Zee Baby Book 2 Page 15


*Book 2 πŸ‘‰πŸ»15*

…Yana saukowa ya nufi kujeron parlon ya zaunar da zee”Baby bari na dubo yar uwaki.”ya fada yana nufar dakin Nisha wacce ta fito tana kuka.
Da gudu ya kara sa gurinta ta fada jikinsa ya rungumeta yana tambayarta”nisha meye kuma cikin ne? wlh kin tsorata ni kinji irin ihun da kika kwarara daka dakinki meye cikin naki ne..?”cikin kuka tace wlh tsoratani akayi ban san ko su waye ba wlh tsoro nakeji my Dr.”ta fada tana kara rukumkumeshi tana kuka.
“Yi hakuri Addu’a zakiyi da kikaji tsoron ba ihu ba,zo zauna ki nutsu my nisha”ya kamo hannuta suka nufo gun kujerun.
zee na zaune ta kura musu idanu dan haka kawai taji bata yarda da ciwon Nisha ba saboda d’azu suka gama hira da yamma.

Kusan zee Sardauna ya zaunar da nisha shima ya zauna jikinsa ta shige tana sabke ajiyar zuciya tayi luf jikinsa.
Zee ta kalleta tana yamutsa fuska tace”my dear sannu ya jiki.?”kai nisha ta daga sai kara shiga jikin Sardauna take ya wani tarairayota yana mata sannu yana shafa cikinta.
Gani nayi abin akwai rainin hankali sun wani shanyani alhalin miji nawane,shagwab’ewa nayi na kirasa”My Baby Sardauna nah bacci nakeji yau da wuri tunda my dear abin tsoron ya barta da ta ganka ta tashi taje tayi Addu’a ta kwanta mana muma muje mu kwanta.”Nisha tari ta fara tana rirrike Sardauna,shikuma ya wani manne mata yana mata sunan”Baby kawo mata ruwa.

Mik’ewa zeey tayi kamar zata kawai sai ta duke ta dafe hannun kujera.
“Wayyo cikina.”amugun kidime Sardauna ya ture nisha daga jikinsa ya kamo zeee”wayyo na shiga uku babyna sannu.”ya fada ya ciccibar zeey tana kukan sangarta tana kiransa”my Baby Sardauna nah cikina.”pls Babyna yi hakuri”saman bene ya nufa da ita tana masa kukan shagwaba yana lallashinta ta kalli bangaran nisha da ta saki baki da hancin tana kallonsu bakin ciki ya ciki mata zuciya.
Idanu suka hada da zee ta kashe mata ido ta nunu mata yatsa ta sakar mata murmushi ta kawar da kanta ta dora kirjin Sardauna ta boye taci gaba da kukan sangarta yana bata hakuri.
Bedroom dinsa ya kaita Wanda nan ne yaza ma dakin zeey sai tayi kwana biyu bata leka dakinta ba dan kusan kayanta ma Sardauna ya maido dakinsa.

Saman bed ya dorata ya kwantar da ita ya mata rumfa da faffadan kirjinshi amma bai sakar mata nauyinsa ba,ya cire rigarta baki daya ya kurama cikinta idanu yana shafawa”Babyna pls meya sami cikin ki.”wayyo ummi kizo mijina baya sona ‘yarsa yakeso wai ni baya tambayata sai baby Nadeen.”pls Baby Qalbina inji waye wlh nafi sonki fiye da baby Nadeen sonki ne ya shafeta yi hakuri Sweet baby zainabu Abulena i love u bani mama nasha pls Mrs Sardauna karki kiya kinji Baby Qalbina.”yada yayi maganar ne ya sakani cikin shaukinsa.”my heartbeat to ba gashi kuna hada idanu ba amshi to.”na tallabo kansa na dora bakinsa saman breast dina, harshensa yasa ya rika zagaya nipples din.
Idanu zee ta lumshe tana shafa sumar kansa,wata irin cafka ya masa ya fara tsotsa cikin wani Salo mai tafiyar da zuciyar duk wacce akayima irinshi,hannusa ya dora saman dayan yana murzawa dayan abakinsa yana tsotsa ya lumshe idanunsa shi dai yanajin mugun dadin tsotsar nono zeee dinsa.

Zee sosai abin yake ratsata sai nishi take tana shashafasa saida ya jima, sosai ya cire bakinsa ya had’e bakinsu suna shan yawu wani irin kissing Sardauna yake ma zee ko ince sukewa junansu sunfi 1 hours suna romance babu inda bash tsotsa na junaba kowa nuna jarumtarsa da kwarewa wajan love kafin Sardauna ya fara kokarin shiga gidan dadisa ina ganin haka na feceπŸƒπŸ»β™€ na daina Sardauna ya hanani daukan rahoto.πŸ€—

Bangaran Nisha ganin iskancin da zee baby ta mata ta mike ta shiga dakinta ta fada saman gado tana rusar kuka tana zagin zee da tsine mata albarka,saida tayi mai isarta ta mike tana dariya kamar zarara tana cewa”kici lokacinki zainab kwanaki biyu suka rage miki aduniya dake da tsinanan cikin wannan na jikinki.
Bedroom ta shiga tayi wanka ta fito ta shirya ta dawo parlo ta zauna tana kallon Tv tana sakin murmushin farin ciki.

Karfe goma shadaya na dare daidai suka sauko k’asa yunwa ta korosu Sardauna na rungume da zee baby yana dan mintsininta sai ta fashe da dariya”wlh Baby Sardauna kana tsumani da soyayyar ka.”nisha ta mike tana murmushi ta tarbesu”wayyo naji dadi wlh my dear damuwa tasa na kasa kwanciya ya jikin..? Murmushi Sardauna yayi ya sauko zee tana dariya tace”nayi sauki dama ba yayana bane ya tabani.”dariya sukayi baki dayansu.
Nisha tace”to muje kan dining muyi lunch ko.”jerawa sukayi ya kama hannun ko wacce har kan dining suka zauna sukayi lunch atare suna hirasu sosai zee taci sinasir da miyar ganye taji naman rago da man shanu tasha fruit Sardauna bai wani ci sosai ba dan ba abincin dare yake ci ba.

Bayan sun gama suka dawo parlo suna hira ganin nisha ta sake yasa zee bata shigema Sardauna ba ta zauna kusan nisha suna hira Sardauna yana aiki a laptop yana sakin murmushi sosai yau suka cika dare sai kusan karfe daya sukayi sallama da nisha ta shige bedroom dinta shima ya kashe laptop ya dauki zee suka Haye sama.
Dama da kayan bacci jikinsu kwanciya kawai sukayi rungume da juna Sardauna na murza mata breast dinta”Yayana kabari muyi bacci.”ashagwabe yace ni ni Baby Qalbina to ina ruwanki dani kiyi baccin ki mana ni nayi wasana da kayana.” shiru zee tayi tana kara shigewa jikinsa tanajin salon na shigarta tun tana jinsa har bacci ya dauketa.
Nonota daya saka abakinsa yana tsotsa yana sabke ajiyar zuciya yana kara manneta breast din abakinsa har bacci ya daukesa yana shan abinsa Asuab ta gari.

*********** ****** ***********
Washe gari tare suka fita daga gida Sardauna yana kaisu gida ya wuce gurin aiki kasancewar juma’ah ce yau da wuri yake dawowa ga zeey ta kafa masa rigima acan zata kwana dole ya barta.


Da misalin karfe biyar na yamma parlon su ghaisha cike yake da yan uwa da abokan arziki kasancewar auran yan mata biyu ghaisha ansha kitso da kunshi abin sha’awa ummi Raiyan sai kalli take tayi jiki masha Allah kana kallonta kaga kwanciyar hankali atare da ita parlon ya kacame da hayaniya saboda anjima za’ayi kamu. Intisar ce ta fito da gudu zeey na biye da ita da wayar chaji ahannunta.
Gurin ummi ta nufa ta boye,tana ihu “ummi zainab zata dokeni wai kawai dan nace ta tsufa meye na kitso da kunsh.”

“Saudatu kishiyar ummi mmn intisar,tace”kici gidanku ai nata yafi kyau akan naki ga ‘yata nan kamar itace amaryar ma.”zee k’ok’arin isa gaban ummi take tana hawaye.
saudatu tace”ki doketa da kyau momy.”ummi tace”Baby karki iso nan gurin ki dokarmun diyata agabana.”kuka zeey ta saki,ghaisha ce tazo ta kamata , “momy taho ki rabu dasu zaki fadama Sardaunanki sun taba mishi Amaryarsa ko..?”kai ta daga tana shashekar kuka,ghaisha ta rungumeta tana lallashinta jama’ar parlon dariya zeey ta basu saboda basu ga abin kuka ba.
Maryama dan tsokana tace”ghaisha ai gaskiya intisar ta fada ta tsufa meye na wani kwaliya.”
Saudatu tace”wlh zan bata muku rai ai ga ja’ira amaryanan Raiyan kece kika daurema Intisar gindi takema Amaryar Sardauna shegantaka.

Zeee jikin ghaisha ta shige tana kallonsu ta cika tayi fam , ta kalli ghaisha”ummina ai ban tsufa ba ko..?”wane mutum kibarsu wlh kinyi ma yarinya sosai kibarsu duk haushine sukeji kin fisu kyau.”dariya tayi ta kara rungume ghaisha.
Nisha da take kofar dakinsu Hafeeza atsaye tana kallon duk abinda yake faru tana ciza baki ta koma dakin gunsu Hfeeeza.
Wow nace ganin Hafeeza anci ubansu kunshi da kitso tayi kyau ba kadan ba kasancewarta kamarsu daya da Sardauna saidai bata da farinsa ita irin fatar mahbeer gareta.
Hafeeza ta kalli Nisha tana dariya”Aunty Nisha ina mutuniyar.”ke kibari gatacan ghaisha ta lallabata daket.”
Nadiya tayi dariya tace”yo ai gaskiyarta tanacin kuruciyarta acemata tsohuwa dan ciki ya bultso.”Salam da take shayar da yarta tayi dariya,tace”zee Sardauna rigima aikuwa tayi kyau abinta masha Allah.”
Bayan magarib akayi kamun amare biyu Hafeeza da intisar abin gwanin burgewa gidan ya kacame sai hayaniya akeyi.

Gidansu Ahmed canma sai hayaniya ake da shiga da fice tamkar yanzu ne daurin auran. na hango Ahmed cikin wata hadadiyar shada fara kal tamkar yaune daurin auran Sardauna yana sanye da wani yadi baki shara shara mai masifar kyau da tsada yayi kyau sosai , Bandar shiko kananun kayane jikinsa suna zaune a parlo suna tsara yada dinner din zai tafi dan sunyi gaiyya ba kadan ba.

Sardauna ya duba tsadaddan agogon hannunsa na zallar fata yaga karfe takwas na dare,manyan idanunsa ya waro ya shafi sajansa.
“Agaskiya ni na ware inba iskanci ba babban yaya ace dashi za’ayi shagalin biki wai Bandar kasan me.?”ni ban saniba uban son girma sai kace yafi mutane.”harara Sardauna ya zabga masa”to na fasa fadi ma.”Ahmed ya rungumoshi”sorry babban yaya pls fada mana.”dariya Sardauna yayi”dama Yakubu ne ya matsa idan sunzo daurin aure na bisu Kano na rasa ya zanyi abubuwan sunmun yawa.”ya fada yana dafe goshinsa.
Ahmed yace gaskiya bazaka,ba muma muna bukatar ka ai dadin ya musu yawa basu diya kuma yayanta ya bishi nima naki.”murmushi Sardauna yay ya Mike yana sosa kai”so ni zan fice zani naga Baby da ummi Nadeen na dauki uwar gidana mu wuce gida wlh yau ban zauna ba na huta a hospital gashi kuma baku bari na hutaba da yamma.”ya kai karshan maganar yana yamutsa fuska.
Dariya sukayi,tare suka fito Ahmed yana tsaye saida suka tafiya ya koma ciki fuskarsa dauke da murmushi.

Nisha ce zaune saman bed din Sardauna a part d’insu Najib ta murza key daga ciki sanin ba Wanda zai shigo tunda ta rufe daga ciki ta zare key din ta bararaje saman gado tana waya tana tikar dariya har da rike ciki yada gazaguri yake mata bayanin yada zai ma zainab kisan gilla yada zai take cikinta sai abin cikin ya fito.

“dan Allah Gazaguri kabar sani dariya inaso komai ya tafi yada muka tsara kayi k’ok’arin yin shigarsa komai yada na tsarama insha Allahu zainab zata bar duniya tana kallon fuskar Sardauna ne ya kasheta so nake Kafin ta mutu muyi idanu hudu da ita na fada mata yada na tsaneta bana son zainab bana kaunarta na tsaneta fiye da mutuwata na fada mata Sardauna malakina ne ni daya ba itaba duk macan da tayi yunkurin rabar Sardauna wlh sai na kasheta bazan taba barin wata ta rabi mijina ba Aisha humaira ta Sardauna ce inaso zan fada mata irin tugun da nayi nasha magani da akina na zubar da cikin Sardauna domin na saka ya saketa amma bancin nasara ba shegun Aljanunta suka shigo lamarin suka kareta amma da yake su Daddy har Sardauna jakaine suka yarda aljanin zainab ne,so ka ga yanzu ma idan mun kasheta zasuce Aljanine naci bulus ga Sardauna zai dawo na ni daya ya rasa wannan jarababban cikin da yake Adabar mutane saboda shi wai ummi Nadeen kuji yan kutumar buro uba kai.”ta karasa tana bushewa da dariya.

Shima Gazaguri dariya yakeyi,daga can yace”Hajiya Aisha wlh bakida mutumci fuska biyu gareki shegiya kice kin kusa zama ta Sardauna ke daya.”ai dole kasan fa fada da aljani ba riba ai gobe ya war haka ka kashemun shegiya kaidai kayi k’ok’arin yin duk abubuwan da nabaka jiya can gidan ka na bayan university zan rigaku zuwa karfe hudu daidai saboda lokacin za’a fara dinner kaga kowa zaiyi zaton tana can saboda yar iskar rawar kai gareta,inaso ka taka cikinta har sai tabar duniya naga kayan cikinta awaje da shegiyar diyar cikinta.”OK hajiya an gama insha Allah.”dariya tayi ta tsinke Kiran ta Mike ta bude kofar dakin Sardauna ta fito ta saka key ta bude kofar parlon ta fito tana yar wakarta ta nufi part dinsu daddah

Da sallama ta shigo parlon daddah ta amsa tana shan shayi.
Nisha ta zauna kusanta tana dariya”tsohu wlh sai sukari ya miki yawa sai kwadayi mairan karfe kai dai ka rage shan shayi wollah idan cutar sukari ta kamaka ba ruwana.”dadah ta doketa abaya”me kuke jira har yanzu baku tafi gida ba ja’irin mijin naku bai zoba ko.?”wlh bai zoba inajin zainab anan zata kwana amma ban dai saniba.”
Mairan karfe ya dan buga mata sanda”Aisha sai nasaka zainab ta casa mun ke kwana biyu kin takura mun.”dariya tayi ta amshe shayin hannunsa tanasha suna hira.

Can part dinsu ghaisha jama’a sun fara ragewa su ummi duk sun tafi gida.
Su zainab suna zaune a bedroom tana gyarawa Hafeeza kitsonta suna hira dasu intisar zeey sai dariya take jin shirman da intisar take zee dariya take sosai tace” wallahi intisar ba ruwana ni bazan ce miki komai ba zaki sani nifa intisar wlh sai naje Kano gobe dani za’a kaiki nisha Allah shiyasa zanbi Yayana gida yanzu dan na lallabashi ya yarda natafi.”hafiza tace”wlh zainab ban yarda ba Allah kina tare dani wai ina anty nisha ne tazo ayita ita taje kuma wlh nasan Yaya bazai barki kina fama da katon ciki haka tsohuwa. “Cikin jin haushi zee ta murde kitson Hafeeza saida ta saki ihu”pls yi hakru Anty zeey akwai zafi.”sallamar Sardauna sukaji yayi tsaye ya harde hannayensa akirjinsa ya kurama zeey idanu.
Intisar da Hafeeza suka hada baki wajan cewa”my brother barka da dare.”harara ya zabga musu”uban waye cikin ku yakecewa matata tsohuwa.”

Mik’ewa zeey tayi tana matse idanu tayi narai narai da idanu tana yarfa hannunta , ashagwab’e tace”Oyayo Yayana wai kaji abin da Hafeeza take fadamun take cewa wai na tsufa.”hannayensa ya ware mata ta karaso da sassarfa ta fada jikinsa ya maida hannaunsa ya rungumeta kam kam yana sabke ajiyar yana shafa bayanta.”zee babyna I love u ina tare dake.”
Su intisar tashi sukayi suka fice daga dakin.
Bakinsa ya dora saman kunneta,cikin sanyi murya yace”Baby Qalbina zaki bini gida muyi kwanciyarmu pls banaso barin ki sam.”ajiyar zuciya na sauke ina kara shigewa jikinsa,ashagwab’e nace”Baby Sardauna nah wlh nima bazan iya kwana babu kaiba na fasa mutafi gidanmu amma ka kawoni tun Asubah ko..?”Babyna i love u zeena ina miki kauna mai zafi bazan kawoki da Asubah sai hantsi yayi.”kukan sangarta na saka masa ina ririkeshi ina diddira kafafuna”ni Yayana to na fasa tafiya tafiyarka kawai na fada cikin shashekar kuka.
Fuskata ya kamo da hannunsa biyu ya kuramun idanu sai naga idanunsa sunyi Ja lumshe idanuna nayi na dora,kaina saman kirjinshi”Babyna kayi hakuri pls karkayi fushi”Oh my Baby Qalbina yi hakuri ni banyi fushiba wlh zan miki duk abinda kikeso baiwar Allah Oya Qalbina mutafi zan kawoki.”cikin farin ciki na dago ina dariya na masa kiss.
Murmushi ya sakar mun ya shanye hawayen fuskata ya kamo hannuna ya sakamun hijabina muka fito.

A parlo sai hirasu suke Nisha na kusan ghaisha tana bata lbrn daddah da mairan karfe daga can take.
Sardauna ya zauna kusan ghaisha ya kwanto jikinta”momana sai da safe.”ya fada yana mata kiss.
“Dr Sardauna ya naga ka janyo momy ba anan zata kwana ba.?”momy cewa tayi wai bazata kwana ba.”dariya ghaisha tayi,Sardauna ya kalli Nisha yana murmushi “Aisha mu wuce gida ko.? Mik’ewa tayi tana murmushi tama ghaisha sai da safe ta kama hannun zeey, “my dear meyasa kika fasa kwana.? Rada zeey tama nisha”my dear so nake nama Baby Sardauna nah wayo ya barni na tafi Kano.”dariya sukayi tare Sardauna ya hararesu, “dani kuke na gode.”ya fada yana ficewa.


Bayansa suka bi suna dariya yan parlon cike da mangariinsu suka bisu da kallo saboda kasancewa yau gidan cike yake da baki yan zauwa biki.
A mota suka sameshi yana jiransu nisha tace”my dear shiga gaba.”zee tace”naki”nisha ta turata gaban motar cike da mugunta tana dariya Sardauna ya tarota tayi kwance jikinsa yana dariya ya rungume zeey.
Nisha ma dariya take.
Sardauna yama motar key ya nufi get,yana horn megadi ya bude masa motar ya silala waje ya harbata kan titi yana driving anutse sai sunsuna zeey yake.
Nisha tana baya sai surutu suke da zee tana manne jikin Sardauna.
Shidai driving dinsa yake bai ce mush kalaba har suka iso gida.
Zeey rigima ta kafama Sardauna saida ya dauketa suka shiga ciki nisha na musu dariya.

Sun jima a aparlo suna hira sunsa Sardauna atsakiyarsu sai murmushi yake saki yana ba kowace amsa.
sai karfe shadaya suka nufi sama bayan sunyi wanka sunyi shirin kwanci Sardauna ya sauko ya shiga dakin nisha tana sintiri tsakiyar parlo taji ya dauketa cak yana juyi , dariya tayi”my Dr.”na’am maza kwanta ki huta gobe kiji dadin cin biki.”ya fada yana kwantar da ita ya haye samanta ya kamo fuskarta ya zuba mata mayatattun idanunsa jikinta har rawa ya fara ta shiga wani yanayi ta Kara rungumeshi”sweetheart ina sonka.”murmushi ya sakar mata ya janye rigarta ya dora bakinsa saman nonota ya fara masa wata shegiyar tsotsa ya kura mata idanu yana tabo sassan jikinta nan take nisha taji wani irin azabar sonsa na Kara shigarta.
Sardauna ya jima yana tsuma nisha saida ya fitar da ita daga haiyacinta sai kuka take masa ya janye ya fara rarashinta har ya sakata bacci ya mike ya fice yana murmushi yana Sosa sajan fuskarshi.

Yana zuwa bedroom dinsa ya shiga bathroom bai jimaba ya fito.
Zeey tana zaune tana shan inibi ta ciki tayi fam kusanta ya zauna ya rungumota yana shafa cikinta”baby Qalbina bani inibi naci.”yayana ni nayi fushi ba ruwana da kai.”yi hakuri masoyiyana Oya bani inibi.”na bakinta da ta tauna ta kamo kansa ta had’e bakinsu ta juye masa yana tsotsa anutse har ya cinye ya cire bakinsa ya kamo hannayenta yana shafawa yakai hannu bakinsa yana lasa yana lumshe idanu ya tsotsi yatsotsin hannun duka.
Idanu zee ta kura masa yada yake shafa hannunta da tsotsar ya tsotsinta.

Shagwabe masa tayi ta lafe jikinsa”Yayana meye sai lasar mun jiki kake sai kace maye.”babyna ni Mayan kine kunshinki yayi kyau sosai.”ya fada yana dorata saman gadon ya tubeta baki dayanta jikinta ba komai tundaga dan yatsar kafar zee Sardauna ya fara lasa yana tsotsa da tanda har ya iso cinyarta yana shafawa da lasa ya dawo cinbita da cikinta ya yada zango ak’santa wanda tuni gurin ya jike jagab nan fa ya zautata yada yake tanda da tsotsa da lasa yana gurnani da wani irin wasa da yake da harshsen sa agurin zee sai ihu take zunduma masa bai barta ba saida tayi release ya shayen ruwan baki daya ya tande gurin tas ya mike ya shigeta yana kashe arna sosai yana ihu da sambatu itama haka sai sambstu take tana bashi hadinkai sosai dan wani dadin takeji fiye da na dazu.

Saida suka kwashe awa daya da minti 30 cif suka sararawa juna sukayo wanka suka kwanta rungume da junansa yana shafa cikinta bakinsa cikin nata suna shan yawu Sardauna ya kece da wani irin kuka yana kankame zainab yana fadin”wlh zeena ina mugun sonki Allah yabarni dake matata zeena I love u wlh mugunntausayinki nakeji Allah ya saukeki lfy ina kaunarki zainab.”itama fashewa tayi da kuka tana ririkeshi”Yayana don Allah ka bari idan baka so jinina ya hau ko zuciyata ta buga pls Yayana nima ina kaunarka bazanntaba barin kaba kamun Addu’a Allah ya saukeni lfy.”ta fada tana shashekar kuka.
“OK my babyna nayi shiru kema yi shiru muyi bacci Qalbina insha Allah zuciyarki baza buga ba tunda bazamu iya rayuwa bamu tare ba Baby Qalbina nisha Allahu lfy zaki haihu.
pls karki ce Saki kano gobe muyi zaman mu.”Yayana na fasa idan baka so ko gurin auran ma gida wlh bazan jeba.”

“No zaki baby.”ya fada yana kankameta yana shafa fuskarta sun kurawa juna idanu,murmushi ya sakar mata ya sake had’e bakinsu suna lasar tsakiyar bakin juna yaja musu blanket ya zagaye hannunwansa bayanta itama ta dora masa hannuwanta ,
yana Addu’ar bacci ahaka sun manne junansu suna shan bakin junsu har bacci yayi nasarar daukesu atare kamar zasu maida juna ciki ko kwakwaran motsi zeey tayi Sardauna sai ya Kara matseta gam jikinsa yana shafa bayanta, Asuba ta gari……………….✍🏻
Ummu Fareesa ce😘

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