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….da sallama suka shigo parlon suna rike da hannu junansu Daddy da ghaisha da ummi Raiyan duk suna parlo zaune Daddy na shirin tashi ya gansu ya koma ya zauna ghaisha tace” oyoyo momy zee ta janye hannuta ta nufi gun ghaisha ta fada jikinta tana dariya”ummina ina kwana Daddy ina kwana dariya suka Mata mahbeer ya iso ya gaishesu ya zauna kusan Daddy zee tashi tayi ta koma kusan umminta ta rumgumeta tana mata kiss”ummina nayi missing dinki ina kwana murmushi tayi ta shafi kanta” baby kin tashi lfy? ” Alhmdllh ummina ina so hafeeza? ghaisha tace” tana school Daddy ya kalli mahbeer “mahbeer naji dadin yada ka rike Amana Allah yama Albarka mik’ewa to ni zan fita sai ka tashi mutafi nanah ta rugu gunsa daukarta yayi” autar gida ya kike dariya tayi” ina lfy dady mahbeer ya kalli zeey baby da take sabgogin gabanta yace” zainab kima Daddy bayani abinda kikace kinaso ko?

jikinta ta janye ta Mike tazo gaban Daddy ta sunkuya cikin ladabi tace” Daddy dama yaya mahbeer ne kuma tayi shiru Daddy ya koma ya zauna” monyna dama me fadi maganarki kai tsaye meye yamiki kuka ta fara” ni banaso na hada fitina kar zumunci ya baci” haba momyna dawaye zumunci zai baci ai ni idan ya miki wani Abu kikaki fadi wlh kin cuceni Dan Ke amanace wajena har mahaifiyarki wlh nafi sonki Akan yarana ke yar zumunace maza fadamun meye ya miki mahbeer ya kalleta gabansa na faduwa” zainab bangane inda kika dosaba fah cikin kuka tace” yo dama ina zaka gane tunda baka ganewa wlh Daddy dama khalisat ce yakeso yar gidan anty amarya shiyasa tunda mukayi aure bai taba sabke hakkin da Allah ya Dora masaba kullum saiyace bashida lafiya amma wai zai Kara aure ashe nice bayaso shine yace wai muzo insa baki ku yarda ya auri khalisat bayan auranta idan sun gama cin amarcin ya fara kulani niko saboda biyayyar aure duk da na tsani kishiya to ya zanyin tunda inason mijina Dole nace muzo na rokeka ta

matsa gaban Daddy ta rike kafafunsa tana kuka”Daddy don Allah kubarsa ya auri khalisat ko ya fara sabke nauyin da yake kansa wlh banaso Allah yayi fushi dashi ummi Ranyan hankalinta yayi mugun tashi sanin karfin sha’awar yartata Allah kukane ya kufce Mata ta Mike da gudu tayi kan yarta ta janye zee daga gun Daddy ta rumgumeta Daddy mutuwar zaune yayi “bakinsa ya kasa furta komai saboda Bacin rai da kunyar abunda d’ansa yayi gashi ummi Raiyan taji hankalinta ya tashi ance ba’ason yarta za’a mata kishiya mahbeer hankalinsa ya tashi ya bude baki zaiyi magana ghaisha ta zabga masa Mari” wlh mahbeer kabani kunya mune zaka tozarta abaka amanar yarinya ka ajiyeta tsawon wata da kwanaki babu wani labari Dan shiga hakki karamun kaninka Sardauna yafika hankali da tunani shiyasa son yaron yafita daban azuciyata duk basu shiru da zainab wlh na tabata da shine bazai tozartamu ba haka to wlh sai ka saketa yanzu gun ummi ta nufa “Raiyan kiyi hakuri don Allah ki ajiye hankalinki insha Allahu momy zataji dadin aura”khadija wlh banji haushi tashin hankalina dayane da tace bai sabke mata nauyiba yarinyar tanada karfin sha’awa banaso ta fada halak amma babu komai Dan uwanatane shine yaje ya daukota kuma nasan halinta kumasa uzuri amma inaso ashirya mana tafiya zan tafi da baby saudiya tsaye daddy ya Mike ya wanke mahbeer da Mari yana wuci” wlh mahbeer kaci Amanata na dauki yar kanena mafi soyuwa azuciyata na hadaku aure ganin yada ka Nuna kaunarta gareta amma kaci amana har kasa mahaifiyarta kuka Dan bakada kunya ka daukota kakawota ta roki iyayanka ka Kara aure ka ajiyeta baka bata hakkinta yanzu da yarinyar mai shige shigece taje tabi maza fah nagode mahbeer gun

ummi Raiyan yazo” Raiyan kiyi hakuri babu inda zaku komai zai wuce tunda baya Sonta zan raba auran zan aura da ita inda za’a rikemun ita da mutumci hannu zee ya kamo yazo gaban mahbeer ya kalleta” momy tsakaninki da Allah tunda kukayi aure babu abinda ya shiga tsakaninku dashi cikin kuka kanta ak’asa tace” wallahi Daddy babu komai kowa adakinsa yake amma daddy ku yafe masa karkuyi fushi dashi Wlh nayafe masa” Alhmdllh mahbeer inaso yanzu kasaki zainab wlh ko namaka mugun baki iya rikicewa ya riki jikinsa na rawa yace” Daddy Dan Allah ku saurareni kuji uzurina wlh ina son zainab bazan iya sakintaba hannuta ta fizge ta nufi gun mahbeer tana kuka ta rumgumeshi” yayana Mahbeer karka sakeni riketa yayi gam idanu iyayan suka zuba masu cikin tsawa Daddy yace” idan kana sonta da ka sabke nauyin da yake kanka bazan bari diyar Dan uwana ta cutuba ghaisha tace ” kwarai kuwa wlh idan baka saketaba baki zanma yanzu wlh kabamu kunya kasa munji kunya agaban mahaifiyarta” ghaisha kutsaya kuji.. ” bamason jin komai saketa yanzu kaje ka auri kowacece ma tunda ka bujire mana kansa ya Sada cikin sanyi jiki ya janye zee daga jikinsa yace” zan muku biyayya tunda haka kuka zaba amma zee in a so ki fadi gaskiya tsakaninki da Allah gun ghaisha ta nufa “ummi dama idan yazo guna sai yace bayada lfy amma agun khalisat ras yake”Hasbinallah Dan ubanka saketa ko na maka mugun baki cikin rawar baki yace” kuyi hakuri Daddy wlh bazaku ganeba amma wlh banida lafiya amma shikenan Zainab na sakeki Saki daya ya fada yana share hawayen fuskarsa ya fice zee kuka take kamar ranta zai fita ghaisha ta rumgumeta tana lallashinta Daddy yace “insha Allah momy Alkhairi zai biyo baya Allah yasa haka yafi alheri lallashinsu sukayi har ummi Raiyan suka kwatanta mata ilar

zamansu baya sabke mata hakkinta zata iya bin maza gashi har yana shirin Kara aure aurema da annoba Allah kadai yasan abinda yasa hakan ya faru Dan ubangiji shikeda ikon yin komai alokacin da yaso kai Daddy ya jinjina yana tuno mafarkin da yayi jiya shiyasa daga tashinsa yaba masu aikin gidan sadaka yayi sallah Allah ya baiyana masa fassara mafarkin gashi ya gani saida yaga hankalin ummi Raiyan ya kwanta ta gamsu da bayanin da suka mata ya Mike ya musu sallama yaje ya gaishe da su Daddah yake fada musu abunda ya faru fada suka masa akanme zai sa ya saketa bayanin mafarkin ya musu amafarki ubangiji ya Nuna masa mahbeer Sam ba abokin rabonta bane kaddara ce ta aure kawai ta hadasu sallama ya musu ya fice Dan yanaso ya biya gidan malam kabiru ya masa tambayoyi daket ghaisha ta shawo hankalin zee tayi shiru da kanta ta kaita har bedroom ta kwantar da ita ta zauna tana shafa mata kanta da maganganu masu dadi na lallashi har tayi bacci ta fito ummi ta Saki jikinta ganin sun nuna sun fita jin ciwon abinda mahbeer yama zee Daddy suna fita da direbansa gidan malam kabiru yaje yana kofar gida tare da Almajiransa ya fito

da sallama ya iso malam kabiru ya tashi tsaye” Alhji yau kaine da kanka to bismillah ciki suka shiga bayan sun gaisha Daddy yace” dama malam akan yaro nane auran gida ne na hadashi da yar kanena to auran sama da wata guda bai taba kusantartaba babu wani Abu da yashiga tsakaninsu na aurataiyya da ita kuma yakeson Kara aure nikuma nasaka ya saketa yanzu kuma dama akwai mugayan mafarkai da nakeyi akansu kullum ina Addu’ar Allah ya kade fitina tsakanin su to najiyane ya rikita ganin mahbeer cikin wani mugun yanayi Wanda hakan yana nufin tabbas mutikar suna tare mahbeer zai zama gawa to abin ya tsoratani tun asubah nayi sadaka ina Addu’ar Allah ya baiyana mun me hakan yake nufi to shine da sukazo da haka na raba auran shine nake so naji banyi kuskureba ko sab’ama Allah kuma” to Alhaji adukan halamu sun Nuna yaron bayason zama da ita tunda har yanason Kara aure inda rashin lfy yakeyi bazaiyi sha’awar Kara aureba amma duk dak da haka da sai kumasa uzuri kuji dalilinsa nayin haka amma. kuma hakan babu laifi tunda shine baya son zama da ita za’a iya rabaso domun anshiga hakkin yarinyar Dan idan tanada karfin sha’awa zata iya bin maza awaje kaga anyi barna tabbas mafarkinki akwai wani Al’amari Wanda Allah kadaine yasansa shine yayi sanadiyar mutuwar auran nasu shi babu Rabon zaisha walaha ko kuma ma yabar duniyar baki dayanta Dan haka, ni yanzu bazance kunyi laifiba Dan kun raba auran wannan shine daide kowa sai ya auri abokin rabonsa ajiyar zuciya Daddy ya sabke” nagode malam zan iya aura mata daya daga cikin yan uwansa” zaka iya tunda babu abinda ya shiga tsakaninsu amma saide kanesa bazata auri sama dashiba da sun kwanta aure to fa hakan bazai yuba mutikar yana duniya Allah ya haramta hakan amma tunda basu kwanta aureba zaka aura masa saide ni anawa ganin kabarta ta kawo miji da kanta saboda gudun komawa yar gidan jiya” tabbas hakane to nagode insha Allah baza a tisaba Allah yabata miji nagari” amin shiko yaron kirawosa zan masa yan tambayoyi Daddy bai musaba ya kira number mahbeer bugo daya ya daga dady yaba malam ya masa tambayoyi bai boye masaba irin yada yake tsintar kansa da yada yakeji game da khalisat bayan sun gama wayarne malam yace”to kaga irinta ko wlh dinka asirine ke dawainiya dashi amma babu komai nace yazo zuwa yamma zan masa rubutu na kwana uku insha Allah sai na karya ko menene ajikinsa idan yaso sai kubasa matarsa Dan yace yana Sonta ajiyar zuciya Daddy ya sabke” to nagode, zan tafi gun aiki kudi ya ajiyewa malam ya tashi suka fito kabiru sai godiya yakeyi Daddy ya shiga mota suka tafi dama yasan zaa rina yarinyar tayi halin mugun halin uwarta,


Sardauna tunda ya fita bai dawoba ko gidansu yau baijeba aiki ya rikeshi marasa lfy gareshi sosai kwananan hospital d’insa aciki take abun babu sauki sai agun Allah misalin karfe shida ya fito daga Office dinsa ya rufe waya manne kunnesa, takunsa yake cikin isa da takama da kuzari ya fito ahabar hospital yaci Karo da Ahmed da bandar”OK Nura zamuyi magana wasu yarane zan gani yanzu kitt ya tsinke kiran yana murmushi Ahmed ya kai masa dukan wasa “kai suwaye yaran? kallon Tara saura kwata yamusu” suwa ko idan ba kuba waima daga ina kuke? Bandar yace” daga gun aiki jiya da yau bamu haduba shine muka biyo mu gaisa murmushi yayi” to ai kasan baza a hada mai mata da gwarayeba idanu suka zaro gira ya daga musu”yes. yara ko karya nayi kartin banza kuna yawo kuna cinye diyan mutane agari taya zakuyi aure kaiko meye yake kaika gidanmu kwana biyu Ahmed ne yayi kan? Sardauna da. gudu Sardauna ya nufi motarsa yana dariya Ruma da idanu ta bishi tana lasar baki cike da mamaki dama doctor yana dariya yana zuwa ya bude motarsa ya shige yamata key ya janye glass din motar ya leko” wlh Ahmed tausayinka nakeji Dan karna jinyataka karfi yau nakeji bye ya masa gwalo ya nufi get da idanu suka bishi har aka bude masa get ya fice aguje bandar yace” sai mutafi wlh Faisal tunda yasan dadin abun ya zama Mara’s kunya dariya Ahmed yayi kowa ya shiga motarsa suka fice Ruma tace” wlh Dr Sardauna sai na lashi zumarka inason garjejen kato irinka naji yana sukuwa kaina zakayi dadi da fawa ta fada tana shigewa ciki

Sardauna tunda ya fito ya dauki hanyar Barhim estate yake sharara gudu sosai sai gashi kofar get din gidansa honr yayi aka bude masa get ya shige Nisha tana zaune a tamkamemen parlonsu ta nuts a cikin kujera lemon tsamine ahannunta tana tsotsa tayi wanka taci kwaliya Riga da siket na material blue color yamata kyau knocking kofar parlo akayi ta Mike ta nufi kofar ta murza key ta bude Sardauna na tsaye murmushi ta sakar masa


gira ya daga mata ta matsa ya shigo ta rufe k’ugunta ya riko” my sweetheart sannu da zuwa sunsunata ya fara yana yamutsata rumgumeshi tayi tana sabke ajiya zuciya sweetheart sakinta yayi yana murmushi “matsoraciya ni babu abinda zan miki dariya tayi ta kama hannusa suka nufi gun kujeru lemun tsamin ya amshe ya jata suka zauna” Neesher ya gida ina kaza ko kincinye? rau rau tayi da idanu” my Dr wlh yanzuma inaso nacinye soyayun kuma kiwuya nakeji na soya wata ta fada tana Dora kanta kirjinsa kanta ya shafa ya kamo tafin hannuta yana murzawa ya dago kanta idanunta ya bude ya Saki murmushi ya rumgumeta gam ya tura hannusa cikin rigarta yana murza kirjinta da ya ciko ba laifi dadin murzar takeji ta lafe jikinsa sosai ta Kara rumgumeshi tana nishi hannusa ya tura ya shafo marata ya danna da karfi tasaki ihu” wayyo sweetheart murmushi yayi ya ciro hannusa ya kamo fuskarta ya sumbaceta” my Neesher wlh kin gamamun komai aduniya tunda kika amshi ajiyata kika riki gam ya fada yana hada bakinsu ya shiga sumbatarta wani irin kissing yake mata mai tsayawa azuciya kiran sallah ne ya dakatar dashi ya zare bakinsa anata yana dariya cak ya dauketa ya Goya yana juyi da ita tsakiyar parlo yana ihu” my Neesher nazama Dady Sardauna zai haihu zanyi baby wlh inason yara Allah yasa ki haifomun uku gaskiya my Neesher kinyi sosai irin wannan saurin cafkewa haka sannu Nisha abun ya girmame mata kwanciyarta tayi agadon bayansa ta numshe idanunta tana dariya”my Dr ka ajiyeni muje kayi alwalla ni wlh duk ban gane inda kadosaba menene na cafke bedroom d’insa ya nufa da ita ya zaunar da ita saman gado ya shiga bathroom agurguje yayi wanka ya dauro alwalla,

ya fito daure da towel ya goge jikinsa ya saka jallabiya ruwan toka mai shegen kyau ya kama hannu Nisha ta sabko” Oya shiga kiyi alwalla kiyi sallah da nadawo zamu leka gida sai kiciyo kazarki acan cikin murna ta rumgumeshi tana dariya murmushi ya sakar mata ya janyeta “bye mamar baby sai na dawo ya fice Nisha ta shiga bathroom dinsa ta dauro alwalla ta fito ta janyo masa kofar ta nufi dakinta, bangaran mahbeer yau yashiga tashin hankali rabasa da zee baby amma bayan yaje gidan malam kabiru ya kwantar masa da hankali ya bashi rubutu da magugun yace bakin kwana ukune insha Allah zai warke kuma ya fadawa dadynsa zai maida, musu auransu ya shiga farin ciki matuka ya dawo gidansu ya tisa ghaisha gaba harda kuka ta roki dady su yafe masa ba laifinsa bane tsakanin d’a da mahaifi sai Allah tunda Dady yacemata asirine khalisat ta masa takejin tausayin d’anta tace ta yafe masa amma bashi ba khalisat har abada da to ya amsa amma yana fita gidansu khalisat ya nufa sukasha hirasu, ta soyayya yana Kara jadada mata zai aureta

zaune suke aparlo ghaisha da ummi Raiyan zee baby na jikin ghaisha akwance daga ita sai skert baki iya gwiwa da Riga mai Dan kauri pink colour tanada dogon hannu amma ta kamata kirjinta ya cika rigar dam kam zai fasa rigar ta Saki gashin kanta ya rufe mata fuska hafeeza tace”sister wai mekike jirane da baki tafi gidanki ba Najib dake yake latsa waya yace” ganemun hanya tashi masa ki tafiyarki d’ago kanta tayi ta kalli ghaisha ashagwab’e tace” ummina kina jinsu fa ki musu magana murmushi ghaisha tayi” kai bata zuwa ina ruwanku da ita kunjini da yara ummi Raiyan dariya ta musu tana girgiza kai Daddy ne ya shigo da sallama suka amsa nawwara da nanah suka taresa ya kamo hannusu suka zauna zeey baby ta tashi zaune “Daddy kagani su hafeeza da Najib suna… bata idasaba su Sardauna suka shigo da sallama shida Nisha yana rike da hannuta da sauri zee baby ta dago da kanta ta kallesu karaf idanunsu ya sark’e da juna ita da Sardauna gabansu na wani irin bugo da sauri ya dauke kansa yana istigifari hafeeza ta Mike ta taro Nisha Sardauna gun daddy ya nufa yana murmushi”my Daddyna albishirinku wlh bazan boye farin cikina ba tsaye dadyn ya Mike ya ware masa hannayensa “welcome my son jikinsa ya fada ya rumgumeshi ya masa rada akunne idanu daddy ya zaro yana murmushi “wai da gaske my boy “wlh my daddy ghaisha tace”Autana zo mana dariya yai ya nufi gunta zee baby wani irin bakin ciki ne ya tokare mata zuciya taan binsu da mugun kallo jitake kamar ta kashesu Nisha ta saki hannu hafeeza ta nufi gun zeey baby da gudu tana dariya “my dear nayi missing d’inki wani mugun kallo zeey ta watsama Neesha………………….✍🏻

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