Zee Baby Book 2 Page 9


*Book 2 πŸ‘‰πŸ»9*

….Sardauna Yana isowa gareta ya janyota ya rungumeta gam ya Dora hannunsa agoshinta yana murzawa. Cikin ikon Allah bai kumbura ba “my sweet Babyna meyasa zaki ilata mun kanki menene aka miki meyasa zaki jiyata kanki. Kuka nake sosai ina dukansa”pls Yayana ka rabu dani inajin Kunyar my Dear don Allah ka sakeni.”Wlh ko duniya zata taru bazan sakeki ba babu uban da ya isa yasani na sakeki. Ya fada yana rungumeni kamar zai maidani cikinsa ina rusar kuka da dukansa. Nisha ta iso ta zauna bakin gadon tana kuka ta kamo hannuna tana murzawa.

Cikin kuka tace” wlh zainab mutikar kika takura Dr ya sakeki saboda ni wlh Nima bazan zauna ba ina sonki ina kaunarki inason zama dake. dan Allah kiyi hakuri muzauna tare wlh Nima bazan zaunaba idan bakison yayamu ni inason abinda kikeso ne. dan Allah kiyi hakuri mu zauna inuwa daya kanwata ta fada tana rungumeni tana kuka. gabaki daya naji wani iri Sardauna murmushi yayi”da kyau nisha nagode da karamawarki ya fada yana rungumesu duka biyu zee ta dago ta zafga masa harara tana ajiyar zuciya gira ya daga mata can k’asan makoshi yace”I love u my babyna. dukansa nayi

akirjinsa ina Kara rungumeshi na lumshe idanuna. Nakira nisha”my dear meyasa kikeso na zauna da mijinki…? ” saboda ina sonki wlh mutikar bazaki zaunaba ko naji kina masa tijara tafiya gida zanyi. da Sauri na dago kaina na kalleta na shagwabe”pls my dear Karki rabu da mijinki zan zauna domin farin cikin ki ni banason Yaya Sardauna janye Nisha yayi ya dauke Zee cak tana kurma ihu toilet ya shiga da ita ya matseni abango fashe masa nayi da kuka”pls karabu dani karka hadani da yar uwata. K’ugunta ya kamo ya tsareta da mayatattun idanunsa yace”My Abulena nine bakiso zaki iya rayuwa babu ni? meyasa kika cemata baki sona bayan kina mugun sona? ya fada yana shigar idanunsa sosai cikin kwayar idanuna.

wani iri naji na kasa jure kallonsa nayi k’asa da kaina ina gunguni habata ya dago yana shafa fuskata ya zubamin shegun idanunsa tsikar jikinsa sai tashi take. “My babyna kalleni pls. yamun maganar ashagwabe. Kasa daurewa nayi jikinsa na fada. “My Sardauna nah? ” na’am Mrs Sardauna I love u. ” I love u too my heartbeat wlh ina sonka fa na fada ina makaleshi na fara kukan shagwaba. “Oh my babyna menene Sardauna ne ko? yi shiru “Yayana kasamun kaya. “OK kibani kadan na sha.jikina na janye ina kukan sangarta. “Yayana Antyna tana jinmu. murmushi ya Saki ya fice Nisha ya isko ta gyara gadon ta ciro kayan breakfast ta jera musu saman dan table din Sardauna ya Saki murmushi ya rungumota yana kissing din wuyanta” my Neesher Allah miki Albarka nagode da karamawarki gareni sonki ya lunku azuciyata. dariya tayi tayi

Ta janye jikinta”kai my Dr wlh babu komai yiwa kaine kayan zee ya dauka ya nufi bathroom, Nisha ta bishi da harara tana goge hawayen fuskarta “wlh sai kunci durin uwarka yan iska munafukai yanzu ta gama cemun bata sonsa ta makaleshi ah toilet tana masa kalmar so zaki ci uwarki yar isa Jar banza. Sardauna yana shiga ya daga zee sama ya rungumeta ya saka mata kayan ba tare da tayi magana ba shima baiba dan sunsa babu kyau d’azu ma yi kawai sukayi bai ajiyeta ba saidai suka fito ta gantsar masa cizo ya ajiyeta tana ciza baki ta karaso nisha baki da hanci ta Saki tana kallon zee yada rigar da siket din suka

Mata kyau. cikin kunya ta karaso bakin gadon ta zauna tana sunne kai.”my dear ina kwana? dariya Nisha tayi ta janyo musu table din Sardauna ya zauna kusan Nisha tea ta hadawa zee ta beka mata ta amsa”thanks my dear. murmushi Nisha tayi ta hadawa Sardauna ta bashi yaki amsa” yi hakuri my sweetheart amshi na baka abaki. bakin ya bude tana bashi zeey ta kauda kanta ta rika shan tea da mugun zafi duk ta kone harshe. bayan Nisha ta bashi tea ta zuba musu soyayen dankali da kwai da gasasar kaza. abaki ta rikaba Sardauna zee ta basar tanaci tana dariya”kai My dear kin iya tatali. murmushi Nisha tayi Sardauna yama zee

gwalo. Banza ta masa ta kauda kanta. kadan yaci ya Mike ya saka kaya ya fice daga dakin. zee da Nisha suna hirasu dan sosai zeey ta sake suna hira da Nisha dan Nisha sai labarin Abun dariya take bata zeey na dariya harda rike ciki Sardauna ya shigo yana kallonsu. Nisha ta Mike ta tatara kayan”my Dr to ni zan tafi sai kazo. sallamar su daddy ce ta hana yayi magana zee na ganin ghaisha ta Mike ta nufi gunta amma tana cirawa k’asanta taji wata irin azaba baki ta ciza ta daure ta isa gun ghaisha ta fada jikinta. rungumeta ghaisha tayi. “Momy ya jikinki ya kika taso naga bakida kwarin jikima. “Ummina nayi sauki daddy ina kwananku minata sannu. Daddy yace”masha Allah momy anyi sauki naji dadin tawakalin da kikayi

kima dan uwanki Addu’a aikuwa kamar an tsinketa ta bare baki ta fashe da kuka. “Wayyo Allah yaya mahbeer kadawo wayyo Allah ya zanyi. gahisha ta jata suka zauna saman gado ta rungumeta”yi hakuri momy Addu’a zaki masa kibar masa kuka kinji ihun ta Kara sai zabure zabure takeyi. daket su daddy suka lallasheta

Sardauna duk yadamu da kukan zeey dan ayanzu babu abinda Sardauna ya tsana saman da kukan zee daket suka samu ta hakura Daddy yace Sardauna “ya dubata idan batada Matsala su tafi gida. Sardauna ya duba zeey yace”tayi sauki. gahisha ta saka mata hijabinta daddy ya kama hannuta suka tafi Sardauna haushi kamar ya kasheshi. Nisha ko dadi taji ta kwashe kayan breakfast da ta kawo Sardauna ya maidata gida yayi Sabon wanka ya koma hospital dan yana da operations.



su daddy suna zuwa gida zee ta tana musu sabon rigima wai Mahbeer dinta kuji fah iskanci. su hussaini ne suka lallasheta da ummi Raiyan har tayi bacci kafin su samu lfy. sai lokacin daddy ya sami nutsuwa dan bayason kukan zeey yanajin tausayinta. Nisha bayan fitar Sardauna ta shiga uwar Daka tana rusar kuka da bakin cikin irin kalaman da taji zee nama Sardauna tayi alkawalin ranar da zeey ta shigo gidan ko ta kwana bazata wuniba sai ta bar mata mijinta dan ta tsaneta ba da wasaba.

Sardauna tunda ya koma hospital bai samu fitowa ba sai yamma daf da magarib gidansu ya nufa yana zuwa alwalla yayi nan farfajiyar gidan ya nufi masallaci. Bai fito ba sai bayan sallah isha’i. da sallama suka shigo parlon shida daddy da Najib d hassan d hussaini duk yan gidan suna parlo Nawwara da nanah suka tari Sardauna dan yau basu ganshi ba. rungumesu yayi. “Yan matan gidanmu ykk? ” yaya Muna lfy. Hafeeza tace”haba yaya Dr gani zaka kira yan 8 year yan mata. banza ya mata ya kama hannunsu ya nufi gun ghaisha yana harara Hafeeza.ya

zaunar dasu ya nufi gunsu ummi ya zauna kusan Ammi”Ammu barka da dare amun Afuwa yau aiki nayi ah hospital sosai ummi ina yini. duk da harshen larabci yake magana. dariya Ammi tayi ta zungureshi akai. “Sardauna ai babu komai nazata zainaba ce ta hanaka kazo kaga uwar gidanka. ummi tayi dariya”lfy lau Dr ya kokari? ” Alhmdllh ummi. Hussaini ne ya iso ya zauna kusan Sardauna yace”Yayamu Dr zainaba tana cikin daki sai fushi takeyi. Sardauna kunyar ummi tasa yayi shiru yana sunne kai. dariya ummi tayi tace” wlh kuma. Babu abinda aka mata fah rigimace kawai ta banza. Daddy daga. can yace”Sardauna tashi maza fito da ita taci abunci. zuwat ya Mike ya nufi gun tuwusai ya rungumeta. “Matar ba ko magana to ina yini. dukansa tayi”kai tayi katon banzan ni karka karyani gobe zan tafi Nima gun mijina. dariya

yayi ya saketa ya koma. gun ghaisha ya rungumeta. “I miss u my momyna. ” miss u too my son yau kayi wuyar gani maza jeka fito da momy taci abinci. sakin ghaisha yayi ya kama hanyar bedroom din su zeey Najib yace”Allah ghaisha kunfi son Sardauna agidanan. Hafeeza tace “zaka fada Ashe wlh nima haka nagani gamu yara sai ayi ta son kato. daddy yace” kunci gidanko mu wlh dukanku dayane kar na sake jin haka zan bata muku. dariya sukayi. “Wlh Daddy wasane.

Minata tace”wlh ba wani wasa idan aka barku hakan zakusa aranku. Sardauna yana shiga ya hangota tsakiyar gado akwance. gadon ya karaso ya zauna yasa tattausan hannunsa ya dagota. “My sweet baby Sardauna zo fadamun waye ya tabaki. ya fada yana daukarta ya rungumeta. Kukan shagwaba na saka masa. ” Yayana ni ka rabu dani wayyo gatana ya mutu. “Ya Salam babyn Sardauna yi hakuri mana pls kibar kuka ya fada yana kamo fuskata ya had’e face d’inmu yana busamun isakar bakinsa yana shafa gashin kaina yana lasar hawayen fuskata.

tsikar jikina naji tana yarrrr. jikinsa na Kara shigewa cikin shashekar kuka nace”Yayana harshena zafi yake mun na kone.”Subahanallah mugani baby garin yaya wlh kinsa zuciyata bugawa ya fada yana tallabo kaina ya bude bakina yana huramun iskar bakinsa yana zura harshensa yana lasar tsakiyar bakina da harshena. idanuna na lumshe ina sabka ajiyar zuciya la lafe jikinsa. “Babyna meye ya konamin ke? ashagwabe nace”Yayana nima ban saniba. “Ok My Abulena bari nasha bakinki kadan zaki daina jin zafin sai muje kici abinci. kaina ya rike ya Dora bakinsa saman nawa yana zagayawa da harshensa

ahankali yana murza k’asan wuyana. tsikar jikina sai tashi takeyi inajin wani iri harshansa naji tsakiyar bakina yana yawo. har yashiga tsotsar bakina ahankali. shagwabe masa nayi na narke masa hannuna saman kirjinsa ina murza, nipple dinsa yawunsa ya shiga bani mai gardin gaske ina sha ina tsotsar harshansa. kusan minti biyar sukayi suna kissing din juna Sardauna ya zare bakinsa anata ya dauketa cak ya saka mata hijabi. Muryashi akasalance yace”Abulena pls karkiyi
kuka da na baki abunci kizo ki kwanta kinji my sona? “kaina na kwantar kafadarsa ashagwabe na kirasa ” Yayana Sardauna ina shashekar kuka. gigicewa yayi ya dawo bakin gadon ya zauna yana rungumeni. “Ya

Salam sweet baby menene kuma dan Allah kibar kukan yi shiru fadamun menene.? ko nine na tabaki baby? “Yayana kaine zaka tafi ka barni na barke masa da kuka ina ririkeshi. “,Ya Salam ya fada yana Kara rungumeni ya hade face dinmu muna shakar numfashin juna. “Babyna yi hakuri kar ki hanani bacci zee baby banason kukanki muje na baki abinci sai muzo muyi hira shikenan ko…? cikin farin

ciki nace”eh My Sardauna nah. murmushi yayi ya ajiyeni ak’asa ya rungumota ya rike k’ugunta itama ta kamo nashi k’ugun suna kallon junansu fuskarsu dauke da murmushi bakinsa ya Dora saman fuskara ya fito da harshansa ya lashe hawayen fuskarta tas. dariya tayi ta kureshi da idanu” My Sardauna nah? ” Na’am Qalbina muje kici Abinci ya Saketa ya kama hannunta suka fito.yan gidan suna saman dining da kallo suka bisu kujera Sardauna yajama zee ta zauna shima ya zauna ghaisha ce tayi serving nasu yamata nuni taci da kanta kafada ta makale ta b’are baki zata masa kuka da Sauri yace”ayya kanwata sannu hannunki ciwo ko? kai ta daga masa spoon din ya dauka yana bata abaki Daddy kai ya girgiza dan yagano ba wani ciwon hannu wayo zasu musu amma hakan yama kowa dadi barin ummi Raiyan. bayan gama cin abincine suka dawo

parlo dukansu daddy yace”Sardauna jibi insha Allah za a kai maka matarka sai ashirya Mata inda zata zauna zuwa gobe zansa akwaso mata kayanta gidan mahbeer gidansa kuma yazama mallakinta halak malak. kuka zeey ta fara wiwi saida kowa yayi kwalla agurin har Sardauna nan. daket ghaisha ta lallaba Sardauna ya tafi bayan yayi dubara yaja zee daki suka rungume juna shi yana hawaye ita tana rusar kuka daket ya saita kansa ya lallabata har tayi bacci ya kwantar da ita ya dawo gun ghaisha yana zuba shagwaba shine daket tasamu ya tafi gidansa.suna mamakin shakuwar zee da Sardauna basa iya boye son juna gaban kowa.

Nisha iya wuya yau tazo Sardauna tun safe da wuce bai zoba sai karfe goma na dare tana zirganiya tsakiyar parlo taji tsayuwar motarsa. Murmushi tayi tace”ma’aluma maganarki tazo wlh sai na zubar da cikin nan sai na raba tsakaninsu na cika yar halak dani suke maganar ta fada tana nufar bedroom din Sardauna ta hada masa ruwan wanka ta fito shi zai shiga rungumoni yayi “my Neesher I miss u. “miss u too My Dr ya jikin kanwata? “murmushi yayi da sauki jibi take zauwa.”wow naji dadi zan sami abokiyar hira muje nama wanka murmushi yayi ya dauki nishar cak har cikin bathroom ya ajiyeta


Ya cire kayan jikinsa itama ya cire ma ya rungumota ya kunna musu shower. ahaka ta masa wanka tas suka fito itace ta shiryasa tsaf cikin kayan bacci suka dawo parlo ya kunna laptop yana aiki Nisha taje ta saka kayan bacci ta dawo tana jikinsa akwance suna hira har kusan karfe sha biyu ya rufe laptop din Nisha ta hado masa coffee yasha yace suje su kwanta.bedroom dinsa sukaje suka kwanta suna rungume da juna nisha taga Sardauna bashida niyar kusantarta ta shiga masa wasu abunuwa Wanda Dole yaji muguwar sha’awa ta kamashi ya fara rikitata da salonsa har ya ahigeta ya fara sukuwa akanta sai ihu take tana sambatu dan yau anutse yake cacakarta tanajin dadi sosai yau bai jimaba 1hours yayi samanta ya ya barta. tayi mamaki dan tunda sukayi aure bai taba sabka da wuri hakaba cikin farin ciki ta rungumeshi duk ahakan ta gaji dauriya tayi sosai. wanka sukaje sukayi suka zo suka kwanta rungume da juna hannunsa saman breast dinta yana mulmulawa har sukayi bacci Asuba ta gari Nisha and Sardauna.


Bayan kwana biyu
cikin kwana biyun nan ghaisha da ummi sun Kara gyara zee baby da wasu irin turaruka na jiki da magugunan masu kyau anyi Mata kunshi da da kitso Wanda tayi masifar kyau jikinta sai kyalli yakeyi dan su killaceta tun ranar da suka rabu da Sardauna bai sake ganinta ba hankalinsa ya tashi ghaisha ta hanasa ganinta zee ma harda kuka gashi batada waya bata fara aiki da wayoyin Abu Rahman ba Dole suka hakura da juna dan zee kam Tasha gyara tayi kyau dan su azatonsu har yanzu zee aleda take. an kwaso mata kayanta na gidan mahbeer Wanda gidan yake malakinta ayanzu Sardauna yace ai inda za’a saka akwai komai part dinsa na sama sai kayan jikinta kawai aka kai kayan kitchen sabo Sardauna yasa komai. Nisha ajiye hankalinta tayi ta Nuna tafi kowa murna dan sun gama tsara yada zasu kullawa zee Sharri Sardauna ya saketa ita da ma’aluma. su tuwusai sun tafi sai muce saduwar Alkhairi.

da misalin karfe takwas na dare zee ce an yimata kwalliya ta kece raini wani dakeken less ne pink colour dinki duguwar riga Tasha abin wuya da na hannu zallar zinare an lulubeta da mayafi tayi kyau sosai kallo daya zaka mata ka gane Amaryace

tana rungume jikin ummi tana rusar kuka kamar ranta zai fita ummin ma hawaye takeyi ghaisha tazo ta janye Zainab. “Momy kiyi hakuri mana gidan Sardauna ne fah zaki zai rika kawoki Abban Sardauna kuje ka kaita wlh bana son kukanta.su hassan da hissaini suka rungumeta suna lallashinta rungumesu tayi tana kuka murmushi daddy yayi ya kama hannu zeey tana rusar kuka ya fice da ita. ghaisha ma matsalar kwalla takeyi hafeeza ta bisu da gudu har sun shiga mota.itama ta shiga suka tafi da ita gidan Sardauna. Nisha tana parlo azaune suka shigo tashi tayi ta tari su daddy. “Oyoyo daddy. murmushi yayi suka zauna har yanzu zee kuka takeyi kiran

Sardauna yayi awaya. Nisha tana lallashin zeey hafeeza na musu dariya. sardauna ne ya shigo cikin wata d’anyar gizna mai kudin gaske baka wacce tayi masifar masa kyau kusan daddy ya zauna. “Daddy barka da, dare”yauwa, Dr to ga mareniyar, Allah nan na kawo maka Amana dan Allah karike amanar dan uwanka da, ta, dan uwana ka hada, kan matanka, ban da nuna banbanci duk wacce tayi ba daidai ba ka hukun tata, duka nakane babu bare. Aisha kema ki zauna da, yar uwarki tsakani da Allah kinga, ko babu aure zainab kanwarki ce ashekaru zaki bata biyar masu kyau kinga kuwa kin fita hangen nesa, momy kema kibi mijinki da yayarkk ku zauna lfy

banda fitina. Kai ta daga tana cikin mayafi Albarka Daddy ya samusu ya kamo hannun Sardauna ya kamo na zee ya hada saida sukaji yarrrrrr wani shock ya jasu atare. Daddy yace “na baka amana mu mun tafi ya fada, yana mik’ewa zee ta barke da kuka Sardauna ya saki hannunta ya Mike “Nisha ki lallashi kanwarki ya biyo bayan daddy. Hafeeza ta musu dariya”to mu kwana lfy. Nisha tace”bazaki kwanar manaba. da gudu Hafeeza ta fice Nisha mikar da zee tsaye. “my dear kibar kuka mana muje ta kama hannunta suka nufi sashan zee anutse suke taka step har suka Haye saman bene kofar zee ta bude suka shige. Wow nace saboda haduwar bedroom din kafafunsu har nutsawa sukeyi sabuda laushin carpet din da, ke malale tsakiyar dakin wani tamfatsetsan royal bed ne da yakusa cin rabin dakin komai na dakin mai kyaune bakin gado nisha ta zaunar da ita tana mata hira zee ko

kunya ta cikata sai sunne kai takeyi. Sardauna tunda ya fita bai dawoba sai karfe goma na dare har lokacin Nisha na gurin zee dakin nisha ya fara shiga batanan ya ajiye mata leda ya fito ya haura sama can ya isko nisha yaji dadi sosai”My Dr barka da zuwa akawo kudin sayan baki? ” OK nawane? dariya tayi” dubu darima ta isa.” zan baki ai kuwa yan mata ya fada yana fita bai jimaba yazo da daurin yan dubu dubu ya bata tako amshe tana zaro idanu” wow Amarya mai daraja godiya nakeyi kanwata mu kwana lfy zeey ta daga kai nisha tayi dariya ta fice ta janyo musu kofar. Sardauna da sauri ya matsa ya cire mata mayafi ya rungumeta yana sunsuna daddadan kamshinta na ratsashi” Wayyo my Abulena ina kika shiga rashinki zai kasheni ya fada yana sakar mata kiss ta ko ina shagwabewa tayi”My Sardauna nah” Qalbina menene? ” yo ba kai bane ka fasa sona ta fada tana kukan sangarta. “Wlh Amaryata ina sonki bazan iya daina sonki ba wlh ghaisha ce ta hanani ganinki Qalbina kinyi kyau sosai kin hadu kunshi yayi wayyo sai kamshi kikeyi fatarki tashi Baby. zainabu Abu Abulena i love u.

Jikinsa na shige sosai ina sabke ajiyar zuciya kara kankameni yayi yana kissing din tsakiyar kaina akasalance yamun magana”Qalbina bari na baki kazarki kici ko? ” Yayana Sardauna? ” Na’am Abuncin zuciyata zo muji menene ya fada yana kara shigar dani jikinsa yana shafa wuyana da sunsuna ni. jikina na janye”Yayana zan shiga bathroom. cak ya mikar dani ya mike tsaye ya mannani jikinsa ya ciremun rigata ya barni dagani sai pant da bra ya daukeni ya kaini toilet. “Oya Baby ki shirya bari nama yayarki sallama kafin ki shirya nazo na ciyar dake ki daura Alwalla kinji baby Qalbina? ashagwabe na daga kai idanuna sun taro kwalla” oh baby ya fada yana dawowa ya janyoni jikinsa ya rungumeni gam yana sabke ajiyar zuciya yana dan jujuyani a jikinsa yakai bakinsa kunnene yamun kiss”pls Mrs Sardauna karkimun asara hawayenki ki shirya kafin nazo na bude miki zuciyata ki shige na jiyar dake dadin aure na sake dulmiyar dake akogin sona fiye da na baya kinji Qalbina? cikin shukin so na kara kankameshi na tura kaina kirjinshi” My Sardauna nah wlh sonka zai zautar dani banida hankali na haukace akanka wlh sonka nake sonka yamun yawa hauka nakeyi wutar sonka baki daya ta konemun zuciya ilove you my heartbeat ina sonka na fada cikin shashekar kuka agigice ya sungumeni muku fito ya kwantar dani jikinsa na rawa ya Haye samana yamun rumfa da faffadan kirjinshi ya kifa kasan saman kirjina sakamun yatsarsa abakina na fara tsotsa yana cusa kansa sosai atayiyar kirjina yana sabke ajiyar zuciya sai kankameni yakeyi ya dago ya ciro breast DINA guda ya dora bakinsa ya fara tsotsa ya ciro dayan yana murza nipple DINA atare muke sabke ajiyar zuciya idanuna na lumshe inajin dadin yada yake tsotsar mun breast yana lailaya dayan kansa nake shafawa muryata bata fita nace”My Sardauna zan mutu idan bana tare dakai wlh wannan tsotsar da kakemun babu namijin da zai iya irinta wani irin mugun dadi nakeji. Bakinsa ya zare ya kifa kasan saman breast DINA yana sabke ajiyar zuciya cikin kasalaliyar murya yakirani” Qalbina ya kirani muryashi na rawa har sau uku da sauri na dago kansa naga hawaye sun wanke masa, fuska fashe masa nayi da kuka irn rumgumeshi”My heartbeat me namaka kayi hakuri. ” OK Qalbina yi shiru pls wlh zuciyata bugawa take nagaji da sauraran kukanki bana so ciwo yakemun baby ya fada yana tallabo kaina” to My Sardauna kayi hakuri wlh na daina bani yawunka nasha. Da Sauri ya fito da harshensa ya bude bakinta da hannusa ya turamun harshan tsakiyar bakina yana jujuyawa, cikin wani irin Salo sai ga yawu sun fara taruwa abakina sai naji ya janye sun dawo bakinsa zan samasa kuka naji ya fara tsir tamun yawun kadan kadan ina hadiya yana shafa kaina ya kureni da idanu lumshe idanuna nayi inaji babu Abu mai dadin yawun Sardauna saida na shanye tas ya zare bakinsa anawa ya dagani ya daukeni cak ya kaini bathroom “Oya ki kishirya kafin na dawo ilove u babyna ya fada yana ficewa daga bathroom din da kallo na bishi har ya fice. Sardauna ya fita bedroom dinsa ya shiga yayi wanka ya shirya cikin kayan bacci masu sulbi ruwan toka sai zuba uban kamshi yakeyi ya sabko k’asa ya nufi bedroom din nisha tundaga nesa ya kejin kuka wiwi da gudu ya karasa, ya bude kofar. Nisha yagani yashe, aka’sa dafe da ciki tana birgima arikice ya nufi gunta hankalinsa amugun tashe yana kiranta “Nisha meye ya sameki…………….. ✍🏻

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Advertisement [10/26, 8:44 PM] Sweet sis: *_27_* *_Arewabooks@Mamuhgee_* Kasa riqe hawayenta tayi suka gangaro Mata ta juya a…
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Advertisement *Page 42* **************** Hafsa tana zaune sai faman sak’awa da kwancewa takeyi, in ta kamo hanya nan…