Zee Baby Book 1 Page 44



….daket ta tataro nutsuwarta ta karaso ta zauna kusan ummata ta kwantar da kanta kafadarta daddy yace”Aisha lafiyarki ko? d’agowa tayi tana murmushi tace”daddy lafiya lau na damu da halin da yar uwata take cikine? Umma ta rungumeta tana buga bayanta ummi Raiyan tace”Aisha ki ajiye hankalinki insha Allah zata warke mairan karfe yace”Aisha zo nan zamuyi magana mik’ewa tayi ta dawo kusansa tazauna ya kamo hannuwanta”Aisha inason ki Sanine tun wuri nasan lokacin da za’ayi Abun cikinki ya ya fara girma banaso kisa damuwa aranki insha Allah el uwaki da ta gama takaba za’a daura musu aure da mijinki muna Addu’ar Allah yabata lafiya kafin lokacin yada zakuji dadin zama da junanku kuma banaso ki fada masa ko da wasa saide yaji an daura masa auran da ita to a ranar zamu bashi amanar yayansa Dan yanzu idan ya sani damuwa zai shiga Dan haka inaso ki saka aranki Zainab yar uwace ta jini Dan haka banason kiji kishinta ko makammacin haka aranki zuri’armu hadin kai gareta munaso yada kuke kaunar juna

Kuci gaba da hakan Dan haka mun duba mungani babu Wanda zai rike matar mahbeer da Amana sama da Dan uwansa Sardauna Dan haka kisan da sani bamason muji wata fitina ta kunno kai daga wajanki kinji Aisha? fashewa tayi da kuka ta rungume tsoho tace” wlh insha Allah babu abinda zai faru zan rike kanwata da Amana Allah ya bata lfy mungode da wannan kyauta mai daraja da aka mana nida yaya Faisal Daddah ta rungumeta “yauwa Aisha yar Abarka dama nasan zakifi kowa murna Allah miki Albarka baki daya parlon suka amsa Amin ghaisha tazo ta kama Nisha tajata kan kujera ta rungumeta tana kwantar mata da hankali jikinta ta Saki tana dariya tace” wlh ghaisha babu komai naji dadi sosai Allah ya tabatar da Alkhairi cikin farin ciki dukansu sukace Amin jikinta ta janye ta tashi ta koma gurin ummi Raiyan ta zauna tana leken zeey “ummi tayi baccine? leka fuskarta ummi tace”tayi bacci ta fada tana mik’ewa da ita Nisha tayi dariya” ummi my dear batada nauyi ko bari na kama miki ta Mike ta kama mata zee suka nufi bedroom Nuhu murmushi yayi umma taji dadin yada yartata ta Saki ranta dama tasan Aisha bazata ki Zainab ba ko da suka shiga suka kwantar da ita Nisha kwanciya tayi ummi ta fitowarta sukaci gaba da hira Nisha ko kuka take kamar ranta zai fita ta zubawa zainab idanu


Malali gidansu mashakurah Zaune take a parlonsu cikinta ya fito sosai duk ta rame Dan tasa son Sardauna aranta sosai hajiya hafsat ta kalleta” hmmm shukurah wlh idan na kalleki wani irin bakin ciki nakeji kin cucemu kin bata mana sunan zuri’a kinbi son zuciyarki takai ki ta baroki yanzu wa gari ya waya kinci sa’ama abokin badala taki na sonki kuka ta fashe dashi ta rungume uwar tata tana mai Kara nadama gashi son Sardauna na azalzalar zuciyarta mik’ewa tayi ta nufi bedroom d’inta ta zauna ta dauki wayarta ta shiga gun madanar lambobi ta danna number Sardauna tana hawaye lokacin Sardauna ya gama duba marasa lafiya tiyata gareshi amma Sam bashida nutsuwa muguwar Sha’awa ta Addabeshi yashama maganin abanza sai matse matse yakeyi yana lumshe mayatattun idanunwansa lokacin da kiran mashakura ya shigo wayar Sardauna Zaune yake ah Kayataccen Office d’insa yana dafe da kansa yana shan sigari sai feso hayakin yake baki da hanci yasha tafi Kara bakwai amma bayada nutsuwa har zufa take ketowa daga goshinsa yanajin kiran yaki ko bude idanunsa bare ya daga har so uku aka kira

idanunsa ya bude ya dauki wata wayar cikin rawar jiki yai dailing number Nisha lokacin ta gaji da kukanta ta zubawa zee idanu tarasa haushinta takeji ko akasin haka taji ringing d’in wayarta screen d’in wayar ta kalla taga Sardauna ne dauka tayi ta kara akunnenta muryarta asark’e tace”hello sweetheart” My Neesher please na kasa nutsuwa nayi aiki ki shirya zanzo yanzu kije part DINA kijirani banason musu kuma idan kinsan daga na fara zaki faramun kuka to wlh fadamun gaskiya sai na hakura idan kin kashe mijinki abin sonki ai kin huta? iya rikicewa Nisha ta rikice sai zaro idanu takeyi ta dake muryata na rawa tace”to my Dr sai kazo please kabar zancan mutuwa mijina zo kayi abunka? murmushi ya saki ya tsinke.Kiran ya tura hannuwansa cikin sumar kansa yana shafawa ya lumshe idanu kiransa mashakura ta sake idanu ya bude ganin number ba suna yasa yaki dauka ya Mike agagauce ya kwashe wayoyinsa Kenan yaji ana
knocking d’in kofar banza yayi yaki magana saida sukayi sau uku daket yace waye ya fada yana daukar makullan motarsa ya nufo kofar ya bude Ahmed ne da bandar hararasu yayi” malamai lafiya dai ko? kallonsa sukayi cike da mamaki bandar yace”haba abokina bamu gankaba daddy yace ka fito aiki muka biyu mu gaisheka baki ya tab’e yace” eh nazo aiki ai kuma daga gun aikin kuka biyo to muje na gode Ahmed ya hararesa yana k’ok’arin shiga Sardauna yace”dallah can malam muje kasan irin uzirin da nake ciki muje wlh amugun matse nake? Ahmed yace”kana nufin kashinen bazakayi anan ba sai ka kaishi gida da karfin tsiya Sardauna ya turasu waje ya murzawa kofar key yay murmushi yana musu wani shegen kallo yace”ku har yanzu yarane bazaku ganeba idan mai mata yace amatse yake bandar ya zaro idanu yana kallon Sardauna Ahmed yay kansa yana cewa”to wlh ba inda zaka

Je ka mutu ma dan rainin hankali ka koyi fitina da jaraba wlh ina tausayin Neesha da gudu ya fice ya barsu dan yasan Ahmed sai ya bata masa lokaci karo sukayi da Ruma ganin Sardauna ne ta makaleshi ta rungumeshi gam tanajin muguwar sha’awarsa da sonsa idanu ya zaro ya ingijeta zata fadi ya tarota ya wanka mata mari har biyu ya hankadata saida ta fadi k’asa wanwar ya nunata da dan yatsa” kiyi hankali zan koraki daga hospital DINA yar iska jikina ko mace mai kamun kai ba kowaceba takeda sa’ar tabani wlh magana kika sakemun abakin aikinki banza jaka kawai ya fice ransa ab’ace yana wannan shegen takun NASA na isa da kasaita Ruma duk da ba kowa agurin jitayi ta tozarta ta Mike tana hawaye dan Allah ya jarabeta da son Sardauna tanason katun takarsa da nuna jiji da kai tasan zaiyi fawa tasan zai jiyar da mace dadi fashewa tayi da kuka ta nufi wani room tana cewa “wlh Sardauna ina sonka da komai naka sai nasameka koda rana dayane wlh sai nasan yada nayi na sameka su Ahmed da suka ISO daide gun suka jita tana kuka tana sambatu kai suka girgiza bandar yace” wlh kuwa kinada aiki indai Sardauna ne Ahmed yaja tsaki”nifa wannan kallon mahaukaciya nake mata lokacin da suka fito harabar asibitin Sardauna ya shiga motarsa ya figeta aguje ya nufi get kai suka girgiza suma suka shiga motocinsu suka bishi lokacin an bude masa ya fice ya harbata kan titi ransa ab’ace yake driving sai uban gudu yake shararawa ya kunna sigari yana busa burinsa ya isa gida yajishi ya shigi Nisha bangaran Nisha kuwa bayan Sardauna ya tsinke wayar ta Mike tana hawaye tace” na shiga uku Abu yazama kamar cin tuwo yanzu haka inajin zafi agabana ga bakin cikin kishiyar Dole da za’amun bathroom ta shiga ta wanko fuskarta ta fito ta dan gyara ta fesa turaren ummi ta kalli zee tana baccinta kanta taje ta tsaya” yar uwata dan Allah kiyi dawo haiyacinki kice baki son mijin yayarki please karkiso Sardauna kinji wlh bazan iya barin duk macan da zata so Sardauna taji dadiba yanzu zan miki uziri nasan kina warkewa bazaki hada miji da yayarki ba kuma kawarki ba ta fada tana juyawa ta fice daga dakin tana fitowa ta isko duk sun tafi iyayan nasu sai ghaisha da ummi Raiyan da su tuwusai minata tace” Aisha ina zaki cikin inda inda tace” part d’in daddah zani na dawo wuff ta fice tana fita ta

Nufi part d’insu Sardauna cikin sa’a tana shiga ta murda kofar parlon taji abude ta shigo Najib taga zai fito ta kallesa” Ashe kaine? ” Aunty ya dai? ” yayanka yace nazo na masa gyara murmushi yayi yana fita yace”OK kinzo da kin kofar ko? ” eh tace masa ta shige ta zauna saman kujerun parlon shikuma ya fice TV ta kunna tana cikin neman tashar da zata kalla Sardauna ya shigo da sallama gabanta ya tsinke ya fadi ta dake ta amsa masa” my Dr sannu gunta ya ISO ya dauketa cak ya nufi kwanar da zata kaishi bedroom d’insa ya ciro key daga Aljihunsa ya bude kofar ya shiga ya maida ya murza key Nisha sai zazaro idanu takeyi dakin babu wani datti tunda kullum aciki yake kwana da mahbeer ya rasu sai uban kamshi dake tashi saman gado ya zaunar da ita ya shiga cire kayan jikinsa gaba daya ya cire komai ya ajiyesu gefe ya kamota yana cere mata nata idanu ta rufe dan bazata iya kallon wannan halita tasaba murmushi yay” my Nisha mijinki kike tsoron kallo ya fada yana haurowa saman gadon ya janyota jikinsa” my Neesher kimun magana mana? sweetheart me zance? ” amshi to ya fito mata da harshensa ta kama tana tsotsa shikuma ya shiga rikitata da shegen salonsa hannunsa ko ina yawo yakeyi ajikinta cikin lokacin kadan yayi nasara kunno mata wutar sha’awa ta fara minmmik’ewa ta sakar masa jikinta ya karato Addu’ar saduwa da iyali ya dago kafafunta ya shige inda yafi bugata ya fara kashe arna yanayin yada yake mata tanajin dadi sosai sai nishi take tana kiransa” Yaya Faisal inajin dadi sosai ya bata amsa” gud my Neesher kici gaba da jin dadinki ya fada yana bugata da kyau yana mata tambaboyi tana amsawa cikin mayen dadi sosai ta sakar masa jiki yana yada yaso kusan mintina hamsin lokacin tayi release kuma ta fara jin zafi dan yanzu dakyau yake cacakarta sosai yake nuna jarumtarsa sai hawaye take ta fara matse kafafunta ganin tanason fara halinta ya bankare kafafunta yana cacakarta da kyau yana lumshe idanunsa yana ciciza bakinsa duk yada ta kai da danne kukanta abun ya faskara saida ta fashe da kukan amma Sardauna bai saurara

mataba wlh saida ya kwashe awanni biyu cur yayi release saida yayi wani irin kara ya matseta gam jikinsa ya sakar mata nauyinsa zuwa yanzu bata ko motsin kirki saida ya kwashe tsawon 5 minute ya dagata ya mirgina gefe yana lumshe idanunsa dan yaji ya dan gamsu wutar sha’awarsa ta kwanta idanunsa ya bude ya kalli nisha fuska jage jage da hawaye harda su majina bushewa yayi da dariya ya matso yana shafa cikinta” babyna wlh momy raguwace bata iyawa da dadynka ka samomun mata jaruma ko bana sonta zan aura cikin halin wahaltuwar da tayi jin abunda yace ta Mike daket ta fashe da kuka ta fada samansa tana girgiza kai ta kasa magana” au kukan ne? ke sai kishin tsiya yanzu fah naga ko motsin kirki bakiyi amma kinji motsin wata kin Mike babyna kama momynka fada ni wasa nake miki ya fada yana shafar cikinta ya duka yanama cikin kiss yana lasar ramin cibiyarta ya dora hannunsa sama breast d’inta yana murzawa. da sauri ta kalkesa yana lumshe idanunsa arikice ta janye jikinta” my Dr zanyi fitsari ta fada tana kokarin sauka murmushi yayi ya girgiza kai ya bita da kallo yada take tafiya” matsoraciya wlh da kintsaya wlh sai na k’ara yanzu sabkowa yayi ya bita bathroom d’in ta hada ruwan zafi ta shiga wanka tsarki yayi ya fito lokacin ana Kiran sallah azuhur yasa kayansa ya fesa turare ya gyara gashinsa Nisha ta fito tasa kayanta ya kalleta “my Nisha ki kwanta ki huta idan kinyi sallah? ” banajin bacci gida zan shiga murmushi yay ya ya kashe Ac ya kama hannunta suka fito ya rufe dakin suka fito aharabar gida ya saki hannunta” ki hadamun abunci ni da zainab yanzu zan dawo da an gama sallah fuska ta yamutsa tace” to sweetheart tafiya yayi itako ta nufi part d’insu ghaisha da sallama ta,

ta shigo parlon minata tace” wai ina kika shiga ne? tsoru tsoru tayi da idanu tace” ina Swimming pool ne ta fada tana nufar bedroom domin yin sallah, suma duk mik’ewa sukayi suka tafi suyi sallah daket ummi ta samu zainab ta yarda ta tashi suka nufi bedroom domin yin sallah saman darduma suka isko Nisha na sallah bathroom suka shiga ummi tasata ta dauro alwalla itama ta dauro suka fito ummi ta shimfida musu darduma suka tayar da sallah Nisha tana gamawa ta Mike tana kallonsu ta duba magunguna zainab ta dauka ta fice tana fita kan dining ta nufa ta bude kulolin abuncin taga shinkaface fara hade da dankalin turawa da kwai ab’are jar miyar naman rago ga hadin salak nan plate ta janyo ta zuba masa komai ta rufe ta tsiyayi fruit tasha ta zubi abuncin ta zauna nama yafi yawa ta fara ci dan wata muguwar yunwa takeji Sardauna ya raraketa sai ci take tana tsaki tana gamawa ta kara tsiyayar fruit tasha ta nufo parlo har sun dawo zee na zaune ta rike ummi tana kuka Nisha tace ” ummi me takeso ne? ” wlh Sardauna take nema babu yada bamu yiba taci abunci tasha magani takiya sai Kiran baby take ghaisha tace” inata kiransa baya dauka haushine ya cika Nisha amma ganin bata haiyacinta sai ta basar” ayya tayi hakuri zai shigo yanzu ghaisha aikine wai ya tsayar dashi minata tace ” kinci gidanku naga motarsa a gidanan shiru Nisha tayi aranta tanacewa duk abin an takura masa har yaje ya rame kusan Zee ta koma


tana lallashin bugeta zee tayi tana hararata Sardauna ne ya shigo da sallama cikin parlon ai kuwa zee ta Mike da gudu tayi kansa tana kuka tana kiransa” my babyna murmushi ya saki jikinsa ta fada tana kuka tana dukansa janyeta, yayi ya kamo hannuta su ghaisha suna musu dariya ummi ta girgiza kai ghaisha tace” Dr Sardauna ina ne ka shiga ina ta kiranka? kansa ya dafe” momyna kiyi hakuri wlh wani babban aikine nayi ya fada yana kallon Nisha da ranta ya gama baci amma suna hada, idanu ta sakar masa murmushi Jan zee yayi suka nufi kan dining ya zaunar da ita kusa dashi ya janyo rufafen plate” bugun Numfashina yi hakuri kinji my babyna da idanu ta tsareshi tace” my babyna? ” Na’am babyna jikinsa ta kwanto hawayen ya goge mata ya saka hannunsa cikin abuncin ya debo ya tallabo kanta ya bata abaki ta amsa tana kallonsa gira ya daga mata” Oya babyna ci maza ina sonki sosai wlh amsa take tanaci tace” my babyna ina sonki murmushi ya saki” ai nasan kina sona kuma hakan namun dadi saide son da nake miki ya linlinka naki itama hannu tasaka ta dauko tana bashi abaki ya amsa yanaci ahaka saida suka cinye nacikin plate d’in hannunsa ta rike ta lashe masa, tas itama ta bashi hannunta da yaki ta fashi da kuka “Sorry farin cikina yi shirunki bari na lashe miki dalo ya rike hannunta yana lashe mata shiru tayi jin gumin harshensa yada yake lasar hannunta yasa ta lumshe idanunta ta kwantar da kanta saman kirjinsa tana nishi sai ririkeshi take ta shigewa jikinsa tana cewa” my babyna ina sonki da sauri ya janyeta daga jikinsa ya kalleta idanunta ya canza kuka ta saka masa tana kokarin komawa jikinsa mugun tausayin ta ya kamashi dan ya gano yarinya akwaita karfin sha’awa ko da bata hankalinta Dole ya canza takunsa gudun kar ya shiga hakkinta ga takaba da takeyi bata haiyacinta tsawa ya daka mata tsit ta kyale ta zauna tana sabke ajiyar zuciya maganin ya ballo ya bata tasha ya zuba mata fruit yana bata abaki tanasha shima yasha sauranta ya Mike ya kamo hannunta” saura kimun kuka idan na fita wlh zaki sani saida ya gyara mata fuskarta da mayafinta suka shigo parlon gun ummi ya kaita ya zaunar da ita”my baby kanwas banda kuka ki kwantar da hankalinki ina tare dake kece bugun Numfashina idanu ta zuba masa tana. kwakwab’e fuska tace “my babyna” Na’am babyna shiru karkiyi kuka zan dawo ummi abata carbi ta rika hailala da salatin Annabi kwantar da kanta tayi jikin ummi ya nufi gun ghaisha ya rungumeta ya mata kiss “ghaisha ina yini dukansa tayi taja kunnesa sakinta yayi yace” na koma gun aiki wlh inada tiyata ya fada yana ficewa zee ta kirasa cikin sanyin murya” my babyna juyowa yayi ya sakar mata murmushi yace”ki zauna zan dawo ya kalli Nisha Aishata bye hannu ta d’aga masa tana danne kukanta ficewa yayi tuwusai tace”Sardauna babu kunya ghaisha ta girgiza kai zee da idanu tabishi da kallo har ya fice ta lumshe idanunta ta shige jikin ummi sai matsar kafafunta takeyi tana nishi cikin ikon Allah bacci ya dauketa Nisha mik’ewa tayi ta dawo kusan zee ta kwanto jikinta ta lumshe idanunta tajin tsanar zee aranta ummi ta hadasu ta rungume ghaisha na musu dariya


bangaran Sardauna yana zuwa ya shiga aikin duba marasa lafiya cikin kuzara karfe uku ya shiga tiyata cikin hukuncin Allah yayi acikin nutsuwa saida yayi tiyata biyu kowace cikin nasara, jama’a khalisat tunda taji mutuwar mahbeer abun ya girgizata ta kara shiga tsoron duniya yanzu haka wani mai kanti agunwarsu yake sonta kuma matansa biyu tace taji ta gani zatayi auranta yanzu haka an sanya mata ranar aure wata uku masu zuwa,, Sardauna bai samu damar fitowa daga hospital ba sai karfe takwas na dare ya baro hospital mashakura sai kiransa take baya dauka dan bashida number ta baima sanba itace lokacin da ya iso gidansu Allah ya temakesa ummi ta lallaba zainab daket taci abunci tasha magani adadafe tayi sallah isha sai bacci tana Kiran Sardauna har bacci ya kwasheta saboda maganin nasonta sosai yada yake yawan SATA bacci da sallama ya shigo parlon su daddy duk suna zaune hayatu yayan Neesha yana Duke gabansu daddy yana rokon idan zainaba ta gama takaba abashi ita ya maye gurbin dan uwansa da yarasu Neesha har ta fara murna karaf akunnen Sardauna jikinsa har tsuma yake gadan gadan ya nufin kan hayatu yana cewa”dan ubanka wallahi ko zaka mutu baza a baka auran zainab ba duk duniya ayanzu nine nan mai alhakin zabarwa babyna Mijin aure nine zan aurar da matar yayana kuma kanwata ga gwarzon Namiji nagartacce Wanda zai rikemun ita Amana ya fada yana nufar hayatu cikin k’unar zuciya idanunsa sun rikide sunyi jajur sai huci yake Hayatu yayi mutikar tsorata da yanayin Sardauna…..✍🏻mmn farisa ceπŸ’‹

πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» cikin dare kaso asoka soyayya ce indai da raina mai zan da langa ga akushi ni nayi dacan samuka mai nasibi iya wuya ina tare dakai habibi kaunarka ta ratsa cikin jiki da Qalbi nai alkawar umarni gareka zanbi duk Wanda yay kudirin zata rabani da hubbina zansa wuka na yankashi koko almakashiπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸƒπŸ»β™€πŸƒπŸ»



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