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*book 2 πŸ‘‰πŸ»3*

….”jikin macan na shiga sosai ina kuka ban mata magana ba. ” bazaki fadamun wa ya tabaki ba..? cikin shashekar kuka nace” Yayana ne ya dokeni ummana bata gida tana gidan biki gurinta zani yanzu. “to yi shiru bari kukan kin masa laifine shiyasa ya dokeki bari kukan kinji.?kai na daga mata nayi shiru. dagoni tayi ta gogemun hawayena. ta bude Jakarta taciro Nikab ta bani nasaka tana mun hira sauran jama’ar sai kallonmu suke. cikin tsiwa nace” wai dan durin uwarku me kuke kallo ajikinmu shegu yan iska. duk kunciki mana mota da tsami baki ta rufemun da sauri tana girgiza kai. “kul ki kuma zagi babu kyau. ” to naji ai naga sun zuba mana idanu kamar mujiya ne. kai ta girgiza shiru nayi ban sake maganaba har mukazo inda zata sabka nayi mata godiya ta sabka niko ba azoba inda zan sabka dan gidansu manal zani. ana isa unguwar tun daga nesa nace” nan zan sauka motar ta tsaya na fito ahankali saboda zafin da nakeji agabana ina sabka na basu kudinsu na tsallaka titi ahankali na nufi layin gidansu manal. akofar gidan.

na tsaya ina danna Bell din gidan ba’a jima ba aka bude Radah ce murmushi na sakar mata na shigo rungumeni tayi ta rufo gidan tanajin dadi ta sakeni tayi ciki da gudu tana Kiran manal kai na girgiza nabita abaya. bangaran Sardauna zee na fita kamar da 30 minute ya farka yana lalubanta bata jikinsa ya kalli kofa yaga abude kai ya girgiza ya saki murmushi yanajin wani mugun farin ciki na ratsashi sabkowa yayi daga saman gado ya shiga bathroom yayi wanka ya dauro alwalla ya fito ya zura jallabiya sai istigifari yake irin yada yayi bacci baiyi sallah ba akan lokaci kan darduma ya hau ya tayar da sallah. bayan ya gama yayi ta neman gafarar ubangiji yama dan uwansa Addu’a da matansa Allah basu zaman lfy Allah yasa zee ta amshesa hannu bibbiyu. ya shafa Addu’a ya Mike dan wata irin yunwa yakeji saman kujera ya nufa ya janyo table yaci naman kazar kadan yasha lemo ya Mike yaje ya dubo zee da jikinta yaji ko bata zazzabi. wayarsa ta dauki ruri dauka yayi

yai picking ya kara akunne. “hello my Neesher ykk ina babyna nayi missing dinku. ” My Dr i miss u jinake kamar ka shekara. murmushi ya saki” my Neesher ai muna tafe gobe insha Allahu zuwa jibi zamu isa. ” my dr ka gashemun da my dear kace nayi missing dinta pls.” zataji wlh baccin gajiya nayi shiyasa yau ban kiraki ba. ” babu komai ai ni nakiraka babynka na kewarka. ” ki shafamun shi dakyau da nazo zan bashi kwarin gwiwa. zan kiraki anjima. ” OK sweetheart bye murmushi yayi yaji ta tsinke kira. Kiran daddy yayi lokacin yana Office ya dauka suka sha hira ya kashe ya kira ghaisha lokacin suna parlo ita da ummi Raiyan da su tuwusai da minata ta dauki Kiran ta kara akunnata. Sardauna ya shagwab’e” hello momyna i miss u. daga can tace” i miss too my son ina momy…?”
Tana lfy bacci take momy ki gaishemun da ummi zan kiraki an jima. ” to su tuwusai Na gaisheka. ” kice zan kira anjima bye i love u ghaishata ya tsinke Kiran

yana wani irin farin ciki ya ajiye wayar ya dauki turare ya fesa yaje gaban dressing mirroir ya gyara gashinsa yana wakar” wayyo zainabu abu Abuleta yar balarabar yarinya Wanda yace zainabu Abu ai kamar yace Sardauna Faisal duk Wanda yaso zainabu Abulena ai kamar yasoni duk Wanda baison Zainabu Abulena to wallahi Sardauna baya kaunarsa Abulena yar yarinya my gidan dadina Abu. Haka fah yari rika waka yana sakin murmushi ya gyara gashinsa ya fito ya nufi part d’insu Ammi suna parlo suna kallon TV ya shigo da sallama murmushi dauke fuskarsa. Ammi ta amsa ta rike baki” oh wannan yaran ai sai a barku wuni guda babu ko lekowa tun safe. kusanta Sardauna ya zauna yana dariya Hassan da hussaini sukace” Yayamun Dr ina yini yau sanmu yafi akirga muna tashinku amma shiru gashi za’ayi la’asar. kallonsu Sardauna yayi” wlh yan biyu gajiya ce shiyasa nayi bacci sosai to ina mutuniyar ko tana ciki akwance.Ammi ta dokesa abaya” kunji ja’irin yaro yo mu ai kai muka gani bari ni naje na ganta miji dadi idan bazata zoba. Sardauna yace wallah bata can koda na tashi bata d’akin. ya fada hankalinsa atashi yana mik’ewa tsaye. ai dukansu suka tashi tsaye.suna hada baki.

Wajan cewa”kana nufin ta fito…? Sardauna amutikar kidime yace” wlh ta fito kofarma abude na ganta ya fada yana nufar d’akunan yana duba ko ina jikinsa har tsuma yakeyi su Hassan hankalinsu ya tashi suka bazu yawon nemanta lugu da sako na gidan suka koma part d’in Sardauna ciki da bai babu zeey baby Ammi kuka ta fara” na shiga ukku ina zainaba ta tafi. Sardauna dabas ya zauna ya dafe kansa zuciyarsa na wani irin mahaukacin bugawa da karfin gaske jikinsa na rawa ya furta”My bugun Numfashina yaushe ne zaki barni na huta yaushe zaki bari muji dadin rayuwarmu pls karkiyi nisa dani wallahi ayanzu bazan iya rayuwa babu keba bazan iya ba sam bazan juri nisanki gareni ba pls ki fito don Allah. Ammi ganin yada jikin Sardauna yake rawa yana sambatu abun ya tsora tata sosai kusansa ta zauna ta rungumushi jikinta tana lallashinsa ta kalli hussaini tace” lokacin da kuke garin nan ina kukaga zainab na zuwa su waye kawayanta…? Hassan yace “yauwa Alhmdllh wlh sai yanzu na tuna Ashe fa ana muka girma kawayanta Manal da Jannat koda yaushe tare

suke basa rabuwa kuma ko dama idan tsiyarta ta motsa tana kwana biyu uku bata gida can take zuwa. ai da Sauri Sardauna ya janye jikinsa ah na Ammi ya Mike zuwat dan sai yanzu ya tuna Ashe zainab haihuwar jiddah ce tasan garin ciki da bai.ya rike hassan. “muje gidan pls muje na dawo da ita gareni tun kafin Abu Rahman ya farka daga baccinsa tabbas zai baza hotonta yana nemanta ak’asar wlh ba lalai bane musamu barin k’asar saboda inada tabbacin har Airport sai yakai hotonanku ah hanaku barin k’asar hakan yana nufin Abuna zata fada tashin hankali tare d’aku dan nasan bazai barku ba. Niko bazan iya jure rashinta ba. Ammi ta dauki waya ta kira Hamraz bugo daya ya daga da sallama Ammi tace”Hamraz akwai babban tashin hankali zainab bata gida gashi ja’irar yarinyace zata iya barin Jiddah mu nemeta mu rasa kasan ko idan Abu ya farka wlh kashinmu ya bushe don Allah kazo zamu nemanta gidan kawayanta ko ma dace.dagacan yace”Subahanallahi to ganinan yanzu. Kiran ta kashe ta kalli Sardauna ta kamo hannunsa ya zauna. “yi hakuri muma acikin damuwa muke idan Abu ya tashi bamu bazamu bar k’asar ba. insha Allah batayi nisa ba kansa ya dora kafadarta yace”na amshi kaddara duk yada tazo Allah ya tsaremun zainaba ta aduk inda take insha Allahu ayau

zamu ganta su hussaini suma Zama sukayi suka hadu suka rungume Sardauna suna jadadda masa baza ta wucce wannan gidanjan biyu ko bata can sunada yakinin
sunsan inda take. suna haka aka kira sallahr la’asar suka Mike suka dauro alwalla suka tafi masallaci Ammi ta itama ta Mike ta dauro alwalla tayi sallah, tana Addu’ar Allah yasa zainaba bata yi nisan kiwoba. bayan su Sardauna sun dawo daga masallaci suna zaune parlo Sardauna zazzabi ya rufesa Hassan ya kawo masa magani yasha ya kwanta. saman kujera suna jiran Hamraz. karfe hudu da rabi ya shigo parlon da sallama Sardauna zabura ya Mike zuwat, ko gaisawa Ammi bata bari sun yiba tace”Hamraz mutafi nemanta karfa tayi nisa cikin jimami yace”Sardauna ka ajiye hankalinka za’a ganta hussaini ina da ina take zuwa…? ” gidan kawayanta muje nasan unguwar da gidajan munsha zuwa tare. “OK ku tashi muje wlh rashin ganinta matsalane babba tafiyarku zata sami matsala.hannu Sardauna ya ruke Amina ta Mike dama sun gama shirinsu tsaf suka fito Hamraz part din Suna shiga yace”ka canza kaya. Baiyi musu ba ya saka jallabiya fara tas mai kyau da tsada ya saka shirami suka fito su Ammi na farfajiyar gidan suka fito kofar gidan inda mota yake Hamraz ya bude musu suka shiga. Sardauna yana gaba kusan Hamraz. yama motar key yana tambayar inda zasu fara zuwa. Hussaini yace” unguwar Marhabah, gidansu Jannat, yace” OK yaja motar ya harbata kan titi Sardauna Addu’arsa daya Allah yasa su sameta acan gidan.


Bangaran zeey baby kuwa tana Sanya kanta parlon ta sukayi Karo da manal tana ihu ta fito tarbarata rungumeta tayi tana ihu” wayyo habibty ina cikin farin ciki sahiba ta dawo gareni dariya zee tayi ta janye jikinta tace” ai Saki karasani dama ba lfy bace dani ba. hannuta ta kama suka Isa parlo yan gidan duk suna zaune zee ta karasa da tafiyarta agwale ta zauna kusan mamar manal ta gaisheta” zainaba yaushe kuka dawo amarya Ashe aure aka miki a haussa..? Murmushi zee tayi ta sadda kanta k’asa Radah tace”wlh kin Kara kyau sosai kin murje. Manal ta kama hannu zee “tashi mu shiga yau akwai yawu agarin saudiya Ashe dariya yan parlon sukayi zee tabi manal suka shige bedroom suna shiga zee tace bari nayi sallah banyi sallah ba. Ta fadi tana shiga bathroom ta tube ta hada ruwan zafi ta shige cikin bath ta lumshe idanunta ta fashe da kuka”Wayyo Sardauna ya zanyi da rashinka na har abadan ya zanyi da masifar sonka wayyo Yayana Sardauna meyasa ka aikata haka gareni meyasa kayi zina dani bayan kasan haramunce gashi ina matar yayanka kuma gashi ka sakamun Masifafan Sonka azuciyata Yayana ka hallakar dani baki daya Dole zanyi nisa daku zanbar jiddah ayau komin dare zan nufi inda Baku taba tunanin zaniba zan kaurace muku har zuwa wani lokaci har naji na daina Sonka na koma gun mijina mahbeer. haka tayi ta sambatu a toilet bayan tasan hakan babu kyau amma bata cikin nutsuwarta saida taji ruwan ya surke ta fita ta kunna shower tayi wanka ta dauro alwalla ta goge jikinta ta fito da kayanta ahannu ta zauna bakin katifa tana sabke ajiyar zuciya tajima Kafin ta Mike ta saka kayanta ta hau saman darduma ta tayar da sallah. tana cikin yi aka kira la’asar tana sallama ta tashi ta tayar da sallahr la’asar bayan ta gama ta shiga kwararo Addu’a tana neman gafara ubangiji akan zinar da sukayi tana rokon Allah yasa taji ta daina son Sardauna


Allah yasa mahbeer kar ya tsaneta tana cikin kuka manal ta shigo da babban tire ta hado mata kayan ciye ciye dasu shayi ta ajiye tiran ta nufi gurin zee ta kamata ta tashi ta rungumeta”habibty meyasa kike kuka wani abu aka mini Dan Allah ki fadamun.?saida ta gaji da kukanta tace”manal Dan Alalh muje inda zan samu nutsuwa pls inaso nayi shaye shayen da ban taba irinsa ba aduniya. hannunta ta kamo suka zauna ta zuba mata shayi ta bata ta amsa ta kurba ta ajiye”to kici wani abu cikinki yayi yauni sai mu tafi inda zamu buya wlh yanzu An hanani shaye shaye amma akwai inda zamu samu. da Sauri zee ta Mike tashi mu tafi mutikar kina sona kina kaunata yanzu kikaini nasha na more saboda nasan ke tawace shiyasa na fara zuwa gunki Kafin naje gun Jannat. ” OK mutafi cikin farin ciki zee ta rungume manal tana murna janye jikinta tayi ta dauko Nikab din zee itama ta Dora abaya Akan kayanta ta daurawa zee nikab dinta taja hannu zee suka fito parlo ba kowa duk sun shiga sallah”manal tace”kinga muje kawai ficewa sukayi

suna fita bakin titi suka tsaya jiran tax ko limozin basu jimaba suka samu tax suka shiga manal ta fada masa inda zai kaisu yaja motar ya tafi. bangaransu Sardauna suna zuwa gidansu Jannat Hamraz yayi parking Ammi ta fito da kanta ta danna bell din gidan cikin ikon Allah Jannat da take farfajiyar gidan tana waya aboye da saurayinta taji ana danna bell tazo ta bude tabi Amina da kallo Dan bata Santaba Ammi tace”kece jannat..? ” eh nice. “to ni kakar zee baby ce kawarki ko tazo nan ihu tayi ta rungume ammi tace”Dan Allah tana ina muje ki kaini gunta bari nazo ta fadi tana shiga gida da gudu Ammi hankalinta ya tashi jin zee bata gidan Jannat ta fito cikin shiri taja Hannun ammi suka fito ta rufo kofar Dan asace ta fito Sardauna sabkowa yayi ya taresu”Jannat ina zainab don Allah karku boyeta idan kinsan inda take. ” wlh nima yanzu naji amma muje bata wuce gidansu manal motar yakoma ya hade kansa da gwiwa zuciyarsa na mahaukacin bugawa Dan ya fara tsoron lamarin. har motar taja ta tafi Sardauna baima saniba Jannat tace” insha Allahu bata wuce gidansu manal ko batacan wlh nasan inda zasu ita da manal cikin farin ciki Sardauna ya dago yace”idan naga zainab ta dalilinki ayau bazan taba mantawa dakeba Hamraz idan anga zainab pls kasan yada zaka mun nasamu tafiya ayau da ita idan yaso goben su Ammi su bimu. “Sardauna kayi hakuri har goben kaifa doctor ne kasan yada zaka mata koda allauran baccine har goben kar abun yayi yawa su gane gudune za’ayi dasu” OK shikenan zanyi kokarin tsare abata. Dariya yaba kowa da tausayi duk suma sun damu daurewa suka kawai Jannat ko ko aka

Dan tasan halin kawayanta. suna zuwa kofar gidansu manal Jannat ta bude mota tafito ta nufi gidan tajima tana danna bell Kafin abude mata Radah tace” har sun fada miki ko.?” eh matsa kiga ta shige da guda. aparlo ta tsaya suka gaisa da mamar su manal tace” suna ciki tun la’asar basu fitoba. dariya Jannat tayi ta nufi ciki tana kiransu wayam ba kowa idanu ta zaro ta duba ko ina babu su babu alamarsu wayam ta fito” mamah basu nan tsaye tayi cike da mamaki tace”kaga shegun yara ko mashaya biyu sun hadu wlh duk inda suke sun tafi neman kwaya Dan Allah jeki nemosu koda yake duk dayane har ke dinma abokin barawo barawone Jannat ficewa tayi Dan tasan ba inda zata samu su zee sa gidan yar saude ta shiga mota Sardauna yace”bamu dace ba ko…?murmushi tayi tace”an fadamun inda suke Hamdalah sukayi da Addu’ar Allah yasa su sameta acan Hassan duk yaji ya sare Dan zee ta taba haka saida ta kwana hudu Kafin asameta.Hamraz yace “to yanzu ina mukayi kenan Jannat ta fada masa sunan unguwar. Hamraz ya zaro idanu yace”wannan lalatartar unguwar takarun Tab. Sardauna gabansa ya tsinke ya fadi idanunsa ya lumshe da Addu’ar Allah yasa su Sami zee acan Hamraz yaja motar ya dauki hanya Dan akwai Nisan bala’i can kusan fita daga garine. bangaran su zee kuwa suna gidan yar saude uwar shege da shegiya suna zuwa tunda taga zee taji zata samu kudi anan ganin zee adamuwa ta shiga mata dubaru ta fada mata matsalata kiyawa tayi saboda batason kallo mafi yawancinsu kowa duk sun kura mata idanu

Wata bakar mace dumkukuma mai budaddan hanci na hango zaune matasan yan mata na kewaye da ita saura duk sun kwale Manal tace” yar saude mu kibamu abinda ya kawomu. Zee tace wlh kuwa Dan na matsu naji na buge. Dariya yar saude tayi ta fito musu da kwayoyi da kwalaban syrup masu masifar tsada ta ajiye gabansu tana washe baki “manyan yara gashi amma fa akwai tsada. Manal tace ai kinsan ko nawane zan siya ta fadi tana bude kamar Jakarta ta ciro kamsa miyyah Riyadh guda biyu ta bata zee jikinta na rawa ta bude kwalbar syrup ta Kafa bakinta ta fara tultulawa cikinta manal ganini zee zata shanye duka ta riketa ta amshe “haba karki ilata kanki mana kibi komai asannu duk da bansan meke damunki ba. takai cine yasa na fashe da kuka na kwashi kwayoyin na watsa abaki” manal kibarni kawai ina cikin masifa ina cikin taskar rawu wlh. yar Saude tace” kina yarinyarki karama kizo asaki gari manal ni bansan kawarnan takiba kizo yanzu a nuna miki gari yar balarabiya. Zee tace “Dan Allah wani garine yafi dadi Wanda idan naje zan manta da damuwata. cikin murna tace “yauwa zan fada miki bari ajima akwai direban da zai kaiki garin ba ko sisinki. Manal ta shanye sauran syrup din zee amma bataci kwayarba sanin kwakwaluwarta karamace. zee cikin murna tace “Dan Allah ki kirasa zanje pls. “Ai yanzu kuwa zan kirasa zaki ganshi yazo waya ta dauka ta Mike ta shiga daki zee tabita da kallo ta kwashi wasu kwayoyin ta watsa abakinta ta tauna suna hira. da Manal tace ita dai bazata ba. Zee tana dariya Dan tuni zee syrup ya fara canza mata yanayi su Sardauna basu isa gidan ba sai da Ana kiran magarib wani irin lungunane Hamraz yayi parking abakin titi ya juyo ya kalli Jannat”ki sabka kuje da Ammi gaskiya bazan shiga lungun nanba. Sardauna yace “ai motar ma bazata shigaba nake gani Jannat fito mutafi suka

fito har Ammi dasu hussaini Jannat na gaba suna binta sunyi tafiya sosai sai gasu akofar gidan wata wulwuleyiyar mota akofar gidan baka sudik. Jannat ta buga kofar da karfin gaske Sardauna karaf yaji ihun zee dinsa jikinsa na rawa ya shiga bugun kofar da karfi ciki kuwa wani shirgegen katone bakikirin rungume da zee dinsa suna kokowa cikin Maye yaji tana cewa ka sakeni ni ba yar iska bace sakeni naje mota da kaina kin sakinta yayi yana kokarin ciccibarta manal ta doka masa kwalba akai zee kuwa tace” Dan durin uwarka sabketa muje mota akarfamu ko mu fasa yafiyar zee ta gantsara masa uban cizo ai ba shiri ya saketa” yace yi hakuri mai kyau muje mota to da kafarki dariya tayi cikin maye tace ” yauwa to muje karka barni akusa ka kaini karshan makkah kaji daide lokacin yar Saude ta nufo kofar tana cewa “wani dan karuwarne ko wacce yar karuwarce ta fadi dede lokacin Sardauna ya balle kofar gidan baki dayanta sai gata ak’asa yar saude ganin yanayin Sardauna yasa ta nufi ciki aguje Sardauna ya hango bakin katon nan kusan zee baby tana tangadi da gudu yayi kan mutumin ya damki wuyansa yana masa wani irin mugun naushi baki da hanci baji ba gani yake dukansa yana cewa” me kawa matata ganin zai kasheshi yace” na rantse da Allah banyi mata komaiba daket Ammi ta rike Sardauna dan ya farfasa masa fuska zee kuwa sai durawa Sardauna zagi take. Danme zai bugi direbanta. taja hannun manal dan basu lura da Jannat ba suduka cikin maye suke zasu fita hassan yace Dr zata fita da gudu yayi kanta ya damkota ya rungumeta tsamtsam kirjinshi hawaye na kwaranya daga idanunsa. sai shafarta yake yana tatabata kamar an cire mata wani abu ajikinta” my bugun numfashina pls karki Kara barina don Allah meyasa kike shaye shaye duk da nasan yau nine najamiki my Abulena pls ki daina. kiciniyar kwatar kanta ta fara tana dukansa cikin maye tace ” My Sardauna nah sakeni na tafi ai baka sona Nisha kakeso ko…? daukarta yayi cak ya rungumeta tsam ya nufi kofar fita Jannat ta riko hannun manal suka fito su Ammi na biye dasu suna cikin farin cikin ganin zee Baby Sardauna yana fita ya nufi bakin titi gurin motarsu zee kamo fuskarsa Sardauna tayi ta zuba masa fararan idanunta Wanda suka can za kala cikin maye tace” My Sardauna meyasa ka kusanceni ka zubamun dafin Sonka a zuciyata bayan Nisha tace kai natane ita daya duk shirman da take tafiyarsa kawai yake yana rungume da ita fuskarshi babu walwala saboda shaye shayen da tayi ya bata masa rai ga jikinta zafi rau zazzabi burinsa su isa gida yabata kulawa. bai cemata komai ba duk da farin cikin ganinta ya cika masa zuciya fuskarsa take shafawa ta kuma cewa”My Sardauna meyasa Nisha tace kar ka so kowace mace ni ya zanyi da Sonka kawai sai ta zabga masa Mari ta fashe da kuka tace” My Sardauna na tsaneka bana sonka Sardauna na tsaneka kabarni na shiga duniya ta fadi tana had’e bakinsu…………..


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