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….ma’aikatan jirgin matanne suka ciccibeta suka nufi gun doctor da ita domin aduba lafiyarta suna zuwa aka fara bata temakon gagawa domin ceto ranta amma ina har yanzu bata farfado ba Abu Rahman hankalinsa yayi mugun tashi Dan yana jin tsoro ta mutu sai suka masa bayani ya kwantar da hankalinsa zata iya farkawa kowane lokaci ko bata farkaba ayanzu zata samu kulawar doctor daganan har saudiya babu wata matsala tukun ya dan samu nutsuwa ya ciro. casbi yana hailala jirginsu na sharara gudu sararin samaniya. bangaran su Sardauna abun ba’acewa komai Dan tun safe har yanzu babu Wanda yasama cikinsa komai Sardauna na jikin Daddynsa arungume ga zazzabi ya rufeshi daddah na musu nasiya da ayi tawakali komai zaizo da sauki. da misalin karfe biyu na rana parlon cike da jama’a yan uwa da abokan arziki Sardauna na rungume jikin ghaisha na rawar sanyi jikinsa zafi radau ghaisha idanunta na fitar da hawaye ta shafi kansa” Dr yi hakuri tashi muje kasha ko tea kashe magani muje ka kwanta.

tashi yayi suka nufi kan dining ta zaunar dashi ta hada masa tea ta zauna daket tasamu ya kurba ta kirawo nisha ta dauko mata maganin zazzabi adakinta ta bashi yasha ta kalli nisha” maza kama hannusa kuje ya kwanta kadan a part d’insu mik’ewa yayi ya fice nisha ta bishi. su hauwa sai kuka akeyi kowa ka gani abin gwanin tausayi hafeeza da zainab idanunsu har sun kunbura Dan azabar kuka. Sardauna yana shiga ya fada saman gado dafe da kansa Nisha ce ta shigo ta fada jikinsa tana kuka. ” my Dr kayi hakuri zata baiyana insha Allah kabar damuwa jikinka zazzabi rungumeta yayi gam taja musu blanket ta shige jikinsa tana masa tausa tana shashafa sassan jikinsa “yayamu Dan Allah kayi hakuri zata dawo. kai ya daga baice komai ba Dan tunda abun ya faru tamkar kurma haka Sardauna yazama yanajin irin yada Nisha take shashafashi amma baiji komai ba kuma baice mata komai ba.jin bazai kulataba yasa ta hakura ta rungumeshi Dan zazzabin ya sauka.


Da misalin karfe 12:00.pm na dare jirgin su Abu Rahman da ya daukosu daga Cairo ya diresu a Saudi Arabia cikin garin Madina har zuwa wannan lokaci zainab bata farkaba saide tana samun kulawa ta musamman. daga Airport direct hospital Abu Rahman suka wuce shida danginsa dasukazo daukarsu harda hassan da hussaini suna yabon ma’aikatan jirgin Egypt akwai karama mutum. Mustashfar Nur suka kai zee aka amsheta cikin lokaci kankane aka fara ceton ranta amma bata farka ba doctor yayi masu bayani zata farka ko wani lokaci Ammi mahaifiyar ummi Raiyan ita ta tsaya Abu Rahman suka tafi gida Dan yagaji sosai. tasaka jikarta ah gaba tana kuka tana to feta da Addu’a tana rike da hannunta”Allah sarki ummi Raiyan ko awane hali take na rashin yarta zainaba Allah yabaki lafiya wlh bazan bari Fahad ya cutar dakeba insha Allah saide ayi abunda za’ayi zulumcin ya isa haka ina dalili. haka tayi ta sambatu ita daya har tsakiyar dare.

Bangaran Abu Rahman yana zuwa gida yayi wanka yaci abunci yasa su hassan da hussaini gaba yana basu labarin abinda ya samu zee baby da yada ya daukota. tausayin yar uwasu ya kamasu da na mahaifiyarsu sukayi ta kuka daket ya lallashesu yace itama zaije ya kawota yamata aure da abokinsa itama zainab aure zai mata suko dadi sukeji yar uwarsu ta dawo. acan Nigeria jiya i yau yauma haka sukayi kwanan jimami babu wani labarin zee baby su daddy saida suka zagaye garin Katsina amota nemanta da pic dinta suna nunawa babu Wanda yace ya santa Sardauna yazama tamkar kurma amma da yaga har kwana biyu babu labarin zee baby ya fara sarewa da lamarin amma ya mika komai wajan Allah sun dage da sallah da Addu’oi ba dare ba rana ummi Raiyan duk tabi ta rame bata iya cin komai sai ghaisha tayi da gaske. takecin wani abu kadan wlh duk Wanda kace yana cikin walwala agidanan to nayi karya Najib kuwa har yau tunaninsa bai bashi ba wannan balaraban ne da yamasa tambayoyi Akan zee baby.

Yau kwana zee baby uku asaudiya har yau bata farkaba zuwa yanzu Abu Rahman ya fara tsorata da lamarin ga yan uwanta sun damu sosai ya rasa meke masa dadi. da misalin karfe biyar na yamma Hassan da hussaini zaune bakin gadon zee baby Amina gefe Abu Rahman na zaune kusanta. cikin hukuncin Allah na’urorin jikinta suka dauki ruri ta fara motsi sai ga likitoci sun shigo suna dubata idanunta ta bude ahankali tana kallon dakin da jama’ar gabanta yayi mugun faduwa ta zazaro idanuwa ganin wa inda suke tsaye cikin tashin hankali da firgici ta bude baki zatayi magana taji yana cewa” Alhmdllh ta farka sauran lfy ta dawo haiyacinta idanu ta rumtse dan batason ganinsa arayuwarta sai yanzu ta tuno cikin jirgi yana rike da ita Kenan idan hakane bata Nigeria tana saudiya tunda ga likitocin larabawa tsaye kanta gabanta ya fadi ta shiga tunanin mijinta mahbeer tana Addu’ar Allah yasa yana lafiya bayan sun gama dubata doctor yace” Alhmdllh ta dawo haiyacinta ayanzu batada matsala normal take. Abu Rahman yaji dadi sosai yaje ya rungume zee yana farin ciki yan uwanta ma haka idanu ta bude ta kallesu tana murmushi tace” gaskiya naji dadi yaushe mukazo da ummita nan.Abu yace mata”ke daya nakawo namiki magani itama tana zauwa. “ai babu damuwa ko bata zoba zanyi zamana daku. dadi sosai yaji har Amina da yan uwan zee baby sun zata gaske take. Saida suka kara kwana aka kara duba lafiyarta batada wata matsala washe gari aka salamesu suka tafi gida. suna zuwa zee tasaki jikinta kamar batada damuwa.

saida tasaka yan uwanta ajiki zuwa dare ta keb’e dasu tamusu huduba ta zugesu ta hadasu da Abu Rahman tace acikin jirgi taji yana zancan zai kashemu mu uku kuma daman boye musu tayi ya kashe ummi ne ya satota sukazo ai kuwa suka fara kuka tace ba kuka zasuyi ba su dubo takardun dukiyarsu kakaf zatayi musu dubara su koma, nagerai idanko basuso ai zai kashesu ne. sun yarda sun hau kai sun zauna shiko Abu Rahman baisan meke faruwa ba da misalin karfe goma Na dare zee tana rungume jikin Amina suna zaune a parlo Abu bayanan su Hassan suna can suna neman dukiyarsu zee ta kalli Amina ta fashe da kuka tace”yau sauran kwana uku Fahad ya kasheki mu jibi zai kashelu

Allah sarki ummina ana k’asa abunne arikice ta dagota “kina nufin ya kashemun diyar tamu daya da muka haifa.? eh agabana ya mata yanka rago wayyo ummina ganinin zuwa gareki nida yan uwana da kakata bamuda hanyar kubuta babu Wanda zai cecemu duk saudiya Dole mu mutu jibi kuka Amina takeyi sosai ta rungume zee” kibar cewa haka Dole zamu rama abunda ya mana kuma nasan yada zamu gudu bazamu zauna k’asar bama mukoma k’sar mahaifinki zan rikeku amana tunda ke kinada mijinki gashi yace zai kuma d’aura miki aure cikin satinan. da sauri zee tace da gaske zaimu wani aure ai dayaci durin uwarsa dan iskan tsoho najadu kawai. idanu Amina ta zaro gira zee ta d’aga mata “zaki bimu Nageria muzauna.? ” zanje wlh tunda duk yanda na zauna dashi yakeson kasheni bayan ya kashemun diyata daya ina Hassan da hussaini suzo nasan inda dukiyarku take. fitowa sukayi dan sun nema sun rasa.

“gamu. mik’ewa tayi Zee tace “kakata bani wayarki na kira mijina. wayar ta bata taja hannunsu suka fita. zama na gyara na saka number mahbeer dan inada ita akaina nakira har sau uku amma bata shiga gabana naji ya tsananta faduwa. ta Sardauna na saka itama akwai akaina. tanata ringing bai d’agaba sai da na kira sau uku tana dabda tsinkewa ya daga. cikin sansanyar muryasa mai amon dadi yayi sallama. bansa lokacin da na lumshe idanuwana ba nayi kwance. muryashi na tsinto yana cewa” idan baza’ayi magana ba zan kashe. kuka naji ya kufcemun bansan daliliba cikin shashekar kuka nace”My Sardauna Nice kanwarka zainab ina ta Kiran mahbeer bana samunsa yana lfy ko.? lokacin Sardauna yana akwance saman makeken gadonsa cikin bedroom baisan lokacin da ya zamo daga kan kujera ba jikinsa na kerrrma


yace”my sweet zee babyna kina ina ne.?” yayana ina saudiya dan Allah kazo ka fitar damu nida yan uwana kaji.?” Alhmdllh yi shiru bari kukan banason kukanki wlh ganinan zuwa ki kasance cikin shiri. ashagwab’e nace My Sardauna nah.?” Na’am my zeener menene.?” kazo inason ganinka Sardauna nah na fada cikin kukan shagwab’a” oh my god don girman Allah matata bari tadamun hankali zanzo cikin satinan ki kwantar da hankalinki yi shiru sai nazo kibani labarin wani dan iskane yasa ceki ya kaimun abar kaunata saudiya ciwon zuciya yakusa kasheni. ” My Sardauna nah wlh Abu Rahman ne.” OK kwanta maza ki huta zan kiraki anjima yanzu gida zani kiss ya sakar mun ta wayar ya tsinke kiran.
idanuna na lumshe gabobin jikina duk sun saki Sardauna nake gani.

a idanuna tsikar jikina sai yamm takeyi ina mimmik’ewa wani irin yanayi nakeji tashi nayi nabi bayansu akofar wani d’aki muka hadu Amina ta kwaso takardun dukiyarmu har na ummi muka dawo parlon muka zauna ta tatara kan takardun ta bani naje na boye na dawo wayar ta amsa tayi Kiran wata number bugo daya ya daga. tayi sallama ta masa bayanin komai da irin hanyar da takeso ya mata zasu bar k’asar amma kowa yanada passport d’insa ya tambaya su nawane zee ta amsa ta masa bayani har Sardauna Kenan su biyar yace to abashi kwana hudu gobe zaizo ya amshi kudadan da passport d’insu. sosai sukayi farin ciki Abu Rahman sai wajan karfe daya yadawo zee ta taresa cikin murna yanajin dadin sauyawarta sosai nan suka baje ana hira yake basu labarin karshan wata zashi dauko ummi Raiyan zee ta musu nuni karya yakeyi ya kasheta sun kuma gamsu da maganarta amma basu nuna meba sukaci GABA da hirasu da ciye ciye sai bayan da sukayi sallah Asubah kowa ya kwanta zee wayar suka kashe dan kar Sardauna ya kira Abu ya gani su shiga bala’i shiyasa ta kasheta.

*Nigeria* kowa Sardauna cikin farin ciki mara musaltuwa ya warci key d’in motarsa ya fito Nisha lokacin na parlo tana kallon TV dan batajin bacci taji Sardauna ya dauketa yayi sama da ita yana juyi yana dariya itama dariya takeyi ta makaleshi” my Dr cikina zai kulle babynka na motsi fah. direta tayi yana murmushi Nisha cike da mamaki tace”my Dr wai meye kasamu haka na dadi Allah yasa my dear aka samu.? ” itace aka samu amma tana saudiya yanzu ta kira Oya muje gida yanzu ko kin zauna na dawo.? cikin farin ciki ta rungumeshi tana kukan dadi “Alhmdllh Allah Abin godiya masoyiyyata ta dawo lfy wayyo. sakinsa tayi taje ta shirya ta fito suka tafi. cikin farin ciki yake driving Nisha na kwance jikinsa har suka isa gidan. a parlo suka iskosu basu kwanta ba da gudu yayi kan daddy yana ihu gabaki dayansu idanu duka tsura masa jikin dadi ya fada yana dariya” Alnishirunku iyayena. Allah ya baiyana zainab yanzu ta kirani tana saudiya. cike da mamaki sukace” waye ya kaita saudiya.?” wlh tace Kakanta ne kuma abun farin cikin ma ta samu lfy ta dawo haiyacinta ras. tsaye ummi Raiyan tayi ta fashe da kuka tace”shikenan itama ya rabani da ita.Sardauna ya Mike ya koma gunta yana lallashinta ya mata bayanin da zee ta masa ajiyar zuciya ta sabke ta zube k’asa, ta kalli gabas tayi Sujada tana beka godiyarta ga Allah ghaisha taje ta ta tayata daddy ya shiga Kiran yan uwa yana musu albishir cikin farin ciki Nisha itama sosai take farin ciki dan tasan zee tana

zauwa idan taji labarin komai bazata zauna da Sardauna ba. Daddy yace”Dr gobe ka fara shinrin tafiya ayi maza arabosu da k’asar banaso wani abu yasamu momy. ummi tayi dariya tace”wlh baby daide take dashi zata san duk yanda tayi suka kubuta daga hannunsa kafin zuwan Sardauna. murmushi daddy yayi yace”Rayyan yau kece harda dariya masha Allah su tuwusai ma dariya akeyi minata harda su rawa zatagata su Hassan da hussaini Nisha da hafeeza na mata dariya Najib jikinsa yayi sanyi dan yanzu ya gano mutumin nan da ya masa tambayoyi shine yasace zee gudun kar Sardauna ya hada masa jini da majina yayi shiru. sai karfe shabiyu Sardauna yama iyayansa sallama

Suka tafi gida.suna zuwa sukayi shirin bacci amma Sardauna saida ya raba dare yana sallah yana bika godiyarsa wajan ubangiji. sai karfe biyu ya Mike ya hauro gadon ya rungumo Nisha. ai fah wannan dare ta taba taji dan tunda ya fara cacakarta bai saurara mataba sai asubah taci kuka har tagaji. sai bayan da sukayi sallah ya rungumeta yana lallashinta har sukayi bacci. Nisha kam anbugu


Bayan kwana biyar
cikin ikon Allah Sardauna ya gama shirin tafiya Wanda a yaune ya daga k’asar ta saudiya Nisha tasha kuka a Airport daket ghaisha da ummi suka lallasheta suka dawo gida Sardauna kullum cikin waya suke da zainab tana fada masa komai har dukiyarsu sun kwashe an gama shirya musu tafiya shi suke jira kowa yayi waya da zee agida amma babu Wanda yayi kokarin fada mata mutuwar mahbeer kullum cikin waya take da ummi tana fada mata muguntar da zasuwa Abu Rahman ummin tayi ta kuka tace sudai barshi su taho karsu cutar dashi duniyace ta ishesa ko yaya yake mahaifintane shi din Dole zee suka barshi. dan har yanzu baisan sun yashe komaiba zasu bar k’asar ba. gashi Sardauna ya daga k’asar saudiyar domun kawosu sai muce Allah ya kaisa lfy Amin.

da misalin karfe biyu na Rana zee ce zaune a parlo murna kamar ta kasheta yau yayanta Sardauna zaizo gunta sai murmushi takeyi ita daya su Hassan ne suka shigo da gudu zee ta kallesu tace” yadai meye labari.?” dariya sukayi hussaini yace” Zainaba Abu yasha shayin wlh ya bingire bacci ina Amina muyi mubar gidan. Dariya zee tayi harda rike ciki tace” da kyau yanzu kuka nuna cikinmu daya daku diyarsa tace karmu cutar dashi dan haka kafin kwana uku ya farka mu munkai k’asarmu ta gado mik’ewa tayi ta shiga dakin Amina tana zaune saman darduma tace” wai direban bai isoba ne ya kamata mu kama hanyar jeddah fa murmushi Amina tayi” ai ya ISO tun dazu yace an gama shirya komai mu yake jira bani wayar nace yazo daukarmu yasha shayin ko.? “yasha wayar zee ta bata takira direban da aka turo daukansu daga jidda tace yazo yanzu sun shirya suna gama maga suka fito kowa ya kwashi abunda yakeso zee ta kwashe wayoyin Abu da laptop dinsa baki daya ta fasa duk wata na’ura ta gidan da TV babu abinda bata fasaba wayoyinsa da laptop kuwa ta rike ta cire layikansa baki daya ta taune. direban bai jimaba ya ISO suka kwashe kayan suka fitar dan hata mai gadi sun bashi kwaya ta barcin kwana uku shima suka lode kaya amota suka shige suka tafi direba ya dauki hanyar jiddah wanwait zee sai murna takeyi ta rungume kakarta tana waka tana kada kai sai dariya suke mata dan sunga yau afarin ciki take Amina ta shafa kanta tace”Zainaba duk murnan ganin Sardauna ne.? dariya tayi ta kara shigewa jikinta ta daga kai kanta ta shiga shafa mata har bacci ya dauketa su Hassan Na mata dariya wai ita komai na yara takeyi. direba yayi gudu sosai ana sallah la’asar suka shiga jiddah har lokacin zee bacci takeyi sai direba ya kawosu kofar gidan da zasu zauna kafin su tafi Amina ta tashi zee suka fito direban da kansa ya shigar musu da kayansu

gidan yanada kyau sosai ya tsaru a parlo suka zube saida suka huta tukun sukayi sallah. Mutumin dan uwan Amina ne na kusa sai dare ya samu zuwa ya musu sannu da zuwa. Zee tace” to ya batun tafiya yace” an gama shirya komai jibi sai tafiya shi wancan da ticket dinsa na komawa zaizo da ya huta jibi ko gata zasu wuce murna zee tayi sosai sun jima suna hira zee tana masa godiya sai shabiyu yace” ku tashi muje Airport jirginsu ya kusa sauka cikin murna zee taje tayi wanka ta tsatsara kwaliyya tasaka abaya mai masifar kyau da tsada sai baza kamshi takeyi ba’a ganin komai nata sai kwayar idanunta su Hassan ma sunyi shigarsu ta larabawa Ammi ma haka suka shiga mota sai filin jirgi suka zauna jiran isowar jirgi. Hamraz na tare dasu sai karfe daya da rabi jirginsu Sardauna ya sauka abirnin jiddah zee jikinta har rawa yake burinta taga dan uwanta Sardauna. Suna tsaitsaye gurin da aka tanada domin masu tarbar nasu zee sai baza idanu takeyi can ta tsinkayo Sardauna yana janye da wata karamar akwati mai shegen kyau yana sanye cikin suit kalar ruwan toka sunyi masifar masa kyau bakin gilashi manne afuskarsa takunsa yake cikin isa da nuna kasaita tafiyarsa kawai abun burgewace kzllo daya zaka masa kasan shidin jarumin Namijine ya hadu ba karya zee baby ta zuba masa idanu tace”wow My Sardauna wlh ya hadu ba karya cikin farin ciki ta ruga da gudu tayi gunsa tana kiransa “Yayana sai lokacin ya hangota tana gudu tun karfinta har ta fara kuka tana kiransa akwatin ya saki ya nufota da saurinsa yana ware mata hannayensa daga Nesa yana cewa”my baby kibi asannu karki fadi cikin sassarfa ta karasa gunsa ta fada Faffadan kirjinshi tana kuka cikin shashekar kuka tace” wayyo My Sardauna nah.wani irin shock sukaji atare Wata wawar runguma ya mata yana ya shiga sabke tagwayan ajiyar zuciya ya kara shigar da ita jikinsa ta rikeshi gam tana kuka cikin sanyi murya can k’asan makoshi yace My Bugun Numfashina yada ya kiratan yasa taji wani zirrr yarrr ta kara ga wani irin sanyi na ziyartota makaleshi tayi ta tsayar da kukan tana sabke ajiyar zuciya murmushi ya saki yasa hannunsa ya dan janye Nikab din yakai bakinsa saitin kunneta ashagwabe yace” Mrs Sardauna kara kamkameshi tayi muryata na rawa cikin shagwab’a tace”My Sardauna nah wallahi………………✍🏻



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