaya wlh ina tsoron daga gun dinner ya wuce dake Brahim estate dariya sukayi ta hararesu ta Mike tana rawa cikin wani shegen Salo da iya taku dan tana mugun son wakar gwanja mata ku taka rawar ganin ido mata kununa farin ciki dariya suke mata itako ko ajikinta dan tanada damuwa dannewa ne takeyi ta wayance dan batasan takamemen damuwarta ba bangaran nisha ma abun ba’a cewa komai itama sunacan suna cashewa ko gajiya rawa batayi da kawayenta abin ya rabu abiyu wasu gidan Umma hauwa wasu gidan ghaisha haka dangi aka rabu ana hidima ko wane gida raguna da saniya aka yanka sai girke girke ake zee Ana hanata saida ta saci jiki ta fito gun yan kidan kwarya ghaisha ce da gudu tazo ta janyeta su hafeeza da intisar ‘ya’yan kawu Saminu da su haulat sai casu suke zainab ma da tsohon cikinta sai takawa take ummi Raiyan na musu barin kudi tana dariya

Da misalin karfe daya na hango Sardauna da tawagar abokaninsa Wata d’anyar Shadda gizna ce yasaka milk color wacce tsayawa fadan kudinta bata lokacine wani irin mugun kyaune yayi saide fuskarsa ba walwala Mahabeer ko sai washe baki yake Shaddarsu iri dayace da Sardauna su Ahmed anci uwar kwalliya kace shine angon bandar ma haka Hadeem ma haka yakub ma haka da Najib kanen anguna kai da sauransu wlh kana ganinsu kasan nera tayi kuka bikin kuma na manyan yarane ba karya Sardauna ya zama tamakar tauraro cikinsu sai surutu sukeyi sigarinsa ya kunna ya sha iya shansa Ahmed na masa tsiya wani shegen kallo Sardauna ya watsa masa ya daga masa gira nuhu ne ya ISO yana dariya “to ku tashi muje masallaci angwaye bayan sallah juma’a acan masallacin za’a d’aura auran murmushi Sardauna yayi ya Mike ya rumgume nuhu “Dr kako ji jikinka zafi rau yawa wuta fa amma dan dauriya kake zaune “wlh Babban yaya kaban dariya saikace mace dagajin zazzabi sai na nemi magani mahabeer ya Mike ya rumgume Sardauna yaji zafin “babban yaya wlh kusan kwana nawa na lura bajin dadin jikinsa ga yawan tari dayake nayi ta tambayarsa amma yacemun lafiyarsa lau jikinsa Sardauna ya fizge yana turo baki dariya mahabeer yayi su Ahmed dariya suka dan suna mamakin shagwabar Sardauna gabaki dayansu suka nufi gun motocin da aka tanada dan zuwa daurin aure abokan aikin Sardauna mota guda sukazo dan ya fada musu bayan sallahr juma’a za’a d’aura aure motocine sama da guda ashirin harda su Daddy da tawagarsa suka nufi masallacin kofar sauro acan suka iske tawagar Bashir mahafin Nisha koda jama’a sukaji sanarwa idan angma sallah akwai daurin aure babu Wanda ya gusa dan yau duk Wanda yaga tawagar Daddy sai ta burgeshi Daddy yaji dadin zuwan mai girma gwamna da sarki dan dakanshi ya kaimusu katin daurin aure bayan anyi sallah an gama Bashir yaba Abdulmutallab Auran Aisha ga Faisal Mamuda yayan Bashir shine alwali Kawu saminu Alwalin Faisal aka d’aura auren Faisal da Aisha kan sadaki nera dubu dari mamudu ya fito da kudin ya nunama jama’a kowa ana gamawa kawu Saminu ya nemi auran Auran Zainab Daddy ya bashi ya ana aka d’aura auran zainab da mahabeer akan sadaki nera dubu dari da hamsin Nuhu ya fito da sadakin ya nuna mai girma gwamna sosai abun yabashi shawa haka sarki ya bukaci angwaye suzo su gaisa Sardauna da mahabeer cikin girmamawa, suka isa gunsa suka zubo suna kwasar gaisuwa albarka ya samusa haka gwamna sai rabon goro ake da halawa harda kudi jama’a sai son barka sukeyi bayan tafiya gwamna da sarki Daddy ya fito da tawagarsa mahabeer baki har kunne suka nufi motocinsu Sardauna ya dafa morfin mota, zai shiga gidan baya ya yanke jiki ya fadi asume jini na fita daga bakinsa da hancinsa agigice gabaki da jama’ar sukayi kansa Daddy har har tuntube yake Nuhu kafin ya isa mahabeer ya rigashi ya fada, saman Sardauna hankalinsa atashe arikice yake girgizashi “Dr Dan Allah katashi me ya sameka ranar farin ciki………..✍🏻


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