Zee Baby Book 2 Page 20


*Book 2 πŸ‘‰πŸ»20*

“””Cikin matsaneciyar damuwa Sardauna ya tarairayo zee jikinsa yana kara makaleta sosai kamar zai maidata cikinsa.
Cikin sanyin murya yace”my sweet Baby bari kukan kukanki yafi d’aga mun hankali kiyi shiru na hakura jeki ki kularmun da yarana kinji Babyna karki damu.”ya fada yana had’e bakinsa yana tsotsar lips dinta.
Mannewa jikinsa zee tayi tana tsotsar bakinsa.
Karan bugun kofar da daddah take tana zurhuta musu Ashar yasa suka saki juna suna maida numfashi.
Sardauna yace”Baby Qalbina tashi kije wannan masifafiyar tsohuwar bazata barmu mu hutaba”ya fada yana saka mata rigarta.
Ashagwabe zee tace”My Sardauna na baza ka shiga damuwa ba ni dai fadamun kaji Yayana Mijina”ta karasa maganar tana kankameshi kam.

Ajiyar zuciya Sardauna ya sauke ya mike tsaye rungume da zee ya sauko k’asa ya direta k’asa ya kama kafadunta,yace”Baby Oya jeki maza wlh bazan damuba Baby Oya jeki”kai Zee ta langwabe ta nufi toilet.
Bata jima ba ta fito ta dauki Asim wato Mahbeer “my yayana i love u na tafi.”ta fada tana nufar kofa.
Murmushi Sardauna yayi yayi maza ya fada bathroom dan yasan ba karamin aikin daddah bane ana budewa ta fado dakin shiko babu kaya jikinsa.

Zee tana bude kofar daddah ta fado dakin,tana masifa.
Wlh bakuda kunya uwar me kukeyi ina shi katon banzan yake”ta karasa maganar tana raraba idanu.
Banza zee ta ma ta had’e face ta kama hanyar fita.
Daddah ta bita tana fada.
“Wlh zainabu kiyi hankali kar wannan maras kunyar ya sake sankama miki wani cikin ko sunah ba’a yiba”zee tayi gaba ta fara taka steps,jin masifar daddah tayi yawa tana tafiya tace”ke tsohuwa karki dameni munje munyi duk abinda zasuyi kiyi inace mijina ne haba tsohuwa sai kwarmaton tsiya me ya hana shi ki masa ko dan kina tsoronsa sai ni mareniyar ki.”Daddah baki da hanci ta saki tana kallon zee bata sake magana ba har suka sauko k’asa.

Bedroom zee ta wuce gudin kar daddah ta mata tonon silili ta zauna ta kwantar da Mahbeer ta amshi Rafeek tana shayar dashi.
Umma hauwa tace da zee “momy ina kika shiga wannan ja’irin ya cika mu da kuka.”zee ta yamutsa fuskarta tace”umma naje amso magani ina fama da ciwon kai ko amsa banyi banyi ba wannan tsohuwar ta adabeni” umma tace”Asha sannu Allah baki lfy”zee tace “Ameen.

Sardauna yana gama wanka yayi shirin zuwa masallaci sallahr la’asar ya had’e cikin wani d’anyan boyi baki dan daga can cikin gari zai shiga turare ya fesa ya gyara sumar kansa ya dauki wayoyinsa ya zuba aljihu ya fice.
Zee suna zaune aparlo suna hira sai dariya suke Sardauna ya fito anutse yana ta kunsa cikin nutsuwa da takama. kannansa sai gaishesa suke.
Zee ta kura masa idanu ashagwabe tace “Yayana ina zaka wlh kayi kyau dayawa wlh ni bazan yarda ba sai ka canza kayan”ta fada tana ba intisar Rafeek ta mike Sardauna na hangota ya zuba da gudu yana dariya yana cewa”Baby Qalbina kiyi hakuri masallaci zani” ya fada yana ficewa daga parlon.

Nisha baiwar Allah idanunta ta rumtse , zeey ta koma ta zauna tana turo baki.
Zainab tace”kai zainab kin fiye rigima da kishin tsiya,masallaci ne zashi fa.”zee ta zumburo baki tace “injiwa baki ga yayi kwaliya ba gari zashi ko hospital duk yarinya da ta kalli Yayana awaje Allah tsone idanunta.”takai karshan maganar tana matsar kwalla.
Dariya suka mata,Hafeeza tace “yau fitina kikeji dai kawai Antymu”intisar tace”ai kuwa dai.
Sardauna koda ya fita su Maijidda ne a farfajiyar gidan da sauran mata suna tsokanarsa bai dai ce komai ba murmushi yayi ya tafiyarsa masallaci.

Har dare bai dawo ba da wuri ba,jama’a duk sun watse sai wanda zasu kwana.
zee duk ta damu rashin dawowar Sardauna sai bayan da ta gama shirnin kwanciya ta kirasa bugu daya ya daga ta saka masa kuka,daket ya lallabata yace yana fa sama ya dawo lallabata yayi da kalamai masu dadi har tayi bacci kafin ya kashe kiran yana dariya shima ahaka har yayi bacci Abulensa manne azuciyarsa.


Washe gari tun karfe hudu Sardauna ya gama shirinsa cikin wata d’anyar Shadda gizna green colour ya dora hula mai masifar kyau yayi kyau har ya yagaji,karfe biyar daidai ya fice ya tafi gidansu dan acan za’a radawa yaran sunah.
Lokacin ko da yaje masallacin gidansu hata su Ahmed da Bandar Sun iso yaji dadin haka sosai.
Bayan sallah Asubah aka radawa yara sunah yansu Mahbeer da Yazeed da Abdulmutallab.
Masha Allah jama’a wlh ba’a cewa komai da gayyar Daddy da ta Sardauna da tasu Ahmed.
Su Bandar bayan an gama rada sunan part din Sardauna suka tafi suka zauna suna hira har rana ta fito Sardauna yaje ya hado masu breakfast mai rai da lfy sukace suna shirya yada zasu tarbi abokanansu.


Can gida ma zee taci kwaliya ta kece raini tasha kyau na uban mamaki ita da yaranta, abin ba’a cewa komai duk inda kake tunanin kyau yau zee baby tayi shi ita da yaranta ba karya Abdulmutallab shi sukecewa Rafeek Mahbeer Asim Yazeed ko Yazeed sak.

Misalin karfe goma na safe su Sardauna suka baro can gidansu suka dawo gidansa aka fara gudanar da shagali.
Zee zaune yaran mata sun kewayeta ana hira tana shayar da Asim.
Ta kalli Hafeeza tace “sister wlh duk kin rame baby na baki wahala kodai ragwanci ne kawai”Hafeeza ta rike baki tace”ikon Allah ai kuwa duk ragwanci na ban koma gida jinya ba ko.”baki zee ta tab’e tace”nifa cikin yara uku ne ai dole”Hafeeza tace ai nima bakisan nawa zan haifa ba ko.”dariya sukayi.
Intisar tace wlh zainab naga k’ok’rinki yara uku ragas Allah ya bari”wayar zee ce ta dauki ringing ta dauka tana dubawa taga Yayanta ne tayi picking ta kara akunneta,taba Hafeeza yaron ta mike suna mata dariya.

Fitowa tayi tana wayar.
“Hello Yayana wayyo Allah!! Yaya Sardauna nah kana ina ne.? Murmushi ya saki yace”Qalbina gani a gurin jama’a nakiraki mu gaisa ne ya yarana da ke uwar gaiyya da fatan kina lfy ya jama’a Babyna i miss u zan ganki anjima naji guminki pls Habibiyata sahibata hasken zuciyata…kateshi tayi da cewa”Hubbina dan Allah zo yanzu na ga fuskarka mai sakani nishadi na tsotsi bakinka najini cikin jikinka pls Mijina.” ta fada tana masa shashekar kukan shagwaba.
Sardauna yace”Ya Salam Baby Qalbina kiyi hakuri pls kinji Mrs Sardauna bari kukan karki sani damuwa Oya yi dubara ki fito kije Swimmig pool sai kiga farin cikin ki Ok Babyna”cikin murna zee tace ” i love you my Hubbina.
katse kiran tayi ta koma ta sako mayafi suna mata magana bata bi ta kansu ba ta fice tabi ta kofar kitchen ta fice.
Tana zuwa ta fara raba idanu tana kiransa ashagwabe. “Hubbina kana ina..maganarta ta tsaya jin ya rungumeta ta baya.
Ihu tayi ta juyo ta rukumkumeshi tana murna”Yayana i miss u”murmushi ya sakar mata ya dauketa cak yana juyata tana dariya,yace”wow Baby irin wannan kyau haka waiyo yar balarabiyata kinyi kyau mutika Allah ya barmun My kanwas Matata ina sonki mutika Baby na kin hadu dayawa wayyo my gidan dadin Sardauna” fuskarsa zee ta kama ta had’e bakinsu tana tsotsar lips dinsa saman kujera ya nufa da ita suna tsotsar bakin junansu.
Ahaka ya zauna da ita jikinsa suna manne da juna suna shan bakin junansu,sun jima ahaka zeey ta zare bakinta anasa tana maida numfashi ta kwantar da kanta kirjinsa,tace “My Sardauna na ina sonka dayawa kewarka ta adabeni” Sardauna ya kara matseta jikinsa yace”Baby Qalbina wlh nima ina sonka ina kaunarki kewarki ta adabi rayuwata amma ba komai zamu rinka haduwa a part dina ko.”? “Yes Baby Sardauna nah”ta fada tana sauka daga jikinsa tace”yayana sai anjima na tafi karsu fara nema na” dariya Sardauna yayi yace”Ok Qalbina bye sai mun had’e anjima ko..? Kai zee ta daga tana dariya ta tafi Sardauna ya bita da lumsassun idanunsa yana zuba murmushi har ta masa nisa ya mike ya koma gurinsu Ahmed.


Yau anyi sunah sunah na kece raini wlh duk inda kake tunanin sunah tofa wannan sunah na ‘ya’yan zainab da Sardauna sun wacce tunanunku tsayawa binsu daki daki to labarin bazai k’areba ayau amma ku da kanku ku kamanta yau an sha shagali anyi shgali bikin suna ‘yan uku Raguna saida aka yake shida shanu uku anci ansha almajirai ma yau sunsan anyi biki namasu dashi agarin Katsina.
ansha anko zee kuwa sai da ta gaji da canza kaya ita da yaranta da yamma kaya iri daya suka saka ita da Sardauna aka yanka cak guda uku mai dauke da sunan yaran da pic dinsu bayan sun gama aka shiga rabon atamfofi da cup da plate masu pic din yaran abin sai wanda ya gani mata yau fa an gwangaje ba karya.
Ummi Raiyan tafi kowa farin ciki Hassan awaya ya dauki komai ya turama su hussaini da Abu Rahman suma acan sun tara larabawa sunata shagalinsu abin gwalin sha’awa can gidama ghaisha da kawayanta sunyi nasu shagali.

Sai dan da magarin taron ya watse sai dangi yan kusa.
Bayan sallah magarib zee tana zaune bakin gado ta zuba daddah da umma idanu sai hada kaya take dan ghaisha tace maza su taho ayau dan bata yarda da zaman zee da Sardauna ba ba’a san me zasu yiba kafin goben.
Daddah ce ta dago taga zeey ta kura musu idanu tsaki taja tace”wai lfy kike kallona haka”Baki zee ta murgada tace”ban saniba na shiga sabgarki ne.”ta karasa maganar tana harara daddah.
Umma dariya tayi dan tasan zainab haushinsu takeji.

Bayan sun gama kintsa komai sukayi sallah isha,ba jimawa sukaji motsin Sardauna daddah ta iskoshi parlon zaune ya zubama kofar dakin idanu.
Daddah tace “kai maras kunya tashi maza kaimu gida ai dai da fatan khadijah tama bayani”banza Sardauna ya mata ya mike ya dauki key din motarsa fuskarsa ahad’e yace”sai ku fito da kayan mota ya fice.
Da harara daddah ta bisa,ta kirawo su Rabia suka fitar da kayan gurin mota.
Zee haushinsu takeji ta dai basar ne.
Bayan anga ma fitar da komai mota sukayi shirin tafiya har su Rabia zee tana rungume da Asim daddah Rafeek umma Yazeed suka fito suka nufi mota.
Baya suka shige daddah na gaban motar gurin Sardauna ko kallo bata ishesa ba yama motar key yaja ya nufi get.

Zee ta kura masa idanu ta madubin mota ransa duk abace, honr yayi megadi ya bude masa get ya silala motar waje ya dauki hanya,tukinsa yake cikin wani yanayi yana tunanin ya zai rayu kusan wata biyu babu zeey dinsa.

Har sukazo gida Sardauna baice k’alaba.
Sardauna yana parking ya bude mota ya ficewarsa.
Daddah ko kallo basu ishetaba ta,bayan sun fito su Rabia suka jidi kayan suka nufi ciki su zee na biye dasu har parlo.
Da sallama suka shigo,ghaisha ta mike ta tarbosu.
“Marba da mazaje” ta fada tana kamo zee suka zauna akujera ta amshi Asim tana kallonsa bayada banbanci da Sardauna.
Zee tace “ummina ina yini”ghaisha ta amsa”lfy lau ya gajiya yau an gaji”daddah tayi zaune tana cewa”kinaga daga shi har ita fushi suke sai abarsu su ballowa mutane ruwa”ghaisha dariya tayi tana rungumo zee jikinta tace”hauwa ya gajiya sannu Allah yabar zumunci daddah kodai kishin momy kikeyi”tsaki daddah tayi tace”ku amshi yaron nan naje na kwanta na huta nagaji” umma ma tace “wlh nima gida zan karasa nagaji” ghaisha tace “ai wlh akwai gajiya kam sannunku dai” ta kalli Sardauna yana cika yana batsewa tace”Dr tashi ka kai ummanka gida” baiyi magana ba ya mike.
Umma taba Rabia d’an ta mike ta musu sallama ta tafi.
Daddah tashi tayi ta basu yaron ta karasa part dinta.
Ghaisha taje ta gyarama zee komai dan tare zasu rika kwana bata yarda da Sardauna ba zai iya biyo dare idan yasan zee ita dayace adakin bayan haka zee tayi karama bazata iya kula da yara uku ba.

Sardauna daga kai umma ya fucewarsa gida dan agajiye yake yayi shirin kwanciya ya haye saman gadonsa ya kwanta yana kewar zeey dinsa ahaka har bacci yayi awon gaba dashi,Asubah ta gari.

Bangaran su zeey kuwa sun jima a parlo suna hira da daddy sai da ta fara gyangyadi ghaisha ta rakata ta kwanta yaranta jere agabanta,haka itama tayi baccin tana kewar Sardauna.

Ghaisha kuwa tana gurin Daddy saida suka gama raya sunnah ta gamsar da mijinta sosai tikun ta dawo gurin zee ta shimfida katifa tayi kwanciyarta, Asubah ta gari.


Nisha ce kwance saman gadonsa tunanin duniya take da kara nadamar rayuwa yau jikinta ya kara sanyi nadama ta shigeta ta kara tabbatarwa kanta Sardauna da zeey kainuwane dashan Allah soyayyarsu daga Allah ne yanzu da batawa kantaba itama da tana tare da Sardauna ta haifa masa d’a ko diya gashi yanzu tayima kanta asara ba wan ba k’anen.
Hawayene ya wanke mata fuskarta tana tunanin tayama ta biyema matar da bata saniba gashi ta kaita ta barota.
mutum taji ajikinta ya rungumeta yana kokowar cire mata kaya baima damu da hawayen fuskarta ba.
Da sauri Nisha ta rike hannunsa tana kuka tace “pls my love ka barni yau banida nutsuwa bazaka ji komai ba daga gareni meyasa baka damu da halinda nake ciki ba burinka kawai ka sadu dani ba romance ba komai.”ta karasa maganar tana kuka ta rungumesa.

Tausayinta yahaya yaji ya fara lallashinta cikin kwantar da murya yace”my love kiyi hakuri insha Allah daga yau zan kula dake wlh duk irin romance din da kikeso na iya kawai ina hora dakene saboda abinda kikayi ko ince da mukayi bashida kyau amma Alhmdllh zan gyara matata Aisha me sunanki da ta rasu garin haihuwa wlh babu irin love din da bamayi”da sauri Nisha ta dago ta kallesa tace”kana nufin ka taba aure kanada yara”murmushi yayi yace”wlh inda yara tiwis ta haifamun daga haihuwarsu tabar duniya sakamakon rashin kudin da za’a mata aiki akan lokaci dan ta wannan dalilin ne nashiga daba har na mallaki mota amma wlh ban taba kashe kowaba da sai kishiyarki da kika kawomun saboda ban taba samun dubu dariba a aiki daya…nisha ta katsesa ta hanyar cewa “ina yaran shekarasu nawa”dariya yayi yace watansu tara yanzu suna gidansu Aisha bari zan amso mana yaranmu dama na barine naga nadamarki yaranmu biyu sun ishemu rayuwu.”ya fada yana rungumeta gam jikinsa.

Cikin farin ciki nisha tace “my love wlh zan rike amanarsu zankula dasu nabasu tarbiya bazasu taba maraicin uwa ba..bakinta ya kame ya fara bata hote kiss yana murzata nisha ta cika da mamaki ai kuwa ta fara basa hadin kai suna murzar juna har suka fada duniyar ma’aurata wanda ya jiyar da ita dadi sosai sun haukata juna sai ihun dadi suke saida suka kwashe 30 minute suka sararawa juna ayau kam Nisha ta gamsu bayan sunyi wanka suka rungume juna sai baccin gajiya,Asuba ta gari.


Pls agurguje bayan wata biyu
Zee saida ta kwashe wata biyu cif agida ghaisha ta kasa ta tsare bata yarda Sardauna ya kebe da zee tun suna damuwa har suka hakura tunda sunsan dole dai idan ta zubar da ruwa za su koma gidansu amma ghaisha ta hana saida zee tayi wata biyu tasha gyara ciki da waje wlh idan ka ganta sai ta burgeka tayi yar kiba mul-mul abinta yaranta zaka zaci sunkai wata hudu da haihuwa saboda girma dan nonota yana da kyau kowa mamkin girman yaran yake kullum Sardauna sai yazo ya daukesa ya jerasu gaban mota suna yawo ko ya tafi gurin aiki dasu saida daddy ya hana shi zeey ta sha gyara ba karya dan daga ta zauna zuba take ita daya gashi babu hanyar kebewa da Sardauna ghaisha saida ta shirya dan kanta ta saka ranar tafiya tasa akama zee kunshi da kitso na kece raini fada irin kyawun da tayi bata lokaci ne saidai mai karatu ya kamanta yau take sallah gun Sardauna da zee murna ba’a cewa komai daddy saida yayi ta tsokanar zee.

Bangaran ummi Raiyan jikinta yayi nauyi sosai kasancewar tanada girman ciki watansu bakwai amma kace yau zata haihu sosai kawu Saminu yake kulawa da ita ya hanata aikin komai ya karo mata mai aiki sun zama su biyu yan aikinta ita sai dai tayi abinda zai dan motsa mata jininta itama ta bada gudun muwa wajan gyaran zee wani abin aboye takema zee dan kar ghaisha taga rashin kawaicinta.

Bangaran Nisha da mijinta suna zaune lfy ya amso yaransa cikin ikon Allah iyayan matarsa basu ki bashi ba nisha susai take basu kulawa har sun fara tafiya gasu kyawawa yan dumul dumul dasu yan uwan yahaya sunajin dadin nisha duk da basu gari daya duk bayan wata daya sai sun tafi jigawa sun kwana.
Hafeeza ma cikinta ya dan tasa soyayya kuwa ita da Ahmed sai abinda yayi gaba.
intisar kuwa yanzu ne take laulayi mai wuya.

Da misalin karfe tara na dare ghaisha ta kawo zee baby da yaranta har gidan Mijina gidan yasha gyara na uban mamaki sai kace subuwar amarya.

Bayan ta hadasu tayi musu nasiya tayi musu sallama ta tafi tana tafiya Sardauna shima ya fice sayan kazar amarci.
Zee ganin Sardauna yaki dawowo ta kirawo su Rabia suka tayata daukan yaranta ta kaisu sama ta zauna ta shayar dasu saida sukayi dam ta kwantar da kowanne agadonsa Yazeed da Asim sunyi bacci Rafeek ne idanunsa biyu zee ta sunkuya gabansa tana masa wasa yana bangala dariya itama dariya takeyi dan duk tafi mugun sonsa acikin yaran haka zalika shi kansa yafi ganeta akan sauran yaran.
Tana cikin masa wasa Sardauna ya turo kofar yana kiranta.
“Baby Qalbina kina ina Oya taho.”ya karasa maganr yana ajiye ledar ya ware mata hannunsa.
Mik’ewa nayi cike da farin ciki na nufi gunsa na fada jikinsa na saki kuka”wayyo Yayana wlh na tausaya ma kai daya wata biyu acikin gida i love u my Sardauna na”murmushi Sardauna ya saki ya rungumeta kamar zai maidata cikinsa yana sunsunata yana jujuyata.
Babyna shiru bari kuka bagashi mun haduba gobe wa zai rabamu i love u too my sweet babyna ya yarana zo na gansu.”ya fada yana daukarta cak ya goyata abayansa,tana dariya ta makaleshi
Tana bayansa yabi yaran daya bayan daya ya daukesu yana kissing dinsu sunyi bacci Rafeek ma baccin ya daukesa.

Sardauna yace “Qalbina ina sonki sosai”zee tace”Yayana nima ina kaunar ka”Dariya Sardauna yayi ya dauki ledar ya fice k’asa suka sauko saida ya ciyar da zeey kaza sosai da yogourt da lemuka masu kara lfy jiki itama ta ciyar dashi tikun suka dawo sama Sardauna bathroom ya shige.
Ya musu wanka ya nadota a towel ya shiryasu cikin kayan bacci wanda bashida maraba da tsirara ya dauketa suka tafi dakinta saboda yaran.

Kwance suke zee tana saman kirjinsa tana zuba masa shagwaba yana shafa bayanta yace”Qalbina wacece tayi miki kitso da kunshi kinyi kyau mutika.”ya fada yana birkitota k’asa ya koma samanta.
Ihu ta saki”Yayana kamun nauyi”idanu ya kura mata yana shafa fuskar ta ya tura kansa k’asan wuyanta yana tsotsar wuyanta da murza k’ugunta ya dago ya dora bakinsa anata zatayi magana ya tura bakinsa cikin nata ya fara mata wani zazafan kiss temaka masa ta fara.

Cikin lokaci k’ank’ani suka haukata junansu da zazafan kissing sai musayar yawu suke kamar zasu cinye bakin junsu sai tabo sassan jikin juna sukeyi suna shan yawun junansu.
Saida suka kwasha 30 minute zee ta zare bakinta ta farama Sardauna wani irin shegen massage na fitar haiyaci gab’a gab’a jikinsa takebi da tattausan hannunta tana murza ko ina cikin kwarewa Sardauna sai nishi yakeyi yana jin wani mugun dadi bai tan-tan ce ba yaji bananarsa abakin zee tana tsotsarta cikin wani irin salon da bata taba masaba tana hadawa da yan marenansa wani irin ihu Sardauna yake ya rike kan Zee susai take jiyar dashi dadin da bazai mantaba ganin kamar numfashinsa zai dauke zee na nema zautashi ya janyeta ya cire mata guntuwar rigarta ya kafa bakinsa saman nonota yana tsotsa da murzata ahankali yada zataji dadin tako ji sai sambatu take saida ya tsotsa son ransa ya koma cibinta ya zira harshesa yana lasa da tsota hannunsa a k’asanta ya tura yatsa yana karkadawa ruwa kuwa na ambaliya babu qakautawa kasa hakuri yayi jikinsa na rawa ya kafa kansa ya zura harshesa yana lasa da jujuya harshe har yashiga tsotsa zee na zunduma ihu tana kara tura masa kanta Sardauna wani irin salo Sardauna ya farama zee da yatsarsa da kuma harshesa tun zee na kukan dadi tana sanin me take fada masa har ta zauce ta kasa magana duniyar dadi ta tafi da ita diff ta dauke wuta numfashi ta ya tsaya cak.
Sardauna ya cire bakinsa yana sakin murmushi yace”gud Qalbina haka zanyi ta sumar dake da dadi daganan har karshan rayuwarmu.”Ya fada ya janyota bakin gado ya sauka daga saman gadon ya sauko kafafun zee yana Addu’ar saduwa da iyali ya daga kafafunta sama ya sai ta hajiyarsa ya nemi hanyarsa amma yaji taki shiga saida yayi da gaske ya lumtsuma ciki sai ga zee ta sabke ajiyar zuciya ta kankame Sardauna tana nishi tace”Woshhh Yayana wlh zafi ka juya ahankali kaji mijina.”ta fada ashagwabe.

Sardauna kuwa tunda ya shige yaji kansa najuyawa wani irin sinadarin dadi yana daukan sa daket ya tataro jarumtar ya iya cema zee”Ok Babyna a sannu zan bi dake kinason kiji dadi babyna”ya fada yana fara jujuya hajiyarsa ajikinta.
Lomshe idanu zee tayi tace”Yes Hubbina jiyar dani dadi karkamun cin wasa ka rikitamun lisafi Baby Sardauna nah kaji”hakarta Sardauna ya fara sosai yana kai komo sai karan ni’imarta akeji tafiya tana fara nisa zee da Sardauna kamar sun hada baki atare suka saki kuka suna kankame juna suna sambatu da ihu dan wani irin salon ci yake mata zee ta manta zafin sai kukan dadi da ihu sukewa junsu Asuba ta gari.

Washegari zeey akasalance ta wuni yarana a gurin su Rabia suke sai idan zasu sha nono ake kawosu saboda ta bugu ahannu Sardauna ba karamun aikatata ba yayi saida yasa sabke gajiyarsa ta wata uku adare daya dan da safe ma saida ya mata so biyu shiyasa tafiyar kirkima bata iyawa shiyasa ya wuni bai fita ko kofa ba sai masallaci,yana kusa da Qalbinsa yana jinya tana zuba masa sangarta iri iri yana biye mata dan zee bata laifi gurin Sardauna yasan samun mace kamar zainab dinsa azamaninan sunada wuyar samu shiyasa yake mata mugun so bakin rai bakin fama.
Haka suka kwashe sati guda suna gurzar amarci basa gajiya da junansu kullum suna manne jaraba biyu ta hadu basuda aiki sai soyewa yaransu kuwa suna gurin su Rabia suna kula dasu.


Pls agurguje Bayan shekaru tara
Bayan wannan shekarun abubuwa dayawa Sun faru aciki kuwa harda mutuwar daddah bayan gajeran jinya da tayi mutuwarta ta tayarwa ‘ya’yanta da jikokinta hankali ansha koke-koke.
bayan mutuwarta da shakaru uku mairan karfema ya tafi kai family din Hashim Almahadee magawata sunga tashin hankali.

Amma daga baya dole kowa ya shiga sabgarsa saboda sunsan mutuwa dolece.
Ummi Rayan yaranta uku mata biyu namiji daya Babban shine Fahad sai Razeena da Minal. wanda saminu yake musu so tamkar bayada wasu yaran sai su suna zaune lfy da mijinta da kishiyarta.
Hafeeza tanada yara hudu maza biyu mata biyu so da kauna ita da Ahmed sai abinda ya karu.

Mashakura itama yaranta hudu mata uku namiji daya suna zuminci sosai da zeey.
Kamar yada mazansu sukeyi Khalisat itako yaranta uku duka mata ba laifi darajar kanwarata suna zumunci da ghaisha.
Nisha zaman lfy da lumana suke da mijinta so kamar su cinye junansu har mamakin son da takema yahaya take sun rike yaransu biyu mace da kuma namij wanda basu san ba nisha bace ta haifesu ayanzu nisha ta daidai ta da kowa a family suna zumunci sosai da zeey har Sardauna suna gaisawa dashi.
Intisar itama yaranta uku amma duka mazaje sai cikin jikinta wanda suke Addu’ar Allah yasa mace zata haifa.

Bangaran hajiya zainab matashiyar mace kyakyawa maiji da komai yar kimanin shekaru 26 year wacece ta haifama Sardauna yara shida dan bata dade da dawo ba daga wanka ta sami ciki wanda an kai ruwa rana kafin ta yarda ta haifeshi ta haifo masa tiwis kyawawa yan mata suma cikin ikon Allah daya tabiyo ummi Raiyan sak daya ghaisha dan kamar antsaga kara Sardauna murna haukane baiyi ba yasa ka ma yaran daya Raiyan daya khadija kowa taci sunan mai kama da ita khadija ita suke kira da Nadeen Sardauna yana son yaran kamar ya hadiyesu haka suke shan gata gun kakaninsu shiyasa yaran suka tasa kusan tare da yan maza dan yan matan sun kamosu atsaye wlh yaran su biyar idan kaga an shiryasu kaya iri daya sai kaji kamar ka sacesu sai banbanci na maza da na mata yaran sai sun burgeka zaka zata sun kai shekaru goma goma zeey gaba take saka yaran tana kallonsa tana mamaki duk ita ta haifesu dan tun daga haihuwarsu saida ta shekara hudu cif kafin ta samu wani Cikin Sardauna duk yadamu yace shi wlh ko wata uku uku zata rinka haihuwa yanaso burus zee take dashi dan gani take tayi karama da tara yara haka.

yarta karama yar 3 year copy Sardauna sak wacce ya sakama sunan zee dinsa suna kiranta da Abun Baba dan Sardauna baya boye kaunar yarinyar ransa ga shagwabar da tsiwa dan babu wani abu na zee da Abun baba ta bari shiyasa yake mugun sonta duk shidin gwanine wajan son yaran amma yarinyar tayi fice aransa zee ko basa shiri da ita saboda rashin ji dinta da barna kashi zee take bata Sardauna nan fa zanyi fushi da zee sai tayi lallashi amma yana fita zata jibgeta tace tana hadata da mijinta.

Sosai su Daddy suke zumunci da danginsu na niger dan yanzu duk shekara duniya sai sunje sunga dangi zee zuwa farko zuwan da akayi da ita kuka ta kafama Sardauna su koma can da zama dan tahoua ta shiga ranta sosai, barinma yada taganta gidan sarauta,suma yan Niger suna kokarin zauwa Nigeria .
Bangaran Abu Rahman ma zauwarsu uku suna ganin ummi da jikokinsa da yaran zee ganin harda mai kamarsa ba karamin dadi yaji ba ya kara yarda lalai bakaja da ikon Allah gashi yarsa daya ta yada zuri’a dayawa zee da Sardauna zuwansu saudiya biyar cikin shakuranan da sun bushi iska suke tafiya suyi ibadarsu daga baya su yada zango gidan kakaninsu suci duniyarsu su dawo Jannat da manal duk sunyi aura kowace da yaron ta daya dan basu jima da yin aure ba.

Sardauna kuwa bangaran likitanci idan bai zo na farko ba a Nigeria zaizo na biyu dan yanzu babu asibitin da akeji da ita a Nigeria kamar asibitin Sardauna sunansa ya baza Nigeria saboda kwarewarsa kan aiki ko wane iri shiyasa yake ta samun nasarori daban daban.
Arayuwarsa babu yanda zee zatayi ba yabarta taci gaba da karatu yaki dole ta hakura makarantar islamiyya kadai ya barta har tayi saukar Alqura’ani mai girma.

hassan ya zama dan saudiya sai dai suzo su koma hussaini kuwa dan Nigeria wanda yanzu haka shirya shiryan aurensa ake da nawwara autarsu Sardauna zankadediyar matashiyar bude yar shekaru sha bakwai kyakyawa ga nutsuwa da hankali su zee kirjin biki sai shige da fice ake dan yau sauran kwana biyu auran.

ummi Raiyan ce zaune yaranta sun kewayeta suna nuna mata dinkin ankon bikinsu sai dariya take.
Zee ce ta shigo da sallama masha Allah nace tayi jiki madedeci tsaf ta kara wayewa fes da ita kana ganinta kasan jin dadi da kwanciya hankali ya baibayeta.
Fahad ne ya mike da gudu ya rungume zee yace”Anty kalli dinkina.
Zee daukarsa tayi tana nishi tace”wai inba niba daukan kato dan shekara tara”ta fada tana karasowa gun ummi ta ajiyeshi tace “Fahad tsaya ina dawowo zan duba dakyau.”ta fada tana zama jikin ummi tace “ummina ina Abun Baba tazo nan”ummi tace”Baby wai yaushe zakuyi hankali ta yaya saki bar yarinya karama tana fitowa tazo ita daya to Wlh ki tashi tun kafin Babanta ya dawo”zee ta dafe kai tace”ummi wlh Abu tana bani ciwon kai yarinya karama sai fitina da barnar tsiya wlh ummi bakiga barnar da tayi mun ba yanzu shine ta nemi maboya kafin Baban nata yazo.”ummi tayi murmushi tace”hamm ki taba kiji abinda kikamun ko wlh babu wanda zainab ta bari harma sotake ta fiki meyasa bata bi yan uwanta can gida ba kuma su Rabia yar dakinta tana ina tayi barnar.”zee tace “ummina nifa ina zaune aparlo ina waya dasu Abu Rahman tana jikina kinsan iskancin tafa ta ciro nonota tana tsotsa sai ta saki naga ta nufi sama zatona bacci zatayi ashe uwar barna taje d’akina tayi wlh duk wasu turarukana ta fasasu da kayan kwalliya da mayuka tajuye komai ak’asa dinkina na anko wlh bansan inda ta samu rezaba duk ta ketasu ta fasa madubin dressing komai ummi Abun Baba ta batamun wlh uwarta zanci barima naje wlh Rabia Wlh itace zata boyeta.”ta fada tana mik’ewa.
Ummi tayi dariya tace”da kyau”zee baki ta zumburo tace “Minal zo muje ki nemo min ita naci gidansu wlh sai ubanta ya biyani.”ta kamo hannun Minal kanwarta mai kama da ita sak suka fice ummi ta bisu da dariya.
Razeena tace”ummi wlh Abun Baba bata ji ko kadan”ummi tace “ai ku kunaji ko”

Zee suna fita tana rike da hannun Minal har suka fice daidai get din gidanta ta hango Sardauna tsaye Cikin arniyar mota baka sudik yana horn kafin su iso har ya shige ciki,baki zee ta ciza.
Zee tana shigowa ta tsinkayo Sardauna ya d’aga Abu yana shillata tana dariya ta makalkaleshi zeey ta tsinkayo ta boye kanta kirjin Sardauna tana cewa”Babana boyeni ga momyna dukana zatayi wai dan nayi mata barna” Sardauna ya juyo ya hango zee ta nufosu tana kwakwabe fuska ta saki hannun Manal.
Sardauna ya bushe da dariya ya kara manne Abu jikinsa da gudu ya nufi part din megadi mijin Rabia wanda Sardauna ne ya musu aure yanzu haka yaransu uku.
Sallama yayi ya tsaya daga kofa.
Rabia ce ta leko taga Sardauna kafin tayi magana yace” Rabia amshi Amanar Abun Baba zan dawo yanzu na amsheta.”Amsarta Rabia tayi suka shige Sardauna ya nufi gun zee yana cewa”Oyoyo Baby Qalbina daga ina cikin uwar rana haka Minal maza jeki gun Abun Baba kuyi wasa inko kika tabo ta ta roshe miki kai To ba ruwana.”da gudu Minal ta nufi gidan megadi.
Zee saboda haushin dariya da Sardauna yake mata kuka ta saka masa ta nufosa gadan gadan da gudu yayi ciki saida sukazo kofar parlo ya sumgumeta ya goyata abayansa tana dukana yana dariya ya nufi saman bene da ita.

Suna zuwa bedroom dinsa ya kaita.
Tace”muje kaga abinda tayi mun.”Sardauna daukar Zee yayi suka fito yana cewa”oh my God yau Abuna ta tabo rigima muje na gani…ai bakinsa ne ya tsaya cak.
Ganin irin ta asar da yaga Abu tayi,danne dariyarsa yayi ya nufi gado da ita ya kwantar da ita ya haye samanta ya tallabo kanta suna kallon juna yana shafa fuskarta yace”Habibiyata ina sonki ina kaunarki ina tunanin na fara sonki ne tun ranar da muka hada jiki dake a Kano dirowarki k’asar Nigeria daga saudiya saida nayi kuskure sai daga baya na gane ashe tun kina karamarki nake sonki ki yafemun azabar da na gana miki wlh duk cikin so ne da azababban kishinki nama dan uwana karane saboda naga shima yana sonki ni kuma na kamu da ciwon zuciya Allah sarki ashe Mahbeer ba mai dogon kwana bane a duniya.”ya fada yana hawaye.
Zeey ta rungumeshi gam ta tallabo kansa idanunta sun ciki da kwalla tace”Yayana pls karkayi kuka wlh ni bansan tun yaushe na fara sonka ba saidai nasan dashi zan rayu dashi zan mutu ina rokon Allah yabar mun mijina uban ‘ya’yana abin alfaharina yau Nice na haifama yara shida gaba bansan nawa zan haifama ba i love you My Sardauna nah.” Ta fada tana masa wani irin kallo wanda ya kusa zaucewa.
Yace”Qalbina yaranki fa su da gidansu sai bayan biki zamuci amarcinmu na baki ajiyar Baby pls Qalbina karki dokarmun My Abun Baba zan biyaki ayau wlh gobe ya war haka anyi miki dinkin ki bani nono nasha kuma da can na danyi sai na kaiki gida ghaisha ce ta turoni fa na kai ki wacce zata miki kunshi da kitso tazo”baki ta b’are zata fashe masa da kuka yayi caraf ya had’e bakinsu ya tura masa harshensa tako kama tana tsotsa shima yana tsotsar nata yana juye mata yawunsa tana hadiya yana murza breast dinta.
Wani irin kissing sukewa junansu kamar zasuci juna suna shafar juna kafin wani lokaci sunyi fatali da kayan jikinsa suna lasar sassan jikin junansu har Sardauna ya shige gidan dadinsa yana zura mata bananarsa atare suka sauke ajiyar zuciya suka kankame junansu atare suka furta “Wayyo Allah!! dadi kashemu.”
Yana fara sukuwa samanta yana zuba sambatu zee cikin shashekar kukan kissa tace” My Dr Sardauna nah wlh dole yau zan fadamaka yada kake da…caraf ya kame bakinta yana tsotsa bakinsu Cikin na juna yace mata”Qalbina rike sirrinmu Kar Rahma taji labarin ya isheta haka ta kara gaba taje *Aunty Rumaisa* tana jiranta ta dauki labari mai sakarkiya mai gigitarwa mai fadakarwa da nishadantarwa da kuma soyayya mai wuyar fassarawa sai dai Ladingo inaso ki sani ni bana hada soyayya zee Babyna da kowa Oya malama tafi ki bamu guri idan aka jima kunnanki bazai dauki abinda zan fadawa zee Babyna ba ko wanda zata fadamun ki gashemun da *Abdallah* da Shaheed da kuma babban yaya Al’ameen sannan kicewa Abdallah ya kasance jarumi kamar Sardauna ta fanni komai ba wanda zai masa kallon yaro duk naga yanaso ya shallakeni a komai amma bazan yarda ba. Sannan kicewa *Aunty Rumaisa* ta kula tana cikin gararin rayuwa ma’assalam.”ya fada yana haqar zee…ai aguje na fito daga ma boyata dama sauraransu kawai nake ban kallesu ba…βœπŸ»πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

*Alhamdulillahi nan nan nakawo karshan zee baby Abinda na fada daidai Allah ya bamu ladan harku kuskuren da yake ciki Astagafirullah Ya Allah ka yafemun*

Sai mun hadu cikin sabon book dina mai sunan *Aunty Rumaisa* wanda labarin yasha banzan da Sauran books dina na baya wannan rikita rikita da sarkarkiyar soyayya mai tsayawa zuciya da cin amana da ban tausayi sai cikin *Aunty Rumaisa* wanda zaku karanta shi a nera dari biyu kacalπŸ‘ŒπŸ» karku manta salon na daban ne akullum burina na baku kalar labari mai kayatarwa insha Allah cikin satinan zaku ga Free page Nagode Nagode Nagode da kaunar da kuka nunamun ta hanyar sayan zeey Baby😍😍😍😍

Takuce Real Rahma ummu Fareesa😘

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