Zee Baby Book 2 Page 17


*Book 2 πŸ‘‰πŸ»17*

…Gudu motar take shararawa saman titi,zeey ta haukace ma mutumin da yake rungume da ita tana kuka suna kokowa tace”don sonka da Annabi ka sakeni ni matar aure ce bai kamata ka dauko ni ba har kana hada jiki dani kuma ma meye na muku da kuka satoni.”
ta karasa maganr cike da rudani maganarta ce ta tsaya mata cak.
Jin yanayin jikin Sardauna tare da mamakin jin kamshin Sardauna ya baibaye mata hanci ga wata kyakywar runguma da ya mata saman kirjinshi yana shafa bayanta. jikinta na rawa ta dago,da kanta ta kalleshi aikuwa idanunsu ya sark’e da juna yana sakar mata murmushi.

Cike da murna da shagwaba ta fashe da kuka ta rungumeshi kam kam tana dukan bayansa,”My Sardauna nah wlh dama nasan bazaka taba barin Babyn ka ta shiga matsalaba wlh nasani Yayana meyasa kamun irin wanan wasan meyasa kaso kasani arudani kace bazaka zoba muje gun dinner sai na fadama ghaisha da ummina da daddy kasakani kuka.”ta fada tana shashekar kuka tana dukan kirjinsa tana goga fuskarta atashi.

Tsawa ya daka mata amma yana rungume da ita ya mata kyakyawan riko yace”dallah can malama ima mutane shiru.”amutikar tsorace na dago na kalleshi ganin yanayinsa ya tsoratani sai yanzu na lura da shigarsa ta yan daba da yayi amma ganin babu wasa afuskarsa yasa nayi shiru jikina na rawa na lafe kirjinsa na rungumeshi ina hadiye kukana tsoronsa ya cikamun zuciyata.

Ban sake koda kwakwaran motsiba ina cikin jikinsa har naji mota ta tsaya naji muryan direban nacewa”Yallabai kuje ganinan zuwa ina kallon kumai tanan kafin nazo na koya mata hankali.”murmushi ya Saki ya bude motar ya fito ya sunkuya yaciccibi zeey ya mannata kirjinsa yana tafiya.
Lafewa nayi jikinsa tsoron Yayana ya cikani.
Muna zuwa kofar parlon. Naga Najib ya karaso gurinmu.
Sardauna yace “yauwa ka dauki komai anuntse.”Ok bro.”
Ya ajiyeni ya bude dakin ya tunku doni yada bazan fadi ba ya dakamun tsawa”wuce muje,sai me muna shigowa naga Nisha atsaye da gudu na nufeta.

“My dear yau duk Yayana ya canza min kema yana miki abinda yakemin.”na fada ina k’ok’rin rikota ta goce zan kifa saman cikina naji Sardauna ya rungumoni da Sauri yana sauke numfashi.
Nisha tace”Gazaguri taya zaka rungumeta ka temaketa bayan nafiso naganta tana magagin ciwo ta bugu da kujera tsinanan cikin jikinta ya zube agabana kafin ka aikamun yar isaka lahira.”
Rumtse idanu Sardauna yayi yana kara shigar da zee jikinsa yana shafa bayanta zuciyarsa na masa kuna,cikin hanzari ya tataro nutsuwarsa ya dan ture zeey daga jikinsa yada bazata fadiba yana binta da wani mugun kallo ya koma wajan nisha ya tsaya ya rungumo nisha murya k’asa yace kiyi hakuri zan rungumeki na yan dakiqai kafin mu aikata lahira ai abinda yasa kikaga na temaka mata so nakeyi taji irin tsanar da kika mata da irin yada kika kulamata tugu da shairi ko ban kyauta ba.”ya fada yana bata wani dan iskan kiss Wanda ta nemi nutsuwarta ta rasa ta rukumkumeshi tana jin wani iri amugun tsorace tace”ya naga kazama Sardauna na sak gazaguri ka koma mijina muryaka ta canza ka Kara girma tamkar Sardauna kamshinka na Sardauna komai nasane.”ke yi asannu karta gane ba Sardauna bane baki cika burin kiba.”

“Kuma fa hakane ta fada tana janye jikinta taje ta dauki reza ajakarta ta nufi gun zeey,wacce take tsaye duk ilahirin jikinta kerrrma yakeyi zufa na keto mata ta ko fitsari ya kufce mata sai tsiyaya yake.
ina hawaye sun gama wanke mata fuskarta ta nuna nisha da Sardauna tace”Yayana me na muku me zakumin yanzu Yayana zaka ita cutar dani Nisha me namiki da kike cewa zaki kasheni kuma agaban Yayana.”bata rufe baki ba Nisha ta dauketa da mari sai da tayi tagal tagal zata fadi ta rike kujera.
Nisha tace “dan ubanki zainab na tsaneki tsana mafi muni wlh yau agabana zaki mutu sai na kasheki keda abin cikin ki.

Kinsan me.? Hummm nice nan na hada miki tugu akan zubewar cikina kuma nice nasha maganin da kaina domin cikin ya zube na bakanta miki nasa miki bakin jini cikin dangi nasaka Sardauna ya sake ki amma Allah bai yiba babu yada banyi na zubar da cikin jikin ki ba bai zube ba.

Natsaneki yau zan kasheki saboda inason Sardauna fiye da tunaninki , ina kishinsa sai kikazo rana tsaka kika am shemun mijina idan yana cinki kuka yake da ihu niko kamar yana cin jaka ke bama haka ina bakin cikin kin fini komai na ‘ya mace shiyasa nace masa ya zaba tsakanin ni dake,yace ni yake so bai taba sonki ba ya tsaneki shine zai kashi ki da hannunsa.”
Cikin kaduwa da bacin rai zee ta kalli nisha.
“OK nagode amma ke baki isa ki kasheni ba saidai mu kashe juna,kuma wlh karya kikeyi Sardauna bazai taba kasheni ba ni nasani saidai idan wani Abu kika bashi yasha to na yarda kuma ki sani a yau saidai ke ki mutu ba niba.”cikin fusta nisha takai hannunta zata yanki zee da reza tayi sauran gocewa ta kifama nisha wani gigitattun maruka guda uku Wanda nan take hancinta da bakinta ya balle da jini.

idanunta sun rufe wani mahaukacin bugo take ma nisha saida da ta kwantar da ita suka fara kokowa akan rezar zeey ta amsheta bayan ta yanke ahannu a fuskar nisha take yanka reza baji ba gani.
Nisha tace”gazaguri ka zo mana.”ta fada tana ingije zee daga kanta wacce duk ta gama yanketa a fuskarta.
Zeey zata kifa rufda ciki Sardauna ya dauketa cak.
Zeey kuwa ta Riga ta haukace Sam bataji bata gani ta shiga yankama Sardauna reza tana dukansa ta ko ina tana zaginsu uwa uba.
Sardauna hankalinsa yayi mugun tashi saboda Sam ya rasa yada zaiyi da zee sosai take yankansa ahannu ga cikin jikinta yada ya fito sosai yarasa ya zaiyi.


Nisha tace”wai bazaka kashe wannan mai zuciyar kafiran ba sai taga bayan mu ni dakai.
Rungumota Sardauna yayi ta baya yasa mata karfi ya amshe rezar.
Ya dan tunkuda ta gefe ya zaunar da ita tako mike aguje tayi kan Sardauna yayi baya da gudu.
,yace”nisha wlh wannan yarinyar idan muka yi wasa zata ilatamu ki kasheta da hannunki zaifi.”
Nishama ganin zeey ta nufi kitchen yasa hankalinta tashi,Sardauna yabi zeey kitchen tana rusar kuka tana neman abun bugawa yayi dam ya sungumeta ya rungumeta”Baby ki yafemun ceton rankin nazo gashi kin yankeni kin yanki kanki pls ki nutsu Yayanki zai ceceki ko incema na ceceki.
Dukansa na fara ina kuka”Yayana kaji abinda nisha tamun Ashe duniya haka ta lalace..bakinsa ya Dora anata yana tsotsa.
Shiru baby muje kiga yada za’ayi miki da ita.”ya fada yana gyara mata kwanciya jikinsa ta ririkeshi tana rikitaccen kuka haka suka fito.

Nisha ta kura musu idanu”wai kai me kake nufi zakayi abinda nasaka koko kwartanci zakayi da matar aure.”
Sabke zee yayi ya kalleta Baby ki tsaya inda na ajiyeki.”ya fada yana tafa hannuwa gazaguri ya fito da kayan Sardauna sak yana dariya ya nufi gun Nisha.
Amugun tsorace zee ta kalli Sardauna da gazaguri jikinta na tsuma sai yanzu ta gane Sardauna kirki ne take tare dashi ba gazaguri ba.
Da hannu ta nuna Gazaguri”kaine kaci amanata ka fada masa har kukayi sauyan kaya ni zakawa haka.
Bushewa yayi da dariya”hajiya Aisha aikine fa na kudi kinban dubu dari shi kuma yabani 1 million ajinki zanbar nashi nayi naki kisa fa zanyi shikuma ceto rai zanyi ga kudi haba taya zan kashe rai a dubi dari ga inda zan oeto ran nera million daya ai mu sana’armu batada amana gashi har na tuba ayau daya zan Ja jari da kudina bayan na koya miki hankali nacici uwarki.
Nisha wani irin jirine yake dibarta jikinta na kerrrma zuciyarta na mahaukacin bugawa
Zeey jikinta ko ina rawa yakeyi ta isa gurin Sardauna ta fada jikinsa tana wani irin kuka”Yayaan Sardauna ina sonka ina kaunarka gashi za’a kasheni saboda kawai kaima kana sona.”ta kai karshen maganar tana sulalewa zata zube asume Sardauna ya tarota jikinsa”Babyna nasan dama Saki suma zakiyi abinda yafi haka Najib fito.

Sai ga naji ya fito rike da waya yana daukan duk abin da yake faruwa.
Sardauna ya dauki zee ya rungumeta yana shafa kanta”Najib ina fatan ka dauki abinda yake faru tun daga farko har karshe.”na dauka bro.
OK kaci gaba da dauka. Nisha nagode da irin abubuwan da kikayi inaso kisan wani abu shekaran jiya bayan naje gidan misalin karfe takwas an ki Rani awaya na nufi part dinmu na iske arufe to inajin mantawa kikayi da ina yawo da key dan wanda kika rufe na najib ne saidai kin manta tunda kikaga key jikin kofa kinsan meshi na kusa amma idanunki sun rufe kika rufe daga waje alhalin Najib na ciki baki saniba.
To lokacin da na bude ina waya Najib yazo da gudu ya kama hannuna yace nayi shiru muje naji abin tashin hankali,mukaje muka labe kofar dakina naji duk abinda kike fada wani kuma Najib ne ya fadamun.

Saboda tsabar kaduwa da razana sai da na fadi k’asa zaune , Najib ya kamani muka shiga dakinsa ya rufemu sai bayan da kika tafi muka fito.

Duk inda kike tunaanin ana shiga tashin hankali wlh nashiga dauriya kawai nakeyi badan naji da kunne na ba da wani ne zai fadamun kin aikata hakan wlh sai na yanke masa bakinsa fit duniya abin tsoroce nisha kin bani tsoro amma na hana Najib ya fadama kowa saboda kar abata mana bikinmu.
Sai yaune da safe na dauki lumber mutimin awayarki,na kirasa ina masa tambayoyi da farko yaso kawomun cikas nace masa dan guntun aikine akan 1 million idan zaiyi jikinsa na rawa yace zaiyi nasaka ya iskeni hospital muka gama magana yace tabbas kinsaka sa ya kashe zainab akan dubu dari.

“Yake cewa har mask kika saka aka miki ta roba mai irin fuskata saidai bansan inda kuka sami makuddan kudi hakaba har kika iya shirya wannan abubuwan gashi burinki bai cika ba kin rasa abubuwa hudu masu mahimmanci ayuwarki.

Na farko kin rasa haihuwa har abadan na biyu kin rasa zainab na uku kin rasa daraja da mutumci na hudu Wanda kike abin dominsa wato Sardauna Aisha inaso ki sani tun lokacin da kikasha magani domin kuntatama Abuleta kika rasa maiharki sai Abu na biyu yanzu zakiji shi Aisha ni Sardauna na sakeki Saki daya na sakeki Saki biyu na sakeki Saki uku.

“Na tsaneki tsana mafi muni bana fatan ko saman titi Allah hadamu dake ni bazan dokeki ba wannan abubuwan da suke bibiyarki kadai kashine ga dangi zasuga abinda kika aikata kunyar duniya ma ta isheki kije can ki tarda Allah na jiranki sai kimasa bayanin kashe dan cikin ki da kikayi da gangan.”
Ihu nisha ta kurma”wlh Sardauna wlh baka isaba ina sonka.” tayi kansa Gazaguri zai riketa Sardauna yace”barta ta karaso tana zuwa tana kokarin cakumarsa yaja baya.

“Ni namiki Nisan da baki isa ki taba jikinaba Gazaguri inaso kai mata dukan mutuwa ka nakasa yar iska.”ai bai rufe baki ba sukaga ta yanke jiki ta fadi da babu alamun rai ajikinta.

Sardauna yace Najib darajar tana yar uwarka zaka iya kaita hospital ka kirayi danginta suzo idan tana da sauran rai.
Ah haba bro wlh ni bazan kaitaba.”Sardauna yace “wlh kanina bazan matsa makaba ni na tafi ceton ran matata.”ya fada yana ficewa a parlon.
Najib na biye dashi.

Gazaguri ya bushe da dariya ya kalli nisha yana hadiya miyau.
“Wlh duk da na tuba sai naci ki zan kaiki hospital inyaso na tafi jigawa na nemi sana’a nabar daba nasaki gidan haya”.

Ba bata lokaci ya cire wandonsa ya janye siket dinta ya cire mata pant ba bata lokaci ya daga kafafun nisha ya zura mata hajiyarsa yana sukuwa samanta sosai yake cacakarta iya ihun dadi yana cewa”zaki aureni wlh abinki ba laifi ga ruwa yada yake zungurarta da kyau shi yasa ta farfado taji ana hakarta da kyau amma taji Sam bata kai ta Sardauna girmaba Sam batajin yada take so amma Sam ta kasa musa masa saima nishin dadi take tana Kara ware masa kafafunta yana Kara tura mata tanajin dadin ihun da yake mata dan tanason hakan shiyasa ta bashi hadin kai tana kukan dadi tana cewa”ka danna taka bata da girman ta Sardauna shi har wuya yake turamun pls danna sosai.”Kara kaimi yayi yana Kara tura mata suna ihu tare.


20 minute yayi release tace ya Kara mata bata gajiba yanada dadi kara zura hajiyarsa yayi yana haqarta tana ihu.
10 minute sukayi release tare suka kamkame juna kusan minti biyu ya saketa ya Mike yanasa wandonsa ya kalleta.

Da gaske zaki aureni wlh naji dadinki sosai.”hawaye sun wanke ma nisha fuska ta kallesa.
“Yanzu zinace mukayi dakai kuma na rasa kowa nawa narasa Sardauna narasa mahaifata bazan haihuba tir da halina nacuci kaina naci amanar kauna na cuci kaina na cuci zuri’armu nabar abin kunya tir da halina natsani kaina da rayuwata narasa Sardauna sonsa ne ya jamun wannan abin kunyar zee baby ta soni ta kaunaceni ta hadani aure da Sardauna badan yana sona ba ya amsheni ya bani gata da kulawa fiye da auran soyayya amma kaddara da ta rabata mesonta aka aura masa ita na kasa hakuri muzauna Allah ya isa tsakanina da ma’alumah ta kaini ta baroni.
Kai kuma meyasa kaci amanata.” Bushewa yayi da dariya”ai kema amanar kikaci so kinga ai ba wani Abu bane.
Yanzu zaki aureni ko bazaki aureni ba.?
Nisha ta rigada ta kaudaitu dashi yanzu haka sha’awarsa ta bijiro mata bai tantance ba yaga tayi tsirara tazo gabansa tana cire masa wando tureta yayi yaja baya da gudu yace”wlh bazaki kasheni ba kuma wlh bazan sake zina ba idan zaki aureni kawai muje gidanku.”fashewa tayi da kuka tana binsa yaki jiki ta yaken ta fadi asume.
“Aisha zan miki amma kibari na aureki wlh ban taba zinaba sai yau.” ya fada yana sa mata kayanta ya ciccibeta ya fito da ita ya nufi yar akwalar motarsa ya sakata ciki ya figa yafice da gudu yayi hospital.

Bangaran su Sardauna suna fitowa hospital suka nufa har Najib.
Suna zuwa Sardauna ya ware mata daki na musamman ya shiga bata temakon gagawa yajima kafin ya samu ta farfado ya shiga duba lafiyarta da ta babynsa jinin zeey ya hau sosai shiyasa Sardauna hankalinsa ya tashi ya shiga hada maguguna ya yasaka a drip ya d’aura mata sai bacci take duk yan mintina sai ya duba yaga ko ya fara sauka cikin ikon Allah ya fara sauka dalilin baccin da take hankali kwance.

Ahmed ya kira ya fada masa zainab ba lfy bazai sami damar zuwa dinner ba.
Ya aiki Najib yaje can gidansu ya dauko masa wasu kayan ya saka yana rungume da zee dinsa ya kirayi ghaisha ya fada mata komai dama ta sani tun safe ya gaya mata dan ko zee da Sardauna ya dauke agaban idanunta dan tasama zee idanu sosai.

Canko bangaran Amare da angwaye anyi dinner sosai anci an cashe sai magarib aka tashi daga taron cikin farin ciki da anashiwa dan Sardauna ya hana afada zee bata lfy dan kar yan uwansa su tada hankalinsu.

Misalin karfe takwas aka shirya kai amarya gidanta tana duke gaban Daddy da ghaisha tana kirtar kuka saboda nasiyyar da suka gama mata.
Maryama da Saudatu suka kamata suka fita da ita tana kuka ghaisha ma kwalla take haka tana kallo suka fice da ita suka fito motocine ajere har guda hudu aka shige da ita suka tafi.

Unguwar Hamada carpet naga anzo wani hadaddan gida dan madedeci mai masifar kyau.
Ban gama tsirewa ba saida aka shigo parlon naga yada Daddy ya kashema yarsa kudi.
Bedroom dinta suka nufa wani royal bed kira itali mai masifar kyau suka zaunar da ita har yanzu kuka takeyi”maryama tace ai kukan ya isa haka mu zamu tafi Ihisan ku zauna har angwaye su zo Hafeeza ki kasance mai biyayya zakici riba kinga yar uwarki ita an tsameta daga dangi gwara ke.
Saudatu ma nasiyya ta mata zainab ta rungumeta tana kwalla maryama ta janyeta suka fice.

Can gida kuwa bayan tafiyar su Hafeeza Daddy yace”Khadija ina momy har Sardauna da Aisha nifa banga kowaba kuma ance basu je dinner ba.”ghaisha tace suna asibita batada lfy.”
Azabure daddyn ya Mike yana fada”khadija kin sani baki fada mun ba tun yaushene..?” yi hakuri abin akwai tashin hankali aciki babba ni wlh bansan me zan ceba abin akwai kunya.”kamata yayi ya mikar da ita yana rike da hannunta suka fito bai damu da sauran jama’ar da suke kallonsu ba.
Nanah da Nawwara suka biyisu ya buga musu tsawa”ku koma ciki sauran mutanan naciki cinyeku zasuyi.

Da gudu suka koma ciki.
Najib ya nufi gurinsu daddy.
daddy yace”muje ka kaimu hospital.”Najib bai musaba ganin Daddy ransa ab’ace yasa yayi shiru da bakinsa ya bude musu mota suka shiga baya yaja suka nufi hospital.
Bangaran Sardauna abin tausayi yakasa matsawa ko ina sai sallah kadai take ta dashi ya rufe wayoyinsa.
yana rungume da zee zuwa yanzu drip na uku ne ya saka mata da ta motsa fizge fizge ne take sai ya ririketa yana tofa mata Addu’a.

Yanzu ma fizge fizgen ta fara yana rungume da ita.
“My babyna kiyi tawakali pls ki dawo haiyacinki kin tayarmun da hankali kina neman kashe kanki wlh nafiki jin zafin abinda tamana.”idanu ta bude bakinta ya mata nauyi.
Fashewa tayi da kuka tana rirrike Sardauna,muryata can k’asa bata fita ta kirasa”Yayana meyasa yar uwata zatamun haka saboda kai meyasa taso rabani da farin cikina meyasa kodan kaima lokacin na rabaka da farin cikinka mashakura shiyasa Alalh ya jarabeni ta wannan hanyar Yayana ina sonka har bansan iyaka ba meyasa Aisha taso rabani da jigon rayuwata Yayana kana sona? ka amsamin don Allah Hubbina.”face dinsu ya had’e yana shashekar kuka yana shafa bayanta bakinsa na rawa yace”Wallahi Allah ina sonki Qalbina da ta kasheki yau Allah nima mutuwa zanyi ina kaunarki Qalbina yau kin bani tausayi kalli yatsarki yada kika yanke nima kzlli duk kin yankeni.”ya fada yana kamo hannunta yana hura maya iskar bakinsa.
Yace”ki yafemun tsawar da na miki duk dan na badda kamane karta gane kema karki gane ki kasa cimun uwata.”ya fada yana dago kanta itama kukan take ta kamo fuskarsa ta kura masa idanu kafin ta dora bakinta saman idanunsa tana tostse hawayen fuskarsa tana bude fatar idanunsa tana lasa.
Shima idanunta yake tsotsa yana hadawa da gashin idanunta yana shafa kitson kanta.
Janye kansa tayi ta tallabo kansa sosai tana hawaye ta janye rigarta manyan breast dinta suka baiyana kyam atsye ya wani ciko dam ta saka masa abaki ya ko cafke ya fara tostsa yana sabke ajiyar zuciya ta rungumeshi sosai tana shafa kansa da fuskarsa zuwa bayansa tana zubar da hawaye har rike masa take irin na jarirai ya dage yana tsosta sosai ya narke mata ajiki ya lumshe idanunsa tana aiki bubbuga bayansa da shafa kansa.
Ringing din wayarsa ne yasa ya bude idanu yana tsotsar abinsa.
Hawayen fuskarta ta goge tace”Hubbina ka saki ka amsa waya idan ka gama sai kaci gaba da shan abinka pls.” sakin na bakinsa yayi ya kamo gudan yana tsotsa yana jin dakin ruwan da yake tsotsa.
“Pls Hubbina Babyna ka saki ka amsa waya.”ta fada tana lumshe idanunta.
Saki yayi yana yamutsa fuska ya mike zaune ya dauki wayar ganin sunan Daddy na yawo saman screen d’in wayar yasa ya dauka ya kara akunnesa.
“hello Daddy”kai Faisal banason rainin hankali fito gani cikin hospital meke faruwa ne..?”daddy to ganinan zainab ce ba lfy.” OK fito.”ya fada ya kashe Kiran.
Sardauna ya sauko daga saman gadon”Baby Qalbina shige cikin bargo maza kiri ka rawar sanyi da sambatu yada daddy bazai mun fadaba dan na saki jakar mata kinjin Autar Sardauna pls.”ya fada yana langwabe kai.
Hawaye ya wanke mata fuska tace”Hubbina karkayi nisa dani pls ina bukatar gumin My Sardauna nah yanzu da ka tashin daga jikina komai da nisha tamin ya dawo sabo.”ta karasa maganar tana kecewa da kuka.
“Oh my god Oya zo na rungumeki mu tafi tare bari kukan Sahibata taho gurin mijinki Babyna.”ganin da gaske zai dauketa yasa ta shige cikin bargo”jeka nayi shiru.” kinyi Alkawali Babyna.? Kai na daga masa.
Kai ya girgiza ya bude dakin ya fita ya dubo su daddy………….. ✍🏻

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